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  1. Hi It would be interesting to see the same situation with ASCA ? Thanks Denis
  2. FSX-MS

    Yes for the both aircrafts
  3. FSX-MS

    1024 DDS DXT5 with alpha channel. Regards
  4. 3 for me. I was using AIFP and the last flightplans made by AIG. But with yours tutorials I can now use UT2 and the summer 2016 data. I have always a lot of Airlines which are not in UT2. I tranfer them to UT2 each time a new flightplan appears.
  5. Hi There are also some files correcting elevation for the regions in World\Scenery. I put them in a other directory (same priority than the original World directory) which I can disable when I want disable the regions. I use SimStarter to do it. Denis
  6. Hi Maybe your Point of View is too far from the main panel. Try to go closer with Ctrl+Back. Denis
  7. Reposez en paix et merci pour tout ce que vous avez apporté à la grande famille des fans de simulation de vol. Toutes mes condoléances à votre famille.
  8. I took off from SVCJ without problem. It's just a simple airport surrounded by forest. I have Global and Vector. Hope this helps Denis
  9. Hi No problem at all between UT2 and Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 since the beginning. The only issue with Windows 8 and 8.1 remains the joystick deconnection but it is resolved with FSUIPC. Denis
  10. Hi I had the same issue some days ago after exchange of my modem. Its DHCP server gave new IP address to my pc different from the address given when I installed FSX. I changed the ip address (static) to the old one and the error was resolved. Hope that helps Denis
  11. I would be very pleased if the so talented PMDG painters could consider to make a UTA MD-11.UTA, before merging with Air France, used DC-10 for long hauls.Here are examples :http://www.airliners.net/photo/UTA---Union...next_id=1335545http://www.airliners.net/photo/UTA---Union...next_id=1157429http://www.airliners.net/photo/UTA---Union...next_id=1157427Thanks by advance for your helpDenis