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  1. Any respectful feedback, wish, bug, problem, issue or something else, from a customer or becoming customer is a chance for a supplier to enhance or learn. My feeling is, that at Aerosoft they understand this kind of input as a Attack or as a try, to tackle their product. But it isn't! As long as they react harsh, ban people or deny our feedback (by always pointing with their finger towards "us")...it will have a negative impact on sales! Sales could be much higher when reacting professional and rational rather then emotional. Of course MSFS has raised their Numbers of sales, no doubt, but it could be higher when they start turning the rudder around and ask them selves : what can we (Aerosoft) do and learn from the customers input? I was surprised how fast I was banned. It influenced my thoughts about their products directly. I treat them respectful and I wished they did this with me as well. I liked their a330 in P3D. But the issues where so big I could not use it at all longer then 45 min. And I did a clean windows install, p3d install and only had a330 Installed to rule out all other software issues. Hardware could still be an issue....but even tests told me that memory RAM CPU and GPU where not the cause. And there where many users with the same issue. They told us, we are a handful users compared to thousands of user who have not this issue. And so they thought....it is not their product. But my assumption is, that even if only few people communicate an issue, it does not mean that there isn't an issue! I won't buy another a330 from them. They don't fit to my expectations regarding to support and product quality (not quantity related to functionality).
  2. I am dutch too...lived there for 20 years... 🙂 A lot of support people at aerosoft are German. I never had such rude replies to my messages as from Aerosoft. And my messages are polite written too.
  3. I owned the a330 in p3d (And I am a P3D Beta Tester as well). The A330 in p3d didn't even handle the daily standards like proper VNaV and laws. It even had a memory leak, which drained fps after 30min of flight down to single digits FPs. I habe written 2 DIN A4 Messages to the support team, uploaded Videos to proof the issue was related to the weather radar (on drained) and contacted Mr. Kok personally on a friendly way (I am a Scrum Master at a huge bank and have experience handling issues and serve a 18 people big software team). Delivering some good footage to point them to the issues....resulted in being Locked at their forums... After my letter to Mr. Kok, he let me in the forum again...but all my posts have to be checked first to get posted public. The support of Aerosoft has huge possiblity to grow and become more user friendly (we bought payware!) And the products are to bugged in my opinion. I'm not having problems with bugs....until they make the product unusable for the purpose (it wasn't able to fly longer then 30 a 45 min) or the bugs don't become resolved AND are being a real bug (function wich does not do what it should do) wich affects every user. Aerosoft is surely not my preferred supplier due this kind of delivering Regards Marcus
  4. I remember prior FSLTL, I used this too and also those CTD. Not from the beginning, but after a while as well. Did you try flying 2 or 3 flights without these both? I would really try it out.... What triggered me in your message was that you CTD after 45 to 60 Min....thats exactly what happend at my end as well. Good luck on finding the culprit....not as easy as it sometimes should be
  5. Are you flying with FSLTL in use? I got the same message, after the same amount of time. When not using FSLTL (also AIG insgtalled and FSLTL will use their models as well), I did not got any issue. My issues where gone, since the latest SU12 Update from MSFS. I had the same issues before installing SU11 as well, and after updating MSFS tu SU11 they went away also, but came back aftert weeks without any CTD. If using FSLTL, try without it a couple of flights. When this is the culprit, I would suggest to uninstall the MSFS app (without reinstalling the official and community folder). Just rename them BEFORE uninstalling the MSFS app, then rename the official folder back to "official" and install the MSFS app new. Regads Marcus
  6. Looks like a very decent almost complete overhaul ....thanks for sharing here.
  7. Wish you the most beautiful flight Matt! RIP and feel free up there. My condoleances to all the people who knew him personally.
  8. I personally think that this is a wrong management decision (only in relation to the consumer market). This also confimes, that there is another piece of software from LM in use, for "other" companies and partners, beside P3D. If a companie does not cope with the speed of the entire market, then the market can and probably will become disruptive. I don´t think that the P3D 3th party market is that huge anymore (Active development and active support by 3th party). So, now would be the time to make a huge step forward, brake with the exisiting products and build up an up to date environment to gain "new market". Of course this will be expensive for "us users". But honestly, ifI look how many users are buying products for the 2 or 3 other sim plattforms...there seem to be a huge interest to invest. But only, if the plattform is future (and feature) proof. I for myself have "left the building" and went straight ahead onto the new gen plattform wich is evolving greatly and in a way that never happend before. Is it perfect? NO! Is it future proof? YES. Is it feature complete? No, but its growing fast. Marcus
  9. Article P3D with Unreal Engine Seems they are heading towards a fully new direction. Incl...Photorealistic Models! Marcus
  10. Are you GPU bound at the moment? I see similar thread usage on my AMD 7900x combined with 3090. And I'm GPU bound, means a quicker cpu would not bring me more fps. I think the answer to your question is no. You won't geht higher fps when your cpu is heaving headroom and your gpu is maxed out. On my gpu I see 98% usage (when using VR and also when using 2d). So I think Msfs is well optimised using GPU with DX12.
  11. Yes. Exactly the latter one. I've done exactly that from 10900k to a new board and and 7900x. The only thing I needed to do was turning TPM of in the bios to be able to boot and TPM not avoiding it. Very very simple. I had to activate windows again because it "asked me if I'm the same computer"....ready and done.
  12. Yes, the whole service is "down". Again. Second time today. NavDataCenter also doesn´t work atm (at least in GErmany)
  13. Great. Happy to help out. Happy landing then. Btw...Shannon and Dublin....it's so great to fly there as the weather is often so spectacular Regards Marcus
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