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  1. https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4406047066770-How-to-fix-a-black-loading-screen
  2. sim pilots don't know/care for this runway sign issue and give a fax, and many 3rd party scenery designers have no clue either and simply copied Asobo's mistakes. not the end of the world, but not real world either. have to hurry now and catch my real world A320, to where the sun shines on real runway signs. see you later everybody. 😊
  3. autopilot ON/OFF and VS does work as of v1.0.2 with Honeycomb Bravo.
  4. again, thread title and my post was re. dual runway numbers at runway end/start showing also the opposite runway number, not taxiways. FllightOne's BKSQ product didn't address/fix/mention any runway signs.
  5. or be the squeaking wheel until it gets its oil, as we did with improved atmospheric scattering.
  6. don't need to, they celebrate all the time. https://www.euronews.com/culture/2021/11/18/france-s-beaujolais-nouveau-festival-brings-joy-to-wine-lovers-after-pandemic-blues
  7. I thought the thread title was re. the current version 12.0.8.rc1, which still has cloud quirks.
  8. didn't work earlier today. they fixed it finally this afternoon with v1.0.2. in the ChangeLog no word about fixing their "custom" WorkingTitle G1000 that was messed up, that they had turned into a non-WorkingTitle G1000. now it's a fun plane. just in time for SU14 next week.😁 the link to their online manual still ends up in nirvana. after 2 weeks?
  9. unfortunately. and hasn't been for months. 🤣
  10. it is, because they had access to the original sources from Microsoft. and getting runway and taxiway signs and taxiway lights right is no coding issue, it is a data issue. and a very simple one.
  11. just installed it. hello old friend: strange clouds: while I was typing this: changed into very pretty clouds, have never seen such convincing clouds in XP before: but obviously still not completely fixed, unfortunately. a few minutes later strange clouds effects. not the end of the world, but still:
  12. they show yet another update on their contrail store, but it again installs the older buggy version 1.0.1 "Version v1.0.2-beta2"
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