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  1. Read the posts then you should have your answer.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. But I don't need this. It's a hobby and not a fight.
  3. So far. I'll step out of here. Posting some whishes and things that aren't positive to me and asking for others opinion obviously does upset a whole lot of people who feel forced to jump into this, start disrespectful posts and behave like child's instead of adults. I've tried keep up with this, but this is just not the place to be. The tone has changed. Lots of people here seem to have an issue with some feedback when it's not a positive one. Whish you all the best and happy flying. I'll recall some long known names already rejected here and I'll start seeing why. Marcus
  4. Can't you stay to the topic? Must be difficult.
  5. Stay away if you do not like this threat. As easy as it is. I did not complain. I did write several times the things I do not like. Related to the topic , the product and the communication. If you do not feel involved ...just move on. I did not force you to come over here and getting irritated about this thread.
  6. Just doing research at some good quality streams and friends who have the product.
  7. Of course it does. But .....they are the profs and we customers (should still stay respectful)
  8. Thanks for this helpful reply. I didn't expect this from avsim. I'll try to keep this thread out of trash bin material. Marcus
  9. And.....one thing PMDG always was well known for: quality and hardly any issues! Top tier! The leg of competition made it possible to ask high prices for that. They've earned it due this. Now, the things change. Quality is less high compared to earlier Plattforms (I mean feature wise) and the Plattform offers much more eye candy and technical cool stuff like efb and even more shading based stuff (scratches, wear tear etc). This wasn't really used in their product (some non at all, some minor). The prices are equal or even higher if you sum up the models after each release and what you've paid form them, you would be more expensive then prior Msfs. ) That's OK! But only if the quality is still top notch (also use the capability of the NEW Plattform and bring some new stuff to create a wow effect) . Then you have your usp. They still have, but how long? For me it's important to invest in products that are worth it in MY OPINION. I know them a long long time But there is a degrading of quality vs price. That's a bit odd. I hope they will change that someday. Then I will rethink of maybe buying their line of planes for Msfs
  10. I don't see it as drama. I mean it's obvious that customers got upset. Otherwise the tone wouldn't be this hard at other topics. I see it as telling them, they should mind their words and choose them carefully. The MSFS market is much bigger then P3D. And the customers may see sometimes in future a competitor. And if RSR and his employees proceed like this, things can change rapidly. Why is it needed to react in this tone to "your (PMDG) customers? Not at all....try to read between the lines. Not hard....someone needs to overcome his own shortcoming 😉 Calm down, listen and stay objective and neutral as possible. That's what I expect from a good company. Surely not this tone they react with
  11. That's not any issue for me. I think before I write and my profession as a scrum master at a bank in Germany I have to deal with this often. It's important to stay within the lines and keep it respectfull. It's hard needed to tell someone what's good and what could be better or whished. Companies need to learn to listen to the customers, at least pick up the red line. Because WE are paying their salary. PMDG has nothing from us when we let them "suffer in silence". So telling them.....is a good thing. And I'm sure some of them will read here....and if not....that is worth it. Because here they can read what we want 😉 Marcus
  12. Not completely rebuild from scratch (so many features are set at odd places and RSR admitted it also) VNAV will come to the other sim as update. Will at least for a unknown period not happen. The heading of pmdg is clearly MSFS, wich is ok, but the promis was something else. Surely not a postpone for uncertain time. I've spend 300 dollar plus on their products. Keep that in mind please.
  13. Well. somehow yes. But common, if customers not telling what they like and dislike, then nothing will happen, nothing will change or the product does not deliver what we like. And I already was a bit meh about the state of the 737 (no EFB, Failure management still in the FMC (Old code??? vc completely done new??), pushback in FMC either, almost no wear and tear, etc. On top of this PMDG started to act harsh at customers who where very "sounding" (not always great either, but still customers or potential ones). Also with the new pricing model its clear, they are raising. I mean 130 EUR for all, or 60 per model, is a difference. And if this isn´t enough, the product has unfinished parts, for reasons. And I am Beta tester at P3D and like that sim too.....bought many of their products and now they postpone development on that? This whole package I do NOT like at all. This is getting to much as I see it. And I wanna see if I am the only one or some of you see this equally. Thats why I opened this topic! Marcus
  14. I find the 737 not so great at all. The 737 didn´t bring something "nice" on top of the basics. Yes, the first 737 in sim. But I see PMDG raising the price (1 model vs. several models) and also left out really nice enhancements and even some basic stuff is not done great. Also that sharing these opinions at their forums is not really welcome. They also react quite hard and do not wanna hear this (at least it seems so). If you post some good stuff, but haven´t set your name (counts not for me but others), you get a reply immediately that you are violating the rules. But a feedback to some critism....not at all. Or in a manner it sounds like they feel attacked. I think its time to make clear (at a normal way) that this isn´t the way I have expected this. I would like to see PMDG making some new stuff, some surprices (like nice EFB or a better own pushback function, etc.) and not asking high prices for the same thing over years (not really, but in the way of speaking). To me it seems, again, they have rushed this one out....and the future updates are only done to earn money with a beta state plane and pospone the rest. Well.....you see how quick business can change......(just mentioning their words on P3D). Marcus
  15. Why Dram? Just tell us what is bothering you......and if you are happy, then just leave this thread for those who are not and want to share their thoughts
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