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  1. TheFamilyMan

    When you do not sim?

    Give me good daytime weather and I'm off for a 30+ mile ride on my road bicycle, or riding up the canyon trail to the top of Black Mt. on my mt. bike. Give me a good UHD BR movie in the evening and I'm watching it on my 4K OLED tv, backed by my audio system. Give me a clean vinyl LP or a delectable CD and I'm listening to a 'virtual concert' in my living on my audiophile grade stereo. About half of my sizeable collection is classical. Oh the joys of adult toys. Of course, this include my computer and its flight sim controllers which together get a fair share of my attention too. And finally, give me some international flight tickets and my wife and I are off on yet another travel adventure. Or fill the truck with gas, hitch the travel trailer, and away we go.
  2. TheFamilyMan

    Hyper Thread or not?

    The only advantage I've really found with disabling HT is that for overclocking I've been able to reach a reasonably higher clock (4770k). IMO using either HT or no HT makes no noticeable difference. I've found that FSX at default (no affinity mask) will "do the right thing" if it senses HT. Some will strongly disagree with these statements (which is valid for them), and really what it comes down to is how one configures all the extra stuff that is layered with FSX, such as AS16 (weather), track IR, traffic apps, ATC apps, etc. As mentioned, try it and see what works best for you. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to HT and FSX.
  3. Read all about it: Last thing you'd want to think about ever happening...
  4. TheFamilyMan

    ACES Studio Member Responds to FSW Closure

    I was responding to the blame assigned by the quoted rant in the OP. I should have been more clear about that. Though IMO that statement holds for any product that fails in the marketplace: it's never the customers' fault. BTW, I really was hoping that DTG would kick serious bootie with FSW. My want was: give us a full featured FS with P3D (or better) quality. I thought that FSW was on its way, but apparently not nearly quick enough for its viability. Also, I'm not P3D user (yet).
  5. TheFamilyMan

    ACES Studio Member Responds to FSW Closure

    No business/product is immune to bad management. FSW fate was ultimately a result of this, and this alone. Blaming the consumer is plain silliness at best...hey, it's a free market...bring us what we want...don't blame us if you don't.
  6. TheFamilyMan

    Froogle's take on FSW and possible impact on P3D

    Froogle needs a good stiff kick for throwing something so ludicrous out on the web. That being said, there is always a possibility that LM will eventually ask for proof of academic involvement to purchase such a P3D license, which BTW is the norm for such licenses elsewhere. As for LM retroactively asking all such existing license holders to do so just isn't going to happen. Considering that LM forces you to pony up for a whole new license every few years, such a change in licensing enforcement would have its "desired" effect eventually.
  7. TheFamilyMan

    Farewell FSW

    What more needs to be said? But hey, aren't there three? What about good ol' (and I mean old) FSX/FSX:SE? There is still lots of 3PD software being developed and sold for it, and I'd guess that it's current volume is as much (or more so) than sold for P3D/XP11 combined (though I could be wrong ). Sure, it's not in active development, but that's not an issue for its substantial user base.
  8. TheFamilyMan

    Farewell FSW

    I just hate it when someone decides to stir the P3D "letters that shan't be uttered" pot, (a Mod no less at that). Sorry I brought that stuff up earlier...nuff said! Edit: Now back to our FSW regularly scheduled program...
  9. TheFamilyMan

    Farewell FSW

    So much potential lost. I feel for those at DTG that put their heart into reviving FSX. At least they still can sell FSX on steam (10+ years old, imagine that). All of a sudden that $200 flight sim investment I've yet to make seems a lot easier to swallow. BTW, I never could get into FSW, too many loose ends, though I was really hoping that it would succeed. Edit: Ummm, let's move on from the never ending single core use P3D discussion...OK? This is a FSW topic!
  10. TheFamilyMan

    Simmarket False Identify Purchase Please Help!

    ^^^^ THIS ^^^^ All that matters now is to get that CC number deactivated. This happens all too frequently and the banks know exactly how to deal with it. Heck, my BoA CC get reissued at least once a year because it gets compromised; half the time they do it proactively base on a perceived threat.
  11. TheFamilyMan

    Congratulations SpaceX !!

    I work at a major aerospace company (that does put stuff into space), and had the pleasure to watch the live feed at work with a few authentic rocket scientists. We all experienced elation and blown minds watching the successful landing of the booster motors at the launch pad. The consensus in the room was two fold: work hard enough, accept the risks and it will be accomplished, and dang...why am I stuck working here?
  12. Exactly my experience with my 4770K Z87 build. This situation almost feels as if it's a backhanded attempt by Intel to force hardware updates upon us while they've provided us with so little performance-wise incentive to do so over the last few years. If anything, since it's solely their fault, Intel should fully compensate vendors and insist that they generate bios updates going all the way back to at least Sandy Bridge, or offer update rebates for "unsupported" CPUs.
  13. My two cents on all this mess: A huge hardware design paradigm shift is about to take place that was just aching to happen. Welcome to the new computing world of security first, and performance relegated to second consideration.
  14. TheFamilyMan

    curvature blindness

    Interesting optical illusion. A bit mind blowing (for most), but is no hoax. Perhaps something we experience all the time but don't realize it. All of the below lines are the same consistent smooth sine wave:
  15. Those body shaker transducers need to be powered from an amp just like any other sort of passive (i.e. non-powered) speaker element. Seems that the sub output from your home theater amp outputs a line level output for its sub channel, which is probably meant to drive a powered sub. If you are lucky maybe your amp can be configured to drive that sub out at speaker level (i.e. to drive a passive sub). Otherwise you'll need to get a sub amp to drive that body shaker, or cannibalize the amp from the sub that goes with your amp.