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  1. What is a high priority urgency is that Asobo includes in FS20 a total (or at least their marketplace ones) base inside MSFS of the planes developed on flight around you in the Sim, to represent the online user with their real plane that they are flying. It is sadly to watch online helicopters or fighters represented as double aisle airlines or small GAs performing like fighters haha or trying to land in a tiny heliport. And please solve the bug with the static rotors in the air with online copters.
  2. Yes, I am talking with Microsoft and Asobo for when we have an update, we better download all W11 files again and again and all the 128GB of FS2020 each time I start each day the PC or MSFS, and I redownload all again just in case, to be sure there is no an update forgotten, and without informing me they if there isn´t updates to update, and do not "waist" my time, perfect and normal. I am very happy pressing the update button to update the existing files with the same "update" already installed and downloaded all days, nothing I love more than download and wait during several hours and hours staring to the screen updating, my un-confessable hidden hobby.
  3. Excellent, really thanks, the update is applied already in the headwind A330-900 NEO 🙂 https://flightsim.to/file/18198/airbus-a330-900neo-conversion
  4. So it is a wrong fake confuse named button because it don´t perform updates almost, but reinstall, check integrity most the time. The problem so, is that you can be mis-updated cause you do not know that you have an update, so add two button, one redownload-check integrity like the "update" button of now, and other greyed if there isn´t new updates or new files to download, or name correctly the actual “update” button. If you call a button update, and you press 5 times in a row, and 5 times it performs redownloads and checks, it is confusing customers, because it is not doing and telling customers what it is doing, it isn´t updating, you don´t have an update and you are not updating despite you press the update button haha. Good software, hope the continuous improvement and development, with a option in GSX displaying an airport map to select the route in various points for the followme car, or to select clicking too a gate or parking position, and to solve the minor glitches in VR, regards.
  5. They have their own inbuilt upper bar app that you can open or reopen it from VR, no problem at all. Recommended.
  6. Brilliant, I think a bit expensive cause not too much people buy it, it is without controllers, I think of course, if not, it would be a good price. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/1036529930/hp-reverb-g2-hotas-flight-stick-system?ref=reviews
  7. Other buttkicker to take in acount, SRS U-Shake: https://www.simracingstudio.com/product-page/srs-ushake6-includes-srs-license-for-bass-shaker
  8. Is it normal that the IVAO planes go so not smooth, like stuttering in the air, and not smooth like majority FS20 own online traffics do? An inside IVAO App in the upper bar doesn´t exist, right?, for VR.
  9. "Visual quality of your home" option in low and 720p, it uses and address less VRAM of your GPU if you don´t have 24GB. VRAM a known stutter machine if overloaded.
  10. I miss that in the Follow me car you could program the route over an airport chart as you receive the ATC taxi clearances.
  11. I am and feel very proud of myself buying this today, I am in a soft cloud of happiness floating. I am installing it now, though, is it normal that the updater button is active in the FSDT installer always?, always there is a update or you can reupdate your update updatable?
  12. Is there a mod of a GPS autopilot? or the multifunction screen glass cockpit version of the Goose?
  13. Oh, are you there learning to read?😆 I do not pretend to be funny, you make me laugh, thanks.
  14. hahahah don´t you know read? I was asking hahah 😉🤣 , you are so intelligent showing you off since the first response to me haha.
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