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  1. gsand

    looking to buy unusual scenery; no orbx

    You might try these free Bahamas packs: They are really great, Greg is doing all the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos and doing everything, landclass, coastlines, airports, POI's. It is truly good stuff.
  2. gsand

    P3d v4.4 / fsuipc / fsrealtime conflict

    It's still using FSUIPC Pete.
  3. gsand

    looking for flight planner that does it all

    What a great post! Thank you for all the insight and great tips.
  4. gsand

    Quality Wings 787 Panel States

    No issue for me, enters fine on the PERF INIT page. Not to say I haven't had my share of issues, mostly with VNAV and T/D calculations. I've gotten around some of them by editing out any block altitudes in STARS, the plane hates those...
  5. gsand

    Quality Wings 787 Panel States

    Hi Christopher, In the Quality Wings folder inside P3D there is a Documentation folder which has a Tutorial PDF. There are 5 different modules within that document and it's quite extensive (187 pages). I haven't done the tutorials but do refer to the PDF often. Hope this helps!
  6. One thing to keep in mind, in the US we're in what I call the "time hole." FSX was written before the 2007 DST extension, where we went from first Sunday April/last Sunday October to second Sunday March/first Sunday November. So FSX/P3D is still on Standard time until 2:00am Sunday April 7 this year. If you play with the time zones right now in the US keep this in mind. I have 2 default scenarios saved for my home airport, Winter and Summer, and change them a few days after the appropriate dates.
  7. gsand

    Anyone here lives in Orlando?

    So does my son. I say this simply because of the endless I-4 mess, you have my heartfelt sympathies.
  8. gsand

    Anyone here lives in Orlando?

    You mean people actually LIVE in Orange Co?...😱
  9. gsand

    Anyone here lives in Orlando?

    And KMLB here. about 40nm SE. Glad to help out if I can.
  10. @thibodba57 Apologies Brian! Red face and all that...😱. Seriously outstanding effort on this paint, you two really nailed it. @Steve Dra You two make a great team! Grabbing the CP now, will post a few later today. Thanks again.
  11. Hi Steve, These are for you, headed around KCPR a bit to try her out and she's a beaut! As an unapologetic Fr8 Dawg you know I'm partial to the cargo haulers. Thanks for these great paints and all your work through the years. It's greatly appreciated!
  12. That's great Pete, glad you got it sorted out.
  13. Hi Pete, It's easy, load a traffic bgl from any folder, this one is from my AIGAIM folder which I have on my non-P3D drive. Flight Plans then Adjust Activity Levels: Then adjust away and select type of adjustment. I use Random and then tweak selected airports using the Time Table function several lines above. Then just compile and you're good. This does not bother AIG at all. I did suggest adding an activity adjustment to AIGAIM on their forum so hopefully we'll see that. Hope this helps!
  14. gsand

    Hyperthreading off works great!

    Check your CPU heat, I got a substantially better thermal profile with HT off and same or better performance, rarely go above 70C now.
  15. gsand

    Hyperthreading off works great!

    Agree with Howard on this, he convinced me, turned HT off on my 8700K and it's done a great job for me. Still get the occasional micro stutter when a big load of AI hits but it's minor and no way to avoid that around large airports that I know of.