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  1. I feel like this add on possibly does not get the recognition it deserves. On top of all the sophisticated and many features it has the quality of support you get from the developers is top notch. They've added functions and features to accommodate a single user or two before; You can read the old topics on this forum to see that.
  2. Hopefully you resolved this issue; if not, what aircraft in which sim? I could test it out as well.
  3. Oh this reminds me to write something that i read; After the release of su5, many users had ctd issues so they released a hotfix; however, the hotfix did not actually fix anything. As in, the fix was never pushed to users, something has gone wrong and they didn't apply the fix to the update! Hope this is useful to MCE users, if you're having issues with msfs and crashing, must wait for the next hotfix that's supposed to come with the actual fix! info here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/wrong-temperatures/424391/310
  4. I believe the stable version of fbw no longer works with sim update 5; which means that MCE could ignore it!
  5. Hello, I have not tested this yet; but just a few hints for those who have to wait for a very long time for their update to complete, You can limit your gpu framerate in NVIDIA control panel or the AMD equivalent and for your CPU you can go to the power options of windows, edit one of the power plant presets, (balanced for example) and change maximum processor usage from 100% to 30% or so. I use a gaming laptop to run msfs and running the launcher for 9 hours with the cpus at 80C temprature would really hurt my system, so i thought i share this just in case.
  6. Hell yeaa, screen reader added in this update. pretty glad that asobo is helping a small community of blind and visually impaired users experience the flight sim.
  7. I think a lot of people here are wrongly assuming that this addon will bring/inject new AI traffic into the game; from what i'm reading, It will not. So if a certain airport feels empty without the addon, It will still be empty with the addon
  8. I do not think the addon is going to inject any traffic to the sim; It's going to use msfs's own function to load AI. If you're looking for addons that inject traffic AI in game there's a free one that does this at the moment: https://flightsim.to/file/17289/enhanced-live-traffic (AI does not communicate with ATC at the moment)
  9. It is unfortunate that updates are forced on users; but a lot are restless and can't wait for tomorrow.... including me; supposedly there are new accessibility options added to the xbox version, I can't wait to see if they are also added to the pc version as well. That's for me to be excited about!
  10. I imagine they haven't because my guess that i wrote above was right, The post also has a like from them. While you're waiting for an official answer, this link still works, I tested it with three different browsers and my home network and my mobile network: http://www.multicrewxp.com/mce.zip
  11. Before Multi Crew Experience added support for msfs i used to use the AI assistance to fly some; It worked brilliant at launch, but it completely broke when Japan world update was released and not fixed since then; hopefully they took a look at it and it's fixed again for those who would like to use it!
  12. I also think it's a good idea if MCE had its own wasm module (as in, just a renamed version of it, perhaps) uninstalling, updating FSUIPC and sometimes other mods replace that default module.
  13. Hi there Just curious to know if you have heard the sounds in the fbw a32nx. It certainly exceeds the levels of the sounds in fsl; the new sound engine in fs2020 contributes to it as well for sure, so will wait and find out how Fenix does it!
  14. Hoping that they pay attention to realistic sounds and for some sound demos and videos as well when they're ready. It's possible that they haven't got to it yet since They said nothing about it yet anywhere on their website and first stream
  15. Some note regarding the dev version 1. Is it possible to ask the co pilot to press the TAKEOFF CONFIGURATION button on the ecam? I couldn't find the right command for it. 2. i believe the light buttons might need some fixes. strobe lights for example. At the moment if you tell the co pilot to turn them to on or auto he will not but if you tell him to turn them off he will turn them on. I think it is the same with the beacon lights. 3. When taking off, the co pilot announces "both auto pilots"-- not sure if this is a bug with MCE or the FMA. Autothrust blue is still not announced.
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