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  1. starter

    MCE & PF3

    Hi Tony, I've changed the pf3 hotkey for higher alt to "H" and lower to "L". Looking into pf3 i've asigned all my hotkeys to 1 single letter. Best regards,
  2. starter


    YES, you won't regret it
  3. Ken, you must download the demo. Uninstall old version through windows removal and install the demo. Don't remove anything manually.!!!! Best regards
  4. starter

    FO & PF3

    '"FO can take over atc when busy" did it. Thnx Gerald. For the other problem i had was that somehow after updating pf3 to the latest version, all my hotkeys were resetted back to the old ones. So MCE couldn't send the right key (control+shift+?) Best regards
  5. starter

    FO & PF3

    Hi Rob, Thnx for your reply. Closed captions is unchecked. (does that mean i'm using the pf3 logfile method?). My cp mode is set to zero. Tried another flight. Still the same. First i said "my comms.". Fo ack. it. Then i ask for atc clearance, pf3 gave it and....before i had the chance my fo ack. again. No "read back correct", though fo switches to ground. Ask for pushback clearance (was also visible in red line), fo request atc clearance again, but pf3 gave pushback clearance. Best regards John
  6. starter

    FO & PF3

    Hello all, i run into i few problems. Maybe they're related to each other. What i've understood is that fo deals with comms by default! So when i say my comms, he shouldn't respond to pf3 when I ask for atc clearance. But he does, rightaway before i had the chance to ack it, though i've pressed the ptt button!!! (it's also the only time he's quick responding. In flight it took ages!!!). When he's reponding the atc clearance, he's reading the whole stuff back en somehow i don't get a "read back correct" respond. Due to all this i think when i ask fo for the push clearance, fo request atc clearance again. Though he did change freq and pf3 responded correctly. Can all this be that my pf3 tgs is not working any more? Another thing is the runway change. MCE is trying to disable tgs and then nothing happened. Mostly i had to restart MCE Best regards
  7. I had it with the altitude change. Best regards
  8. starter

    OK I broke down and got Steam...

    latest fsuipc version for fsx is 4972. This is the link to pete's website Best regards John
  9. I had seen this too. But no time to verify due to less flying time. But i think this was why my fo missed a freq change as well. Best regards John
  10. starter

    MCE & P3D v4

    Remove fsinsider.dll. This is 32 bit. (fsx,). This is what you'll only need: "Ensure you have these files inside \Prepar3D v4\ folder fsInsider64.dll fsInsider.ini"
  11. starter

    PMDGs website giving me black screen

    Yep. No problem here
  12. Hello Orinks, For your side note. This is from FSDT website: GSX works FOR FREE AT ALL FSDT AIRPORTS, because it greatly enhances the previous ParkMe™ feature, and it integrates perfectly with our airports. Purchasing GSX, will enable to use it at ALL FSX Airports, both default and 3rd party, even those not released yet. Best regards John
  13. Hi Dirk, Just changed it. Nothing else Best regards John
  14. Hi Rob, think something went with wrong with your update. 'Cause i have updated as well but no PF3 in the old PF3 folder. Best regards John
  15. Hi, Thought i was the only 1. Made 1 flight, had to restart MCE, 6 times. Given commands were seen in red lines but not executed. (single commands as well flows.). PF3, fsx Best regards John