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  1. Working fine now and I didn't do anything to fix it myself. Weird issue.
  2. Thanks for the input, greatly appreciated! I already own EDDF which I find truly great! Rome is an airport I like since I flew there IRL and also since I don't have any other Italian airports for XP. As for Barcelona, are you referring to the version by JustSim? Reason I ask is that one didn't get a true topscore over here where it was said to appear a bit "rushed" to the market with a number of things the reviewer thought they should have fixed before releasing the scenery. As for Salzburg and Luxembourg I love the approach into Salzburg! Luxembourg received a very positive review over here which made it tempting to put that one of the list. On the other hand, I asked the same question over at X-Plane.org and one guy said there are mesh issues with Luxembourg and some of the object not at ground level. Didn't sound very good and at the same time a bit of a surprise considering the great review.
  3. Hey guys I'm planning to get the airports on the list now that they are on sale over at the X-Plane.org store and wanted to ask for your advice if any of the airports on the list is a truly bad choice. After doing lots of reading I hope all of them should be good choices.
  4. Wow, that's cool! Personally I would very much like to see Stockholm-Arlanda. Not because it's biggest in any regard but because it's my home airport 🙂
  5. Since my last post I got EDDL and EVRA from JustSim. Very happy with both of them from what I've seen so far. Was hoping to get some airports from Aerosoft during Black Friday and Cyber Monday but was informed by Mathijs at Aerosoft there won't be any XP airports on sale during these two sale events. Too bad but hopefully we'll see other sales going forward. Mathijs said he would see if he could come up with something for all XP users before end of year.
  6. Thanks for the tips! Brussels, Luxemburg and Nice are all airports I might be interested in. Will check them out again. For Brussels though, Longranger said he wasn't that impressed with that one and some other airports. Yep, Dusseldorf is one airport I will most probably get. I remember it was really nice for P3D as mentioned above. Followed the link to the review and even when I don't understand much since I don't speak German the screenshots were nice 😊 Oslo and Bergen are two airports I'll pick up for sure but guess I'll wait until they are on sale. As you say, with Cyber Monday coming up around the corner that might be a good time to shop for some new airports! The same of course goes for Christmas but would like at least a couple of new airports to fly to before that 😊
  7. Thanks for your input! I share your views thinking of Justsim in P3D where I had some of their airports. A couple of them quite good while others not so good. And unfortunately they mostly weren't that keen addressing many of the issues reported. They always seemed more interested in pushing out more products=making more money I guess. Maybe I'll get Düsseldorf and will also consider Salzburg. I had that one for P3D where it was quite nice. Hopefully it is in X-Plane as well. I also read a good review of their Luxembourg scenery. Same thing with Innsbruck which also received some good comments. Do you have any other good suggestions other than Justsim airports?
  8. Noticed how there's an ongoing sale over at simMarket where all JUSTSIM airports are currently 20% off and figured it might be a good opportunity to get some of them. Haven't had any payware airports for XP until recently when I bought EDDF and LSZH from Aerosoft. Very happy with both of them but would like to get some more high-quality payware airports for XP. I do all my flying in the Zibo 737 so needs to be airports that can handle a 737 and I also do all my flying in Europe meaning I'm only interested in European airports. Thanks in advance for any tips!
  9. Considering the time, effort and money people invested in their Ortho4XP scenery I don't think that would be a very smart move.
  10. Aerosoft Frankfurt, JustSim Innsbruck and UK2000 Gatwick received most votes up to this point but only 12 people voted. So I hope more people with experience of these airports will cast their votes too. I'm a bit surprised Virtual Design - Alicante didn't receive more votes since I've heard it should be a great one.
  11. If you haven't already, check out the YouTube clips from Flightdeck2sim. They are truly great and him being a real NG driver spending all his time in the Zibo mod over the NGX these days says quite a bit of the Zibo mod IMO.
  12. Wow, looks spectacular!
  13. Cool, will keep my eyes open for it.
  14. Thanks for the tip but I do all my flying in Europe.
  15. Which of these airports would you guys buy first/consider best? Also, please comment if you think I missed an airport that should be on the list. Needs to be able to take a 737-800 though meaning no small strips.