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  1. Seat*

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    Thanks, puuhh! /Thomas
  2. Seat*

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    Well, must be blind. I only see GPS/Dyn Lights/4K/Mirrors in the config tool..... /Thomas
  3. Seat*

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    Anyway to get rid of the cuartains in the front seats? /Thomas
  4. I bought McPhat cockpit textures yesterday and can´t get them to work.There must be some changes in the in the panel since the FSX version. /Thomas
  5. Hi I have installed Orbx EDBJ. I have updated thr scenery library in LNM. As far as i can see LNM dont recognize the EDBJ airport scenery I have installed. Of couse the airport are in the map as it is in the default P3D4.3 database but not as Orbx scenery.If I look in information dock window/airport/scenery there is only Base Apx 51130.bgl and also FS Aerodata files. On the map the airport is not shown as an add-on airport. /Thomas ESNN
  6. I have my Standard.xml set to read only/Thomas
  7. Every time when I start P3DV4 I have to go through my key- and axis assigment because they have changed since I last used the sim. I use Xbox 360 controll for Chaseplane and there is always new assigments but also in my CH yoke. How does this work in P3DV4 and how can I stop the sim from doing changes by it self in the controll assigments /Thomas ESNN
  8. Tanks for answer Keven. Then it must be some other thing that make my controll assigments to change without my participation. Now I know that it is not CP. /Thomas ESNN
  9. Hi Every time there is an update ( at least I suspect that) of Chaseplane it alo change in P3Dv4.3 key - and axis assignments for Xbox 360 controll. I must go in and correct in several assignments. Is there any way way to avoid this /Thomas ESNN
  10. Hi Alex I have the same problem with Aerosoft Vaernes (ENVA) in P3DV4.3. If I zoom out a bit the grey rectangel disapear. I send you the bgl file by mail as a part of your investegation. /Thomas ESNN
  11. Ok tanks Alex. I should try once more without SID and STAR. /Thomas
  12. Hi I know that this question have been in this forum before. When I import a FPL that I have made in Little Nav Map in the Q400 FMC there is a lot missing. The PFL is from ESNN to ENRO with SID and STAR. As far as I can see in Q400 FMS there is only dep anf arr airport and nothing else. So my question is should it be possible to do such FPL export from Nav Map and the import it in Q400? /Thomas ESNN
  13. Thanks for all answers. I have the following text. Fly the Maddog X - Manager & Setup - Prepar3D v4 With no versionnumber. I have to reinstall and not update. /Thomas
  14. Yes and I have not that information in the load manager /Thomas