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  1. msfs. I believe the reason after looking more into it is because the developer of the heliports do not have the runways set to "none". I decided to just place a userpoint icon over the heliport to signify a heliport. LouP
  2. I have the same issue. Heliports are showing up with an airport icon. Other heliports have the correct icon. LouP
  3. Anyone know if any of the new ships have hard decks for helo ops? LouP
  4. Make sure that you have your rudder pedals linked to the axis for nose wheel steering. I had the same issue but once I mapped the nose wheel steering, all was well. LouP
  5. The downside with FI for me is the extreme lag (B47) I get which makes it extremely difficult to fly. I'm always three steps behind. There are others that complain about this, so I know I'm not the only one. I don't understand why it only effects some though. My guess is that my set-up doesn't work well with their exterior flight modeling program. Having no issues with the CS model though. LouP
  6. Difficult doesn't mean realistic. These things are not falling out of the sky on a regular basisi! LouP
  7. I didn't even get that far as I was freaking around with my throttle trying to get it to work until I read about the issue on their website. I need to get off the sim for now but will try the doors out tomorrow. The cockpit did look more realist in VR when compared to the FI version. The FI version reminds me of the way the original Dodosim looked but I put up with that because so much else about the Dodo was so awesome. LouP
  8. Thanks but I tried every one of those and none of them turned the starter motor over for me. I have a button on my collective and I am trying to bind the starter motor to it so I can start up the G2 by hand. Don't want autostart or anything to do with ignition or magnetos, just to run the starter motor. FSX, P3D, and FSUIPC all had the command to do this and it has disappeared for some reason. Let me know if any of these have worked for you and I will try again but I will be surprised if they work on the second try but who knows LouP
  9. MSFS dynamics which is why I was waiting for this one. LouP
  10. Well, I sprung for it. Still has work to be done and they don't try to hide it. They need to wait for Asobo to make some kind of adjustment before the throttle works with any hardware. Also, my landing lights switch on my collective was not working for some reason and that may be tied into the other hardware issues they are having right now. I only took it for a brief flight, and I like it so far. Sounds are good and have blade slap built in. It seems very responsive with my set-up and I like the way she flies. It feels good to have a 206 back in the hanger. LouP
  11. Anyone know what the command is to engage the starter motor (not autostart) Thanks, LouP
  12. The B47 gave me a lot of lag and made it an unpleasant experience. Had none of that with the Asobo FM so I am thinking that my system has a "delayed" reaction because of the external FM. I'm not alone with this either so I am waiting for the Cowan version. LouP
  13. Thank you, I have not noticed that setting yet. LouP
  14. How do you opt for that? I know how to set the level of ai traffic but have not ever looked for or seen a static aircraft setting. LouP
  15. So, I am flying around up in British Columbia checking out the lighthouses. Most of the ones with helipads have a fixed wing ai on the helipad. Is this a shortcoming of the scenery or the aircraft? It would be nice if it were unoccupied so that I could land a heli there. I know you can land there anyway but it feels silly landing on and through an aircraft. LouP
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