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  1. Hello Another way is to use Simstarter of Capt PERO which can manage addons and sceneries through profiles very easily: https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/717-simstarter/ I used it when we all had VAS problems. Regards
  2. Hi Just to say that I have been able to get the logo lights (Always On) to work on the FSPXAI 777 series by copying the file FSPXAI_B772GE_L2.dds which has the logo light in and renaming it FSPXAI_NoLight_B77200.dds. It's working.
  3. Hi It would be interesting to see the same situation with ASCA ? Thanks Denis
  4. DPetitme

    question ?

    Yes for the both aircrafts
  5. DPetitme

    question ?

    1024 DDS DXT5 with alpha channel. Regards
  6. DPetitme

    UT2 Users, Looking for some Feedback

    3 for me. I was using AIFP and the last flightplans made by AIG. But with yours tutorials I can now use UT2 and the summer 2016 data. I have always a lot of Airlines which are not in UT2. I tranfer them to UT2 each time a new flightplan appears.
  7. DPetitme

    Can one "turn off" Orbx global add-ons?

    Hi There are also some files correcting elevation for the regions in World\Scenery. I put them in a other directory (same priority than the original World directory) which I can disable when I want disable the regions. I use SimStarter to do it. Denis
  8. DPetitme

    NGX Cursor with DX fixer

    Hi Maybe your Point of View is too far from the main panel. Try to go closer with Ctrl+Back. Denis
  9. I took off from SVCJ without problem. It's just a simple airport surrounded by forest. I have Global and Vector. Hope this helps Denis
  10. DPetitme

    Ultimate Traffic 2 in P3D V2.3 ?

    Hi No problem at all between UT2 and Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 since the beginning. The only issue with Windows 8 and 8.1 remains the joystick deconnection but it is resolved with FSUIPC. Denis
  11. Hi I had the same issue some days ago after exchange of my modem. Its DHCP server gave new IP address to my pc different from the address given when I installed FSX. I changed the ip address (static) to the old one and the error was resolved. Hope that helps Denis
  12. DPetitme

    The new maddog

    >I couldn't resist and I bought it... looks like lots of>detail! I love detail!>>now my only problem is, I can't take off! lol>>I read the tutorial and also check their forum, and they say>that if your TO computer is not agreeing with the flaps, it>will shut the plane off...>>well I looked to make sure they were both at 11, and it keeps>killing the plane! wth! :(>>any ideas anyone?Just put the EPR to 1.4 and engage the autothrottle.It's a security which stops the engine if you move the throttle farther.Hope this helpsDenis
  13. DPetitme

    TrafficDatabaseBuilder Scheduled Flights

    Hi nvisagieYellowjack is right.I believe that your airport FACT doesn't have enough parking places for 737 (radius 36.0).You can try to deceive Trafficdatabasebuilder changing the radius of some parking places but FACT will not accept the planes in FSX.We have to wait for an AFCAD style program to increase the parking places or immerge into the SDK.I read too that Trafficbasedatabuilder reserves a place in each radius for your own aircraft.As said good luck