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  1. A new product is coming just wondering will MCE work in with this.if it does will be cool. i know its early days
  2. Just the stock standed AV that came with windows 10 mate i am not running any free ones and have not perchase any AV just letting you know Gerald fired up fltsim started mce A ok back to normal thanks for the tip on AV mate it has givin me hell cheers from Captain Barry
  3. Microsoft windows 10 Your wright Gerald its my AV i went to Protection history This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker. AFFECTED ITEMS file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Multi Crew Experience\filename.dll (edited name) I turned AV off Reinstalled mce once installed i turned AV back on run mce THREAT remove or restore i restore filename.dll after that run mce no error now its letting me do steps 1 to 10 in mce. Bloody hell did not think it was win 10 AV mate cheers
  4. C drive no corruption when i load in fltsim wait for 2 or 3 min run mce and it wants to install from were i unzip it from e\download if you run mce from desktop this is what i get 1 run this e4ed763.msi 2 please wait while windows config mce 3 failed to load marshall.dll Reinstall and try again its not there because i unzip it install it and got rid of it up till now mce been running fine i have not mess with nothing just doing my flows in my doc.
  5. uninstall old version with control panel Install new version V done the steps with headset and all that run msfs error looking for xpak were i unzip it to I am mce ultimate edition register user so i gave it one more try this what i got The Feature you are trying to use is on a network resource is unavailable No valid source could be found for product i run one computer i dont know about network i am a newbie to this stuff. MCE been running fine till now cheers barry
  6. Hello all I think this has been asked before V New Version do i need to go thouge control panel and delete old ver.how do i update I am running multi crew ultimate edition
  7. All good on my end Gerald i got both now mate so now i will backup mce. Thanks again my good man
  8. Hi Mate serial Number mate cannot find it i have had mce for years last time i got my license was by you mate by email. things these days just seems harder to install programs all my years with this program been fine. bit frustrated this has been my go to for years Cheers
  9. Dave when sitting at Sydney mate will the chatter just pick up just Sydney Oceania or will it go thought all Oceania chatter files
  10. MCE Ultimate Edition loaded up mce in msfs splash screen trying to connect to fltsim does not load mate Gerald my license is installed.
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