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  1. Thank you for that clear explanation, not too large a download then hopefully. I felt quite envious reading about one poster on fibre who claimed to have downloaded the whole programme in 15 minutes when it took me nearly three days 🙂
  2. As one who is on a somewhat slow internet connection, can I assume that one will not actually download this update unless one chooses to fly within Japan?
  3. Oops here too. I especially appreciate them telling me to report the problem on the forum, but as I cannot access it, I cannot report it.
  4. Is there an idiots guide on setting this up with similar templates anywhere please?
  5. Thank you for your help in explaining why I cannot add this other GPU. I can only get 30 fps using very limited options. I for example I jump in an A320 Neo sat at a ramp at Heathrow at mid day with no live weather, live flights or gameplay, in High end settings I get 22fps without moving. Change the weather to rain and night settings and I get 16 to 18 fps. With the developer mode on I can see that it alternates between Limited by GPU and Limited by Main Thread. This is still without any Live traffic or flights. I know I can reduce settings down but with my set up I had hoped for more. When I built this PC at the beginning of the year I had hoped that I was building a games set up capable of most programmes, but MSFS seems to want more. I would just like to know which components I could change to improve it and I am not really tech savvy at 72 tender years of age.
  6. Hello, I know little about graphics cards and am looking for some advice please. My current RTX 2080 is coping with small prop aircraft at about 30fps but I have to turn all of the defaults down to get 30 fps on commercial jets at large airports before I even think about adding live weather, live traffic and rain. I seem to remember reading once that you can have TWO graphics cards installed. I have a brand new GTX 1050 TI which I have never taken out of the box. Is it feasible to install this as well to run this alongside my RTX 2080?
  7. There seem to be a multitude of problems and a multitude of fixes depending on each cause. It seems a shame that there are no fully explanatory crash reports to help us, the current ones are just too vague to be of much help.
  8. Having played with this sim for over four weeks with no problems I recently experienced CTDs when trying to load UK airports. These problems lasted for two days then mysteriosly solved themselves. I have just noticed the latest "known issues" on the MSFS site which might explain why: Crash when flying some parts of France and Northern Europe Workaround: Deactivate Bing Data World Graphics
  9. Hello, when I first downloaded MSFS I mistakenly selected "all areas" for downloading into the local cache. Can anybody tell me the answers to the following please: 1 - I have looked at the directory it is stored in and it is up to the 100gb max. I would like to move it to another drive but it does not appear to give you that option. Can I do this somehow? 2 - I really do not want the whole world downloaded but I cannot untick "all" and start again. Is there a way to do this please? 3 - When I tried to add a new region, pressing shift on a grid sis not allow me to select anything with the mouse, the map just continued to move around the page. Do you think that this is because I am up to the max 100gb or is the shift key just not working on this page? Hope you can help,
  10. Like you I have had no problems with this sim since the day it was launched up until two days ago. Like you loading a new flight crashes at around 75 - 80% of the flight loading screen but just before the start flight option appears. The strange thing is I can still start a new flight using solely one of the three airports in history, but no new ones. Nothing has changed except my previous admiration of this sim.
  11. Hello, I downloaded MSFS on the day it was released and it has been working rather well for me up until today. Now it will load a simple flight selecting one of the three last used airports, but when I select a flight between two new ones (previously used a few days ago) and select start flight, the whole program crashes after circa 10 seconds of loading up the new data. My CPU and GPU usage looks normal, I have access to the internet. Is there a log file anywhere which might indicate what is causing it to crash? I have logged off MS shop and logged on again and restarted my PC so cannot think of what else to try?
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