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  1. tomaz, a patch should never downgrade. This patch should bring it up to v2.8.4.5. Best regards
  2. Gerald, link is not working! (page you requested do not exist) Best regards
  3. Yes it is. See last page of this thread Best regards
  4. Made 2 circuits today. took off and after 400ft put off the pressure of the yoke. At 800ft i say "arm autopilot", it gets armed, heard something about a fault, it got disconnected and connected again. (maybe something to do with pressing twice the ap button to silense the siren?) Pressed the yellow flickering a/p button. Then tried to disconnect the ap (saying:dis arm, disconnect, disable ). FO says: ap already disabled. As for setting course: set course/track one 196 is working. For set course/track two 196, it needs confirmation for transponder setting. Nav One/two track 196 is working both sides. For the VOR/LOC and APP mode i get the message" you must either engaged the ap/fd". (both were engaged and everything was setup). Best regards, PS forgot to mention that i have disabled and self enabled the ap/fd. Still FO saying ap already disabled
  5. When i say "arm ap", fo is doing it, say something, and turn it off (see light is out) and when the disconnct warns sounds, then it gets on again. Don't know if she responds to my "arm ap" again. When the sounds goes i say immeditely arm ap and then it works Best regards
  6. Thanks David. Will give it a try. Best regards, John
  7. Hello Dimitri, i have everyhing installed outside de default folders on a different disk. And it works perfectly. Best regards John
  8. No problem here with firefox. Best regards
  9. I saw pmdg brought out an update Best regards
  10. For me, it must be a brand new sim build up from ground (with up to date database) en no subscription. Best regards
  11. Did you also install fsuipc v5 from Pete Dowson? Best regards
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