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  1. Chairflyer73

    Aurora Borealis at Narvik

    Yes Envtex. It's Orbx Norway and Narvik airport ENNK and Envtex doing the northern lights, PTA with AS16 and ASCA for the clouds and weather.
  2. Chairflyer73

    Aurora Borealis at Narvik

    I messed up with linking the image. (my first time doing this) Sorted now.
  3. Chairflyer73

    ATC Echo

  4. Chairflyer73

    ATC Echo

    I had this also with the stock ATC. I deleted the cfg and it was cured.
  5. That's great, it's mad isn't it? I did clean installation of drivers, reinstalled P3D client and content and TrackIR, rolled back the creators update and reinstalled, when all I had to do was tick a box on the desktop. Got to love simming! Sorry YoYo, keep searching.
  6. Hi, I had terrible screen tearing too, but not after going to v4.1 but after the W10 fall creators update which I only received here in England a fortnight ago. Never had the problem before in 4.1 or any previous version. It made using TrackIR unbearable, but yes although using Vsync helped I was curious why it didn't tear in windowed mode and as I have always been on unlimited frames with no Vsync and stutter free I wanted to know why. After days of frustration for some reason I right clicked the P3D.exe on the desktop, clicked properties > compatibility and ticked disable fullscreen optimisations. Instant cure! Happy days. I've also disabled W10 game mode just in case. Yours may be a different problem but worth a try if you haven't already. Hope it helps because it ruined flying for me for a week.