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  1. Be sure not to have other bindings on those buttons interfering related to the aircraft controls, or maybe the same function in other buttons, camera or drone assignments does not affect in it.
  2. I watched a minor misspellings in I watched a minor misspellings in the Ornithopter switches and buttons in the Arrakis language, hope they fix that in the next update.
  3. +1, totally recommended this Expansion in VR and after try it two days, good landscapes and a funny game inside of the Simulator, and the Ornithopter really fun, even in the Planet Earth, for those that love helis and hand control, the Ornithopter is for you too.
  4. Thanks, definitely really is the same or maybe better in the flight dynamics, the problem is that is really more sensitive with the rudder and cyclic gamepad stick movements, and doing it with really tiny-small movements they are solved. The problem is that the Gamepad sensitivities are shared with all the other Gamepad profiles, and they were already tuned for me, maybe I can do other adjustments better for all aircrafts. More funny to fly it without Assistances, though incredibly a pleasure to flight with the assistances on to fly comfy in pleasures and sightseeing flights, there are no other Helis like the HPG ones in the market. Sorry for the doubts in you HPG, hope someday you can forgive me.
  5. What do you think about the flight model of this Aircraft, I can fly very well and smooth and precise both helicopters of MSFS without any assistance on, though this helicopter without auto trim etc. is totally unflyable, for my totally unrealistic, even like for me, maybe with unnatural robotic movements or so?, a pity.
  6. What Great Plane and cabin, exterior fuselage, and so on.
  7. And you will can use the MS ships live tracking with your ships right?, and the provider problem solved then maybe?
  8. So MS2024 itself will include their own real live worldwide traffic ships, good too.
  9. No, I bet and think that this version will be included in the 2024 version and officially, maybe.
  10. If you fly this copter in online with others that not have the Heli, what they watch actually, the small general aircraft or the airliner? Hope ASOBO solves that in a near future, in the FS2024 they stated that is solved.
  11. The Dauphin 365 always was one of the better and favourite.
  12. That, or a real new Wi-Fi system for transmit video without compression nor latency compared to DP, though I prefer DP, I am not much friend of EMF more than the unavoidable.
  13. Sure this will be improved, many many hours of fun with the best heli for me in all Flight Sims and in X-Plane 11, till arrived MSFS with theirs. I couldn´t even take off with the first flight model in the first download, they will solve it sure.
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