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  1. in the ui menu what does keep Mechanic on push mean
  2. Hello everybody My Ground Mech take forever to pushing back I have to repeat myself all the time. he gets it in the end but I have to go though each until he feels like to say Pushback straight. Mechanic from flight deck.......Yes go a head Ground Mechanic Start push Ground Mechanic Start pushback please Ground Mechanic Commence pushback
  3. download the demo mate i am sure you will love it There is a free 10 day trial to let you experience the difference for yourself. Pilot2ATC.com
  4. Ok this how i did it Strobe light taxi out procedure-Strobe light off runway entry or takeoff procedure-Strobe light on after landing procedure- Strobe light off or auto this is using jess my fo
  5. Roger that captain mark preceding, will let you know Thanks mark
  6. Wing lights off after takeoff one wing light stays on not sure could be fbw set altimeter to 1009 ok captain 1014 I get this all the time
  7. How can i tell if RCV 4 mp3 are working or not mark
  8. mark "atc1 atc2 atc3" are Clarence Delivery folders mate,and yes i have the proper setup Region/Controller chatter mode of Pilot2ATC. can you tell me mate what are these folders for................Dest_Uni Dep_Uni You have been a big help mate thank you.... Barry
  9. Hello ok i have RCV 4 sound files converted to mp3 my file setup as followed. Australia App atc1 atc2 atc3 Clr Dep Grd Twr so can i merge my mp3 in the ATC_Chatter Regions Oceania Controllers if not were do they go i have canada & usa as well
  10. go to config then Btns Then ptt joystick Button 1 Enable and set your joystick Button if you don't want to respond to atc get your copilot to say it. sayit joystick Button 2 Enable and set your joystick Button two different Buttons for your joystick mate works A1
  11. I have my own charts will I get to use them in EFB at a later stage I don't have nav or fox charts
  12. It would be nice if you could save your setup in the Monitor Tab ,I have to change trans alt all the time to 10000 I live in Aussie. This always defaults to 18000. PS.......MCE is so good and the devs are doing a great job, this can only get better,what you did with fbwA320 is bloody A1
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