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  1. I just watched the videos too since they're still at bilibili. One thing it looks disappointing, compared to the MS own promotion videos, is the global lighting on the land looks very dull and bland, very much similar looking of FSX/P3D. Hopefully this is just because some higher settings were turned off.
  2. You must be talking about Ortho4XP for X-Plane. Man, I have two 8TB drives almost full of the ortho tiles covering the whole US at ZL17 and 90% of Canada! It's fun and easy but still so much extra efforts and imperfect results. So happy seeing MSFS doing all the job for us at 100x better quality and 10000x scale covering the whole earth. This is dream coming true, still can't believe it's happening!
  3. throwing some random dirt on the paint texture file should be easy?
  4. In this screenshot we clearly see double shadows, one baked into the Bing image and one generated by the sim. I'm curious whether Azure AI can eventually remove baked shadows in Bing images, or at least make them pale enough to be much less noticeable. I'd imagine this kind of double shadow scene can be quite jarring when flying over skyscrapers, mountains and hills etc.
  5. Is this XP11 or P3D? My guess is it's XP11 given the brightness and color of these screentshots.
  6. Wow, that's great news. Sadly haven't got time to fly XP for quite a while now. Hope to find time to enjoy it soon.
  7. Is it compatible with photo tiles like those made by Ortho4XP?
  8. Thanks for the answer! 1.2m/px is ZL17 which is the zoom level I used for my almost all my own Ortho4XP tiles. That's great. Definitely will find time to purchase and fly the scenery!
  9. I agree that a high quality global texture for XP11 would be nice. The quality of current textures in XP11 is definitely not satisfying. Those textures just don't look well polished, kind of amateurish. Ortho4XP is great and I made >10TB orthos using it. Even for me, since I haven't done any orthos for about a year restarting Ortho4XP still feels a bit dreadful as there are always some hoops to jump through to get everything run smoothly. To Tony, what is the zoom lever of GB TrueEarth ortho? Sorry if this question has already been asked and answered. Haven't bought it since haven't got time to fly sims for quite a while. Sure can understand and appreciate your efforts on correcting those ortho images. It'll be a pity if the ZL is too low.
  10. Wow, that's fantastic. Since I haven't bought the product yet, is it as easy as pointing Ortho4XP to Orbx folder and letting it extract autogen overlays from it?
  11. That's exactly I was talking about. I wan to use my own ortho tiles with Orbx overlay.
  12. I heard it's only ZL15. Of course, will be very happy if good quality ZL17 orthos are used. I mostly do only ZL17 tiles on Ortho4XP.
  13. I guess the only thing I dislike is the low resolution ortho images they'll include in the scenery. Understandable due to the download size limit. But I hope Orbx will also consider the option of including say ZL17 ortho images and charge a (reasonably) higher price. I'll be in heaven if they do that. Or, Orbx could let users use their own orthos. I'm willing just to buy their customized autogen layer alone and pair it with my own good Ortho4XP tiles.
  14. Sorry no idea about trees as I guess they're planted by autogen. You could modify the tree textures though to make trees look shorter or taller.
  15. Yeah you can easily make the highway textures transparent but it probably won't look nice. I haven't done this but I guess the main problem will be too many highways in XP are elevated, so if highway road surface is gone everything else like cars, signs, light posts will look like floating in the air, very distracting. If some elevated highways are in fact bridges then they'll still be stuck there with white surfaces. Hopefully in the future XP will make highways follow the terrain much more realistically.
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