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  1. As a quick test of that theory, disable any windows or AV firewalls temporarily, and see if you can connect then.
  2. It’s rough to try to troubleshoot without being there, my theory is that its a firewall issue. Your pc’s connection to the router has a different IP address with Wi-Fi vs LAN, and if Msfs has port forwarding requirements for your firewall, they only apply to one of the ip addresses, not both, so you need to duplicate any port forwarding in your windows firewall-AV suite-router
  3. Robby randazzle said on many occasions that they lost money on it, or didn’t make enough to justify.
  4. Actually I WAS going to pre order until I saw the exclusive variant ploy, and the fact that it is capped. don’t like rewarding that sort of thing. Ymmv
  5. He does if he doesn’t want to use nearly 2 year old nav data to plan his flight.
  6. Of course there will be, and with good reason, that’s a pretty lousy marketing ploy. On the other hand, the ER is just internally different, with an extra fuel tank and different perf numbers. I’m sure a modder will have one in about 10 minutes after release.
  7. Real people died. Which is a difficult scenario to imagine happening with the release of a toy plane, earlier or not.
  8. Well, to answer the question, no. I have only seen animals when I did a Botswana flight or two for the purposes of seeing them. But I don’t think that’s weird. The planes that most people fly and the places they generally fly them would generally preclude animal encounters. Add to that, most of the time, you are at an altitude where they would be hard to notice, even if they are there. This being a flight sim, I find their inclusion a little strange. Large migratory birds, yes. Bears? Not so sure, but whatever, it’s cool.
  9. As Bobsk8 said, engines running will limit editing of the primary flight plan in the mcdu. reportedly, this is real airbus behavior. But thanks for asking here, as there will now be a google searchable answer to the question if it pops up again for someone.
  10. It’s not like those words can’t be used to describe this place as well…
  11. Avsim can be counted on to “protect” simmers from low to medium complexity products, even if they are done by decent people in a competent way. Devs who create hard core complex simulators can literally do whatever they want, including horribly reprehensible actions way in excess of Randangelo’s worst offenses and they will still find willing shills here. a poster earlier pointed out that pmdg pushes the envelope of what’s possible in flightsims, and they do (or at the very least, they did). But they also push the envelope on acceptable business practices, and adviseable public behavior. While pmdg doesn’t take whole strides over the line very often, they love to feel comfortable in riding the very edge. Pointing that out, continually if necessary, is not a sin.
  12. Head of Bethesda game studios. Dev of many games including Skyrim. Not immune to controversy himself.
  13. What do you "miss" that from? Every Flight sim and every traffic addon ever released has been some sort of variation of "bad" in some way or other. what you are describing sounds like the dream that we all have, not anything that's ever existed.
  14. Wasn’t the OP speaking about online traffic rather than offline/injected from aig?
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