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  1. Vertex DA62. Best value, awesome flight model. Just bought it after extensively researching all the offerings & accompanying reviews & forum posts. A joy to fly.
  2. Guys, I honestly think it’s something else other than internal P3D / video settings. Reason: I’m also noticing the same, after recently seeing silky smooth performance. In my case, nothing else has changed except the seemingly endless Windows10 updates. I’m doing more testing today ...and my core 0 has plenty of headroom. Suddenly m.stuttering at both FLightBeam KSFO taxi/takeoff, and at FSDT KIAH approach. Annoyed.
  3. Same here - it’s part of my startup checklist for every P3D flight. Please post here with your experiences with the new build & 2080Ti - hope it works out great. I would like to know what CPU & MoBo you’re picking too. John
  4. Hi, Can you say more about what you mean here ? I get the fact that a lot of people dont see value (bang/buck) in the 2070's generally, but would like to understand more about what refer to above. I'm on CV1 right now and will upgrade soon, and Reverb is the leader. My card is 1080Ti. cheers, JB
  5. I still use the Rift CV1 but seriously considering getting a Reverb...I keep reading good things about it. Agree that FS2 is one of the best VR engines out there. Dave thx for the settings above. Matches mine closely. Also, I recently went a step further (getting frustrated with P3D stutters) so I used Lasso & moved all other processes off of core 0 and 1 , but leave P3D and Oculus - and wow what a huge difference - smooth as silk.
  6. Have to 2nd that one....flew the PMDG 738 out of there yesterday , surrounded by the awesome MegaScenery (on sale!) SanFran Bay Area.....Thundering down RWY 28L - with not a stutter anywhere - pure joy...And that was in VR. FlightBeam have impressed me. Getting KDEN next.
  7. Just did it & thx for posting ! Like you, I don’t fly flatscreen anymore!
  8. I 'upgraded' to the S from the CV-1. After a week of trying it, I decided it was not worth the $400 and I returned it. The CV-1 still works fine, and the money to go to the S was not worth it for me. I was expecting much better visuals, but that was not the case. Others will disagree. But, when I shell out $400 , I expect a real upgrade. The 'S' is only marginally better. my 2c... the Reverb, however....sounding more and more compelling.
  9. Totally agreed.. coming in from the east the other day, flying over the strip and setting up for a landing on 19L....trying to concentrate on procedures but staring down out the cockpit window at the 'strip' below, spotting the water fountain show in progress at the Belagio....AWESOME !! Just fantastic. cheers,
  10. I have been meaning to check in and see how the progress is coming with FlyInside's flightsim, so I will definitely head over there and download the latest. Sounds like you can get Bing satellite imagery as well ? that will be great. thx.
  11. Successfully updated EnvShade. User interface works fine but any shader mods / adjustments do not appear / take effect in the sim. Cleared the cache, restarted P3D but still only original, default P3D shaders. Still playing with it but so far...no joy.
  12. ....and repair / replace terrain.cfg https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/79004-resolving-rapid-ground-texture-morphing/
  13. smartCARS Premium from TFDI Design Corp. Pause @ TOD and pause under abnormal flight conditions. We use this in the VA.
  14. Thanks to you guys for a great write-up and recommendation. I am on the Rift CV-1 (still) ; I had the Rift-S but I did not see a $400 difference between the two so I returned it. I can simply oversample the CV1 to 1.6 with the debug tool and on this rig (8700k at 4.8 Ghz and 1080Ti) it still gives rock solid performance (xcept at EHAM ! haha). The Rift-S looked no better, and felt heavier to me. I am now researching / deciding for the next headset between PiMax and Reverb2, but it sounds like the newer Reverb is the way to go. I might order one soon. cheers,
  15. joby33y

    "Turn" problem

    Hello, Here's the issue I've encountered, both in the 777 and the 737, so I'm sure this must be pilot error ! - Land at an airport, taxi to the gate, park, shut down, and then select 'Load Panel State" in the FMC - selecting PMDG short - (without shutting down the sim - I want to 'turn' the aircraft for the next leg) - Load my fuel, payload, and flight plan - Taxi out, checklists complete, ready to depart - Selecting TO/GA with the clickspot as always, aircraft accelerates to maybe 80 - 100kts then gets really sluggish, inadequate power for normal takeoff. Bleeds, packs, etc are set correctly. I use checklists - all the time. I'm posting this here because I just experienced this in the 777, but I've had it happen in the 737 as well. Seems I have to shut down P3D and start from scratch to fly the next leg, whereas I'd like to just 'turn' the flight. I'm doing something wrong in the sequence here, trying to start the next flight. What is it ? cheers,
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