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  1. Hi In FMC PMDG Options /Simulation... around page 7 or eight, top down on the list. 😊
  2. You can take a quick look how it depicts P3DWX wx when you select REX INSTEAD of ASN in the fmc: It seems more about that ASP3D it doen't fit now with EA on than EA it's not fiting with weather programs. I made a clip: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/824673551 Selecting ASN I got bad wx depiction in NGXU. Setting REX I got the good ones with P3DWX and I'm sure with Rex SKF Please take in count this is not for promoting my channel, it's just for testing and help. Cheers Richard
  3. Not so good, I need to find the right weather scenery, testing now. I will let you know. 😉
  4. Hi I'm streaming now aboard of a B736 NGXu with AS Selected in options and I'm getting wx depictions, not clearly good. Did you check your simulation settings under pmdg options in fmc?
  5. I have make a quick and boring test and with the Majestiq Dash 8Q400 all the weather addons referred above including ASP3D works with EA on. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/824535880 Please just advance the video, it's unedited. I'm going to make a quick video with others addons. Good news Richard
  6. I'm sorry to say that with Rex, P3DWX, FSGRW it's completely working also in aircraft addons that claims to work only with ASP3D. I got it working with MJCQ400 (claimed only compatible with ASP) with P3DWX and REX but not with Active Sky, with EA ON, also with PMDG 737 ngxu (all variants), FSLABS, QW787... The only one success I`ve have with ASP3D with EA on has been with PMDG 747-800. You can try it and see it. For some of yours let me tell that in some cases I had to switch to REX on some aircrafts that has both options to get no native Radar wx addons like P3DWX working on. That's how I fixed. The bad news is that RealTurb only works for me with ASP3D! Hope that helps Cheers Richard
  7. Hi, Rain is formed by 3d particles that you can see like real water drops when you pause the sim and move the camera. I am an audiovisual producer and I can tell you that in real live, for shooting rain you need to make the trick to make it evident in the camera eye, specially when the precipitations are not too hard. You can find for example the famouse scene of the classic movie "Singing in the Rain". The production team had to add some mixture of water and milk to make the rain evident. Maybe Lockheed can add some milk to the stuff. 😉 Cheers Richard
  8. Hi, Thanks for your help. Could you help me about how could I adjust this settings please? Maybe I didn't understood at all if you were referring that next version will provide tools for easy adjustments or if currently we can tweak it. Regards Richard
  9. I'm totally dissapointed with this soft clouds update. At my taste the clouds has turned extremely soft. Please HifiSimtech don't be so soft with clouds. Cheers
  10. Yes!!! Thank you very very very much! Downloading and testing now! Richard
  11. I completely understand to you my friend. We could read days ago how Umberto from Fsdreamteam replied to us customers in FSDT forums when someone asked why they were releasing LSZ and not other updates for P3D. He replied in plain english that if the had the ability to make a quick and nice port to MSFS they had to do it before others release theirs LSZ. In my youtube channel I have one of the best devs as subscribers involved in P3D and MSFS development and they have the same feeling. My advice is that you try to find other supporters for your products in alternative channels, not the bigger and sponsored ones. In my niche there are a lot of people that are using a lot of new addons coming from independent devs, just try this way, I'm sure it will help. People are supporting them, and would pay form most of the free addons because they are great! Don't give up! Cheers Richard
  12. Aerosoft are just forgetting to tell that almost all of the airports that they are releasing for MSFS are in fact just ports from the developments we FSX and P3D users has made posible because we paid for them before. Personally, since May 2020 and after hearing that Aerosoft was not going to release more updates for p3d v5 I'm totally out of their customers list by my own choice. Good news are that I can live without spending my money on aerosoft products with p3d v5. Good luck AS Richard
  13. I'm sorry because I have recommend psxseecontraffic for a thousands of my followers in p3d and msfs, but the recent changes has ruined for me the enjoying completely in p3d because your integration with msfs, removing parking positions and so. Could you please take in consideration to make separate apps for msfs and p3d, please? I don't find practicall to have to change the liveries path and the airport path everytime I switch between sim platforms and I must say that moving psxseecontraffic closer to msfs is getting me off this amazing tool for my p3d flights. Unchecking MSFS Mode in parkPosGenerator it doesn't work propperly under version 18.4 when you scan for p3d you get msfs poluting your p3d airport list. Please, could you consider developing one tool for platform? My best regards and thank you for your free addons Richard
  14. Hi, Not exactly, for sample terrain saturation, raleigh, vertical vissibility, and a couple of shaders can be improved with envshade as I’ve been able to test. The problem is that some shaders need to be adressed to the new v5.1 P3D shaders. Maxime told me they were going to check this issue. Cheers Richard
  15. Yes, That’s what I did, first I made a P3d repair (client) and deleted the HLSL Shaders cache. Runing P3D I founded that the issue persisted! Them I checked my shaders folder in P3D root and I founded that repair tool just didn’t restored the obsolete shaders files. It was easy to see the offending shaders because the file dates where older. I deleted them and used the repair tool again, flushed the shader cache files and started P3D and the issue was fixed. resuming: Restoring from envdir was wrong because the files stored in ENVTEX backup folder was fetched from previous version. Repair with P3D client didn’t worked at my first attempt because I have shader files from previous P3D version. The fix was deleted the obsolete shaders and le the Client repair utility do the job. In shader root folder look also at texture subfolder, it was a couple of obsolete files in there too. Just take care of all your shaders are the vanilla one as you asked. hope that helps. cheers Richard
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