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  1. Found it, once I loaded the NGXU within the Sim. Great product Raul. Congrats.
  2. Hello Raul, downloaded and installed. Where do I do or change the settings? In ORBX Central no settings page opens when I hit the "Verify Files" button". Kinly advise, tks rgds Andreas
  3. Hello Simbol, could you please share with me the aircraft.cfg settings which you have set in the [FUEL]section for your FSPXAI 777 configuration. On the video you have published above I can see that the cabin lights are on, I cannot suceed to get them on. The Logo lights are on. Your lights enhancements all work fine. But no cabin light. Whilst this is posibly a topic to ask the developer Missi, I take the shortcut to you, as you have tested and put the tested plane into your video above incl cabin lights. In my aircraft. cfg I have under Fuel I have the following for the FSPXAI B777ER PBR version 4.2: Guidance -> in the individual "texture.XXXX" directories per each livery I have the two files "FSPXAI_B773ER.DDS and "FSPXAI_B773ER_L.DDS for the 777-300ER liveries. Plus the "texture.cfg" referencing to the directory "AI_FSPX_Textures" (which is on the same directory level as the "model" directories as well as the "texture"directories for the many liveries) and the "AI_FSPX_Textures" contains all the files correctly and in full as it should. Thanks for your advice what is different in your set-up. Have a great shift into 2020, rgds Andreas
  4. Let me add that your program really is a great one, as it meticously reports and registers everything that happens. Simply stunning and great. Makes total sense. A.
  5. 1. the mentioned 4 livery entries have been the only ones under the FSXPAI A340-300 model which have been installed already under the "old"-model version of the Missi-models. 2. ranking as [fltsim0] to [fltsim3] in the aircraft.cfg 3. when re-installed the new stage 4 model, I copied the 1st 3 texture entries into the stage4 model empty aircraft.cfg again on position [fltsim0] to [fltsim3]. 4. then installed and entered various other liveries/textures on following positions [fltsim4] to [fltsim90] 5. then did the 1st re-scan with AILRP. 6. then the report showed what I reported in my initial mail 7. following yr last mail above I thought, well let me only delete the 1st 4 [fltsim.] livery entires out of the now stage 4 aircraft.cfg, re-number the rest upto model [fltsim86] now, have AILRP re-scan that 8. then re-enter the 4 liveries again under position [fltsim0] to [fltsim3], and renumber the rest back to [fltsim4] to [fltsim90] and let AILRP re-scan. And bang, they where found good and not reported under missing lights stats anymore. So it seems that one needs to put "old" entries out, scan, put the old entries back again, and then the scan again. Now done. solved. rgds, Andreas
  6. Is the data in the AILRP stat report not always renewed whenever one is running the scan aircraft function? Whilst,yes, I had the previous model version installed before, I deleted those files, installes the version 4 ons and ran the scan function of AILRP, which I always do whenever I have installed a new single livery/texture. please advise.
  7. Hello Simbol, 1st of all thanks again for your successful efforts to engage with Missi resutling now in his rework of models. I have installed the Stage4 FSPXAI 340 models, all works correctly re the "light-show". However for 4 liveries out the about 90 or so liveries I have installed for these models the AI Aircraft Models Stats Report reports "Models missing Beacon Lights or Model missing Strobe Lights. When I preview those liveries they do show all those lights correctly, same as the other 90 or so liveries for these A340 stage 4 models do. Whereas those other 90 models however are not mentioned in the stats report with missing beacon lights. Whilst the main thing for me is that all the models in "preview" and "in real action" within the simulator show the lights I still thought I report this phnomenon here to ask you what might be the reason for that 3 liveries are shown with missing lights. (Guidance the texture.xxxx directories of the 3 liveries are containing similarly as the other texture.xxx directories the two .dds files FSPXA340-300.dds and FSPXA340-300.dds as well as the texture.cfg file referencing correctly as all the other 90 or so livery-directories towards the "AI_FSPX_Textures" directory, but this just as side info). So no real problem, but I am just curious about the stats report entries, which should not be there. Andreas
  8. Maybe this is a good chance to confirm that in my view as a plus 30 year flightsimmer this product is a) one which was missing ever since in terms of drastically improving and 1st time ever to my knowledge aligning the immersion arena "AI-aircraft lights" b) extremely well made for beginners and far advanced simmers alike c) well done due to the developper and the Beta-team (which I am no part of) d) and yes, a product support from Simbol which is really outstanding. Andreas
  9. Hello Simbol, would be interested in the result of yr findings then. tks, Andreas
  10. Checked all my A318,19,20,21 FAIB model folders, all their aircraft.cfg's contain the fuel tank "switches" for lights (also all 4 A318). Maybe yr 3 x 318s are not P3DV4? 1st line of all my cfg's read (like theexample A320 here) //// FAIB A320 P3DV4 Aircraft.cfg version 1.0 FDE: Erez Werber////
  11. Hello Keven, have solved the matter. 1. as I thought it has possibly to do with the lately new install of PMDG 737NGXu I de-installed that bird 2. I then also - just to be safe - deinstalled in P3DV4.5 ...\Simojects all PMDG 737NGXu directories. 3. then checked VFX central, but still had the same situation with the PMDG 737NGX VFX-central immersion install not working and with error message 4. then deleted in P3DV4.5 ...\Simobjects all PMDG 737NGX directories 5. played back from a saved HD-image from some 2 weeks ago the ...simobjects PMDG 737NGX directories into P3DV4.5...\simobjects 6. checked VFX central and could install and apply the 737 immersion, then checked in flight simulator and immersion for 737NGX again working 7. Installed PMDG NGXu again. 8. checked VFX-central, for the 737NGX settings and immersion application. No errors and that worked. 9. checked inside flight simulator 737NGX in bad weather and immersion effects worked. So it must have been a corrupt entry in the P3DV4.5...simobjects\NGX directories which made the problem.
  12. Hello Keven, I also now up on further investigating realized that in VFX central in the 737 Immersion options menu on the right side there is only an apply button with the green arrow( which when I push that brings the result of the error messages mentioned in OP post above) but there is no uninstall button I can hit. To start with - as I do not wish to uninstall any of my PMDG 737 NGX - please let me know how I can reach an uninstall of the 737 immersion in VFX central or possibly by changing any entry in any of your programs files (which directories?) to remove and re-install the 737 NGX immersion. Thank you Keven.
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