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  1. fnav77

    Possible to add an airport in FSX?

    I will second Jim... ADE is the software to be used. However, creating an airport which does not exist is quite a complex process if you are not familiar with ADE. Good luck!
  2. Hi guys, I thought I would share my latest video with you, a 777 startup tutorial. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Enjoy!
  3. fnav77

    Anti-ice in clear skies

    After landing, if the taxiways are wet or it is raining, snowing, etc....and cold obviously, then you keep the engine anti ice on all the way back to the gate. If you deice/anti ice on a remote pad with engines running, you would taxi there with the engine anti ice on, and keep the switch on during the de/anti ice treatment.
  4. fnav77

    Anti-ice in clear skies

    If it is cold, but the weather is clear, no precipitation and the runway is dry, then you don't need to use the engine anti ice on the ground or for take off. Be careful with wing anti ice..... On the B777, you do not use wing anti ice on the ground or for take off, for example.
  5. fnav77

    Setting the parking brake in a B737

    As far as I know, no brake check on the 737, at least I never did one....you would realise while taxiing out if your brakes did not work.
  6. Bluestar, that would have been good fun, wow...! Fantastic! This is an approach I would have liked to fly. Obviously, it is no longer possible...
  7. LOL, I also did it at night, have a look until the very end (last couple of minutes).... It is quite nice at night too, with all the lights and textures.
  8. fnav77

    I Want to Kick FSX in the Teeth

    Too many complex addons will slow FSX significantly, but if you keep it relatively simple, then, with a good PC, it works well. I am often asked if my sim is FSX or something else, it goes to show that FSX works and looks good, still...
  9. Hi Guys, If I may, this is my take on the famous IGS approach runway 13 in Kai Tak. I hope you like it. Enjoy! Thank you.
  10. Hi guys, A suggestion from one of the channel followers.... Enjoy!
  11. Thank you, I'm glad you like the videos. I invite you to have a look around at the channel. Enjoy!
  12. Hi guys, The latest video, today we are in beautiful Africa. Great views and bonus footage at the end. Enjoy!
  13. The answer to the OP's question is simply no. However, the simulation is so good that it will give you an overall overview of the flight deck layout, of the autopilot functions, the FMC, etc... But it won't help "feeling" in control of a real 350t 777.....
  14. For further info, the 777 can indeed do an autoland with 1 or 2 engines, flaps 20 or 30. Although flaps 25 is a landing flap setting, you can't do an autoland withflaps 25. Unless in an emergency, it is also not certified to do autolands when overweight. The 737 cannot do an autoland on one engine....also, it is not possible to use the autothrottle when flying on one engine...