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  1. I want to use SF with AS 16. The problem is that AS 16 start Cloud Art. How can i make it start without Cloud Art so I can use it as wheater engine?
  2. /Thomas
  3. Hi Now we are here again. Cant start CP. Error message It looks like something unexpected occured. Please send the following error code at (ConnectionClosed) Sorry for the inconvenience. /Thomas ESNN
  4. I have problems with asigning POV to Pan View when Chaseplane is installed. It wont work. If I uninstall Chaseplane I can assign my CH POV to Pan View in P3DV4.1. I use an Xbox controller in Chaseplane but there are no conflicts as far as I can see. Earlier this worked for me to have both the POV asigned to Pan View in P3D and Pan Left/right (Xb-RSX) and Tilt up/down (Xb-RSY) via Xbox in Chaseplane /Thomas
  5. But the question is that if you dont have ESDOK and still have the problem with steering and taxing. What to do? /Thomas
  6. I just installed v of P3D and now Chaseplane tells me it is not supported yet. This morning I got an update to Chaseplane that told me it was for P3DV4.1. Can someone explain? /Thomas ESNN
  7. Same here. Either CP or VFX starts. TrustFailure errror. There must be som change in this. /Thomas
  8. Perhaps not the right forum. But does anyone here know how I remove an locked waypoint in GTN 750. I cant find anything in the docs from F1. The problem is quite common when you use the fantastic Little Navmap. /Thomas ESNN
  9. I have no information in the Search dock Window Procedures. I have installed fs navdata and have the entries in scenery.cfg. In the Information dock window there is information about the SID and STARS for the airport. How can I get the information to appear in the Search dock wondow? /Thomas ESNN
  10. Hi ideoplastic! Good to hear. Did you uninstall prior to the installation of TerraFlora? /Thomas
  11. Same here! /Thomas ESNN
  12. Bill What I mean was that you must be shure it is the P3DV4\F1GTN\FPL folder that Little Navmap is exporting to. /Thomas
  13. And be shure that little Navmap dosen´t look in your P3Dv3 folder whwn loading the flightplan, if you still have that installed. That happend to me. /Thomas