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  1. DrumsArt

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    If you installed it as you say then all is good, but that's not what another user says in the VoxAtc forum...So, that's why I wrote "if it's true..........". Btw, for the Maddog I confirm, the installer put all the stuff in My Documents ! Regards,
  2. DrumsArt

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    No Ga, no military aircrafts and "icing on the cake", I read somewhere that the program installs all of the aircraft and bgl files (4gigs worth) to your C:\Documents folder which, if you have a limited sized drive could cause problems, it then only installs minimal files to the folder that you selected during installation !!! If it's true, what the hell with this new way to install the main program/data in C:\Documents folder...Seriously !!!??? It is the second developer (with a heavy program) who makes this kind of joke, see the Maddog... Developpers, please stop that ⛔ !!! So, after some duties to install it (less one hour), MyTraffic 6 works like a charm with P3Dv4.2. No change for now ! Regards,
  3. Dave, I understood the process, my remark concerned the fact that these two options left (ok) and right (Cancel) were blackened and unreadable... Is it fixable or not ? Concerning "Question : in this window how I delete a path (blanked) ?", when I enter a path I guess it's stored somewhere, can be in an ini or dat file ? However I cannot find any files containing this type of information. Thank you and Regards,
  4. No it's the window that comes up when selecting the "Exprt" button on right down of P2Atc screen... Regards,
  5. DrumsArt

    voc atc 7 and traffic addon.

    MyTraffic6.0a works well with P3Dv4.2 but you have some duties to do... There : ...then there : Regards,
  6. Thank you Dave, the issue seems solved... I found just a little glitch in the Export Paths and Selection window the options "ok or cancel" are blacked, unreadable... Question : in this window how I delete a path (blanked) ? Regards,
  7. DrumsArt

    ATC controllers no voice

    Curious, I never got this issue with any version of VoxAtc...Have a look if maybe you have some incompatibility or incorrect volume with the voices assigned to Atc control. Regards,
  8. Thank you Dave for the good news... Regards,
  9. Thank you for the update Gerald... Regards,
  10. DrumsArt

    Farewell FSW

    Lol, in the FSW case a good open product even unfinished will have the success and support it deserves. Clearly Dovetail made a huge mistake on this side thinking that enlightened users would support a totally closed product when compared to P3Dv4, XP 11 and yes even Fsx ! Of course the reason FSW died is because Dovetail "management" and of course I don't include the talented developers in this rout ! Regards,
  11. Hi Gerald, Please, have you some news about this issue ? Thank you and Regards,
  12. Hi Dave, Have you some news about the next update with the repeating descent instructions fixed issue ? Thank you and Regards,
  13. DrumsArt

    ORBX EU Netherlands TrueEarth released

    I agree...I admit that the developers did an excellent job... Kudos to them...but skipped for me. If Orbx makes other regions with TrueEarth, I just hope that Orbx will continue to make also regions/countries like before the TrueEarth "concept". Regards,
  14. +1 again ! Thank you and Regards,
  15. Another possibility I was thinking about, could be to adopt what I would call the "Aerowinx PSX concept". An aircraft created entirely independently of any simulator. The advantage is that it can then use P3D or XP as a visual. I have the previous version of Psx (Ps1), I had flown over 1000 hours on this great program. At the time I used Xp, Flight Gear and so on for the visual. Not being a programming specialist I don't know if with the progress that has been made in hardware this would represent a step forward today...? Have an aircraft with more than 90% of the flight systems and features compatible with several simulators...Mmmm Regards,