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  1. What if you simply click on then the X top right to close the window
  2. There is a new menu option : Options / Live Graphics to change lightning on the fly
  3. To each its own. I use the middle mouse button to pan around and zoom in/out .All with just one button / one finger - great !
  4. The labels for airplanes (online) show as black boxes. I tried all possible options on the information screen, display options, change Nvidia driver, clear shaders ..… no luck All other info on the screen is perfectly readable Using Prepar3d v 5.1
  5. Nowadays SATA or nvme drives are at the same price level, so go for nvme if your MB allowes for it.
  6. What is stopping you to register with a made up name ? Problem solved.
  7. Really ? Did you install MSFS ? It is far more complex than P3D. Just for fun, try locating the actual exe file to start MSFS - good luck !
  8. Re-installed and now seems to be ok, although the sliders seem to have only minimal effect. But I guess that was to be expected. Also assigned a key to reload shaders. Thanks all for helping.
  9. I click the 'install to sim' button in Envshade, not Envdir. Also, I installed Enshade first, then Envdir. (both as admin) Tonight I will re-install again in different order and see if that makes a difference. Keep you posted 🙂
  10. I have P3Dv5 and just bought Envshade. I dont use ASCA or REX. Now, whatever how I set the sliders in envshade, I do not notice any difference at all. I change the sliders, save the settings and reload shaders is P3D - nothing changes
  11. Make your life easy and get chaseplane. Plus you get the additional features
  12. One sure way is to reinstall Prepar3d content
  13. As a side note, for SODE airports, you can also turn on the rwy lights during daylight if you like this. Look at C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml and find the the XML file for the airport. Look for a line "<Condition ID="B" Variable="TimeOfDay" Value="DAWN;DUSK;NIGHT"/>" and add DAY to it => Value="DAY;DAWN;DUSK;NIGHT"
  14. Yes, it will run just fine, but not at high settings.
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