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  1. I need an advise. Can I have a large photoscenery on an external HD WD 4 gb USB 3.0, or is it better to buy an internal HD. I use P3DV4. /Thomas ESNN
  2. Hi Alex I can´t find your e-mail adress anywhere. /Thomas
  3. Hi Alex! Thats right. I´m using P3DV4 and LNM 1.4.4. Is there any solution for the problem. The scenery files in the current scenery are not compiled with P3DV4 SDK. It´s a pretty old scenery for Sweden. Is there any way to ecxlude a scenery folder for the scan in LNM. /Thomas ESNN
  4. I got a runtime error (Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library) when building a dtabase for the scenery library. It stops at 72%. I have tried to set the current bgl file to off but next time I run it stops att nebt i bgl file in the same folder. Earlier verions of Little Navnap hve not stoped at this file. Any suggestions? /Thomas ESNN
  5. Thanks Keven for your answer. Everything went out to be ok. /Thomas
  6. Ok I will try to explain. I can increase the speed for Pan,Roll and Tilt. The same goes for Left and Right. The problem is that I can´t increse the spedd for the camera moving forward or backward. Perhaps I can get som help with this. /Thomas
  7. I must be missing something or just dumb. How can I controll the camera speed in outside view. I understand that it is in camera/advanced section but what tab? I use an xbox controller. I have tried them all but no change in the camera speed. /Thomas
  8. Undoubtedly Little navmap /Thomas
  9. And here is complete V2 /Thomas
  10. Hi I´m using this fatastic program with P3DV4. I also install my scenery with xml-files in the documents folder and an entry is also made i add-ons.cfg. As far as I can see is this type of scenery not recognized by LFP. Is that right or am I doing something wrong? /Thomas ESNN
  11. PTA forum is closed and can only be read. Anyone who knows where to go if you want discuss or need support. /Thomas
  12. In P3DV4 "Select Vehicle" there is no #Show only favorites as it is in P3Dv3. Or am I blind? /Thomas
  13. It's something strange with the new version. They read the scenery.cfg in different ways or am I doing wrong? In version 0.91 i got my entire scenery.cfg with both typed of added scenery but in version 0.93 it ony show my four scenerys added by the addons-xml files in the addons folder. /Thomas