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  1. It looks very much as though polarising filters were used in this photography?
  2. My observations were that sat on the runway the trees on the right had better definition in SU4, but as the video progressed, the buildings definition looked superior in SU5. Overall SU5 came up with the goods for me. Will it please everybody? an impossible task.
  3. After 40 years of driving cars equipped with a "back seat driver" in the passenger seat, I am conditioned to hearing (and ignoring) useless instructions. So having default ATC doesn't bother me greatly.
  4. I just landed at Barcelona airport (in the sim naturally) and had to stop and wait for instructions to any gate and previously selected for those orrible blue arrows to appear, which annoy me no end. As I was cursing under my breath I remembered the one thing I liked in Xplane were the “follow me” cars which were a not very good, but just adequate add on. Has anybody seen an add on for MSFS which offers “Follow me” cars?
  5. Bob, you should be ashamed of yourself for suggesting such an act (presuming you are referring to a PC and not a conservatory)! Surely modern PC's are designed for maximum air flow and by taking ANY panel off completely messes up the correct airflow. I purchased a massive Arctic CPU liquid cooler (then found it hard to find a PC case to fit it in the top where it is supposed to be) so did as much research as I could on air flow etc and unless I learned wrongly, taking any panel off is likely to cause big problems.
  6. I can vouch for that, +40 ºc here too and I was careful to install a unit just above my desk in the office right over the PC - pure bliss 🙂
  7. That reminds me about buying new cars in the good old days, had to run them in for 500 - 1000 miles before you could open them up. Not many seem to bother these days but I still do it out of habit (substituting km for miles admittedly). So treat MSFS like an old jalopy straight off the production line and you will benefit 🙂
  8. Here is Gibraltar: And below, an empty Dover port. Flew over to Calais and did not see a single ferry on the way although some cargo ships. Are my expectations too high or are very busy ferry routes on the to do list?
  9. I purchased both products today and went straight to Portsmouth & across to Cowes then onto Southampton, an area usually teaming with vessels in real life. I flew low and slow and to be honest, I was somewhat underwhelmed with the lack of traffic in the channel and in the ports which were virtually empty. I am yet to be convinced that this product is good value for money in this area at least. Has anybody found an area around the UK suitably populated I can check out? Both sliders were at 100% obviously.
  10. I could answer that but then I would have to silence you.
  11. I have just stumbled across an update for each in Orbx Central, I do wish they would send an email out when updates become available!
  12. I think they bought the interior over from a scrap yard!
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