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  1. 45 Euro including all the variants. That's around $51.00 at today's exchange rate. LouP
  2. Too much for my blood and there are so many other choices. LouP
  3. I just can't see paying this much for the full add-on. I'll use the Caravan, thank you. Strictly my opinion, others feel free to purchase away. MSFS add-ons started out very reasonably priced and they seem to just be skyrocketing lately. LouP
  4. As far as flying the Velocity, use the mouse to increase the engine using the button on top of the joystick. Let it go when you get at altitude and push forward on the joystick to move forward. Rudder pedals will rotate the thingy and aileron controls will bank it. LouP
  5. I have that issue with the new Asobo Porters where the mixture worked as the condition lever for the Milviz version but not the Asobo version. LouP
  6. Well, I am certainly showing my age here, also. I guess I can toss that instrument rating for the 70s out the window. 🙂 LouP
  7. Why do so few airports have ILS approaches in the sim? Doesn't seem correct. Is this something yet to be done? LouP
  8. Anyone actually figure out how to fly this thing efficiently without having to ram the yoke forward constantly? It seems like a lot of the buttons you would need to fly it correctly do not work in the VC. Thanks, LouP
  9. Only in today's world can we even have a heated discussion about whether trees are actually somewhere or not. 🙂 Is there anyone on these boards that actually lives there to resolve this? In the meanwhile, I'm going to fly somewhere and not worry about it. LouP
  10. So we have three versions of this bird now? How'd that happen? LouP
  11. Anyone else having issues with the gps in the IndiaFoxtEcho Rutan Long Eaze? The buttons on the right side are missing and I can't enter any type of flight plan or direct to. Thanks, LouP
  12. I passed on this. I live right across the harbor from Logan. This thing is just awful. Was that supposed to be the attempt at Logan's iconic tower? Holy cripes! Stay away! LouP
  13. Quote from locked thread "Until there’s some definitive news to report this is just conjecture. Start a topic when there’s concrete news." Well I have some concrete news. Coming soon to MSFS I can't help it. LouP
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