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  1. I agree that Boom is probably the worst name a company making supersonic aircraft should be named. People hated SS AC for this reason - BOOM! But there is hope! Lockheed Martin announced this program a few years ago to develop quiet SS aircraft. I posted this info back then, where I noted that fuel costs will make this tech impractical, for that's what basically did-in commercial SS travel over 40 years ago. But this new SS tech coupled with Prometheus tech fuels...Bring It On! In this light, perhaps Boom should consider renaming themselves Hush. I just hope that Prometheus tech fuels are truly feasible. You'd think that such carbon neutral fuel tech should be front and center of international attention for weaning humanity away from fossil fuel use.
  2. Oh well, another year of waiting for a new gcard for my 1 year old 10700k build. I originally had hopes for the 20GB 3080 Ti, and even may have settled for 12GB, but that foreshortened vram coupled with a "starting at" $1,200 price and practically nonexistent availability is a deal-breaker. What remains to be seen is that will the high-end gcard market ever really recover from its current state of desperation (which unfortunately now also spans into everything needing silicon).
  3. It probably won't go well. I originally installed the MS Store MSFS completely (base install and appdata) and successfully on a dedicated SATA SSD drive. Later I got a NVMe SSD to replace that SATA SSD. So I cloned that SATA drive to the NVMe drive, pulled the SATA drive and changed the NVMe drive's letter to that of the removed SATA drive. This did not work, for on launching MSFS it complained about missing files and then exited. What is even more frustrating is that when I reinstalled that SATA drive with a new drive letter, launching MSFS using my new NVMe install ran fine (that is until I reformatted that SATA drive). After wasting a better part of a day trying to get it to work I ended up reinstalling MSFS on the NVMe drive, but even that was now painful for my "original" install was now botched up and wouldn't uninstall properly for the new install to take place. Can't say what I did in the end to get the reinstall to work, but I swore I'd never again attempt to drive clone MSFS. My advice for a dedicated MSFS drive swap is to first completely uninstall from the old drive, then online reinstall completely to the new drive.
  4. After I read this thread, the biggest irony is that the concept of money is 100% a human fabrication. There is no money, or even value, intrinsic in nature. Value is in the eyes of the beholder, and those eyes have very strong and very deep cultural biases hugely influenced by the fact that the concept of money has worked for us for several millennia, and its form is only a matter of what people believe it really is. Remember the bottle caps in Fall Out, that's a perfect though fictional example. IMO crypto currency is not that much different in this light.
  5. Eye candy is life IMO. Finally tried Bloom Off; no thanks man, I'll take the performance hit (as I do with ultra field of depth) though I can't say I see a noticeable performance difference with this stuff disabled, running 30 fps vsync on. For details see my specs in my sig.
  6. Consider this somewhat ironic twist on this. What if these sightings are actually time travel probes sent back in time from our far distant future generations? The good news here is that the human race would be still going strong, the irony is that it's only from the human race. Or possibly this "going public" could be subterfuge to bamboozle the masses (also potential adversaries) about tech that really is in development. What is fascinating overall is that I remember reading back in the '70's about astronauts seeing crazy unexplainable stuff when on their missions, some of it caught on film too, so nothing really that new here. Edit: Though it's fun and romantic to consider space travel, I don't think we're worthy to go there until we first fix all the problems we have living here on earth.
  7. Please let us know how you fixed this problem. Seems that MSFS uses a well hidden/cryptic disc/device identifier to link the install with the files it tucks away inside, unless it's changed from its default, the user's \AppData folder. I once had this problem due different circumstances, and ended up having to reinstalling MSFS to get it to work again. Note: the good ol' drive letter is NOT used by this linking mechanism.
  8. Not sure your level of knowledge about overclocking, but here is a rather thorough OC guide that is generic and discusses enough details to give one a good idea of all the facets of overclocking. Even though it's for a 9th gen cpu, the concepts are identical. Above I mentioned using RealBench to stress test my overclock. My comment about my 5.0 OC hitting the low 80's is incorrect running RB, it's really the low 90's...huge difference and a bit nerve racking at that. My NH-D15S gets pushed to its limits around 220W.
  9. In the last few days both Linus and JayzTwoCents have put out videos that the market for most things silicon, and especially gcards, won't normalize until a year from now. Right now industry is in a perfect storm due to multiple factors, one which is highly exasperating is that crypto mining is paying top-dollar to strip the market dry. Things have gotten so bad that GM has stopped production of some models of their cars mainly because they cannot get the computer chips needed for them. I have plans to get a 3080 ti when it releases, though I imagine I'll have a 2 second window to buy one the moment it goes for sale. But I bet that straight away it'll go for around $1,200 US; if so I guess my gtx 1070 gotta last me another a year (gee, that'll make it 6 years old).
  10. Okay, I now understand this plot...my bad. The Y scale is percentage, not FPS! Why they decided to make a plot comparing two data sets where one set is base constant of the comparison, i.e. 100%...oh yes...marketing!
  11. Is it really possible for MSFS to run at 100 fps? Never have I seen that sort of frame rate reported anywhere, perhaps they used all its settings at their minimum. Rather suspicious graph IMO.
  12. Intel puts a time limit on how long a processor will run beyond the spec power 125W limit. So even though all cores of a 10900k at stock will run at 4.9, that'll last for only about a minute usually. After that the multiplier is lowered (41-43) until only 125W are being consumed. MCE disables this behavior, though that setting alone without hand tweaking voltages, i.e. leaving them at default, may lead to unexpectedly high voltages. Though technically not an OC in the sense of pushing up the clocks past turbo speeds, some hand tweaking, as is done when overclocking, is recommended.
  13. Obvious, the biggest factor on how high a CPU can be OC'ed under a NH-D15 is the CPU chip sample quality that's being OC'ed. I think that's that only thing really hold back the OC of my 10700k, which is sitting under a NH-D15S. To hit a higher OC would require voltages which I would not be comfortable using anyways, though custom closed-loop water, or a crazy huge (read: loud) AIO would likely handle it.
  14. Seems that the link given earlier is for an out of date version of RealBench. Here's the only place on the Asus site I've seen a link for its most current version via the Download RealBench button. https://rog.asus.com/rog-pro/realbench-v2-leaderboard/ This tool really kicks the snot out of your processor. Though all its components are realistic use apps, the manner which RB goes about running them is not, at least for what I do with my computer which include video editing and compression. This means to me that when using this tool if you're maintaining stability while maxing your computer's power consumption and controlling the associated temps, everything else you realistically do with your computer is a walk in the park. BTW, my i7 10700k's 5.0Ghz OC is taken to the wall by RB, with temps occasionally hitting into the low 80's (if it wasn't I'd go for 5.1).
  15. The Asus Maximus bios ranks your cooler; my build's NH-D15s scores in the range of AIOs with a 63. This scoring is a component of their AI 5WO. One really nice bios feature is that you can set the max power, in watts, at which your cpu will automatically downclock, great for load level tuning your cpu with your cooler. Out of frustration on the lack of concise information when setting up my OC, I wrote this guide on using Adaptive Mode when overclocking a 10th gen cpu. This guide is a big departure from what was once done, possibly that's why NickN dismissed the info in it.
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