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  1. Hi Gerald, I have no problems downloading en installing. best regards
  2. Hi, You have to uninstall it via the control panel. And then install it again. Best regards,
  3. Hi, welcome to mce. After saying "start engine number two" you'll get a reply from FO. Then you have to confirm the engine start by saying "yes (please) or affirmative". Best regards
  4. Hello David, Ask here for the link. Once you got it, save it and you can use it again. demo@multicrewxp.com
  5. Hello, ready to copy takeoff clearance or request takeoff clearance. Best regards
  6. Have you looked in your spam folder? Maybe yours didn't arrive either, so it can't hurt to send an other 1. You CAN use it with prep. I think what's meant with" loaded" is the state you wanted your aircraft to be in, let it settled down and then start MCE. Best regards,
  7. Ronald, send an email to:support@multicrewxp.com. Tell them you're moving from a pc to a laptop and need a new key. Keys are pc bounded. best regards,
  8. Gerald, i mean when flying and traffic comes near to you, you'll get from atc a: callsign traffic at xxx o'clock, xxx miles, heading xxx. My copilot used to respond then with : roger, traffic in side or something similiar. This is not happening after v2926 anymore. Best regards
  9. With pf3 the traffic information is not being rogered. In the pmdg NGXu the "set takeoff flaps" command (in voxscript) is not being recognized. PMDG T7 is working, PMDG 747 not tested) Used to work in 2926. I'm now on v2940, p3dv4.5 Best regards
  10. that's an very old verson. You have to send an email to:demo@multicrewxp.com, for the latest version. Just read it's 2942.
  11. Just finished a flight and it was working with ngxu 738!
  12. Just used the link Hadi provided and it gaves me the latest version! The link on the download page is an email adress:-), where you get the same link Hadi is refering to. When you have downloaded the latest version, do you see mce(1).zip? Then mce(1).zip must be the latest version. Best regards,
  13. have you the latest version of fslabs (5.01.126 i think it was).
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