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  1. What about Milviz, Leonardo, Majestic, A2A ? Richard.
  2. Ah ok... Thank you. Regards, Richard.
  3. @Joseph29 Hi, Thanks for posting, I didn't know there was a version for P3Dv5/v4. I have this scene for FSX and I was regretting not being able to use it in P3D. I have a question about the emergency stop nets present in the FSX version. I don't see them on the different P3D videos I have seen... Are they still there? Thank you and Regards, Richard.
  4. Curious, I just made a ten hours flight in one go with EA + ActiveSky without any problem of any kind. Not even one little glitch (which is quite rare, I agree). Richard.
  5. ?Please why 6 hours and what sort of issues? Richard.
  6. Thank you but same issue...ATM either I delete the 650 in the panel.cfg, or I avoid "opening" the same 650. Richard.
  7. Hi, I have a problem with the RXPGTN integration in the Milviz PC6. I use the F1_GTN750_650_Panel.cfg as a template. I modify it via the RXP addon. Once the plane is reloaded, I click on the GTN 750, the window opens without problem but if I want to open the GTN 650 as well. P3D v5.3 HF2 freeze and CTD. Note that if I open first the 650 and then the 750, P3D freezes and CTD when I open the latter. During the CTD a file dxdiag.txt is created in C:\Users\*******\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5. It contains among others the following error message: +++ WER9 +++: Fault bucket 1281646019849612268, type 5 Event Name: BEX Response: Not available Cab Id: 0 Problem signature: P1: GTN Simulator.exe P2: P3: 5ecfde0d P4: ntdll.dll P5: 10.0.19041.2788 P6: c7ff7cdf P7: 00104c64 P8: c000000d P9: 00000000 P10: This is the only plane I have this problem with. I use RXP 750 and 650 with other Milviz aircraft without any problem. Windows 10 64 Pro up to date Nvidia drivers up to date. Config in my signature. Panel.cfg: Thank you and Kind Regards. Richard.
  8. Nope, it's this one : C:\Users\*******\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\Shaders Richard.
  9. Hi, If I remember correctly it is Engine Detonation. In this aircraft you must keep the carburetor temperature in the green zone, even if you have to use the carburetor heat even at takeoff. http://milviz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=137&t=7796 Richard.
  10. Hi, Like in the title, what are the parameters to change the size of the GTN750 (height and width) included in the dashboard (not the size of the popup). Thank you and Regards, Richard.
  11. Hi Glenn, I also managed to get the Comanche to work in P3D5.3. I kept the KA40 patch. Of course there is a couple of glitches on the left landing light and also on the cockpit light (no more). For the latter I fixed it with FSLSpotlights. For the Cessna I am quite happy, there is one thing I would like to improve is the size of the RXP Gtn750 in height and width. I don't know how to do it. Also the RXP650 does not appear on the dashboard but if I click where it should be I get the popup. I just did a flight and everything works. Important I used the F1_GTN750_650_Panel to make it compatible with the RXP. It is this panel that I advise to take. Do not take the F1_GTN750_650_WX_Panel. I had used it without paying attention, systematically the plane after a few minutes of flight freeze and crash P3D. If someone has the solution to change the size of the GTN750 I'm interested! Richard. EDIT: Got it! I had not reported the correct numbers in the gauge00=rxpGTN!GTN_750 or 650_1, 0, 0, 677, 794 lines. So I deduce that the last 2 numbers correspond to the size of the GTN in the dashboard. Works like a charm. I love this plane!
  12. FSLabs aircraft are compatible with P3Dv5.3. I have all the airbus FSlab and Aerosoft. If you want the best of the best it's FsLab! No contest! Aerosoft are nice but they don't compare to FsLab in terms of simulation depth, performance and so on... That said, the price range is not at all the same. In the end you get what you pay for. Richard.
  13. Yep, and if you are logged you have access to the "General forum"! 😉 Richard.
  14. Hi, I found the solution, to have access to all the forums you don't have to log in! All is ok now. Thank you again and Regards, Richard.
  15. Thank you Steve but I only have access to the planes I bought at the time (all F4, all three T-38, 310 and so on...). The specific forums for the other "free" planes do not appear, like for example the K.A.350 that I had not bought. The "general product forum" is open but does not contain all the necessary details as in the "Support Forum" which is closed for aircraft that have not been purchased. Kind Regards, Richard.
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