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  1. To VR or not VR? So many opinions. My first VR experience was years ago in a HTC Vive Pro in FSX. Thought it was really cool, but the image quality was way too big an obstacle for me to get over. Fast forward to now, I rate my G2 as the bare VR minimum. Given the video's closing question: at any less and I'd be back at 2d (but enjoying 100% ultra and a razor sharp 120 render scale on my 2k monitor).
  2. If you are aching for a new nvidia gcard, RIGHT NOW is the time to get one. Sure, it'll be eclipsed by the 40 series eventually, but that eventually (and cost) is not nearly as certain as the deals available right now. My evga rtx 3080 ti FTW3 loves the SU10 beta's DLSS, flying VR in my Reverb G2 has never looked so good while performing well (though my cost of admission a year ago was $1550).
  3. OpenXR is implemented as an API/.dll, it's not an app. Perhaps your looking for the MS Mixed Reality Portal app, which is a VR front end for using a Windows Mixed Reality HMD, or the OpenXR Tools for Windows Mixed Reality, which is a tuning and development app for WMR apps. If you have Steam access, I think that their Windows Mixed Reality for Steam VR download includes the MS MRP app though not totally certain. Other than that, not sure were one can safely get these apps outside of the Windows Store; MS is really tight on how it distributes is software.
  4. Oops, fat fingered something on my phone, duplicate post deleted.
  5. Got my wires crossed between users here, sorry. But regardless, I'm not quite sure of the problems with using DLSS, since I'm not having one at all and am rather impressed and delighted at how well it's performing for me. I guess it's another of the endless cases with flight sims of YMMV.
  6. I'd say that's probably a true statement. Looks that you missed my comment above about using DLAA for your quest 2, go check it out.
  7. Surprising that I'm not experiencing this problem with my setup. I used the stock GA aircraft with the G1000 for my tests, and all were as I reported. I have the OpenXR render scale set to 100 via "OpenXR Tools for WMR". I only fly GA aircraft and the usual ones I fly are add-ons and have mostly steam gauges, hence my initial results. It'd be interesting to compare build hardware to see if there's some correlation there to this DLSS glass cockpit issue. Using nvidia driver 512.15
  8. I agree that the glass panel instruments are slightly less clear than their TAA counter part. Slightly in that I needed to do an A-B comparison to see the difference. Using "blurry" definitely is an overstatement. For AA settings I used TAA with 70 renderscale and 150 AMD sharpness, for these settings produce comparable frame rates which I get with DLSS Quality. Note that before using DLSS, these were my FSR settings in the OpenXR Toolkit. DLSS is now an AA setting that can replace TAA. As mention it has selectable modes. DLSS is a render scaling technology that enhances clarity using nvidia specific hardware/software. Each lower mode increases the downscale used, trading higher frame rate performance for less image quality. With a quest 2 I'd guess the following: the ground object shimmering will be gone, but since that HMD has a lower resolution than the Reverb G2 the cockpit clarity may not be enhanced as much, if at all. Edit: With a Quest 2 driven by a RTX 3080, DLAA, now an AA option, might work well to enhance the VR visual clarity since it's sort of an inverted DLSS: render at a higher resolution, then SS downscale to the HMD resolution. I hope we'll soon be reading the results of Quest 2 users doing this.
  9. Pie in the Sky about a week ago released a video expounding the VR performance benefits of using the DLSS feature of SU10 beta. I followed his advice to install it, and for me the results are fantastic! Though I'm getting the same FPS as pre-SU10 beta, and maybe a tiny bit higher in places, the big improvements for me (though I don't use a lot of addon scenery or airports) are: No more shimmering ground objects, anywhere or at any time!!!! Clearer instrument readouts in the cockpit Both of these now mitigated issues were my bane since I began using VR, and with DLSS "Quality" they are no more...well worth the hassle of joining the beta. As far as smoothness goes, it's really smooth with a 44 fps driver frame limit, which is just as it was with SU9 with all the same other settings (see my specs in my signature). Using DX11, now back to flying!
  10. As a Reverb G2 revised owner, I was having all sorts of funky tracking judder and zooming occurring on its own, until I found out that I have to clear the Environment Data in the Mixed Reality Portal about every two weeks (I found this workaround posted online). Once it's cleared all that "noise" goes away...though eventually it comes back 🙁. Sort a of pain to deal with, but it works. Seems to me it's a software issue that I hope HP/MS will fix (rather than point fingers). BTW, this problem effects other VR titles I play too.
  11. This says a lot, as in maybe a staff of 2 junior employees working on it for 6 months, if that. Perhaps it's a project for summer interns.
  12. My two responses: Whatever beer I'm drinking at the moment with with friends or the home brew I make. There are way too many things to enjoy about beer/ale...I don't bother to limit myself to anything in particular. The same is true for scotch, though I'll gladly drink and enjoy cheap beer much more than cheap scotch. Cheers 🍻
  13. SU-X was announced to give us DLSS, which includes DLSS support for VR. I am not holding my breath since IIRC Asobo also mentioned that DLSS will be DX12 only feature. All I can say for us VR users: go figure...so many other broken VR features...
  14. Well, beyond the ATC comms window size, which is more or less just an irritation and time waster to deal with, I can't really complain about anything else in VR right now, that is other than all the other things that have been broken in VR for a while now. BTW all of them are reported bugs with active counters. As I like to say in such situations, dealing with all this is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. 🤪
  15. The Asus Fan Xpert tool is really nice and IMO essential. I'm able to access it through their AI Suite software. It'd be a shame if it's no longer bundled with it and one is now forced to use the bloatware-ish Armoury Create to access it.
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