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  1. I wish NeoFly had a web interface similar to Aviatife. It too is a career addon but NeoFly has more immersion. I'm a blind simmer and I'm worried that while Asobo continues to improve their screen reader feature in the sim, they won't consider third party stuff that can be added in-game like Sky4Sim. This issue comes up with the Bushtalk radio client for audio tours, also accessed in-game along with the website.
  2. Hi all. It's been a while since I visited this forum. I have found various workarounds to the... quite frankly pretty bad accessibility efforts thus far by Asobo with the screen narrator feature, having freezing issues etc. Does MCE have voice commands to get around the FS interface? E.G. saying world map will click world map. Could be potentially useful until Asobo fixes the keyboard unable to move the curser. I've been using the AI Copilot, which is alright when doing VFR flights. With IFR ATC constantly nags me to be at my assigned altitude when the AI likes to fly a bit higher. I've thought about switching to PF3, however I like the AI copilot's ability to autotaxi. Failing that, does MCE's taxi slewing method still work in FS2020? Since the navdata is never updated in the MCE program I can see this being a problem. If I turn off the native ATC and switch to PF3, I don't know how the AI copilot will handle taxi, or if there's a way I can have it taxi to the runway PF3 assigns me. I'm also having an issue with the autopilot systems where I enter an altitude to climb or descend to and I have to turn on altitude hold multiple times to get it to climb. This is usually if I want to take over from the AI copilot if I want to climb higher than what it thinks is acceptable.
  3. I don't know how this happens or whether it's a bug, but I find it highly annoying as I think it delays sim start. MCE launches sound settings to set the communication setting to "do nothing" and maybe something else, I don't know. That setting is already set the way it should be anyway. Is there a config setting I need to change in mce.ini? Is it related to FS2020?
  4. Where can I find the files in the avsim library? I'm not a fan of the avsim library search. I tried searching David Herky under Microsoft flight simulator, microsoft flight simulator misc files among others. Searching David Herky throughout the entire library comes up with 18 files, none of which are MSFS2020 related for me.
  5. So a few things... If a cruise flight level/and automatic flex temp calculated as such, on takeoff roll, is there a way to tell MCE via voice to set the throttle to flex detant? Also, I'm not sure if this is part of David's flows or whether it just doesn't work, or whether it hasn't been implemented yet... Voice commands for setting altitude to managed, heading to managed and speed to managed? Select altitude/speed/heading works, but every time I've tried to say select altitude managed, or altitude managed, it doesn't work. Even with flex temp set I've just had to set full power/TOGA thus far and I know that's not what I'm supposed to do. Thanks.
  6. Honestly it sounds like FS2020 should've been released as an early access product to the public. The closed beta didn't do much. BlindPilot, the methods which I use to access the horid, inaccessible FS2020 interface aren't worth me describing here. First off, you need NVDA, you need to learn how to use OCR and you must have a physical mouse to click the icons. Not only that, there is a chance that you can go out of the grid interface and get lost if you arrow around or if OCR happens to focus on the wrong thing. E.G. you focus on world map, click, and you end up at challenges. I did not buy this. I have the game pass version and I will continue to have that until the sim improves generally and hopefully accessibility wise. ATC is pretty bad. Managed altitude is also pretty messed up because it doesn't abide by ATC anyway. It should actually be the other way around, where you turn on managed altitude and ATC should climb you via your plan which should match what the FMS is doing, in theory. I did a nice two hour flight yesterday only for it to be botched by ATC clearing me for an approach at 14000 feet when it wasn't even at a high elevated airport. So th landing assist goes by ATC, puts the gear and flaps out and the master caution blared in my ears until I adjusted it. Not like it helped any since we were not even close to being on final anyway. I have enough workarounds to deal with access wise. Now I have to worry about correcting little stupid autopilot errors that it should handle on it's own for the most part. That and ATC being stupid. It may have SIDs/STARs support but ATC doesn't handle them correctly. I have PF3 so that might help somewhat. It sucks, considering this is my first time attempting to use an FMS system but it's horribly flawed. Can't even do a direct to correctly. I saw David's recent video where the aircraft bounced and didn't flair properly either.
  7. Hi all, I'm doing a flight in the A320 in FS2020. Right now I'm in climb thrust or CLB where speeds are adjusted automatically which is where I want it. Instead of saying that climb thrust is already selected, it goes one notch above this setting and causes me to overspeed. Since it's hit or miss whether I can see the CLB setting on the PD with OCR, I rely on MCE to put me there. It worked once before with the default, but perhaps the latest dev mod of that A32 changed it recently? So I think I was in continuous thrust for the entire climb when the master caution went off, and I questioned if I went one notch back on the autothrottle whether I was in climb thrust or not so it'd adjust for cruise. It did, but not sure why MCE didn't put me on it when I said climb thrust after takeoff stuff is cleared. Reporting here because I don't know which bug it is, an MCE or a mod one, or whether I just am doing something wrong. I'd have the in-sim takeoff assist help if it wasn't broken with the throttle.
  8. David, Do you have these flows available for download yet? I could really use them. Thanks.
  9. As a blind pilot who's dabbled with the highly inaccessible MSFS interface, will MCE allow us to control the UI like you can with FSX/P3D? Or not yet.
  10. I'm using freeware aircraft now and I don't think I could get the help required to set up the MCE 320 scripts. In any case, it's probably not worth buying $80+ planes like that anyhow seeing as I'd rather have access to stuff like that in FS2020. Actually, I wonder if my freeware planes would work in FS2020 because goodness the A320 Neo default engine sounds in FS2020 do not sound like the real thing. Second, I'm pretty certain that MCE's default engine start, when you say engine start, is the equivilent to pressing Control+E, even when you do the checklists.
  11. Yes Hadi, it's possible to fly with P3D/FSX. It's also possible to fly in FS2020, the hurdle is the user interface to create/load a flightplan, select the conditions etc, which Asobo didn't provide any assistance for as you know. I'm going to hopefully get FS2020 installed here and try to fly with FSTramp, after I see how the full AI assistance works. You may want to try and fly with Tramp as well, just use the FS2020 flightplanner to create your flight, as annoying as it is, and then Tramp should see and load it if it's anything like how it works in P3D. I'd use MCE more if we had more assistance features, first starting with takeoff. The way that we get around stalling on takeoff is by having the autopilot on before takeoff roll, and turn on the airspeed hold after takeoff to bring the power back. You're supposed to turn on the autopilot in the air though a thousand or so feet AGL which MCE does fine, but by then I'm too fast for climb. I've tried to manually adjust throttle to bring back the power but I think the climb power etc commands are for when airspeed hold is on which only works when the AP is on. Using ATC and if you know the nav course and nav1 frequencies of the ILS runway you're going to land on it's possible to land those with MCE now, mainly because approach mode brings you in, and FO will tell you when the glideslope/loc is alive. Not sure about RNav approaches however which Tramp handles fine. I've gotten two feet from center once with RNav so it's possible. I think visual approaches are obviously a lost cause for us. Apparently the FS2020 AI can autoland them though so I'd love to have the developers explain that tech. It can also autotaxi, but I'm not sure if it's Vatsim-ready autotaxi.
  12. Hi all, I know that with the current version of MCE it is possible to control the sim via voice, FSX/P3D versions at least. Unfortunately, while people love the FS2020 interface as it looks like a flight sim, complete with world map, from two blind beta testers that are in the closed alpha that I associate with, it looks as though the sim, at least at launch, will be completely inaccessible to screen readers, nor does it have an option in options for text to speech support, even though they said in an article they have a research group with people that have no eyesight at all, etc. I wonder how the assists work, specifically with takeoff and landing. More interested in landing, but I'm not sure if you can have one phase or the other on. Apparently landing assist can basically do an autoland or make it very easy to do in props and the like. More importantly though, would MCE, with the interface support, be able to add support to read the interface with the Narrator feature? The audio in this sim is pretty impressive and I'd love to try this. Just for reference if anybody is wondering where the team said they were going to add accessibility for various disabilities, see: https://www.pcgamesn.com/microsoft-flight-simulator/accessibility
  13. Hi all, So I'm okay until I have to turn on nav hold to resume GPS navigation. I do so, and as far as I know my nav is set to the correct mode. However, heading hold is still on. I thought that was supposed to go off? If I turn it off manually with Control+H and turn on Nav hold with CTRL+N, I get a "bank angle" callout from the GPWS callouts I have installed which means it's making a 30+deg turn for some reason. Could this be because it is in nav mode and not GPS? And if this is the case, is there a way to switch nav modes via the keyboard? I only see CTRL+N in reference to nav hold. Thanks.
  14. Hi all, Where can I find a list of the default keys for RC4 and their function? Is there a way to automatically tune frequencies with an option, but not proceed with the command? I can get ATIS and delivery with 2 and 1 when starting up, however when RC goes to ground it automatically requests taxi. I want to request push before that though. Is there any way to do that without tuning ground manually first and then using that option? Thanks.
  15. Hello everyone, The issue has been resolved. It turns out that the developer did not do anything, but there was a user error on my part. I wish the program would let you know whether it is activated when entering the key.
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