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  1. Full backwards compatibility with FSX/P3D addons Partner with an airac data service so that the sim can update it and that's one less thing to do every month, worry about that. Keep installations to one single folder like x-plane. Repairing X-Plane is a simple process. Label all button and edit elements such that screen readers can make sense of them, for the blind and visually impaired. Create an audible taxi system, with turns indicated by a sound in the corresponding stereo channel. In theory this will work, not tested. I'm sure autotaxi isn't an option. Lastly, make panels, gauges, etc readable with a screen reader so we can use autopilot and other functions, without having to control it via an addon. Also include a set of requirements for third party developers such as PMDG and Aerosoft to follow so they also have accessible aircraft. Those are the essentials I'd like to see. Flight following, an optional feature I'd like to see so that those of us who are blind or visually impaired know what we're flying over. FSX ATC has this, but it doesn't include things like landmarks and other things of note.
  2. Hi all, Does anybody use FSAerodata here? I just reinstalled Prepar 3D V4.5, and uninstalled and re-installed FSAerodata, and I'm getting errors left and right relating to .net framework exceptions. I asked on their support forum, but it may also be related to the Prepar 3D reinstall somehow.
  3. Hi all, Curious whether anybody uses any TSS sounds such as the 737, 787? The wind sound, at least for me, is seriously overkill. I'm not even sure if its realistic by default and is very loud, overpowering the engines. Anybody have a fix or is that actually realistic?
  4. Hello all, I have just gone to that Aero navdata site to update my sim to the latest Airac. While Make Runways extracts the correct runway data from the scenery CFG, the go to airport dialog does not reflect these changes, and I think its due to Traffic Global. Global's previous addon, Traffic 360 for FSX, had an Airport Facilities scenery item found in the scenery dialog. I simply deleted it and suddenly runways/gates were correct and I can choose the correct one, since the aero navdata updates the scenery.cfg. Since Global appears not to have a scenery item for its Airport Facilities, and I sure as heck don't want to edit it manually--I just wish it'd use the scenery.cfg file, what's the best way to fix this? Thanks.
  5. Hi all, Has anyone gotten the TSS 787, any of the two engines, to work with any other models other than the QW787? The reason I ask is that its a really good soundpack and TSS says it'll work with other models. I went ahead and pasted the sounds into my sound folder for the TDS 787, and no go for either pack. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Hi David, Yes, I use SimBrief actually. I love the SimBrief downloader, its fantastic and I install the PLN files in P3D's correct location. However being blind, the whole MCE CDU appears the only way to do it. Undocking the CDU window does not appear to help, screen readers don't even see it; its as though its invisible on the screen according to screen readers anyway. I wish there was a way to have the FMC immediately load the most recent plan created in that folder into the FMC. In particular with the Aerosoft CRJ, I have the more, ahem, unrealistic option, where the FMS, upon receiving a flightplan, wil fill in climb/descent profiles, calculate and load fuel, set dep/arr deta etc. Essentially, with the CRJ, and probably other aerosoft aircrafts, I can set it so that loading a plan = programming the FMC with the SimBrief data and its ready to go. However, once the SimBrief plan file is in that folder, on the FMC front you have to go to the route page, doable with a keyboard command, but once there I can't check with my screen reader one, if the keyboard shortcut actually worked, and two, how to get to the section that lists the plans to finally select one and hit the execute button, also bound to a keyboard command. I can then verify whether its loaded by checking the fuel quantity, I hope. So yes, that's my current issue with FMC aircraft now, I'd love to do the cockpit prep, have an easy way to load plans and then go. I hope of course that when loading these plans into the sim that SimBrief is generating routes that the FMS wouldn't consider discontinuities.
  7. Hi all, Is the FMC/CDU commands file a list of commands that can be said while also being used in flows like any otherMCE command? The reason I ask is because I was experimenting with how I might create some flows for loading a flightplan in both the Feelthere ERJ 145 and the Feelthere Emb170, if its one of those aircraft supported but not listed on the MCE downloads page in the case of the 170. I loaded it up and made sure it was powered up and started up so the FMC would work. Then I said something like: Press FMC One MCE didn't say anything, so I assume it was pressed. This aircraft doesn't have gauge sounds either so no sound to indicate this. Then, I say, "select flightplan", as per referencing the CDU document. MCE thought I wanted to activate flight level mode, so no go there. I can't remember if these are specifically to be used in scripts, which I intend to use them for, but also figured I could speak them as a way to click around and set climb/descent profile speeds and the like, as soon as I can figure out the sequence for it. Thanks all. While I can still use these planes without the FMS, it's there and if I can figure out a way for MCE to do stuff with it, I'd like to use it especially for managing climb/descent speeds and such.
  8. Hi FS++, It is USB. I figured it out. Elgatoinstalls a sound capture driver that MCE decided to switch to for the microphone. I went into the sound device untility and switched it back.
  9. Hi all, I have no idea what is going on, however it is puzzling, to say the least. I have never had a problem with MCE and speech before this. I loaded up P3D to test my feelthere aircraft and noticed that not even basic commands were working, such as flaps 5 or parking brake off. So I uninstalled the version I had and downloaded the latest version since it was out of date anyway, and ran the app wizard. I got to step nine of the wizard where it is supposed to repeat your commands, but MCE was not repeating anything. It selected my default sound device correctly, and I went to the Skype call test service to see if it was my mic in general. No problems there whatsoever, it is just MCE. Anyone experience this before?
  10. Hi all, Just got this aircraft and read in the manual that the FMC doesn't necessarily have to be used, as per the introduction flight. However, I was reading in the manual and a feature that I'd like to use was stated in the introduction flight to use the default climb profile. Can the CPL panel be pressed with MCE on the FGC, or is that an FMC panel that does not have a voice command programmed to it, so thus I'd have to make MCE press it in a flow sequence? Same goes for the descent profile. I know SimBrief supports Feelthere flightplans, however I can't figure out how to load one into the FMC in case I don't want to program it and make a flow for that instead--I can't figure out where it is in the ops manual. Well, in my case, I can't program it so... Worst case scenario here is I just have to use GPS as a nav source as usual. Using the climb/descent profiles would be nice though. From the manual, I wasn't sure whether that was an FMC thing that MCE can't press directly. Thanks.
  11. Hi all, I just came upon a situation that I don't know if there's a way around. I use P3D. I did the necessary things to make RC4 work with it, however there's one problem--RC4 looks for a flightplan name.flt file when attempting to load an RCD file. Is it a case of simply renaming the FXML that P3D creates to FLT and I should be good? The WX file is there... Thanks.
  12. Hi all, I just downloaded the X-Plane demo last night, and the interface is... less than stellar with a screen reader. I have to use OCR for the whole thing. Not very helpful. However, I thought of MCE's dialogue mode for voice control. I have serious issues when clicking in the X-Plane interface E.G. New Flight. When I was able to click into it, I was able to select a Boeing 737 using OCR, but really didn't know how to select the various filters when searching for an aircraft. I had issues figuring out where to type the Icao code though. I thought that "airport name" was a good a field as any to either type the name or type the code. Needless to say I wound up outside of the demo area, but I was mainly concerned with the interface to see how it worked. Could the MCE dialogue mode in X-Plane, if it exists, provide a seemless experience for me, E.G. set me up at Kilo Sierra Echo Alpha Active, or Gate C6? X-Plane has serious potential for us blind simmers but the interface at present is horrible. I can't figure out how to get from, say, a flight back to the main menu screen, or a flight back to the flight configuration dialogue to change something if I so choose. Not only that, there doesn't seem to be a way in the flight area to set up the actual flightplan. The aircraft, starting location etc, but no flightplan for ATC purposes. Curious if MCE dialog voice mode could help with some of the interface hurdles.
  13. The autothrottle still makes me look after speed, it just keeps the aircraft at safety regulations. I guess the Aerusoft CRJ doesn't have one because FMC can do it for you... But, even in the default FSX 737, which I simply pasted from FSX into P3D into its airplanes folder, turning on Mach hold works, but setting it does not. Tried with FSX, and same result. I took off, I can turn mach hold, but I can't set a mach. Keep in mind this is in the default 737 which is supported. All I get when saying mach desimal 7 2 for example is just, "yep" and "roger". Should I do more voice training? It can clearly hear me say Mach. Edit: Okay, I upgraded to the latest version of MCE. I notice it does not turn on the autopilot as before on takeoff. While I do remember requesting this, is it a toggle option setting in the Ini like I asked? Because now I want it back to the way it was before since i'm using MCE for most of the flight, only turning to FSXPilot for landing because it's the only option for now. Thanks.
  14. What is a proper Mach number? With simbrief the proper mach speed is 0.75, or at least that's what I have on this flightplan. How can I set that using the autopilot command? Should be able to set that even with default aircraft.
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