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  1. chatter files are low and high i have to to keep adjusting the volume all the time is there a work around it a pain
  2. if we keep telling them they will fix our voices
  3. https://www.cereproc.com/buy-voices ask them to fix it pilot2atc windows 10
  4. i have just stared to email them to fix them you should try as well so they do it
  5. I got the same problem i wish i new that to not happy
  6. i contact them the answer was we are looking in to it
  7. i made a mistake OK

  8. Happy new year to all & the best feedback team Multi Crew Boys Mech confirms fuel & keep Mech on push can you tell me about these boxes & how i make use of them anything new in V2.8.9.4
  9. martin mce & pilot2atc work very well together i use one voice as copilot voxscript in mce is so cool i just got my mec to say on pushback captain you are clear to roll on number two engine & now you can have jetway boarding catering the list goes on mce is the best & feedback is number 1 check out YouTube
  10. go to options then assistance then inside user experience turn al atc off
  11. can someone give me complete run down on the ramp agent & how to interact with him i know wait for battery to power up jetway connects then what how do i cargo doors, cabin doors ,catering,fuel is it all done by speech or keys no read me with patch help please & happy new year fellow pilots. Barry
  12. ramp agent is that the ground mechanic & what speech commands do I say
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