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  1. DrumsArt


    I should have been more specific. I use GSX since few years now, my question only concerns planes with the back door (as in the picture). The Maddog and the Coolsky DC-9 have also the same back door. With these planes in the aircraft editor I don't any option that corresponds to this type of exit. But I see on your picture that Gsx seems to take this type of door into account (I don't understand where), hence my initial question...
  2. DrumsArt


    Hi, I have some aircrafts with the same back door access (Maddog, Coolsky DC-9 and so...). How do you configure these aircraft? Is it possible to do this with GSX or is the model itself not designed for this purpose? Thank you and Regards,
  3. DrumsArt

    Blurries out of nowhere

    Just a short and fast test.....it seems solved for me! Thank you very much Umberto!
  4. DrumsArt

    Accu-Feel v.2 Air, Land & Sea (P3Dv4) Released

    Accu-feel v2 is not for the A2A aircraft. In addition, it is not recommended to use it with aircraft with sophisticated systems like PMDG, FSL, VRS, Majestic and so... Accu-feel is more for "basic" aircrafts (Note that basic is not pejorative...). Regards,
  5. DrumsArt

    Blurries out of nowhere

    By reading your question I just understood that among those who have blurries problems , there are the owners of FSDT airports and those who do not, of which I am a part. Sorry, my answer about restoring default jetways was probably not appropriate in your case...but in mine. Regards,
  6. DrumsArt

    Blurries out of nowhere

    No need to uninstall anything...Just launch FSDT GSX Control Panel.exe then Restore default jetways. Done! Richard
  7. Whereas Gsx (which I have been using for many years) is regularly updated and improved with new features. Considering that I have no doubt that the program + addon will certainly continue to be updated with new features....and finally that Umberto and his team have done a great job. I think it's a real, real good deal! Richard
  8. Hi Gerald, Please, have you some news about the TFDI? Thank you and Regards, Richard
  9. Just installed and tested....Whooo! Just brilliant. One of the addon of the year for me!!! And the icing on the cake, practically no Fps impact with insane option on my config (ORBX airports)! Thanks and Regards, Richard
  10. DrumsArt

    Coolsky Fleet Coming to P3Dv4

    Jorge, I'm speaking about the discount for earlier version customers : From the F1 product page: "We are providing a sizable discount if you have an earlier FSX version of the product. Download the ZIP file below which has coupons that will allow you to purchase the Prepar3D v4 MegaPack for $29.95. Download Version Coupons - If you own either the DC-9 Classic, Super 80 (Classic), or Super 80 Professional products. DVD Version Coupons - If you own either the Super 80 (Classic), or Super 80 Professional products. Important: Read the included .txt file in the zip for additional coupon instructions." The problem is there are not DVD version coupons for the DC-9 Classic boxed/dvd version owners of which I am a part... Regards, Richard
  11. DrumsArt

    Coolsky Fleet Coming to P3Dv4

    On the DC9 F1 page there is : LOCKHEED MARTIN PREPAR3D v4.x Windows: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 More, there is a coupon file for the owner of previous version ($29.95 instead $54.95) Important : Boxed version coupons coming Soon. Regards, Richard
  12. @virtuali Great news Umberto! Thank you for your great addon I use since several years now! Regards, Richard
  13. DrumsArt

    Change installation path?

    Of course no, not all addons should be installed in C:\Users\*******\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons...Fortunately!!! Except the Maddog!!! I expect to have a solution other than to move the "Documents" directory with everything it contains with a symbolic link.. maybe the Sacrayton solution works, it would be ideal for me... ...and better...that the Maddog developer(s) finds the definitive solution...but it doesn't seem to take the path. Too bad. Regards, Richard
  14. DrumsArt

    Change installation path?

    @sacrayton Stephen, Have you tested if it works? About the add-on.xml, how should I change it knowing the address is E:Prepar3D v4 Add-ons. Could you please tell me the exact procedure to follow step by step. Btw, how to move also the C:\Users\Portier\Documents\Maddog X Files folder? Thank you and Regards, Richard