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  1. Or they made a deal with PMDG. 😉
  2. Just to follow, the wind direction issue is not confined to FSGRW. https://forums.hifisimtech.com/threads/wind-heading-not-aligned-between-asp3d-and-p3dv5.12546/ Randy
  3. Interesting. For me, the wind direction is basically 180 deg from what FSGRW says (give or take magvar). I wonder if it has anything to do with the International settings? Or, is a different add-on causing issues? I'll do some more troubleshooting until ASP3D is available again. Randy
  4. Could it be your mouse settings in Windows? Or a setting in your mouse software if using a gaming mouse? In Windows 10 Settings/Devices/Mouse, I have "Choose how many lines to scroll each time" set to 4 under "Roll the mouse wheel to scroll" which is set to "Multiple lines at a time." Randy
  5. Thanks, Jim. I thought it was just the winds aloft that had the issue. Randy
  6. Anyone seeing an issue with weather injection (wind direction) sitting on the ground at Orbx KFHR? https://imgur.com/a/WE1L11s Actually, same issue at other airports Randy
  7. I'm tempted to try VR but have yet to pull the trigger. I am happy with TIR but you should definitely use a camera program with it (e.g. EZCA or ChasePlane). Randy
  8. You can try disabling fullscreen optimizations (Properties/Compatibility - Settings) by right-clicking the FSX.exe file. For FSX-SE, it is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX (for a default install). For FSX (Boxed) - wherever you installed FSX to. I haven't seen the flickering that bad so it may be something else. Make sure you are using the latest graphics drivers. Randy
  9. I'll assume that P3D is OK until you install FSAerodata. I don't use FSAerodata but didn't think it modified airport elevations. Perhaps an update is required from the dev. Probably best to inquire on their forum. Randy
  10. You can try (if you haven't already), uninstall FSAerodata, uninstall HF2 Client and Scenery (might as well do Content as well), install HF2 Client and Scenery (and Content). Install FSAerodata. Randy
  11. A couple of suggestions: Perhaps there is a LOWL ALT bgl file in the Prepar3D v4/Scenery/World/Scenery folder. You can try adding .off to the filename to disable it. You could also try loading the airport bgl into ADE and checking the altitude there. You can even change the elevation if it is wrong, recompile and replace the one in the applicable folder (disable the original). It wouldn't make sense that this is the issue since it was fine in HF1, but it's interesting that you are seeing the airport at 300 ft when it should be 300 m. Worth a look anyway. Randy
  12. Now it appears my waves are screwed up: https://imgur.com/a/T4J42AK <sigh> I've seen this reported before so the solution shouldn't be too far off. Can't wait for MSFS to arrive...😒 Randy Edit: Fixed. Had to verify the OrbxLibs (even though I had deleted the FTX_AA_ORBXLIBS.TXT file). ORBX_waves.fx file was missing the Ground Decal=1 line (thanks to Larry over at ORBX). https://imgur.com/a/x9uWIP9
  13. So today I updated to P3D v4.5 HF2 (client, content & scenery) and followed Elaine's steps for correcting the Orbx files. Then I started the sim (F22 @ KVPS Rwy 19) and did a quick flight over to KHRT. Sure enough, the black textures were back. https://imgur.com/a/ODATQDU I used FTX Central to uninstall openLC NA and watched as the 2 NA folders were deleted! Not sure what's going on there but I previously had to delete the folders manually. Anyway, reinstalling openLC NA fixed the issue: https://imgur.com/a/gnJqaVN (not sure why inserting link via 'Insert other media' is not working. Randy
  14. Jose, that's how I used to do it until I ran into the issue with the .off files. Unfortunately, FTX Central does not check for them. Randy
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