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  1. Coolieboy

    PMDG 777-200ER for 2018?

    You do realize I am fully aware of the above and was not disputing any of it right? I'm pretty sure if you re-read what I said, you would find that I am getting at. If not, I will elaborate; 1. how long it takes due to a lack of resources and manpower/Not meeting customer demand (demand in a business sense, not a rude one before you grab your pitchfork 😛) 2. the lack of communication/general outlook 3. the petty, passive-aggressive digs when asked normal questions any fan/customer asks in any industry I have no problem with PMDG pricing. I have no problem with PMDG product quality. Releasing a product after most or all bugs have been addressed is standard so I'm not grateful for it since I am the one paying hard earning money on a "product" and expect customer satisfaction like every customer when I make a purchase. REGARDLESS of new flight dynamics and data, there is an unfinished product that has had it's resources pulled to work on other aircraft as well as a far less relevant product that no one asked for. I know the B772 has different wings and engines but the 748 is the same case. PLUS...the B748 was not modelled before. The V2 748 used the B744's flight dynamics The DC6 was partly developed to understand X-Plane better. I get that. But how much money I wonder did the DC-6 bring in compared to the 747 or 777? The heavy hitters (787/777/747/737) is where the demand and money is, but I "THINK" that RSR just creates what THEY want to create instead of what THEIR CUSTOMERS/FANS want to buy. I'm sure there are 100's of super intelligent programmers who would kill to work for and with the PMDG team and compliment them and their work ethic perfectly, boosting productivity and efficiency tenfold. I also understand that it is not easy to recreate these models but that is their instinctive passion and desired profession. The business end from MY perspective is not as great and all it takes is for one new developer to slide into the spotlight with aircraft of PMDG level to throw a spanner into the works or even better, a new platform that already has PMDG level aircraft fresh out the box. Either way, deep down, even the most die hard PMDG supporter (like me) knows he/she may not be alive to have their personal favorite heavy available to fly within an FS platform 😞
  2. Coolieboy

    PMDG 777-200ER for 2018?

    haha I see what you mean. No. 1 These guys are infinitely amazing at what they create. Cannot question their skills!
  3. Coolieboy

    PMDG 777-200ER for 2018?

    Perhaps hiring more skilled staff may help with efficiency? Nope? Okay then. I just came back from an alternate universe where FSX/P3D had multiple devs giving you stiff competition. Guess what? We had the B757/767-complete lineup, B777-complete lineup and the B787 was being developed as we speak. There was no PMDG Global Flight Operations. Just a tease from you regarding future airbus products. Don't worry RSR, I'm dgoing back. That RSR is waaaay more appreciative of his own fanbase/customers 😉 😞 I wish
  4. Coolieboy

    PMDG 777-200ER for 2018?

    Am I wrong in assuming the B744 has not one, not two but THREE engine types? Am I wrong in assuming the B748 is stretched and shares next to no commonality with the 744? They modeled all the different cargo variants of the B744, all the pax variants and all three engines (well more if you include the different thrust ratings for any one engine type depending on the airframe and it's intended use). Yet... B777-300ER gets released PRIOR...years prior (2013 o be exact) and 5 years later, with the release of the B748 on it's way, we still, STILL have not been able to purchase the B777-200ER with the excuse being "different engine type so it's not simple" yet we're getting 4 different engine types with the 747. Also, if it takes so long to get things done and prioritizing is common withing the PMDG team, why not hire more, equally skilled staff? We love PMDG's products so it's very easy to have adoration for PMDG themselves and therefor develop a need to support them but most of us don't want and do not care about this new virtual airline thing that apparently took 10 years to develop. (PMDG Global Flight Operations-I still cannot believe tha was their secret project. If ever there was a perfect example of an anti-climax). At this rate, we won't ever see a single study-level Airbus heavy and will get the bloody PMDG787 by 2029 all because there was some new tech that needed to be understood 1st and a new platform to get to grips with but not until they release the B764 in 2025 which they may or may not complete it's lineup (B767-200/300) by 2033 because it has different engines. The priority was all wrong and we don't need to know the inner workings to know this. Outside of the FSX/P3D/X-Plane community, things...get...done otherwise people lose their fanbase and even go bankrupt when a newer, more efficient rival hits the market and the old, complacent dinosaur is too stuck in it's way to adapt and compete. Unfortunately the FS Community is a monopoly so what other motivation is there for these devs to increase efficiency? You'd think by RSR's attitude towards his customers that PMDG products were freeware LOL The flight simulator community still has no study level 787, 777-200ER, 767, 757, A330, A340-200/300, A340-500/600, A350 or A380. You'd think at least ONE would capitalize on this and eat up all that green wouldn't you? These planes are still popular and flying currently!!!!! Yet, every dev and their grandmother wants to develop their own version of the A320 and since they lack stiff competition, can take years and even close to a decade doing so. Some even cancel after setting off. I wish I had a thing for programming. There wouldn't be a single disappointed airline simmer being made to wait in the dark about much anticipated products and being scolded by casual simmers whose heads are stuck so far well as devs with little to no customer service skills who forget the business dynamic they CHOSE to incorporate themselves into. Then you have the personal, passive-aggressive insults whenever you ask for information. This is business. Customers wish to put money in their pockets for a product that they want. The DEMAND should always dictate what comes next but nooope. Not in FSX/P3D. What other sector do you know where the service provider/retailer does whatever they want and treat their CORE customer base as whiny drones? Rant Over Frustrated Simmer p.s Bring on the personal digs as per usual or delete this post. I thought this was a forum to praise, criticize, make queries, share information as well as getting help. There's a reason WHY the AVSIM community has the reputation it does.
  5. You're kidding!!! I'm an idiot lool Thank you. I spent all that time trying to figure it out. Lesson learnt, I should have spent more time on the manual. Cheers.
  6. ...being on call to respond to all our queries, observations and general posts with little time between OP and responses. I nearly took for granted the prompt responses we're all experiencing from an absolutely great bunch of guys and as cheesy as this may be, I just want you guys to know we all appreciate the "After Sales" customer service support. Some may think this should be mandatory and while I agree, there are countless companies who are slow to reply to their customers but there's no doubt in my mind after reading through the forum and seeing the detailed and PATIENT replies, you genuinely care for your fellow Captains. To be able to speak directly with the creators of these marvelous products and on a superb platform like Avsim is simply gracious and I feel privilaged. So cheers PMDG
  7. Hey Kyle. When I 1st installed the 744, I clicked "Run" on all of the prompts that was required for the plane to work. I singled out the PMDG_Interface dll as the cause. Not sure why as other simmers do not have this problem but perhaps it's my rig that makes it incompatable. The plane is working fine without it.
  8. No what I did initially was backup the FSX.cfg file, delete it in the roaming/microsoft/fsx folder and have FSX rebuild a new CFG file then chose not to activate the PMDG_Interface.dll on startup. Problem I faced doing that however was that some old problems with the sim came back. Like using the menues too much would eventually see the plane disappear partially or completely and the scenery would be screwed up too. So now I've just deleted every trace of it in the dll.xml and the fsx.cfg
  9. This is for anyone that needed support in solving a similar problem. In case you're still scratching your head and aren't a tech guy (me included), I found the solution... Autopilot working but MCP isn't showing it FIXED. It turns out activating the PMDG_Interface.dll file was what caused the issue. Not sure why a PMDG file would cause an issue but not activating it upon startup solved the issue above. Now it's normal.
  10. FIXED. It turns out activating the PMDG_Interface.dll file was what caused the issue. Not sure why a PMDG file would cause an issue but not activating it upon startup solved the issue above. Thanks me!
  11. Sorry to prompt but what could be the problem? It's not the system nor the monitor. It's exclusively with the B744. Has this happened to anyone before? I can't wait to fly this bird properly and it works fine apart from the lights on the buttons as well as the font being enlarged.
  12. PC Spec Regarding the monitor, t's an old, ViewSonic low res monitor without HD capabilities. My LG was damaged so I used this one as a temporary replacement but haven't bothered to change it yet. I don't have this problem with the NGX or 777 or any other aircraft on FSX. This is exclusive to the 744.
  13. It's an old, ViewSonic low res monitor without HD capabilities. My LG was damaged so I used this one as a temporary replacement but haven't bothered to change it yet. I don't have this problem with the NGX or 777 or any other aircraft on FSX. This is exclusive to the 744.
  14. Anyone else have this problem? Autopilot working but MCP isn't showing it