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  1. I guess it depends what you are after, but I find a lot of these AFCAD files unfortunately do not have an accurate layout. Gates, taxiways and sometimes even runways are not in their correct geographical location/coordinates. If you fly online on VATSIM/IVAO along with people using payware scenery, or use a software like Volanta, you will notice how bad it can sometimes be.... Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the work that goes into making those files. I just wish they were more accurate.👍
  2. Without sounding ungrateful, in terms of freeware scenery for FSX/P3D, for example, there is unfortunately a lot of rubbish out there with airports with wrong taxiways, gates, etc... and overall wrong layout and design. What sometimes surprise me is that there is a lot of work done on buildings (models) and textures, etc... but the runway is not even in the right location! Really? I find this very bad for an airport. Those sceneries might look ok, AI traffic might work ok, but to me, this is useless if I am on VATSIM or IVAO or any other similar environments like Navigraph or Volanta. For example, I don't want to be on a taxiway thinking I am ok there, and see other traffic on the exact same taxiway are 10 metres off the centreline.... I am aware of how much work creating scenery is, don't get me wrong, but a lot of freeware designers have pushed people away from freeware. This in turn has helped payware and as a result, put payware prices up as there are no decent alternatives anymore. That's why the likes of FT can charge $30+ for an airport...even if it has not been updated in 10 years. For the good freeware developers I do believe there is also a feeling of " why should I bother"? A lot of work ... not even a thank you. Not very rewarding. The idea of a group is good... At least you can combine efforts, help each other and create something decent. It does not have to be payware quality...
  3. A lot of sceneries out there have outdated data. Just the way it is, unfortunately. There are ways to fix it, though (as discussed above).
  4. I am not really sure why my previous post was deleted. No bad words, no insult, nothing. What is the point in posting if it gets deleted....? Anyway, I am out of here. Cheers!
  5. @Damian Clark Don't let the haters get to you. Active Sky is a great product the P3D community is grateful for...😊
  6. "Divide and conquer.... " Some "people" come here and attack the last few remaining P3D devs with unnecessary negativity to p#ss them off. Great job!
  7. And here we go again... MSFS. The aim of these Level D sims (for pilot training) is not to look good.
  8. You get the product at a cheaper price (because it is not finished) and help iron out any potential issues.I think it is a nice compromise. Of course you can wait for the product to be "completed" and pay the full price then. This is entirely up to you. I think the dev. is trying to attract a few customers by kindly offering a discount, and give them what they want/need. We can be confident the product is already functional and will work flawlessly soon as the past versions of AS have always been good. I don't believe he is using us as beta testers and will never release a finished version...
  9. I am puzzled by the negative comments, I have to say. Everybody and their granny was moaning a couple of weeks ago about v6 having no CP. Now there is a CP, people are moaning again. If you don't like the price then don't buy it. You always have a choice! If the dev. does not sell his product, then after a while, he might reduce the price... But...don't come here and moan. If I was the dev. I would be well pi**ed off reading all that stuff.
  10. I will start the "Master list"...Feel free to copy and paste, edit, etc... if not appropriate, mods please delete. Thanks. Compatible addons: PMDG 777: Yes, with registry hack. Textures limitations...no weather radar, even with AS 6 PMDG 737: Yes, with registry hack. Textures limitations...no weather radar, even with AS 6 PMDG 747: Yes, with registry hack. Textures limitations...no weather radar, even with AS 6 iFly 737 MAX... FsLabs: No, locked to v5 Leonardo MD 82 (and expansions)... Just Flight PA28-161... Aerosoft 318/319/320/321/330...
  11. Everybody has different needs, I guess, but I am looking for: PMDG 737, 747, 777... I understand these work with the "registry hack" but have limitations with textures🤔 Chaseplane: well, they announced a v6 version ORBX: Global and others + airports. Ability to install from ORBX Central into v6? Sceneries like FSDT, Flightbeam, FlyTampa, etc.. The list can be long😅
  12. Thank you for the set up idea. Nice to hear the v6 version of CP does not have any impact on previous versions
  13. Excellent news about ChasePlane
  14. That would be very handy😊 I am trying to decide whether to get v6 or not and such a "list" would help.
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