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  1. All in the title...Hawaiian Islands is now complete with this Part4: Big Island (Final) Richard.
  2. Hi, Please give us the specifications of your system. Without this it is impossible to provide any help whatsoever! Richard.
  3. Sorry for the dumb question... What is the use of SimDirector? Thanks, Richard.
  4. Mine was parked for a long time too but I must say that with the latest updates, I was very pleasantly surprised. For example some planes like the Airbus among others finally have a Cold and Dark mode. The FMS is now functional and coherent. The 2 helicopters are great (also C&D). There is a third party program to connect the ATC RC4 software. I also use a small program "Aerofly-Wetterg" which allows to have a daily weather forecast from metar. Between two sessions of P3Dv5, I like to launch a flight in AFs2, especially since there are more and more superb sceneries (freeware) made by talented individuals. Give it another try, I don't think you will be disappointed. Richard. Edit: have a look there, you will have an idea of the progress that has been made in terms of navigation, flight plan, Fmc/Fms and so...
  5. ...More pleasant, more amazing, more enjoyable, more wonderful, more fantastic, more awesome..... or more realistic? Richard.
  6. Ok, got it, I had in memory the order number of my 32bit version 🤪, so I didn't have access to the P3D 64bit patches. Fixed! 😎 Richard.
  7. Wasn't that clear enough? Ok, I just added "Majestic website". Richard.
  8. The only patch I can find on the Majestic website (user area) is for the 32bit version... Richard.
  9. Thank you very much. It puts the ideas in place and things in perspective... This post should be pinned 😎 Richard.
  10. Narcissus universe...probably. 😎 Richard.
  11. Only "Q" can answer this question 😎 Richard.
  12. ...and convert to wine? Please.... Richard.
  13. I agree 100% with the totality of your post.I have made about ten great flights in ten days with the Maddog in this region. If I can, I recommend you to add the Norway region. You should like it. Richard.
  14. DrumsArt

    P3d v5

    No issue with my config (sign)...1920x1080 4ssaa, Texture: 4096 with Maddog, FsLabs and so... Noticeable difference in the right direction with v5 instead of v4! Richard.
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