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  1. Is he also able to fill out the waypoints in the flightplan page as well? I didn't know about the new relocate ability, does it perform better than the old one?
  2. Thanks, for the pmdg 737 for example, what data will be imported? i'm guessing the flight plan page.
  3. MCE is under active development all the times and there are so many functions that it's sometimes hard to keep track of them all. What functions does MCE have with simbrief? Is it possible to make a flow or script that will ask the co pilot to fill in the flight plan from simbrief into the aircraft?
  4. I'd like to get this software for a single purpose; I'd like to open the software in mid flight, load flightplan from simbrief, and ask the ATC to vector me for ILS approaches. This is for the times that i have difficulties understanding the charts for certain approaches. Is this possible? Thanks Cheers Hadi
  5. To reproduce it,, run the "prepare aircraft" flow I feel like this happens when running the flow
  6. please disregard the previous post, figured a way to scroll
  7. Thank you! I've done this and my file is now quite recent I can't seem to find the commands for scrolling up and down and right/left on the MCDU are those possible right now? I mainly would use it to use the dir screen, to ask my co pilot to scroll the screen so i can see the next waypoints to direct to. and to choose sid and stars. I believe i used to have mouse coordinates for those buttons, but would be nice if co pilot was able to do that. Thanks for all the help!
  8. Thank you! I have found the file Available_Commands.dat in the asobo a320 neo folder, It says that it was last modified on 6/5/2021, is this file updated? can i use this as the referense?
  9. Thank you Gerald DO you know that after a script is edited with notepad, MCE requires a restart for the co pilot to identify and execute that script? If yes, Is it possible to make it so that it scans for them in live time? I just realized that I could try flying other aircraft, if I had a few commands that I could edit on fly so that my co pilot could press the MCDU buttons as I need. I could have a command called "perform MCDU procedure" which would let me enter values into the MCDU on the fly, without restarting MCE.
  10. Thank you Gerald Some more questions if you don't mind! 1. I can't find the script commands menu, exactly where can i find this, is it in the MCE window? 2. What folder is the fbw scripts in, is it the asobo a320 one? Because i can see all the aircraft names except FBW 3. I noticed that when i click the flow button in MCE's status bar, co pilot begins to quietly execute the flows, what file is he using? Because when i say, cockpit preparation, He does tell me what he's doing, Is it different to call out the flows from that button in the window?
  11. Hello After a very long break, I'm back in action again, mainly hoping that FBW is not changing their sim vars daily. I've got some questions, I'd appreciate if anyone here could answer them. 1. Which folder is the right folder for scripts and flows, is it the one in my documents, or the one inside the support folder in the main MCE directory? 2. How's the state of FBW with mCE now? Do all the important switches work, such as pulling and pushing the hdg/spd/alt/vs buttons, the approach buttons, MCDU and etc? 3. I've lost all the scripts that i made for myself, Will the default ones be good for completing a flight with the fbw a320? If not, can anyone share their scripts or interactive checklists that they made? Thanks guys for any help and glad to know MCE is still around, without it there's no hope for BVI pilots IMO.
  12. I feel like this add on possibly does not get the recognition it deserves. On top of all the sophisticated and many features it has the quality of support you get from the developers is top notch. They've added functions and features to accommodate a single user or two before; You can read the old topics on this forum to see that.
  13. Hopefully you resolved this issue; if not, what aircraft in which sim? I could test it out as well.
  14. Oh this reminds me to write something that i read; After the release of su5, many users had ctd issues so they released a hotfix; however, the hotfix did not actually fix anything. As in, the fix was never pushed to users, something has gone wrong and they didn't apply the fix to the update! Hope this is useful to MCE users, if you're having issues with msfs and crashing, must wait for the next hotfix that's supposed to come with the actual fix! info here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/wrong-temperatures/424391/310
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