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  1. Hey, Regarding complex aircrafts. The Aerosoft Airbus that i was talking about, is a complex/professional aircraft itself. I believe my method would mostly work on other professional aircrafts, though you have to make sure of two things. 1. MCE is able to press the MCU buttons. so you could write scripts. 2. The professional aircraft has the ability to load flight plans. it's called co route in most of them I believe. I chose the Aerosoft one because I really felt comfortable with it. It wouldn't just flip off and do weird things by itself. Once you managed to load a flight plan, and let the computer handle heading, altitude and VR/speed, It was solid as rock. though to be honest i did not try other ones like pmdg and such. Regarding VATSIM. see, What i did was really simple. Wait for the traffic controller to be less busy. contact them with PM, and ask them to let you jump onto the runway once it's all clear. I had to explain to them each time that i'm a blind pilot. I never had been refused or thrown off the network for doing that. You should avoid asking this on voice, Because this is not a procedure and you'd be taking up voice space for other pilots. You should not do it while they're busy handling 5 aircrafts at once, Because it would distract them and they're forced to say no. If you're flying an event, ask them to handle you once all the other pilots are off the airport. VATSIM controllers are mostly great, It's just they get ###### off if they're handling 10 aircrafts at once and something goes south. About simbrief, doesn't it use airac navdata? Because that's what fs commander uses; You'll have to buy an up to date Nav database and load it into it. Fs commander is good for making flight plans, probably not good as simbrief because that's a web based service. Also in fs commander you'll be plotting the route yourself, It won't recommend sid and stars for you. About MCE, Has there been any progress on making it more BVI friendly? I've not followed their development for the past 6-8 months.
  2. Oh and it's worth to mention! Ben has helped me along the way by adding an option to MCE that would read the "FMC distance" for me. It was helpful, because I would know when i'm 12-14 miles out from touchdown, not the actual airport.
  3. Hi guys I suppose this topic is for BVI pilots so i'm going to reply here. First of all, thanks to MCE development team for keeping up with our requests and their great support. keep up the good work. I remember around 1-2 year ago I started communicating with MCE developers and I managed to finally fly the aerosoft airbus A320, the same exact way as sighted pilots do. Because I was using the FMC, I could fly on vatsim and talk to air traffic controllers and do sid and star procedures; however with a very big major issue. Flight discontinuities. Somewhere in the star or approach procedures, my plane would hit a flight discontinuity placed by the FMC, my plane would go off route, and i could never manage to get back on the route to finally land my aircraft with the airbus autoland feature. I searched and searched for a way to resolve this, but i eventually managed to burn myself out on it and let it go. There was no way for me to delete the flight discontinuity points on my fmc, so my plane would get knocked off the actual route, and I never could use the auto approach and auto land features of the Aerosoft Airbus. In case you guys want to know how i did it, I would: 1. based on the weather conditions and runways in use, made a flight plan with fs commander for aerosoft airbus A320. I'd have to use a route planner to get the waypoints. selecting sids and stars were not easy if you couldn't ask an air traffic controller. 2. I had a voxscript file that i wrote. It would set up my fmc for me when i asked the co pilot to. For each flight, I had to edit the file, and put in the file name of my flight plan inside it, so the airbus could load it. That's a feature that almost all professional aircrafts have, you can type in a file name of a flightplan, and it would load the route, sid and stars, and select runways for you. 3. After MCE ran my scripts and the FMC successfully loaded my flight, that, I would just take off and let the computer handle most of the things. I would like to mention, the few times I managed to get back on the fmc navigation after hitting a flight discontinuity, It was very satisfying to hear the airbus lock on the localizer, control the speed and smoothly land on the runway with the autoland feature.
  4. I Have not tried fs2crew, But here's my experience with MCE: 1- support is amazing. It's been many times that I contacted support for feature requests and most of them were implemented. They quickly patch bugs and work closely with you if you got any questions or features you want added. 2- Scripting. I don't know if fs2crew have scripting abilities. but in MCE there is a (kind of new) feature that let's you to press FMC buttons and perform every other commands in your script. so I could give one command to my First Officer and He'd set up the entire aircraft for me. 3- According to my experience, MCE is FO-oriented (Which i mainly require). You don't have too much interactions with other crew members, but You can talk to your co pilot through out the entire trip. 4- FO monitors your aircraft - in Aerosoft Airbus A320, the bird that i mainly fly with, MCE reports almost every change that happens e.g the green/blue/majenta status of controls and all other instruments. These were the things that I love about MCE and It's all personal opinion.
  5. Hello It would be very awesome if a real push to talk feature could be added to MCE. You cannot imagine what the co-pilot does and how he ruines a flight when i talk to teamspeak3 to my friends or talking with vatsim controllers. the num lock key function is very hard to use, since whenever i have to talk to ts3 or vatsim controllers i have to first push num lock, hold teamspeak/fsinn push to talk, speak, then push num lock again. Though it'd be so easy if there was a push to talk key for talking to your co-pilot, so he wouldn't go crazy when i talk in front of the computer. Cheers Hadi
  6. P.s Putting the 'program FMC' and pulling the yoke back for takeoff, aside, you can do all the things until touch down by only voice commands