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  1. If not we hope Bojote makes his work again meanwhile.
  2. Is it going to be compatible with VR since launch?, if not, null interest of me in it till then.
  3. Have you got silver bullets or wooden stakes near the PC?, a string of garlics?, does the sun light hit directly the PC during the flight?
  4. I recommend having the same OLOD in 2D/VR, entering in VR and out, this app can retain the 2D one, if it is higher and giving less performance.
  5. At this pace I think SU16 will be released before SU15.
  6. 🚁🚁This was my first recorded in VR ever testing before the part one haha, but I think it deserves to watch it and keep it saved.
  7. I pray for the day that SteamOS or similar in magnitude, launches their PC version with VR support.
  8. Really good, excellent FMS and a MSFS map with the route in the WX screen and the position in the charts, excellent, really thanks, impressive funny machine, better and better, really deserves the Professional name.
  9. Those in Simmarket like me, download again the 146 and the update is that. It has not triggered like other times other updates and addons, that I don´t use since many years and are deleted and never I had downloaded in this PC. Weird, maybe because it is a new version and not a minor update of and former version number? And the update is from this morning that they sent an email about that seeking this afternoon in the Inbox.
  10. Thanks for the info, I was doubling a anti anxiety dose. Would be possible to add a tab in the EFB, the Navigraph map charts? exactly as it is in the one inside MSFS, only like to watch it there as it is in the EFB?, without adding nothing more, only fitting it there, and not to have it in other place unrealistically floating?, and more now that we can write in them. And that would add the best nowadays possible route flight plan where to show it, and showing where you are and what the plane is doing, as many of us requested.
  11. I hope it comes with a modern G5000 fitted and with autothrottle.
  12. Edit: And now I went to flight it and the Heli keeps asking activation despite restart, reboot, reinstall the helicopter etc., great, maybe is something in the servers or I don´t now. This is the advert: "Activate product Activation is automatic through operations center. Try restarting the flight once if this is unexpected, then check your PC date/time and then reinstall the aircraft" And the 160 the same... Edit: Checking a second time, the PC had one hour plus different than my time zone, problem solved. Reinstalling the former version apparently could cure this too.
  13. Yes yes, I knew that thanks, but I only prefer more “official” Updates from the Operation Center, and I don´t like Discord haha.
  14. The rotor does not spin and is fixed like a cross over the heli, on others users and in online, is that a HPG problem or MSFS?, the Bell 407 had the same problem and was solved in an update, I guess the 165 has the same problem then?.
  15. Maybe you can add a poll in the first post for curiosity. Between 30 and 60 yes, absolutely a very noticeable difference, more from that yes too, though not so noticeable. You can observe that in a monitor of 165Hz like mine, and move the cursor over a fixed screen image, and between 100Hz and 165Hz (Hz= times per second) I can notice clearly the more smooth cursor movement, not the noticeable huge difference like 30 and 60, though. The minimum acceptable for me in a game is 60fps, though I have played too in the past at the un-natural 30 for hardware and Sim reason, and was "acceptable" and "happy" too.
  16. If that movement could be a bit faster, it will be a new propulsion system in airplanes, similar to the ornithopter.
  17. What need all the EFBs of all addons, is a tab for the original map-charts of Navigraph as it is the one inside the Sim in the upper tab options, Navigraph sure is happy of that because rise their paid subscriptions and give promotion and publicity to Navigraph, and more with their new function for to write in the charts. Only a Navigraph moving map..., and when the subscription ends?, there is no map? haha, better then include another source for maps like many other EFBs... Great and impressive aircraft this.
  18. Ohhh ok ok, now I know I was failing in something in my landings, the nose wheels need to touch down first before the rears, ok ok, lesson learnt, thanks.
  19. What times those a pair of years ago, when I learnt with hard and persistent training, to land the F18 and the Citations, maybe I have to return to refresh my skills ahhahah.
  20. They are going to develop another A320, sure, It's the fashion now and the nowadays trend.
  21. What times those in the Pleistocene when we was praying by first time for an a fly by wire A320, and now..., I feel some times that there are many too much, and other aircrafts praying to be developed for MSFS and nobody wants to do it. I think that gives money to all, and happy that the FS market todays is broad enough for that. If this is for replace the original of MSFS for one more advanced and “free”, it is ok too.
  22. Is it a bit dark the cockpit windows, right?, would be ideal an option to regulate that, I understand that are versions IRL ones darker than others possibly. Really thanks to bring to MSFS this helicopter. Sorry for being so fussy (I am not sure is this word is correct, using a translator for that word from my language: tiquismiquis-quisquilloso) hahaha. Watching videos now, would be ok to have an option to have those skis in the wheels. Regards.
  23. FSLTL-AIG is only real live-AI traffic, not real people in online, right?, I don´t like either too much in IVAO. I tried AIG some years ago in the beginnings and it didn´t convince me, maybe now is different and deserves sure a new try.
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