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  1. ShawnG

    Aerosoft Sale

    ? Didn't see the other thread, but it's still 20 percent less than you would have paid before... or slightly more, since the vat is charged st the reduced rate. I imagine, and this is just a guess, that your comparison is due to possibly buying it from a web shop in other areas of the world that don't charge the vat that you would pay buying in Europe? If so, I'm not sure that aerosoft needs to be sensitive to the needs of small scale tax evasion when they set their sale prices. They can't help it, they have to follow the law, and they can't do anything about it Sure, 30 percent is better, but it is what it is.
  2. ShawnG

    Things I don't understand.................

    1. I dont desire or need a full understanding of women, but have been working on a series of successful strategies for coexistance, I'll let you know if any of them ever work. 2. I am American, and have a good, thorough understanding of offside rules in football(soccer), football(ours), and Ice hockey; but still have issues with officials in these sports who apparently do not. 3. Never had Marmite, or Vegemite; but as a yank, I have trouble understanding why peanut butter is not a universally loved food, so I suppose that's similar to the op's point. 4. I went 64bit as soon as humanly possible, so... yeah.
  3. All of that is true, but it does totally look like a swastika. On its own, I doubt it would have been remarkable, but add in all the other bizarre stuff, and people will talk about it. Btw the signs have a website link, where they have a full rundown of all the controversies. Props to the airport for these signs. Got a laugh.
  4. ShawnG

    PayPal Payment Reversed??

    Just got burned on a purchase myself. Apparently my attempted purchase of Mex High Flight's Havana Airport was interpreted as an attempt to get around the embargo, lol. wouldn't have even gotten any Cuban cigars out of it either.
  5. ShawnG

    Pro ATC X users

    Iirc you can set the pro atc co pilot to change the frequencies and handle all that for you, but you will have to manually tune the first clearance delivery frequency. After that it will do the rest.
  6. ShawnG

    Aerosoft/SimWings Dublin Airport

    Thanks for this tip, I had a more complex workaround that looked worse, this will definitely tide me over til any new version.
  7. ShawnG

    ORBX Help!

    disable dynamic 3d autogen vegetation (speed trees) in p3d config menu
  8. ShawnG

    RTX 2080Ti

    Given how many 1080ti's have ben used in crypto mining rigs, I would be hesitant to go used at this point.
  9. Sheesh. as for a lot of the comments from folks who haven't read the article complaining about journalists having bias, I will just let the Irony of those statements gently wash over them... This piece is just an informational piece, It does a pretty decent snapshot of the flight simming world with quotes from a few simmers, one quote from a guy in the NTSB, and a quote from a cockpit maker explaining some of the differences between sim and real operation. It's balanced and fair, from a reporter who covers the videogame industry, not some political desk reporter. There is no editorial position expressed in the article one way or another. When I talked to her, her main question was "could you possibly operate an airplane based on the knowledge you have gained from flight sims?" This is a discussion we have here constantly, and the answer is "yes we probably could." That doesn't minimize some of the substantial differences in stress level, workload, and physical muscle memory possessed by a real world pilot, that you cannot get from a sim, and of course the level of engineering knowledge involved in obtaining a real world type rating is well superior to simply knowing which buttons to push to get the systems up and running, which is where many simmers' interests tail off. The point though is fair. A lot of us, If we had access to a fueled up commercial airplane could get it in the air and operate it to some level. I've been a simmer for a long time, I love the hobby. When the news of this incident came out, my initial thought was along the lines of "hmm, that guy probably spent time on the Majestic Q400" Later information caused me to modify that opinion. He probably did some simming, but as I explained to Sarah, If he had spent a lot of time using sims, he could have done stuff a whole lot more competently. But how would I be upset if people immediately draw a line from this incident to sim use, when I did the same thing? It's a reasonable supposition. It's also a reasonable conversation to have when something like this happens. hyper defensiveness does not help the argument. I'd take the professionalism of a journalist like Sarah, who contacted me back several times seeking clarification on different points, over the paranoia of a large portion of this forum any day of the week.
  10. ShawnG

    who stole the plane This is the article from Sarah Needleman at the Wall Street Journal. Is behind a paywall unfortunately, but is decent straight journalism with a basically accurate portrayal of the hobby I talked with her a few times over the last few days, she was interested in my point of view, called me back to get clarification of different points, and while she didn't end up using any of my direct input, none of that was contrary to the points made in the article, so it's all good from my point of view. balanced look at the hobby, if you take into account that you cannot adequately cover the totality of the flight sim world in 1000 or so words.
  11. ShawnG

    BDOAviation in P3Dv4

    I will check for you this over the next couple days, as my sim rig right now is configured for sim racing, But I do have BDO's Liege installed in my p3dv4 install, it's just been a significant amount of time since I visited. I don't think its perfect, and I don't remember any show stoppers, though I am more tolerant of such things than many here. I also remember having to manually fix an issue I had, bt again I can't remember what exactly. Give me a day or so, and I will check it out and jog my memory.
  12. ShawnG

    Aerosoft ENTC in P3Dv4 - be warned

    indeed there are many reasons to disable crash detection. too many bugs in the crash detection module provided by microsoft/lockheed to call it realistic. Of course there might be a problem with the modeling of that airport, or it might just be an unavoidable development reality that causes it. I've been running with crash detection off for years for many issues of this type, and crazy suicidal AI vehicle issues as well. (I also don't own this airport, so Tromso was never my issue) There are two different types of simmers: those who have crash detection turned off already, and those who will turn crash detection off at some point in the future. :)
  13. ShawnG

    Majestic Dash 8 Q400 coming October 23 for P3D v4

    JustFlight pricing includes VAT, majestic didnt include VAT in their calculation. if you live in a non-VAT collecting country, it should be the same
  14. ShawnG

    FSLabs A320 or upcoming AS A320 for v4?

    It isnt worth it, if you don't use the features that set it apart. I would suspect that the actual amount of people who want a bazillion points of failure in a flight sim is pretty low. And full props for them for trying something new, but I've never had the urge to record my own cabin announcements either. I was interested in this product merely because it was going to be available sooner than the Aerosoft product, and I was prepared to give them a hundred bucks. One forty changes the equation, and it's a legitimate argument. It's also not just the monetary price either. There is a price in computer resources to figure into as well. i have a pretty beefy system, that is running well now, and I'm not keen on dialing back on the goodies, just to accomodate a robust simulation of the cargo bay fire detection systems to name one of many things I am not that excited at worrying about. it is by all accounts an excellent product. If that's your type of product, you will get your money's worth I have no doubt. But if it isn't, it is just not worth the cash outlay. I have no ill will towards them (probably only because I wasn't sunk in to the product for money on a previous version like some are). They do need to recoup their time and work, but pricing themselves out of the regular market might not help them do that either. Less people buy the plane at 140 than 100 or 80 or 50. Most (not all) of their expenses do not scale up with sales because it's a purely electronic product. Barring them doing something silly, like selling it insanely cheap won't scale the support costs up too much either (every simmer on the planet would buy it if it was five bucks, but that would include a whole heap of non serious simmers that would clog up support) Probably they feel they will charge top dollar for it now to take advantage of being the only airbus out now for v4, to try to get addicted simmers hungry for the hot new thing, even if they don't need the features, and then have a sale later (like maybe the day the AS releases) in which they sell it for the price that More simmers will pay for. Either way, this thread is about which airbus to buy. The price of the FSL is a legitimate topic of conversation, as is the fact that the aerosoft product isn't available yet. My own thoughts are to wait. The fsl product will still be available later, perhaps discounted, perhaps not, and the AS bus will be available later as well, at a better price point that fits the needs of most simmers.
  15. Still adviseable if you are using complex aircraft. Bad things can occur if you load one complex airliner after another. If you are using standard type aircraft, no more need to quit and restart, as long as you have enough RAM