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  1. I contacted the developer to see if knows of any options. LouP
  2. Fixed this myself. For some reason unit 2 was labeled the master in the .ini. I switched it and made unit 1 the master and restarted the sime and all was well. LouP
  3. I picked up the Flysimware C402 today and on install elected to install to GTN 750s. The install was only for the F1 750 but no problem, I used the RXP add on tool to swap them out for my RXP units. However, for some reason when I enter navigation data into the first unit, it gets stuck on the OBS page. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks, LouP PS. I just noticed that when the unit starts up I get the message "OBS is not available due to dead reckoning or no active waypoint". The other unit that is working OK (number 2) does not give this message
  4. I searched everywhere and have yet to find an answer. I just purchased a new taildragger 172 that has a feature to change the panel after the aircraft is loaded up. One of the configuration options has a 430 in it so I decided to try and add the gns430 in place of the one that comes with the aircraft. What shows up is the gns 430 with the bezel in the place where you would expect to just see the screen. I think it would work ok if I could hide the bezel but the bigger doesn't want to hide. I read the manual and all the posts about hiding the bezel but no go when I set it up in the .ini file. I see the display show properly for a second but then it switches to the gns with the bezel. Is there any fancy coding I can put in the ini file to make the no bezel option stick. LouP
  5. I have the same issue, nobody ever came up with a solution? LouP
  6. I'm usually pretty good at this stuff but can't get the GTNs into the Just Flight Duchess. It seems like they just don't want it in there. Should be as simple as selecting the option for the F1 GTNs and doing the switch using the RXP tool but it doesn't work with this plane for some reason. Anyone else try and succeed? Thanks, LouP
  7. In case anyone else finds this in a search; try lowering the bloom effect in your HDR settings. It worked for me. LouP
  8. Anyone have a GNS 430 set-up for the Just Flight C46? Thanks, LouP
  9. So I learned a little more about this issue tonight. The problem in vr seems to vary depending what aircraft I am flying. Some work and some don't. The 530 in my Alabeo Seminole would not work and the screen was black, the 430 in my Alabeo Piper Tripacer wouldn't respond when I pressed any buttons, but the 430 in the Carenado Caravan worked just fine. This makes no sense to me. Should these units be performing differently from aircraft to aircraft. I added them all in the same way using the drop down menu. LouP
  10. Not even sure what this is so I would say no. LouP
  11. Anyone else having any problems in virtual reality with the gns 530 or 430 utilizing Flyinside? Mine either looses the course line, locks up, or reboots right after takeoff after spending a while programming it. This stuff only started happening since I started flying in virtual reality mode with a Samsung Odyssey. I have been swapping out the gns units for default gps units and it hurts to do so. LouP
  12. Thank you, installing from scratch from the wrapper seems to have corrected this. LouP
  13. Anyone know why my GNS 430 all of a sudden says expired or invalid. First my Spad.next stops working asking me to purchase it again and now this. I have a new build but I reinstalled the products. LouP
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