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  1. Though I've moved along to MSFS a while ago, still got to praise the DX10 fixer and its cloud shadows for the immersive life it breathed into FSX. I used the product since it first started off as a free dlls.
  2. The OP is looking at the 7950X3D, not the 7800X3D. Way different CPU that's considerably more expensive and has issues with gaming/sim uses as noted by the vid link above. Given the OP's situation I'd go for the 14900.
  3. That's a meaningful drop in temps, glad you got control of the problem you were having. Though you're no longer thermal throttling, a consistent 85c is still rather hot IMHO. My computer usually runs MSFS in the mid 60s, with infrequent and short lived excursions into the low-mid 80s. Bottom line is if you're back to where you were, Happy Contrails!
  4. Here is an excellent tool for monitoring all aspects of CPU performance, it'll reveals all you need to know if your system is thermal throttling. Good lucky in your endeavors. https://www.hwinfo.com/download/ BTW, I've been using this tools for years.
  5. Somewhat a wild guess here, but I recently had a very similar "overnight" significant drop in FPS, especially in high density areas. Three things fixed it for me, two which you've already done, which are to delete and rebuild the MSFS rolling cache and clear all nvidia driver caches. The third was to quit using DX12 and go back to DX11, for DX12 now uses nearly 50% more of your gcard's vram than DX11. FPS is seriously lowered when the gcard's vram space is depleted; there is no warning when this happens other than a dramatic performance drop. Hope this helps. Edit: whenever you switch between DX versions in MSFS, clear the nvidia caches before restarting MSFS.
  6. This topic caught my attention since recently I've dropped using DX12 since at times my 3080 ti was choking due to a lack of vram. As a VR user FG is irrelevant to me even if I had a 40 series card. I subjectly experience no detriment to using DX11 so switching back to it was painless. But I feel for those where FG is as necessary as having good AA, thus using DX12 is not optional (nor seemingly is owning a $$$$ 4090). It'll be crushing if MSFS 2024 only supports DX12 and also has this excessive vram use. I'd like to think that there's a future solution to this issue that doesn't consist of either seriously lowering the display resolution and/or settings, or spending $$$$ on a new gcard.
  7. What is strange is that I've used DX12 in the past, that is pre SU13, with my rtx 3080 ti and I don't recall having vram usage issues like I see now. IMO DX12 is now a rather useless feature unless your have a 4090 or are not driving 4k or higher resolutions, e.g. VR. Besides, I imagine that "DX12 beta" development is now probably at EOL for MSFS. Who knows what to expect with DX12 use in MSFS 2024, it'll be a bummer if that will also be tanking most gcards. BTW, I have neither HAGS or Game Mode enabled, nor have I ever regularly used those features.
  8. One massive difference I've experienced lately with SU13 and DX12 is that DX12 increases vram use by about 50%! At least with my settings running my sig spec system, I found that in DX11 my MSFS vram use is around 7.6GB, and just switching it to DX12 bumps it up to near or over 11GB. In some areas I've maxed my vram past 12GB, which completely craters my FPS down to 20 fps. I usually get a smooth 48 fps, which is value of my frame rate limit. BTW, this is all experienced in VR but I've seen the same problems show up in 2D. For now I'm shelving DX12 indefinitely. Curious is anyone else has noticed this vram surge in DX12, though I imagine if you got a gcard with 16GB or more this problem is probably moot.
  9. My #1 feature missing in MSFS is save/restore flight. I'm always surprised that this seems a non-issue. I guess that I'm just not hardcore enough about immersion to always, in a contiguous time span, complete a flight that I've started.
  10. Dang, this topic has been around forever. Wonder if they're reached the point of being spread around too thinly 😄.
  11. Ah, the limitations of being a family man (that's something I know about), and not to mention your PSU. I'd take it easy on yourself, I bet some 4090 owners pine over the non-existence of a 4090 ti 😄.
  12. Been waiting for this release for a long while, the realair release was my first FSX addon AC many years ago. Amazing aircraft, but unfortunately this release seems it's not yet ready for prime time.
  13. Though late to this party, the above clear operation is needed at least once a month. Been this way for months and now years ☹️.
  14. If you're considering the expense for a new build for FSX, it's worth the experience to give MSFS a try first. Though maybe you've already have, but if you have not, you can get 1 month access to run MSFS using MS Gamepass for only $1. That was my introduction to it, and since then my $$$$ FSX install has been completely discarded. But if you're beyond that, the fastest Intel CPU + fastest/low latency RAM + rtx 4090 will undoubtedly "best" run FSX at this time.
  15. My only thoughts is that it's good to see the VR tech being pushed along. I always find it almost shocking how, at least with my G2, how the VR image quality so greatly pales in comparison to 2D but even still, I'd rather be in a VR VC than looking at a razor sharp 2D picture of it.
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