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  1. You can scrub the red bar around the video and you will find the big true. If ASP3D is not depicting a sincle flat layer, and ASFS yes, witch one of the both hifisimtech products really works in a realistic maner?
  2. Hi, There a pictures compared at the point you cross the cloud layer, but the appron pic its similar to the actual pic, the real life pic and there are not flat clouds in real world at this time, and meteoblue and competitors looks nicer, also Active Sky for P3D V5 looks great and no flat. 🙃
  3. Do you mean that since I paid for my Active Sky FS license just yesterday, and for ASP3D V6, V5, V4, etc... If I am comparing the real sky image of LEMI with MSFS Meteoblue, with Rex Weather Force, with Xenviro2020 and, mind you, also with Active Sky P3D V5 (yes, I just added another image of the clouds generated by ASPD right away) and I have also verified the same with ASPD V6, and the only engine that is generating a horrible flat layer of clouds is ASFS... Should I wait, I don't know, please tell me, a month, or maybe 6 months, or maybe a year or even ten years better so as not to fall into the temptation of being too critical? Can you elaborate on why do you think a flat cloud layer is realistic when the real sky and five weather utilities or engines, two of them developed by Hifisimtech, do not generate flat clouds? I'm talking as I said before about VISUALS, and I got my eyes broken comparing reality with asfs visual depiction I believe in the truth, and the clouds that I see through my window in LEMI are the ones that rule this discussion, because those clouds were created by GOD. And to him and to the truth I surrender. All the best
  4. Not much used to MSFS depicts clouds, I'm a Prepar3d flyer that can not live with the MSFS clouds depictions. I'm talking about flat clouds, only depicted by ASFS while comparing with actual real phisical true sky in the same place. Out of my window I have shot the real sky and I'm not seeing a flat low density single layer of clouds like are depicting in LEMI ASFS now. Regards and thank you for reading my post 😉
  5. Same angle used already. And I'm taking screen shot of actual clouds in real place, so do not say that I'm talking about realism, I'm talking about visual, and this flat clouds generated by ASFS are not realistic too. I do not like the msfs cloud for the hyperdramtism look, for this reason I bouht it ASFS, but not for flat cartoonish cloud like that.
  6. Minutes ago, around LEMI very very poor clouds at my taste with ASFS Real clouds around LEMI, ASFS CLOUDS, MSFS CLOUDS, XENVIRO2020 CLOUDS https://imgur.com/a/trghZnM Why these flat clouds, like in the first editions of ASP3D V.5? I had to deactivate Xenviro2020, I have bought every version ever made of Active Sky, I really want to love it but this cloud depiction are so poor... I got the screenshots minutes ago while live streaming If somebody wants to see the video PM, please. I'm not here for spaming my youtube channel. Regards
  7. Once again the "insert disk death screen" But this time I didn't waste time reinstalling the 30gbs re installation and the 5 steps of new configuration. Just delete all folders inside wgs (backup first)... sing out in store, in xbox, restart windows and directly start msfs and the sync cloud will work and everything would be like before. Maybe nobody try this solution, but at least next time this will be my notebook help for mayday situations with msfs,
  8. Insert your disk, 30 gbs installation, log out here and there, change the live.com password, tryed everything it works before... And finaly what did worked to force the resync was deleting T and numeric folder in wgs folder, sing out xbox, sing out store, sing store, sing xbox and the next start of msfs in the launch screen appeared the save window saying: "syncing it..." Two times in a week, that is becoming pretty quiet sad. If I would not invested so many money in addons, this time I would deleting for ever msfs 2020 Ric
  9. This happened to me late sunday and got all the settings resurrected What I did was on this path: I never saved any new settings I quit off game services, xbox, and log out my windows account Restarted Start all the programs related, almost for five or six times I was keeping the accesibility screen of dead, got quit MSFS again I looked at the wgs folder, and found an empty one called T and an alfanumeric one with a lot of alphanumeric folders I opened one by one and open the files in xml editor. I founded that this was my controler settings. I made a backup of this folder and copy all the subfolders to the folder "T". I launched MSFS and voila! got out the blue and get all my settings back. The interesting thing is that my wgs/T/ folder was empty. Also I log out in one moment I just do not remember now, my msfs user from the msfs menu I wanted get died along three or four hours!
  10. My fix was uninstall NVIDIA.app reinstall latest drivers and turn back yo geforce experience. The beta app handles the nvidia overlay forced all time and was ruining all my system. hope that helps Ric
  11. Aamir, For sure! I have activated the auto crash report too. Wich logs would it be helpfull for you? And how to send to your team. Congratulations for your kind and love in your amazing addon. Richard
  12. Me too! Just going to menu, graphics, developer mode set to on, apply changes and can not shutdown MSFS, just only logout. Faulting application name Fenis.GqlGateway.exe in event viewer. But not on all crashes. I've been able to complete a flight because I didn't open menu or apply any changes. I'm done with this version for now, will get back to my other planes. The AP off disconecting and the IRS NAV ERROR went off uninstalling and cleaning my pc from any fenix stuff
  13. Fixed 34: NAV FAILURE (IRS 1, 2, 3) and AP disconect after take off uninstalling Fenix and deleting all the comunity folders, program data, program files related. Also I left deactivated SDS and rudder in EFB, still do not know if this is the culpcrit. Just flying now from LFPO to EGAA at last!
  14. I never start on the runway but now yes after getting back loading a new flight. The fact is I can not clear the failure as before, maybe I'm wrong but thought it was so simple like clicking clr on mcdu and later in the corresponding lsk. Gonna get back to main menu and try to load a different livery.
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