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  1. My thoughts have been answered. Topic can be closed in my opinion 😉 Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
  2. Interesting is: Aerosoft Germany is selling DVD Boxes with MSFS right uppon August the 18.th. This means, that they must have the final versioon already because they need time to let the Tons of DVD produce! This also confirms my thoughts that ASOBO is far ahead related to the "Beta" some are testing! What do you think about this? Marcus
  3. I did misslead with the "Porting word". I mean bringing the products to MSFS. Or porting with making changes to make the products work in MSFS. There is not always a need to do ALL the work from scratch with MSFS. See the statements of PMDG. There is a lot to do, yes, but it will definitly go quicker as building and designing from scratch
  4. If MSFS is making quick Process like they already seem to do now (From 0 VR to full/good Implement in under 1 Year) then it will be very hard to stay on P3D. Ill expect a quick porting of addon planes as well as this will bring money to the devs (could be a reason to let us charge for these updates). The overall Bing Scenery looks way better then Fictional world in P3D. But if P3D does also enhance the new EA and water than this will be a good reason to hang on as this are the 2 major things I complain about. It is time now to implement a big step forwards regarding EA with appropriate weather and better looking and behaving water. This quick and dirty implementation from LM has a bad taste. It is a good teaser. But if they and hifi need another 3 to 6 months to get it stunning as MSFS there will be a major chance they loose track and never can catch up again. MSFS will try to get the most needed things portet with the 3rd party devs as this is the way to go to achive more cashflow for MSFS AND the 3rd party devs. Marcus
  5. Anyone else having problems reaching simbrief.com? Regards Marcus
  6. Try to deactivate the HD Clutter in the KMIA CFG Settings. It helps a lot
  7. Read carefully.....if you are offline.....MSFS wont START.... Marcus
  8. Me too....NO(t) any single but.... It is coming and it is a new sim........next to all the other platforms
  9. Why are you asking this? Are you not willing to jump in as long it is a beta? I am just curious. I am using it and I am really impressed about the AI addon and its glory and really good config tool. I even don´t understand why it is for free because there are payware addons wich do not offer this kind of quality and config settings! So if you should hasitate......there is no reason. Also the dev is really strong in support! Regards Marcus
  10. And.....I like to mention: I am in VR and never will go back to Screen! I probably will wait till VR is implemented. IF they still have those plans. What I really like is the Weather, AI and Streaming capabillities og MSFS. Real world, real weather and real traffic......those are important things wich are truly a "game changer". Marcus
  11. Please not back to DX11!!!! LM is on DX12 wich is honestly a big step foward! But I would agree with if LM could use their "Streaming capabillity"!
  12. I also think Cloud Res setting to medium should be much more vram AND FPS friendly. At least on my end. Cloud res high = 1024 cloud res medium and low are 512. According to LM. I dont see any difference visually speaking Marcus
  13. Me too. Updated. Will test a few days. First short flight was solid in vr
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