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  1. Make the atc_airline blank, deleting the Maryland Air Haulers will last until you re-install that aircraft.
  2. 26 year Space Coast resident here, live about 17nm south of KSC. Wednesday was a long shot for launch as early as Sunday. We had two solid days of heavy rain starting mid-day Sunday. Tuesday afternoon it turned hot (90+) and the t-storms started their usual afternoon rainy season dance across the state that we see most days till November. Wednesday morning they started up earlier than usual as it remained very warm overnight so lots of atmospheric energy still around. From about 1330z till around 1800z we had almost non-stop t-storms. They died down some after that but with the sea breeze front about 15-20nm inland from the East Coast they were firing up sporadically all over the county. What some of you may not know is that around 3:50pm National Weather Service Melbourne issued a tornado warning for an area about 10nm north of 39A. I was really surprised that they pushed on at that point. On the local radar I could clearly see the cell moving East and since they were launching toward the Northeast and with Cumulus buildups all around the Cape I figured they would scrub right away. Tomorrow is not looking real good right now. This is from KTIX (Space Coast Regional) Titusville, closest public airport to 39A with a TAF: Saturday Showers and thunderstorms likely, mainly after 1pm. Partly sunny, with a high near 90. South southwest wind 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 70%. New rainfall amounts between a tenth and quarter of an inch, except higher amounts possible in thunderstorms. Hopefully they can get it off this time. FYI, NASA Dragon launch criteria:
  3. gsand

    KBUR ?

    Good Morning Gentlemen, I've been an AFCAD/ADE addict for years and in 4.5 I've got about 200+ fields that I've reworked. Through 4.5 when starting from stock I most always found a certain base level of stock items- boundary fences (usually), at least a couple of GA spots and a building or two. Only exceptions to this were for very small bush fields and almost all military bases. Bush strips I understand but never really understood why almost none of the stock military bases in P3D have any parking at all, but that's a topic for another thread. While working on stock fields I always find errors- parking without links, misaligned items, parking in the wrong areas, etc.- but at least the basics were there. Jon released an ADE developer version for 5.0 on Tuesday so off I went on my ADE trail, starting with my home field of KMLB. 4.5 stock had 7 gates, 1 short but ok, and 40+ GA spots scattered about. First V5 start and selected KMLB. Wanted to set my default start at a GA spot and surprisingly there were no parking spots listed in the drop down. Weird, I thought, so started on 9R to take a look. Long story short visually KMLB is different so they have obviously touched it. Only 4 gates and didn't see any taxi lines, apron edge lights, lots of buildings missing, etc. Opened up the stock V5 in ADE and found this: KMLB 4.5 KMLB 5.0 As you can see, except for the 4(!) gates no parking at all. There is one fuel spot but no apron path so it's not active. They did very kindly add in most of the taxiways and autogen buildings for the Embraer complex on the north side of 9L/27R and reworked the Northrup Grumman complex on the south side of 9R/27L. Missing is any GA parking, 4 gates, apron edge lighting and several other more minor details. They seemed to focus a lot on getting almost all of the taxiway infrastructure correct as of about a year ago. Vic, I took a look at KBUR and found this: KBUR V4.5 KBUR V5.0 As you can see, no parking at all. And they added a LOT of buildings. Bottom line to all of this, so far I've checked about 30 fields, ones that I did for 4.5, and 17 of those 30 have minimal or no GA parking. I'm working on a list for LM but the Hot Fix has already closed for additions so I don't expect any changes for next weeks fix. I'm going to check about 20 more and then post the list at LM. Sorry for the lengthy reply but I think it's important for folks to understand why airplanes, especially GA, aren't showing up at some fields. Stay healthy everyone! Gerald
  4. https://fselite.net/ What a class group. Thank you A2A for this. Truly a magnificent action. EDIT: Sorry mods, just saw the other thread. Remove this one.
  5. Respectfully, can you guys take the XBox saga to PM...please?
  6. Wow, I know what this is and it's AWESOME! Great job!
  7. Greetings AILRP Users, I hope all are having a great New Year so far. I wanted to let you know that Volume 2 of the original Group Spreadsheet above is in work. Since late December I have been working on a complete revamp of Volume 1. Using video references I am making substantial changes to the original sheet for Nav, Strobe and Landing Lights as well as the texture settings. In addition, I am reworking the Groups and have made some additions/deletions. Again, this is not intended as a must use, instead it's meant to be a starting place for new users as well as anyone wanting to start using groups. As before I hope this will encourage folks to experiment and post their settings so we can build a user database. Look for this by the middle of next month (hopefully)! Best, Gerald
  8. ADE does allow you to change some things, such as parking type, radius, name and number etc. But, there is not any way I've ever found to type in a name. Gate numbers are from a drop down box. You can, for example, select Gate, Gate A, B, etc., Dock, NE Parking, N Parking and assign any number but that's about it. Never found any way to type in anything I do a lot of mods on my system, currently have about 250 that I've done over the years. I find it really fun and addictive.
  9. Evening Gentlemen, I stand corrected on all counts. I did my due diligence and found out that I had indeed been installing the DCH drivers for who knows how long. I did the whole drill on removing and installing the new 441.87's from Techspot and now have the correct ones. Guess Nvidia goes on my non-trusted list. I figured I could trust them to at least tell me the truth about what I was downloading. Do not understand the MS Store thing at all. This is why I love this forum, there is always something to learn and I did learn something today. It's a good day...😊. My thanks to everyone for the great info. Best, Gerald
  10. I do same as Ed, clean install and DDU couple times a year.
  11. Says it's Game Ready and NCP is definitely there, just updated yesterday:
  12. I downloaded from this page yesterday, Game Ready and with NCP, no issues at all: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us
  13. It's up on the MFS site now: https://www.flightsimulator.com/
  14. I know you said all aircraft but maybe try a default P3D one and make a new start scenario.
  15. And there are still some published NDB approaches in the US: https://aeronav.faa.gov/d-tpp/1913/05369n5.pdf#nameddest=(SHD) There are also a number used for LOM's, including the above referenced approach (airport also has an ILS 5), so they're not dead here yet.
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