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  1. http://majesticsoftware.com/forums/discussion/1427/updated-majestic-software-q400-ver-1-025-released-for-prepar3d/p1?new=1&fbclid=IwAR1qUe2M57f0kut2_06sIqBfqS571KL6dxqwH34kylEpP9ahWXlZ_DBOj9g
  2. https://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=72920&start=435 A great loss for the flightsim community.
  3. I use P3D 5.3. I open MSFS sometimes, but I get bored pretty quickly. The scenery is overwhelming. Overall though, MSFS is a game, a toy and P3D a flight simulator with all its flaws. I'm waiting for A2A to come out with their Comanche. When that happens I'm not sure it will change my mind, MSFS is above all a toy to attract children for a little while.
  4. Despite all the additions, we are impatiently waiting for something from A2A
  5. One of the biggest disadvantages of the MSFS camera system is that you can't use the X-box controller for camera control in the cockpit, like in P3D, without it being a white dot in the center of the image. MSFS has responded that this is how it should be, apparently an adaptation for Xbox.
  6. Finally I got it to work. I chose a default aircraft in LINDA I removed all connections to buttons. Thank you for your time! /Thomas
  7. Andrew, none of what you suggested works. It doesn't seem to be removable. If I add another function the original one remains and the button performs both. Is it possible to edit any file? /Thomas
  8. The assignments are colored red, what does that mean? /Thomas
  9. I already have an assignment, gear up down, to buttons 11 and 12 on my Honeycomb Alpha joystick but I want to remove it. It cannot be removed. Neither the command "Remove assignment" eller " Do nothing" fungerar. Buttons 11 and 12 still control gear up and down. The Aircraft is A2A Bonanza and I use the Bonanza module. /Thomas
  10. Problem solved. Why it didn't work before but does now I don't know. Now GTN for P3D works with Garmin trainer for TDS GTNXi.
  11. Thank you for this. Just a thought, isn't the difference compared to my problem that GTN XP and GTN P3D use the same Garmin trainer?
  12. I use P3D as my main simulator but sometimes there will be a flight in MSFS. Now I have a problem that any other user of both simulators should have encountered. In P3D I use RXP Gtn 750/650 for my aircraft from A2A. Now I have acquired the TDS GTNXi 750/650 for MSFS for use in the JF Piper Piper Arrow which is the only aircraft I use in MSFS. It works great. But ....after installing TDS, RXP does not work in P3D. As far as I understand this is because TDS uses a different version of the Garmin trainer. Is there any way around this or do you have to reinstall with Garmin every time you change simulator
  13. Which I find compelling response from A2A and Dudley Henriques to all A2A fans concerns about what the future looks like https://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=73382 /Thomas
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