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  1. Man, I’d like to have some of what a bunch of you are smoking. PMDG is gonna charge through the nose for this, like they always do. And people are going to complain, but PMDG don’t care what you think. And there’s going to be a core of folks who buy it at that price because we’re addicted, and we can’t stop making self destructive decisions. I’d love to not be in that group, but I probably am. I bought the fsx version, and the p3d version, and the newest version only slightly before I ragequit p3d, so I’ve never actually flown it. Also I bought it after the promo period. So I’m screwed. If you think PMDG is going to come into some personal enlightenment about pricing levels that would actually even make them more money as well as selling more copies, you are mistaken. They view the exorbitant price with pride. If you bought the “legal reasons” argument before, (for the p3dversion) I feel sorry for you. Will somebody else just please make a decent mid-complexity 737? Aerosoft? QW? Anyone?
  2. That’s what I was thinking as well, other than the fact that the system is stable other than msfs, I have one on order now anyway, as I will need a new one once the graphics cards get back into reasonable price range anyway. Still working on some other stuff.
  3. I haven’t even started a flight in it yet since reinstall, I’ve been monitoring temps, and neither cpu or gpu is spiking temps. I have used a few other demanding games where the gpu temp has been higher, and no crashes there. Tonight I ran a windows system file check, and it said a few of my system files were corrupted, so I fixed that. I have msfs running on the menu screen now, let’s see if it’s still going when I wake up.
  4. I had taken about a half year off from flying my flight sims to pursue my other hobbies, as I am wont to do, and decided a week ago to fire up the flight sim again, and see what is new. in the past six months I would update my sim when large patches dropped, and do a few small circuits, but nothing hardcore. on Sunday, I attempted to update the sim, and in the process of doing that update, my PC did an abrupt and total hard crash and power down, such that I had to completely power cycle the PC in order to get it to start again. obviously this corrupted the update, so I deleted my MSFS installation and installed as new. The program stayed stable enough to do the full reinstall of the base and deluxe content, but as I was using the content manager to restore my in-sim store purchases, it crashed again. and did so again while installing the Carenado Mooney. since then I have just been running some testing on it, and for whatever reason, if MSFS is running, at some random point, my PC will Hard Crash, (i.e. not a CTD, and not a BSOD) I haven't even attempted a flight yet since the reinstall. but if I start up the program and leave the main menu running, at some point the PC will hard crash. I have played a number of other games and other demanding software with no issues. Now, this isn't something I see a lot of people complaining about, so It seems to be a "just me" issue, and I'm pretty sure it isn't due to SU5, since it crashed before that was even fully installed on sunday. was just wondering if anyone else has had this particular problem. I am right now doing a bunch of things to try to troubleshoot. I did do some significant work a few months ago to correct a DPC latency issue I was having on my PC, so it's possible I did something to my system then that had an effect. but before I do a lot of random changes, I wanted to know if anyone else has had the same trouble with hard PC crashes?
  5. Wow, you ask what my point was, and then you stated my exact point in the next sentence... lol no negatives from me, I’m just trying to inject a little reality into the discussion. Stating the truth about the history of ambitious freeware projects shouldn’t be that controversial. These guys have been on top of it so far, hopefully they break the trend, like a few others have (zibo, m. Jahn’s dc3 team, etc...)
  6. Well, I do not say this to be in any way critical of the FBW team, since what they have done so far has greatly added to my enjoyment of MSFS, and I wish them every success in the future. But it's not generally healthy to depend/rely on freeware modders for anything, particularly long term. Every once in a while, a freeware mod team makes something ambitious which is amazing, ground-breaking and actually gets finished, but that is not the norm. I've seen tons of mod teams in many areas of gaming fail due to personality conflicts, drama, real life issues, lack of time, and feature creep, so much so, that my general advice towards any sort of freeware mod is just to treat it like it's a beautiful sunrise or butterfly, and marvel at it's magnificence while it lasts, and don't expect it to remain forever. The work is hard, and it's unfair to expect that people working in their free time, and with only their own resources can work miracles. Payware devs have the carrot and the stick of pursuing income to sharpen their ambition and narrow their focus, where freeware devs' pursuit of less tangible or definable rewards can demotivate when the going gets tough. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, I do love and am grateful when someone offers useful software for free, and I hate to be a Debbie downer, just seen too much over the years. Hopefully the FBW folks will stick it out, and we'll have some great stuff from them.
  7. We all gonna pretend that we didn't do all that juvenile Eiffel tower/bridge/skyscraper stuff when we first started? I'm not.
  8. It's a real issue, but very intermittent. I've seen the problem twice, out of probably 150 flights.
  9. https://www.dw.com/en/berlins-new-airport-finally-opens-a-story-of-failure-and-embarrassment/a-55446329 Guess we all can stop flying to Tegel now...
  10. Do we have a number on the fatalities caused by the lighting yet, or is it too early?
  11. It's possible that the lack of liveries and models is the reason for the lack of traffic. If their data calls for a southwest 737, and there isn't a southwest 737 it most likely does nothing. that's what I inferred from their handling of that question in the Q and A. the data isn't interpolating to the few models they have already.
  12. Like most of these sorts of effects in games, there is a realistic basis for them, but they are typically all overdone, which is why I turn them off. currently I would call this implementation "half-baked" in multiple meanings of the term, lol.
  13. hypoxia is just lack of oxygen in the bloodstream. It can happen at sea level if other conditions are present. if you are hiking at those altitudes, you are probably fully fit, and acclimatized to it. If you are in an aircraft cockpit which might not be properly ventilated, at an altitude you aren't accustomed to, and you're a bit porky, and perhaps hyperventilating slightly due to a stressful flying situation, It can happen very quickly.
  14. maybe they had an axis assignment at least. fsuipc users may have deleted those as well.
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