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  1. Please point me to the promiss from LM that they will ever communicate with you and keep you up to date? They didn't. Right? And where do they state how often they release a update? You clearly expect something no one has ever promised. I clearly can see where Spilok his confidence is coming from I'll turn it around now. MSFS had promissed a lot of stuff. And every update they brake lots of things. The visuals where the best in Alpha stage. Now it's gotten worse...hence the short LOD we have and tree issues. AP that's doesn't work. I want no MSFS debate. It's just an example that communication isn't always a solution for getting people's trust. I trust P3D that stability is a huge benefit and they WILL achieve this. It's the visuals they have to work on to please me a bit more now. Marcus
  2. Sure you give up? I'm curious and bet you don't. they fixed the bridges indeed. The stutter they are working on. So when that's solved there is one issue left which bothers you really as I understood you. VR...yes. Their huge main military and some B2B customers use VR. So they have to get that work properly. You and I are not that important as they are. This is called prioritizing. Sarcasm off The bridges fix wasn't that easy at all. You clearly have no clue. And you know why? They want to fix something WITHOUT braking another working item. Buzzword.....Backwards compatible. That's what a lot of users asking for. They listened to that. Imagine what happens when they brake this mindset AND devs aren't willing to update? Indeed.....You have MSFS to fly....but nothing else (on behalve xplane) Marcus
  3. I'll have this issues too. It's html. LM is working on this but this is a very hard and difficult bug to find as they aren't able to replicate this on their screens. Not every beta tester had this bug. In fact, just 3 or 4 out of many. I did recommend LM to put a lot of effort in debugging because I knew this would become a huge issue when you users a getting released this one. And exactly this happened, they have released it. Ask @simbol and @Rob_Ainscough how much tickets we have opened and how often we have told LM to check this. But LM wasn't able to replicate. Why they release this anyway? That's probably their management and NOT the devs. That's always the case even at my main Job. Management pushes a lot. Maybe here due some other huge customers military or B2B. So we are still in contact with LM and I saw many issues about this over at their own forum. They will check this and hopefully find a way to replicate it and debug it. As a workaround disable the messages via the menu. This will at least temp give You a better experience. I so this myself too at the moment. Or rename the HTML file as suggested by LM to force the system to use the old scaleform technique. Marcus
  4. As long as you leave ea on....no other application will be able to work for sky colors (cloud works)....ea has its own shaders. So you will have ea sky colors and lighting with asca clouds when you set the volumetriccloud slider in P3D complete to the left
  5. Thanks. You are right. But this is only possible at P3D! Because they allow us to do this (not hard coded but many cfg possibilities) . But LM has to do some further enhancements! Regards Marcus
  6. No it´s not Gerards. I have to chat with him later. There are some non functional Lines in his cfg. But some other pretty good settings he has. This is what I changed so far. The BOLD lines only! Sharp edges are "edge_sharpness" values. [Global] render_grid_x_km_low = 0.2 render_grid_x_km_med = 0.2 render_grid_x_km_high = 0.1 render_grid_x_km_ultra = 0.05 render_grid_z_km_low = 2.2 render_grid_z_km_med = 2.2 render_grid_z_km_high = 2.2 render_grid_z_km_ultra = 2.2 cloud_resolution_low = 256 cloud_resolution_med = 512 cloud_resolution_high = 768 cloud_resolution_ultra = 1024 max_cloud_distance_km_low = 80 max_cloud_distance_km_med = 150 max_cloud_distance_km_high = 200 max_cloud_distance_km_ultra = 250 cloud_shadow_range_km_low = 100.0 cloud_shadow_range_km_med = 175.0 cloud_shadow_range_km_high = 250.0 cloud_shadow_range_km_ultra = 300.0 cloud_shadow_texture_size_low = 256 cloud_shadow_texture_size_med = 512 cloud_shadow_texture_size_high = 1024 cloud_shadow_texture_size_ultra = 2048 crepuscular_ray_strength = 1.0 godrays_grid = 64,32,32 edge_noise_wavelength_km = 4.5 worley_texture_size = 64 cell_noise_wavelength_km = 2.9 max_fractal_amplitude_km = 3 [Cumulonimbus] max_density_gm3 = 1.0 distribution_base_layer = 0.25 distribution_transition = 0.25 worley_noise = 0.6 worley_scale = 5.0 diffusivity = 0.9 persistence = 0.95 octaves = 3.0 upper_density = 0.35 simulation = 0.0 cloud_width_km = 100 cloudiness = 0.15 base_noise_factor = 0.25 edge_worley_noise = 0.15 fractal_amplitude = 2.0 edge_sharpness = 0.6 churn = 3.0 [Cirrus] max_density_gm3 = 0.05 distribution_base_layer = 0.05 distribution_transition = 0.95 worley_noise = 0.55 worley_scale = 1.0 diffusivity = 0.95 persistence = 0.95 octaves = 3.0 upper_density = 0.95 simulation = 0.0 cloud_width_km = 30 cloudiness = 0.1 base_noise_factor = 0.95 edge_worley_noise = 0.0 fractal_amplitude = 1.5 edge_sharpness = 0.05 churn = 0.2 [Stratus] max_density_gm3 = 1.0 distribution_base_layer = 0.2 distribution_transition = 0.5 worley_noise = 0.55 worley_scale = 3.0 diffusivity = 0.95 persistence = 0.05 octaves = 3.0 upper_density = 0.05 simulation = 0.0 cloud_width_km = 100 cloudiness = 0.15 base_noise_factor = 0.1 edge_worley_noise = 0.05 fractal_amplitude = 1.0 edge_sharpness = 0.1 churn = 1.0 [Cumulus] max_density_gm3 = 1.0 distribution_base_layer = 0.25 distribution_transition = 0.25 worley_noise = 0.6 worley_scale = 5.0 diffusivity = 0.9 persistence = 0.95 octaves = 3.0 upper_density = 0.25 simulation = 0.0 cloud_width_km = 100 cloudiness = 0.15 base_noise_factor = 0.25 edge_worley_noise = 0.15 fractal_amplitude = 2.0 edge_sharpness = 0.5 churn = 3.0
  7. Thank Gerard for the File and his perseverance. It´s ALL up to him honestly. I´ll do just the communications and try to support you all with recent information and some infos and how to. I am still testing his settings and found some lines that have to be changed because LM does not utilize them anymore. I will discuss this with Gerard backstage and we will probably provide an updated file. I fully understand your choice living in my former country Curacao (I lived in the Netherlands prior heading to Germany). Prettige dag Lars! Geniet je tijd op Curacao! Marcus
  8. Gerard has indeed a lot of patience and perseverance to try and test But the real issues are in the core sim and utilizing the trueSky features. P3D will never ever give someone outside the LM team acces to that We need more cloud models wich 3th party can depict. So we beta testers can't do anything about the real needed changes. Marcus
  9. ASP3D will NOT CHANGE your P3D volumetricclouds.CFG nor Gerads file. It will never change it, But it will override (not take care of it) this file and use it´s asp3d custom settings (when this is delivered by ASP3D which isns´t currently as I assume). But I have to wait Damian his answer on my question about this.
  10. I've asked Damian Clark from HiFi about this. But I don't think so. With 5.2 asp3d is most likely not using it's asp3d custom settings.
  11. Default P3D V5.2 volumentricClouds.cfg file or is the the file GSalden provided?
  12. Please read this: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/601741-important-if-you-are-having-terrible-looking-clouds-ea-mode/
  13. HAve you resolution to medium or high? Try medium if not. Because GSalden has NOT changed the resolution.
  14. Please read carefully! Due some testing I´ve did, I´ve found some strange differences between the new volumetricclouds.cfg file, LM delivered with P3D V5.2, and my prior files which I´ve got during BETA testing and even had before with 5.1. 12th Jun 2021 12:00 AM (German time): As I see this, at the moment and without having a feedback from LM yet, there are some missing lines in the config. At least this COULD be the PARTLY the cause some of you are having strange looking clouds! I´ve informed LM about this and will provide you feedback as soon as I know if my assumptions are correct or not. 12th Jun 2021 01:47 PM (German time): LM has confirmed that the volumetriccloud.cfg is correct and the changes are also correct! Conclusion: Gerards changes have a positive influence on the overall look of clouds. If you give Gerard (The Autor of this file) and me (positive enough) feedback here, I will parse the file to LM and ask them politely to use this and make it "the standard". How to proceed: Download his file here: Link to Volumetricclouds.cfg by GSalden provided Head to the directory: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 and find the file called: VolumetricClouds.CFG Rename this file in VolumetricClouds.CFG.OFF (This makes sure you don´t loose the original file) Copy and Paste GSalden file at the directory as named at 2 Delete your Shaders at: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 Run P3D and test please (First without ASP3D or any other weather injector! Then test with ASP3D Provide screenshots and feedback in this thread please These Sceenshots I´ve made while using @GSalden his recently posted volumetriclouds.cfg and I find it really excellent work he did! I know how many hours it takes to change and tests in small incremental steps. I will do some further testing to make sure, visuals and performance are in balance (this seems to be the case with this cfg. file). First Two shots with GSalden his profile: FL 400 Volumetricclouds slider at MEDIUM 3 layers OC 1st Picture 2 layer OC 2nd picture Less waffles (not 100% eliminated but better) Enlarge the Pictures for full resolution please (Click on it)
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