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  1. They are saying 'turn OFF ' AI tracking in LNM to solve the stutters. I'm installing now, will report back.... Thanks all for the replies.
  2. Greetings, couple questions : 1. Does this new sim support 'broadcast GPS data to newtwork' or similar , like P3D and XPlane both do ? I want my Foreflight ! 2. Has anyone successfully linked the new sim to communicate with LittleNavMap ? thanks all,
  3. Can you elaborate ? How did you determine correct clock setting? thx
  4. The folks that are not seeing the crashes - please share your Win version, graphics mfr & driver. There are soo many variants / builds of Win10 out there currently, and I read about all these warnings & problems with them. Is your machine set to ‘auto update’ Windows? Mine was not, & I was still on ver 1809. With P3D v5 in ‘beta’, some but not all addons ready, & Windows ‘issues’ = really tough scenario to nail down the problem. Food for thought! Cheers.
  5. Absolutely yes. I normally use PTA for my shaders, and I’ve tried many different presets, then I tried reverting to stock, unmod’d shaders. Nothing helps. The sky & any clouds that are present look horrible. I’m resigned to the fact that to do a truly immersive night flight, use X-Plane11.
  6. No, its not fixed, and if it was, I wouldn't have created this post. thanks for the guess tho. Hamilton, thanks - that's exactly what I was looking for. I do use the 'transparency' fix, but then when I actually _do_ need a 2D panel (outside of VR, for configuring w&b or aircraft setup etc), I forget that the transparency is max'd out, causing some windows to not appear at all. What a pain. I will incorporate the change into the panel.cfg today. I am going to do it for the 777 and the 737u. cheers & thanks
  7. Did this bug ever get fixed or did I miss something ? this is when you go into PMDG virtual cockpit in VR, and you see this large, blank white 2D panel smack in the middle of your view. The workaround was/is setting '2D transparency" to 100%. But having just completed a 4.5 HF3 fresh start install, this bug is still there ? Can anyone comment ? I am surprised it's never been addressed....its been around since early 4.x cant even remember when. I use Oculus VR. cheers.
  8. For you GSX users, also give these a try with VR / avatar mode: -request ‘deboarding’ then avatar-outside , stand under the wing & watch the deboarding. Do this while parked with no gate. The pax (zombies) walk down the stairs to the bus. - On you next flight, start your pushback, then start one engine, then switch (while in VR) to “custom view > pushback driver 1st person”. Its another fun view & really neat to see the plane from that perspective while hearing the engine spool up. Then, the tug will disconnect & return to its origin, you get some great views of your plane & other ground vehicles. cheers.
  9. Same here. 1.Navigraph for up to date charts worldwide -in one place. 2. ForeFlight on iPad - realworld tool / navigation / EFB / situational awareness w/ moving map ; and 3. LittleNavMap - to see traffic, ships, and just great looking maps.
  10. I am seeing the same thing. I just finished rebuilding P3D45HF3. Full, clean reinstall with no cfg leftovers, etc. I just reinstalled from scratch the FSDreamTeam KIAH airport. Double entry shows up in AOM 154b03. Also, the 'Exclude" component is stubbornly showing as violet / incorrect path. The XML is placed in %documents%add ons, (by the FSDT native installer), and it correctly points to a path on another drive. I had to manually correct. Not sure what I am doing wrong. cheers,
  11. +1 and I have had that 'feeling' for years - that algo is bugged. Without some type of addon mgr, its hopeless....
  12. (P3D 4.5_HF3) I do notice that load times can increase when XML add-ons are changed / added to / reconfigured. But anything more than say 3 or 4 minutes and I would start to look for another strategy. Lorby add on manager ? SimStarter? ie, something to be able to select add-ons for a particular flight ( and disable the other hundred or so that aren't needed ). Agree with you that when, for example all of my MegaEarth add ons were enabled (think tens of thousands of BGL's), it takes a ridiculously long time to load. But I definitely do not see AIG AIM as the cause, and I have major airlines around the world & their associated flightplans. (AIG is set up via XML method, outside the sim root folder). cheers,
  13. Thanks Matt. Appreciate the update since I just completed a fresh 4.5HF3 reinstall. It was time to just start fresh. And PTA takes it from bland to WOW with a couple clicks. Your preset is all thats needed to get to great visuals. This ver of the sim is most likely where I stay until something better comes along.... v5 is just not ready for primetime, no matter what the diehards say. Huge disappointment and I submitted for refund. I want to fly, not fix. Personally I think this is the end of the line for my investment in Prepar3d, given the competitive landscape (now and forthcoming) in simulators. I can only imagine what it must be like to develop for something like this....a moving target of sorts with endless more ‘hotfixes’ on the horizon. Your supporting us in 4.x over the years has been just great. Thank you for your work. 😀 cheers mate.
  14. I thought for sure he was either going to hit the 'wall' OR one of those long stutters / pauses would not stop & it would freeze / CTD. thx for posting, I appreciated watching those.
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