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  1. its all the Hollywood actors mate, they drink alot of water... .they taken up all the water
  2. The easiest way to get them in is to opt in the fast track lane which when you restart the central app you will be able to click the option for v5. Then close it down and head over to where you store the scenery for ORBX and you will see a folder for v5. Keep the libraries and object flow in these folders at all times and just cut and paste scenery items from v4 to v5 when you want to use them. When you do, open up the central app again and Orbx will recognize you have inserted it into v5. Click to verify the files and configure the control panel and thats it. IF your still using v4 and want to fly in it, you will need to cut and paste back again and repeat the verify files.. To save the small hassle of cutting and pasting, you can have both on at the same time, but that would be a waste as they are the same files for each version. I did it in a video on my Channel here@:
  3. do ya? Dunno, Ill have to rewatch my video again to see....
  4. its good isnt it.? Im able to have my slider to 100% on ships and 50% on leisure boats and still rocking 30fps! in California
  5. I did a test on a LIVE Stream with FsGlobal Ultimate NG mesh and found the results very surprising: frames stutter at first as it was a mesh test and not a fps test
  6. I have the FsGlobal Ultimate NG mesh in v4.5 and just for comparison I took a flight on one of my streams on You Tube and flew around the Grand Canyon with default mesh and then with the FsGlobal mesh from 2017 and it was exactly the same as shown in the video..... I will be sticking with the default mesh in p3dv5 as much as I can, its even better than Orbx mesh
  7. Hey guys, Public Enemy #1 here.... yeah, I would have responded sooner but I have been trapped in LM offices trying to explain to them I wasnt taking their software and trying to perform illegal acts against them.....lol....hang on, the YT and Twitch police are at the door, let me see what they want. I also have a few other tips that I found out by experimenting with my P3dv5 until the developers all release new installers for the add ons I have....Default P3dv5 trees are exactly the same as Orbxs Trees HD, so theres no need to run them in v5. Although if you run their LC products, it will remove the lovely 3d default trees and replace them with the 2d criss cross ones... it all depends on your set up... We found out loads more like that during our experiments on the channel... Gotta go now, the internet police are asking for my pc now...... See ya guys in the skies!
  8. Guys i MUST be the only one who can not see any difference from before installation to after..? Ive done a video on my You Tube channel "You Tuber Adam J Pestridge", uploading within the hour....cannot see any improvement? Did I already have these installed?
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