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  1. Can someone clearly state this also works for non-steam users. I have the MS version.
  2. I am running an i7-7700 and also a 1080 GPU. Vsync lock at 30 (in MSFS). This gives me 95% of the time 30 fps with which I am quite happy.
  3. This is my favorite : https://metar-taf.com/
  4. I run a 7700K / GTX1080 / 32GB / 1080p monitor with mostly medium setting. This gives me in the Fenix at a standard airport and no traffic 40/45 fps. Goes down to 30 fps at some payware airports, but still very enjoyably. I am using the DynamicLOD mod, which really helps !
  5. Not everybody can spent over €/$ 1000 on just a graphics card
  6. I just did the same thing. PMDG about 15 fps higher on my (old) system
  7. Same here, lower fps with same settings
  8. You can easily access the appsfolder. Hit Windows key + R, and enter 'shell:appsfolder'. Done !
  9. https://flightsim.to/file/16358/shift-z-stats You can change what is shown in the userconfig.ini file
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