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  1. I used your excellent tip to get rid of "10-degree heading bug. I used the script you suggested and it worked great. Thanks for that. (A: AUTOPILOT HEADING LOCK DIR, Degrees) 1 + (> K: HEADING_BUG_SET) (A: AUTOPILOT HEADING LOCK DIR, Degrees) 0 == if {359} els {(A: AUTOPILOT HEADING LOCK DIR, Degrees) 1 -} (> K: HEADING_BUG_SET) My question now is if a similar script could be used to change the HSI course in 1 step instead of 10 as now. If possible, what would such a script look like? /thomas
  2. Thank you. One question. Uninstall earlier version first or just overwrite? /Thomas
  3. As I understand it after fruitless attempts to make it work, I can not assign LVars to buttons directly, only with a script. Did I get it right? Is it in that case a function that we can hope for in a future version. I do not master scripts and would like to assign LVars directly to a button /Thomas
  4. Hi again. I found a solution to the problem. When I move the red triangle full left in the calibration window the throttle reacts normal and starts immediately to move. I do not know why but you might be able to explain what function this triangle has. Feels great that it works because I think AAO otherwise works great. /Thomas
  5. It's a big delay. I have moved the throttle slider half way up before the slider in the simulator starts to move. The strange thing is that the delay only occurs when the throttle is moved upwards. When the throttle is moved down, it reacts completely normally and responds directly. I have assigned Throttle 1 axis to the leaver in the Just Flight P28-R Arrow. I have also tried ASOBO C 152. There is the same delay when the throttle control is moved up. Other flight controls work perfectly normally I have no axis set in MSFS. I have previously used FSUIPC to control axis and LINDA for buttons. Of course, I did not start FSUIPC or LINDA when I started using AAO. My thought was that it would be more practical with one program instead of two for MSFS /Thomas
  6. Today I bought AAO. I'm trying to get the throttle axis in MSFS to work. I use Honeycomb throttle. The problem is that no matter how I try to adjust the curve, the slider in MSFS moves with a delay. So I want more respositivity but how do I achieve this. I come down to value 0.2 but it's still not enough /Thomas
  7. The epithet study level is quite simply a way of describing the degree of simulated reality in an airplane. A2A is a shining example. /Thomas
  8. I can not get 530 to start either. I had 530 mod in community folder and deleted the one that suggested but I can not get 530 to start. /Thomas
  9. You could not share your din.bat file for the rest of us to customize for our own use? It would be very labor saving. I know myself which files need to be protected from overwriting /Thomas
  10. Best way of mapping Bravo is to use LINDA https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/424-linda/. Of course you need FSUIPC. /Thomas ESNN
  11. Hi again Alex By pure chance, I got Reality XP installed today before I read your answer. It is true that it works in Reality XP and procedures are loaded. Now that purchase feels extra successful. I also do not understand why it works with Reality XP. Both Flight1 and Reality XP use the same Garmin trainer. The one in Reality XP seems to be of a slightly fresher date but it can hardly make a difference. Thanks for the tip anyway!
  12. Thank you Alex for fast answer. You are writing P3D PLN file format. Maybe I'm vague. It is true that I use P3DV5.1 but I create the flightplan in LNM and choose the format for Flight1 Garmin 750/650, gfp. I do not create in P3D format,pln. Perhaps loading of SID and STAR is not covered by the gfp file format either? /Thomas
  13. When I create a flight plan in P3D v5.1 that ends with a procedure and I export it to Flight 1 Garmin 750/650. In Garmin the flightplan is loaded but without the procedure. I have tried exporting both alternatives in LNM with and without user defined waypoints. The Garmin loads the flightplan but without STAR. As far as I understand, it should be possible, but I am doing something wrong. Can anyone lead me right`? /Thomas
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