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  1. What happened for me was how clicking the link only made the screen flash for a split second but without starting the download. I then tried to right-click the link instead and choose the 'Copy link address' option I think it's called followed by pasting that address into a separate tab/window in Chrome. This way, the download started normally. Not sure if it might be a similar thing in your case but worth trying if you didn't already.
  2. Just filed a ticket about this issue, sorry I didn't search properly first to find the answer in here. How the issue is already known and how there is a sorts of a work-around by switching the second aft fuel pump ON. Will try the not yet released version tomorrow. Speaking of updates, will aviaServer automatically check for updates on startup? Meaning I'll know when a new official version has been released? Or do I need to check somewhere for updates manually?
  3. Wow, eight minutes is long! I think I have about two minutes with the AIG models and that includes every model and livery available. I do have a quick disk though.
  4. I hear your Michael and do understand using this kind of tools can be a good thing for the reasons you mention. In my case though, I try to keep my simulator as clean as possible without dumping too much into the Community folder. So not that big of a deal for me. As for the loading time, it's already quite long after I added thousands of AIG aircraft models and liveries for online flying on Vatsim. So I'm used to MSFS taking a couple of minutes to start 🙂
  5. I used similar kind of tools in the past but these days, I just slam everything directly into the Community folder and hope it will work 😂
  6. Argh...amazing how I already bought exactly that one from the list last night before I went to bed and now read this 😅 Oh well, hopefully I still got some extras for the money spent! Good to know, will check it out 👍 For Orbx and Aerosoft though, they already have their own similar tools where I tried Aerosoft One for the first time last night and seems really good!
  7. Nice to have a bit more detailed airports for free as part of the WUs! Guess these will be explored once I've been to all my payware airports 🙂 Thanks to all good advice in here in combination with watching the awesome airport reviews made by FilbertFlies on YT, here's my list of airports I'll get for starters: Orbx LOWS 35.50 AUD Orbx EGPH 37.44 AUD Orbx EGPF 37.44 AUD Orbx LDSP 32.61 AUD FlyTampa LGAV 21.94 Euro SimMarket LIML 19.38 Euro SimMarket LJLJ 19.99 Euro SimMarket LEBL 21.24 Euro Aerosoft EBBR 26.21 Euro Aerosoft EDDK 18.85 Euro Aerosoft ENVA 15.70 Euro Aerosoft LECO 18.69 Euro Aerosoft LDZA 18.86 Euro
  8. As I said earlier, the fact that some developers decide to include static aircraft without an option to disable them, that IMO is much more a developer issue more than a MSFS issue. There are many MSFS airports where an option to disable static aircraft already is in place. Even from developers notorious to add static aircraft. Orbx ESSB is such an example. I think the reason we have a number of airports where such an option doesn't exist is due to laziness/not realizing the importance from the developer side.
  9. This will list Jo Erlend's excellent airports. For all simulators but easy to filter out those for MSFS https://www.aerosoft.com/en/search?sSearch=Jo+Erlend+Sund
  10. @MäxliBäxli @aniiran Happy to report how the fixes to remove static aircraft at EKCH and LOWW worked like a charm! I think what made it work this time was how I after dropping them into the Community folder deleted Content.xml, allowing it to be rebuilt. In combination with deleting everything in ...\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\SceneryIndexes
  11. Thanks. I actually tried the EKCH fix in the past but for whatever reason, it didn't work for me. Will give it another try. Also, thanks for the info about LVFR LEBL 👍 Thanks, will try it out. Would be great if I could get this one to work. Since there are A LOT of static models found in the Orbx LOWW scenery!
  12. Yep, that could of course be the case as well. I also got a response elsewhere where someone said LatinVFR probably is the better of the two even when it was released earlier.
  13. Noticed how there's also a Barcelona El-Prat made by JustSim and released in 2021 whereas the LatinVFR version was released back in 2020. Would be interesting to know how they compare. Anyone in here with experience of both?
  14. Waking this old thread up to ask if anyone in here knows if JustSim's LEBL is an improvement over this LatinVFR version of Barcelona El Prat or rather the other way around? Did see how the JustSim version was released 2021 where the LatinVFR one was released back in 2020. Not sure why JustSim would decide to release the same airport (and even more so considering the good reviews the LatinVFR version had) unless they thought they would be able to make an even better rendition of El Prat. Anyone with experience of both who could compare?
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