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  1. DrumsArt

    Issue with FsLabs Panel.cfg and VoxAtc

    I actually read it wrong. There are in total 24 "Window", see below : VoxAtc (before I deleted the Vox entries) had placed the entries at Window42 and Window43. Maybe it is wise to set them manually to free inputs (Example 9 and 10 or 22 and 23 and so...). What do you think about that? [Window Titles] Window00=Config Panel Window01=Captain Main Panel Window02=Fwd Overhead Panel Window03=Pedestal Panel Window04=Switching Panel Window05=Captain MCDU Window06=F/O MCDU Window07=Aft Overhead Panel Window08=F/O Main Panel Window20=Captain IFR Panel Window21=FO IFR Panel Window26=Popup PFD - CPT Window27=Popup ND - CPT Window28=Popup E/WD Window29=Popup SD Window30=Popup ND - F/O Window31=Popup PFD - F/O //Window32=Popup ISIS Window33=Popup Gear-Clock Window34=Popup Center Window35=Popup ECAMs - CPT Window36=Popup ECAMs - FO Window39=Mini Controls Panel Window40=Computers Panel Window41=Sensor Panel Thank you and Regards,
  2. The installation of the VoxAtc panel in the A319/320 FSL's causes a CTD. There are 42 "Window" in the panel.cfg. Can the problem be related to this number? Thank you and Regards,
  3. DrumsArt

    Loading a Flightplan in v4.3

    All the same to me!!! I will try to load the flight a second time... Thank you for the tip. Regards,
  4. DrumsArt

    FlightSim Labs A320X/A319X

    https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/17689-a320-x-for-p3d-v42-update-v201262-now-released/ Regards,
  5. DrumsArt

    FlightSim Labs A320X/A319X

    ...and for the A320... Regards,
  6. Thank you Dave. Regards,
  7. Please, has anyone tested with W7? Thank you and Regards,
  8. Well it seemed to work well, thank you for directing me to the right solution. It's true I should have seen it in Steam's Faq. But I confirm that there is a problem with the latest update of Windows7+AFS2. I reinstalled the update and Blang! re Bsod. I wonder if this has something to do with Vulkan? Is there an ini file or something I could disable Vulkan? The Windows7 update does not seem to have impacted other programs (P3Dv4.3 for example). EDIT : Well, I confirm there is an issue with AFS2 and Windows7U64 last update (12 july) with it seems the classical NVLDDNRM system Bsod! Btw, I don't know if this with the Beta Vulkan or not. Not tested without the Beta but I'm done for today 😁 Thanks again and Regards,
  9. Okay, I was thinking something like that but the word "install" made me stop trying that. So I just clicked on the fateful "Install" and actually it would seem that a window appeared with "discovering files for Aerofly FS2 Flight Simulator". It's scanning. I'll cross my fingers and make a report.
  10. I did but the options are not availlables. Steam thinks that nothing is installed, so...
  11. Steam folder is on D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam. "Under "Steam" (upper left corner) check the "Settings" and then "Steam library folders" Is your current library location listed correctly?" Yes.
  12. I've flown all these days without a problem. Today I allow a security update of Windows7U64. What follows is incomprehensible!!!! Shortly after I launch AFS2, during the loading a BSOD occurs. The computer restarts. I restart AFS2 and Steam tells me I have to install AFS2 (146Gb)!!! I look in the Steam folder on my HD, I see that everything is there (146Gb, program, Dlc's and so on like before). However on Steam's website I can see "Not installed". I did a restore before update but it didn't change anything. 1-I don't know if it was the update or AFS2 or both that caused the Bsod. 2-Before clicking on "Install", is there an option that allows Steam to "see" that everything is installed on my computer ? I'm very surprised, I've only had a Bsod very, very rarely. Help: what should I do? Is there any other solution than reinstalling everything? Thank you and Regards,
  13. Finally after 3 or 4 attempts over 2 days the two DLC's were kind enough to be installed...Steam is really a pain...Anyway, I rushed to put this thing offline and close it...for good! The positive : Made a fantastic VFR flight with the Corsair from Salt Lake to Tahoe via Reno just by following the road, great! I hope, as do many others, that things will move in the right direction. AI's, aircraft system (even basic, mixture, propeller pitch and so...), weather, Atc...Right now, it seems a little like "The day after..." Does the current Sdk allow talented developers to make planes a little more "advanced"? If so, can we name a few? Thank you and Regards,
  14. Thank you Gerald, I wanted to make sure you were aware . "For instance, if the expected letteral call sign is "November Three Delta Echo" instead of "November 3 Delta Echo", Fo will see that caption as intended for other traffic, and will ignore it" Of course, That's what I understood. Regards,