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  1. Try this : remove the rubber nosepiece on the G2…it is easily removed by gently pulling straight out. Then move your Foreflight / iPad closer to your yoke. You’ll find that you can ‘peek’ through the bottom of the headset & see your plates/map/etc without the hassle of actually removing the headset. TIP: you can easily re-affix the piece back to the G2 if you don’t care for the result. I have been doing this for years (starting with Oculus Rift) & I find it works as a good compromise between immersion & being able to see the iPad while practicing IFR procedures. The benefit is that it forces you to become ‘expert’ with Foreflight (rather than fumbling around in menus), which is a critical skill if you’re using it in real IFR.
  2. For those that haven’t yet braved the flight up into the mountains and into Lukla VNLK, I highly recommend you take the time & do it. The enroute scenery & airport eye candy that Asobo included is fantastic, and the flight / approach requires your due diligence as a pilot. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.
  3. If someone could remind me on how to set it up to be able to use rudder pedals for ground steering / tiller, I’d appreciate it. I’m reinstalling into 5.4 and I use FSUIPC6. & do not want to taxi / steer with Aileron axis.
  4. RD Shade tip : While adjusting settings I discovered that the tweak for ‘cockpit brightness’ works great - but its the lower numbers that increase the brightness, not higher. I applied a 0.8 to this tweak and both FS Labs & PMDG cockpits just popped. If that was in the manual, I probably missed it. But being able to apply & preview shader mods while in the Sim (without having to restart it to see the effects) is what sold me on this tool. I’m using Envtex, ASP3D, ASCA & RD Shade on P3D 5.4. Excellent results & I’m just getting started.
  5. Unable to control the amount of traffic / number of active flight plans ….no go. I just don’t get why they deprecated that feature two releases ago.
  6. When you reboot your PC, please try unplugging the G2 first, then exit the WMR portal, then shut down & restart the PC. (Just unplugging the power block is fine; no need to futz around with displayport etc). Allow the PC to restart, then plug in the G2. Wait for WMR home portal to start, then ‘clear environment settings’ and recalibrate your room ‘position’. Did you hear static noise when the portal started up & plays the soundbyte? If so, you may want to check for Win updates or re-install the WMR /G2 drivers. Remove / disable add-ons that you may recently have added to MSFS, Then try it & see if this solves the issue. The WMR portal has recently been updated by MS - I am on Win 11.
  7. Its just like Joerg stated at his presentation at FSExpo…they’re starting to bump up against the limits of what the FS2020 engine is capable of….
  8. For me, it was always the ‘fear’ of running out of disk space on that pesky C:\ drive as one adds more & more sceneries etc. Never let Windows run out of room …. I use (as many do) the excellent Lorby add-on organizer. I have a separate \addons directory in addition to a standalone Orbx library. Very flexible & simple to reinstall or update a P3D client if needed.
  9. The ‘best’ looking ocean water in 5.4 in my experience is achieved by using Toga EnvTex, photoreal Ocean set for ocean & tropical waters, then set water in P3D on ‘Ultra’. You’re not going to see those beautiful swells & caps like the ‘other’ sim, but this is a really good looking water depiction in my opinion.
  10. Start with your Windows Mixed Reality portal. Reset your position in VR : set your “seated” position, click “I’m sure”, then click ‘center’ at the prompt. You should now see the Microsoft VR home environment if done correctly. Now start P3D, set up the flight, then enable VR.
  11. Yeah ! Had to jump in here. Upgraded from 3080 to 4080 and I was really pleasantly surprised at the jump in performance. It made spending that cash a little less painful. I am going to try DX12 again to see what that brings. But having to turn bloom ‘off’ is a bummer.
  12. I’m flying 5.4 and still enjoying the thousands of $ worth of addons for it. However, I’m keeping 6.0 , because I believe that eventually, it will become great. I like what I see in terms of atmosphere. This whole situation reminds me of when 5.0 was released. I jumped on that one day 1 as well. But, by day 7 it was refund time. Just couldn’t compare to 4.x at the time. But fast fwd 2 yrs and four or five ‘hotfixes’ and wow what a difference. The big difference now is there’s an elephant in the room and many developers have left. But I think eventually 6.x will shine.
  13. So far, I’ve got Orbx base, Open LC & some of True Earth installed. Also got PMDG 737 NGXu installed. Controls via FSUIPC (v6 ready). Scenery sorting / managing with Lorby AO. Test flight KRSW - KATL - no problems. When installing Orbx (non object flow) things, I recommend you use Central (after you tweak your registry) & do a proper install, vs simply asking Lorby to link via XML (quicker but can create visual problems in terrain). Today I’m installing the 777, 747, and (behold) Majestic Q. Then I’ll get cocky & try CP… BIG shout out to those brave devs who took the time to continue our journey with v6 support on day 1: (Oliver) Lorby, Dowson’s, & Majestic. AWESOME… Also the experts here on this forum who reminded me of that registry tweak. I do fly a lot in VR and I have to say it’s performance so far is fantastic. Pardon my enthusiasm but I am migrating from 4.5. No more ‘single pass’ AND all tone, brightness & saturation controls work…That is something LM have brought to the table that the other sims don’t have….bravo. I had forgotten how satisfying it can be to tweak (and have the freedom to experiment with) the sim. Reading other forums / groups around the ‘net, I feel like I’m one of a small group of P3D die hards. Well, so be it.
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