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  1. I confirm, there is such behavior. Sometimes I end the explorer.exe process so that the panel does not interfere with my work. I also noticed that if I drag the fs2crew program to my second monitor, then the windows panel does not appear on the first monitor.
  2. Will there be an effect of raising the nose landing gear before starting the pushback?
  3. Thanks for your feedback. I have been waiting for the release for a long time, it will not be difficult to wait for new improvements) Yes, also include the chassis in the list, they would also like to be independently managed by the owners of Thrustmaster TCA)
  4. I support the question, I also ordered the throttle and add-on. It would be nice if I can turn off flap control in the fs2crew program
  5. I came to the conclusion that probably no one uses different keys. I also decided that it would be more convenient to use one key or an open microphone. Also, if it is appropriate in this topic. I would like the assistant to tell you which command to start with when starting the a32nx program. Because now it's just empty. and I start with the command "before start cheklist" and then the assistant is already prompting me commands. But from the very beginning it is completely empty.
  6. I want to apologize right away, I am not a native English speaker and I use google translate. I noticed that if you assign the push to talk function in the A32NX settings, for example the "U" key And at the same time, assign, for example, the "J" key in the Pushback express settings to the Push to talk function In this case, the a32nx program will use the PBE settings while it is running. After that I decided to check again and left the "U" key for a32nx, and in the PBE settings I removed the key altogether, that is, I turned on the "open microphone" mode. And it really happened that both programs listened to me in open microphone mode and both executed commands, although a32nx should have been activated only by pressing the "U" key and this continued until I finished towing and PBE automatically closed, after which a32nx again worked only on the "U" key as it should have been originally. In short: both running programs use the PBE settings at the same time.
  7. It would be nice if you left the Push To Talk button for manual assignment, for those who use voice commands, and for those who use only button control, add Cowl Flaps.
  8. Hello, yesterday I purchased fs2crew for a32nx and got the new Pushback express 2.2 for free, as I am also a user of the old version. So the problem is that since yesterday I will not be able to lift the plane into the air. The simulator always crashes with an error at different stages of the aircraft preparation. I tried the net framework repair utilities and also completely re-installed it. Judging by the floor of the log files, pushback express is to blame for this. Please take a look.
  9. Apparently fs2crew monitors specifically the keyboard keys, and not the actions in the simulator that are assigned to them, it's a pity. I also used a joystick in the previous version. Hopefully this will be fixed somehow.
  10. In this case, I do not advise you to release the product in the next month, since there will be retrograde mercury, and after it there will be rain, and then, perhaps, Venus will be in an unfavorable phase. Postpone the release of your product to November. You never know what else could happen, maybe the crisis is somewhere in the Oompa-Loompas It would be better than to endure it every week from April for various reasons. Now PDMG is to blame. It's not funny anymore.
  11. As they say here in Russia - "the best is the enemy of the good." Therefore, I wish you not to overwork. The road to perfection is very long) Release the product tomorrow)
  12. Great news, I hope you will go the same way when the A380 is ready, which is preparing FlyByWire
  13. I used to be able to assign Main Action to a joystick button, but with version 1.5 will I only be able to use the keyboard?
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