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  1. Lately, I've started having issues with a secondary VGA display when I launch Mixed Reality Portal. What happens is how I see in the menu accessed by pressing Win+P how it says 'Extend' rather than 'PC screen only' after I launched Mixed Reality Portal. Even when I still only have the screen on my main display while the second display is left blank not receiving any signal. When this happens, I have to go to Nvidia Control Panel->Displays->Set up multiple displays and manually check my second display to make it come alive. And by doing so, matching what the Win+P menu tells me...'Extend'. No idea why Mixed Reality Portal started messing with my second display like this. Haven't seen this problem in the past using the exact same hardware setup. Anyone else seen this issue and found a cure for it? My setup is as follows: - Windows 1909 Build 18363.628 - 2080 Ti graphics card - main display (Samsung 48" TV) connected via HDMI - second display (a small VGA display) connected via a DP->VGA adapter - Samsung Odyssey+ HMD connected via DP
  2. Lately (I think it was after SteamVR was updated to 1.9.16) I've noticed I sometimes when I start SteamVR (and Windows Mixed Reality Portal being started in the background) get like some kind of blue flashes in the SteamVR room when moving my head. Luckily, I don't get any blue flashes in X-Plane. Also, I've noticed how I only get these blue flashes in SteamVR when X-Plane is running. When X-Plane isn't running, everything is normal. What I find a bit strange is I get the problem even before switching to VR in X-Plane. All it takes for the blue flashes to occur in SteamVR is having X-Plane running in the background. Another issue, and this time unfortunately in X-Plane, is how I loose the haptic feedback in the hand controller after having it switched off and then back on. When I'm doing longer flights, I usually switch the hand controller off while not actively using it. This is quite annoying since it's very nice to have the feedback when reaching out with the hand controller to manipulate a knob, dial or whatever. Never had this issue before either before the last update of SteamVR. If that indeed is the culprit... Anyone else seen any of this? I'm using a Samsung Odyssey Plus headset and I'm on Windows 10 fully up to date. Which also goes for all drivers etc. Nvidia driver used (if relevant) is 441.87. X-Plane 11.41.
  3. I hear you but again, I do like to have full control and get to choose myself how things get installed onto my system without anyone else creating symbolic links for example. But hey...that's just me and I'm sure having this automatic installation routine is the preferred way for the majority of users out there
  4. It all depends on who you you are and what you want. Personally, I'm a bit torn. I do like automation but I also like to know exactly what is happening to my system. Not having to wonder what files might have been replaced in the background without me knowing etc which I know from own experience was the case with some Orbx products back when I was running FSX and P3D.
  5. But you do need an external installer to install it? Since I moved over to X-Plane, I got used to not having to mess around with external installers and extra software just to get things installed and configured. I kind of like that and would be happy if I could get this airport scenery installed without having to install any extra stuff first. But maybe that's the only way to get it installed?
  6. I do use overlays but only the default found in X-Plane. Then I got rid of all X-Plane forests as well as the roads to make what you see down there more realistic.
  7. Must have felt quite annoying finding out after downloading such a huge file. As was already mentioned, ZL20 is probably still a bit overkill and like you mention seeing on the Bing version...not yet available in most cases. I have ZL17 all over Europe and works really good for me. However, I do all my flying in the Zibo mod meaning I'm only low right after takeoff and before landing. I do understand how one might want higher resolution when flying low and slow.
  8. I already have the JustSim version. Looking forward to read more about this one and how it compares to the one from JustSim. Also read there's a 40% discount the first 2 weeks for those who already own Orbx Innsbruck for FSX/P3D.
  9. I could be wrong but I think the white color with painting on top might be a security thing. I know I've seen similar things in the past flying over sensible areas such as military areas, nuclear plants etc.
  10. Working fine now and I didn't do anything to fix it myself. Weird issue.
  11. Thanks for the input, greatly appreciated! I already own EDDF which I find truly great! Rome is an airport I like since I flew there IRL and also since I don't have any other Italian airports for XP. As for Barcelona, are you referring to the version by JustSim? Reason I ask is that one didn't get a true topscore over here where it was said to appear a bit "rushed" to the market with a number of things the reviewer thought they should have fixed before releasing the scenery. As for Salzburg and Luxembourg I love the approach into Salzburg! Luxembourg received a very positive review over here which made it tempting to put that one of the list. On the other hand, I asked the same question over at X-Plane.org and one guy said there are mesh issues with Luxembourg and some of the object not at ground level. Didn't sound very good and at the same time a bit of a surprise considering the great review.
  12. Hey guys I'm planning to get the airports on the list now that they are on sale over at the X-Plane.org store and wanted to ask for your advice if any of the airports on the list is a truly bad choice. After doing lots of reading I hope all of them should be good choices.
  13. Wow, that's cool! Personally I would very much like to see Stockholm-Arlanda. Not because it's biggest in any regard but because it's my home airport 🙂
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