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  1. Is the tail speedbrake efective or it's just cosmetic?
  2. Can someone make this livery please! TAME HC-CMH
  3. Nope it didn't work, I even uninstalled Active Sky but nothing... 😞
  4. That's the weird part, Active sky app is never running, but I still get problems.... 😞 So we can say the only addon active is accu-feel...
  5. Ok, so active sky generates even if I'm not using the app? Or even the weather preset 🤔 I will disable accu-feel's turbulence anyways to see if that solves the problem. 🙂
  6. Oh yes, imagine that happening all the fight.... 😞
  7. I have been using AS for a long time but never with problems. Also I almos never use the AS app only the added fsx preset. ☹️
  8. Mixture is set properly and in both hand flying and a/p on the problem occurs... 😞
  9. I don'k now exactly when this problem appeared and why but I need to find a solution. Please help me!!!! Here a quick vid: btw it happens with all the planes no matter the size...
  10. Oh, and another problem that i have is when I turn on the dome lights the panel messes up. Help please! 😞
  11. Hello, is there a way to use the pressurization panel properly? I mean, change the landing altitude and switching to manual mode? not to off.
  12. Oh, and also to put it in the virtual cockpit.
  13. Hi, It's possible to replace the carenado ATR 72 fmc with the fmc of flight1?
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