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  1. wow, what kind of setup in your PC lets you connect with so many hard drives? Most motherboards only have 6 to 8 SATA slots? I just bought a 10TB harddrive dedicated to Ortho4XP. Once it's filled I'll probably buy another one for making more tiles. I have a home NAS (unRAID) setup of 25TB with 6TB left. I'm going to backup Ortho4XP with all the orthophotos only. In case the drive crash I shall only need to reconvert orthophotos to jpg to rebuild the tiles.
  2. I'm in the progress of doing tiles covering the whole US at ZL17. about 60% done now. At 30 tiles/day average this is a long march but I thoroughly enjoyed the orthos. Never thought about combing the tiles. I just copy shortcuts to those tiles into custom scenery folder. Seems to be simple and easy enough. It's hard to group those tile into states etc, too much work..
  3. Good to know that. I just searched and found a youtube video showing FS2 + Geoconvert, looks very nice. I don't see autogens, so I guess that is due to the problems with cultivation tools? To me having autogens on ortho scenery is essential, as I never liked bare photo-only scenery. I hope FS2 will eventually develop the right tool. Oh, traffic on the road... I really really want to see that in FS2.
  4. Sorry I was kind of topic, I probably got overdosed by Ortho4XP... I have Aerofly and I'm not belittling it. But it definitely can benefit from sth like Ortho4XP to let user easily build their own high quality scenery based on high resolution ortho photos and up to date OSM data. I knew there is a similar tool being developed by AFS2, but based on the forum feedback it's not very user-friendly yet.
  5. Looks nice! Typical Orbx style. I have been totally sucked into Ortho4XP in XP11 though. I already covered 1/2 of US with zoom level 17 tiles. I can really appreciate OpenStreetMap, as combining OSM with Ortho photos through Ortho4XP really makes everywhere covered by tiles look as good as Orbx-lite level addons, with much better autogen (house, trees etc) placement since they're all based on real-world data, and I can cover the whole US! Such scale and level of details and accuracy in regenerating the real world in a flight simulator is just incredible (although I have to a buy 10TB drive just for that...)
  6. I agree with this. Andras must have done with enormous efforts to put out his product. If he makes it easier to download, that's great. If this is the way the downlaod is, it's up to us to figure out how to make the best of situation. I may just buy the USB stick version. For the price it's very reasonable. Of course, if someone puts the whole package to torrent that'll be great. 120GB for torrent is not that big at all.
  7. Just read it. Perfect explanation. Very much appreciated! Yang
  8. Thanks! I'v been using simeheavens w2xp layers together with Ortho4XP. I'll see how the forest overlay may do. To me ortho still beats the XP11 default texture. I agree XP11 textures are very good, but ortho textures contain these nuance color/hue/pattern variations making them just look better and more "real". It'll be great one day XP textures completely replace the orthos. Yes I read your post before, extremely informative and really helps me to understand the process in XP11. I still need to learn how XP11 prioritize different layers etc though.
  9. The forest/woodland definition in those photos looks so great. The more I fly Ortho4XP the more I dislike those misplaced trees and forests. I'm still new to XP11, just curious what is the relationship between UHD mesh and Ortho4XP tiles? Can the two be used together or they're both about mesh/texture so only one can actually get used by XP11?
  10. when will it be available? couldn't wait....
  11. I googled and it seems "set( "sim/private/controls/clouds/cloud_shadow_lighten_ratio", 0.950000)" is the one to make clouds darker, default value is 0.5 or 0.75. But I didn't see anything obvious. I have HDR on.
  12. To me is both the intensity (you can hardly tell there are shadows) and the flickering which is very distracting. P3D nailed cloud shadow pretty much on the first try, and even FSX can have decent cloud shadows with DX10 plugin (?). I assumed this thing is easy but apparently XP11 just couldn't get it right.
  13. Cloud shadows on ground look pretty nice in P3D, but I can hardly see any cloud shadows on the ground in XP11. If I look really hard I may see some kind of really faint and flicking grays spots on the grounds, but nothing looks like shadows in P3D. Are you guys having the same experience too? Shadows of terrain, trees and buildings etc are kind of ok, though still not as as good as P3D I'd say. This is the section in my lua file for settings on shadow (modified and collected from other peoples' shadow settings). The set( "sim/private/controls/clouds/cloud_shadow_lighten_ratio", 0.950000) is supposed to make cloud shadow darker but doesn't seem to do anything obvious. I'm new to XP11 and learning the lua and settings though. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -- SHADOWS -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -- reduce "the shake rattle and roll of the shadows" -- the max value is 4! set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/csm_split_exterior", 4) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/csm_split_interior", 4) ------------------------------------------------------------------ -- shadow_cam_size: Lower quality has jagged edges. -- 2048 (low), 4096 (medium), 8192 (high) set( "sim/private/controls/fbo/shadow_cam_size", 8192) set( "sim/private/controls/clouds/shadow_size", 4096) ------------------------------------------------------------------ -- min_res_for_shadow: get rid of flashing cloud shadows? -- cloud_shadow_lighten_ratio: bigger number = darker (default:0.5) set( "sim/private/controls/clouds/min_res_for_shadow", 1.5) set( "sim/private/controls/clouds/cloud_shadow_lighten_ratio", 0.950000) ------------------------------------------------------------------ -- cockpit_near_adjust: shadow distance? -- cockpit_near_proxy: shadow distance? set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/cockpit_near_adjust", 3) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/cockpit_near_proxy", 20) ------------------------------------------------------------------ -- far_limit: shadow distance -- lambda_cockpit: Lower number extends shadow to the horizon -- up to a point, a whole number doesn't work. set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/csm/far_limit", 50000.00) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/csm/lambda_cockpit", 0.850000) ------------------------------------------------------------------ set("sim/private/controls/skyc/max_shadow_angle",-89) set("sim/private/controls/skyc/min_shadow_angle",-90) set("sim/private/controls/shadow/last_3d_pass", 2.0)
  14. Will you make a stand alone GTN 650/750 etc that I can run from a second computer through network? I'm running AirManager on a second computer with touch screen exclusively for panels and like the setup very well. But AM doesn't have any complex panels.
  15. Thanks for the update. Any plans to add road traffic to FS2? I'm really missing moving cars in FS2, they makes the scenery much more live and believable.