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  1. Hi ideoplastic! Good to hear. Did you uninstall prior to the installation of TerraFlora? /Thomas
  2. Same here! /Thomas ESNN
  3. Bill What I mean was that you must be shure it is the P3DV4\F1GTN\FPL folder that Little Navmap is exporting to. /Thomas
  4. And be shure that little Navmap dosen´t look in your P3Dv3 folder whwn loading the flightplan, if you still have that installed. That happend to me. /Thomas
  5. I have tried different solutions from both Mike and JacquesBrel buth I can´t get it to work. Thank you both of you. I have asked over att Arerosft forum and got the following answer from Mathijis Kok " our installer does not support that as we have seen several issues with that. Lockheed is aware and we expect those to be sorted out soon" For the moment I would have to accept that. /Thomas
  6. Ok. Ihave tried to create, with Addon Manager, an Xml file with only fonts, effects and simobject. I did leave the Aerosoft and Ecosystem folder out. That did not work. P3DV4 started and the sceneario page came up. The Twin Otter was there but when the sim try to load it crached. I think I must get the aircraft.xml to be raed in any why but I don´t know how. /Thomas
  7. Hi I want to install Aerosoft Twin Otter with the .xml system. I´m using Lorby Addon Organizer. Now I need som advise. There are five folders in the Twinn installation. Three of these, effects, fonts and simobjects, are quite clear what category it belongs to in teh add component. But there are two more folders. One called Aerosoft with a subfolder with the aircraft.xml. What category belongs that to? In the Ecosystem one of two subfolders is called Aerosoft with two folders. Flightrecorder with AS-Flightrecorder.dll and AS-FlightRecorderMangare.exe. Should these two files go in a category for each. One for dll and one for exe? The other subfolder called Twin Otter Extended have one Aerosoft.TwinOtterX.Fuelplanner.exe file and two subfolder with most textfiles. How handle that in Addon Organizer? Could I have som advise please /Thomas
  8. When you compare Just Flight and A2A have a look at the unrealistic cockpit lightning in JF PA-28 Arrow and then in the A2A Commanche and you will see the total difference. Just Flight last Pipers are good in many ways but there aircraft cant compare to A2A. /Thomas
  9. I need an advise. Can I have a large photoscenery on an external HD WD 4 gb USB 3.0, or is it better to buy an internal HD. I use P3DV4. /Thomas ESNN
  10. Hi Alex I can´t find your e-mail adress anywhere. /Thomas
  11. Hi Alex! Thats right. I´m using P3DV4 and LNM 1.4.4. Is there any solution for the problem. The scenery files in the current scenery are not compiled with P3DV4 SDK. It´s a pretty old scenery for Sweden. Is there any way to ecxlude a scenery folder for the scan in LNM. /Thomas ESNN
  12. I got a runtime error (Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library) when building a dtabase for the scenery library. It stops at 72%. I have tried to set the current bgl file to off but next time I run it stops att nebt i bgl file in the same folder. Earlier verions of Little Navnap hve not stoped at this file. Any suggestions? /Thomas ESNN
  13. Thanks Keven for your answer. Everything went out to be ok. /Thomas