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  1. willy647

    Side addons affinity not working

    Rhett, I take it you have HT off !!!! Otherwise 3C is no good 😞
  2. willy647

    Side addons affinity not working

    No, this will use cores 0,1,2,3. You have to read the bin value from right to left You need to use hex 3C
  3. willy647

    Affinity Mask -> NEVER leave out Core 0!

    So this means you are starting each addon with its own AM to prevent it from using core 0/1 (via the cmd command and /affinity option)
  4. willy647

    Vertx Diamond- Wow.

    If you can't do without wx radar, get the Rex WX Advantage Radar (for $15.95 ). As a plus, you can install it on any plane you own.
  5. Try TomatoShade. Download some of the preset others did. (I like rdpresets.com). It is all for free, so just give it a try and see if you like it.
  6. willy647

    Hyperthreading off works great!

    Which is only logical, since you're turning off half of the processor.
  7. Interested in better mesh, but I have been holding off due to the stories I've read about elevation problems at airports. Is this still the case ? Or are there easy solutions to it ?
  8. You do get this message when loading the plane via Vehicle/Select. Maybe not when loading a scenario ? https://imgur.com/a/AiRnSik
  9. You cannot load a PMDG after a PMDG. In fact, a warning message pops up saying this will cause malfuntions. Load one of the default P3D planes in between. ( eg. PMDG -> F16 -> PMDG)
  10. I have never touched any cfg or other file. Nothing tweaked at all and it runs just fine.
  11. willy647

    Long Frames - Basic Cause?

    I used to have long frames also (1 to 2 seconds) when approaching highly detailed airports. After changing my sata ssd drives for nvme drives (samsung 970 pro) the long frames were gone. I guess it's all about fast loading the scenery. After all, nvme drives read data about 5 times faster than sata drives.
  12. There must be leftovers of V2 in your registry. Search the registry and remove the entries.
  13. As far as I know there is not yet a real support forum. I find the interface easy to use. Have a look at this site https://live-cockpits.weebly.com/tomatoshade.html there is also a link to the popular R&D preset. Just try it out, it's free.- but remember to start with the default P3D shaders !!!
  14. Tomatoshade does all the tweaking (and more) PTA does. And it is for free. Download here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/26p2ufw3t6edxqb/TomatoShade.zip
  15. willy647

    Upgrading Cpu

    The prices of the 9900 are just ridiculously high