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  1. I'm trying to find out the same thing. The old locations of our deletable caches seem to be gone now. I guess nobody knows yet!
  2. So, I guess Asobo is giving up with trying to provide us with better ATC in FS2020, like they gave up on giving us seasons. Oh well, maybe in MSFS 2026 or 2028. Just say'n!
  3. I just ran into this issue with changing aircraft in a session. After loading a second aircraft in a session, the sim becomes unusable because of stuttering. Are we no longer "allowed" to change aircraft without causing a problem? In older sims, I would change at every airport, just for the heck of it. LouP
  4. I've been living with it set to 60 and high quality. Maybe I'm just adjusting but so far it has been working out ok for me. Thanks everyone, LouP
  5. So my revberb G2 has been working fine for years at 90 hz on a rtx 2080ti. I recently upgraded to a rtx 4080 super and while the sim runs great now, the headset now only works when I select it to run at 60 hz. Doesn't make any sense to me so I'm hoping that others may know of this and offer a suggestion for a fix. Thanks, LouP
  6. Somehow, I got an undesirable landing light, and it probably came with an addon purchased over the holiday sales. The new one has points so it looks like a star when turned on and I don't like it. Anyone know how I can get back the original? Thanks, LouP
  7. If you want to see snow, take a flight down in the Virgin Islands. There was plenty there when I flew over yesterday. I never saw that before they "fixed" the issue. LouP
  8. Just turning on HAGS produced amazing results for me. LouP
  9. OK, thanks. I figured out the problem. I simply undid the DLSS version upgrade that I performed a week or two ago and all is well again. That mod was hailed as the secret to all our problems. I should have known better. LouP
  10. Anyone else having issue with the sim crashing after switching over to VR? It started happing to me after the last update. I disabled Open XR but that didn't help at all. Thanks, LouP
  11. I know it was not what you want but I have had two Buttkickers do the exact same thing. I wound up cutting the wires and using wire nuts to put the wires back together then covered that mess with electrical tape. It has worked ever since. LouP
  12. msfs. I believe the reason after looking more into it is because the developer of the heliports do not have the runways set to "none". I decided to just place a userpoint icon over the heliport to signify a heliport. LouP
  13. I have the same issue. Heliports are showing up with an airport icon. Other heliports have the correct icon. LouP
  14. Anyone know if any of the new ships have hard decks for helo ops? LouP
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