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  1. Hi Alex, Just noticed a typo that you might want to fix on your next release: Cheers!
  2. RRVyper

    P3D V4 White & Red Pixels(?)

    Yesterday I did a quick flight from EDDF to LOWI to check out the updated FSLabs A319 (P3D v4.4) and about half way through the flight (at night, FL230) I got these artifacts (magenta colored flashing squares) in the Virtual Cockpit. I have never noticed them before in any previous version of P3D or FSX. They lasted for a minute or two. I had FSUIPC set to autosave so noted the time and after the flight loaded the suspect scenario file but the artifacts did not happen. One thing I did notice earlier was that, during the preflight, the screen would flash/blink occasionally while looking around the cockpit (EZCA). Randy
  3. RRVyper

    [02 Mar 18] Release 1.0.4

    Thanks, Michele. I'm really enjoying learning this aircraft.
  4. RRVyper

    [02 Mar 18] Release 1.0.4

    Meekg (sorry Jim ), Any chance of providing update packages instead of having to uninstall/reinstall every time there is an update? Or an integrated updater? Not a huge deal - just a nicety. Thanks. Since I posted this, I'm a bit confused. The forum post here says you can install overtop of the original installation. However, the instructions on how to upgrade link in the first post says to deactivate/uninstall/reinstall/reactivate. Simmarket email just says to uninstall/reinstall. I'm probably overthinking this but can you clear it up for me? Thanks.
  5. RRVyper

    WOAI Issues

    LOL. Too funny, bic. :Applause: