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  1. and for the rest of us who used P3D before MSFS, we definitely remember that it took LockheedMartin quite a while and several point release updates to successfully implement the DX12 API, without crashing and running out of VRam. DirectX 12 VRAM Management Recommendations for Prepar3D v5 http://prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=138387
  2. while we are at it, I just found this, something I would rate very high if I was in the market for a private airplane: "PC-12 – The Safest and World's Best-Selling Single Turboprop is Leader of Its Class With demand for the PC-12 NG as high as ever, Pilatus sold 80 PC-12 NGs last year. As a result, the PC-12 again claims the title of world’s best-selling single-engine turboprop in its category. One of the reasons behind this success is surely the fact that the PC-12 is one of the safest turboprops ever built, outperforming even twin-engine turboprops in this respect. Statistical data reveals that the safety record of the PC-12 with the PT6 exceeds other single-engine aircraft by far, outperforming even twin-engine turboprops. ... the PC-12 is the best-selling turboprop in its class." https://www.pilatus-aircraft.com/en/news-events/media-release/pc-12-the-safest-and-worlds-best-selling-single-turboprop-is-leaser-of-its-class
  3. #metoo not French. apart from great looks, what's the advantage of the pc12 over the TBM 900?
  4. Author Carenado "let's hope as soon as possible, we assume it's days, maybe a couple of weeks, don´t know... but it doesn't depend 100% on us, remenber it will only be in the MSFS2020 marketplace, there are certain times that we do not handle."
  5. as of today, according to Carenado: soonerer yet again: Carenado 2 hrs · Dear friends, these have been hard days of work and we are very close to our launch, we understand your disappointment at the delay due to unexpected setbacks, but all this waiting time has not been in vain, we promised you to have it operational... the great GTNXi by TDS, and our EX600
  6. is this a Carenado or Pilatus screenshot?
  7. and the avsim crowd has yet another forum thread to argue about, every now and then. I couldn't "careless" 😊
  8. συμφωνώ - je suis d'accord - I agree I could fly this very version SU10 for years, I haven't even been to 20% of the places in the MSFS world, and even if I was, I am looking forward to many happy returns. I can not imagine any other "game" that has the potential to entertain me for another ten years. the world is not enough? - for me it certainly is.
  9. what? I did both, amateur radio AND private flying. you wouldn't have flown very far for only $1k/ per year. actually nowhere, considering the mandatory annual inspection alone costs $1k/year. plus hangar, registration, insurance, and we have not yet paid for a single gallon of fuel. own the plane, leave it in the hangar and just sit in it once in a while while reading the forums, that might be closer to amateur radio expenses. 😊
  10. DX12 is not automatic and not the same DX12 in other sims, It is a library, with lots of options for the developers to choose from. you could in theory re-compile FSX against the DX12 API and it would still look the same "Dark Ages" as with DX 9, unless the developers implement all those fantastic graphic engine capabilities that only MSFS provides. proof: P3Dv5, compiled using DX12, and still looks like "Dark Ages".
  11. sounds familiar 😊 you are lucky, now what would you do without flight simming? dreaming of a flight simulator or perhaps learn to play a music instrument?
  12. should have thought about that earlier and do it like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk et al, they must have never bought a single addon since FS2 at full price, or only on black fridays. that's how you become a billionaire.
  13. yes you are missing something and PilotPlus are clearly and deliberately acting against the rules: 1) "If your customers are consumers: Consumers usually have to pay VAT and / or can’t generally recover VAT. The ASA has ruled against many ads for quoting VAT-exclusive prices without marketers taking into account that not all of their customers did not have to pay VAT or were able to recover VAT. Therefore, if your customers are consumers, all prices you quote should include VAT." 2) "Ensure that they see only those prices that apply to them." 3) "VAT-exclusive prices should be accompanied by a prominent statement of the amount or rate of VAT payable and the ASA has upheld complaints where this was not the case." 4) "Quoted prices must include non-optional taxes, duties, fees and charges that apply to all or most buyers. However, VAT-exclusive prices may be given if all those to whom the price claim is clearly addressed pay no VAT or can recover VAT." https://www.asa.org.uk/static/uploaded/adac9dec-45de-4bfe-90a1194ba10ad1d2.pdf
  14. we would love to welcome you back, anytime. with or without VAT 😊 A man walked into the local Chamber of Commerce of a small town, obviously desperate. Seeing a man at the counter, the stranger asks, “Is there a criminal attorney in town?” To which the man behind the counter immediately quipped, “Yeah, but we can’t prove it yet!”
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