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  1. remilton

    Phenom 300 released

    How did that work out?
  2. I am afraid that many software products may eventually go the way of the music industry and the ebook industry. Digital music and digital books continue to get cheaper and cheaper as the intrinsic value of digital products, which is $0, is realized. This will drive new creative ways to monetize the websites that deliver the digital material. I have recently read a blog about how market pressures may soon force Microsoft to offer windows for free. After all, Linux and Mac operating systems are essentially free.
  3. remilton

    Antivirus recommendations

    BitDefender is a very effective AV. However, the overhead and system slowdown when accessing files or starting a program is very high.Ron
  4. remilton

    Aerosoft Heathrow on Quad core

    >Is there a way to run it on a Quad core in any civilized way>? I get Homo sapiens sapiens 40 fps on the way there and the>fps drop to cromagnon 9 as soon as I hit Heathrow. Is there a>way to enjoy it in FSX ?>>Q6600 @ 3 GHz>4 Gb RAM>Vista 64 bit>DX9I just did a flight into the stock Heathrow and got 14 FPS on the runway with Active Sky X and TrackIR. 9 FPS may not be that unrealistic with a custom airport.Maybe you should ask on the Aerosoft support forum. They might have some good ideas. @ 3GHz2Gb RamVista 32 UltraDX10
  5. remilton

    Aerosoft Lukla missions

    Best place to ask would be the Aerosoft support forums.
  6. remilton

    2D Cockpit View Bug in SP1 ( Fixed or Not?)

    Now if I could find a work around to get my tool-tips back with DX10 enabled. I loved getting the long promised DX10 features, but now I can't read/set the baro on my altimeter and setting the Nav or Hdg bugs on the HSI or any of a number of other settings on custom aftermarket gauges is just a guess without tool-tips. Anyone have a fix for that?Ron
  7. remilton

    747 Aileron Glitch

    "some details just have to fall thru the>be filled by 3rd parties that can devote the time it takes to>the little details."I largely agree with that sentiment. I have always considered MFS to be the base platform and the aftermarket products to be the finishing touches. I rarely fly any of the default planes as they all feel 'unfinished' and generally lack attention to detail in all aspects.Ron
  8. >OKflight etc like map view in FS.It was a lot quicker.RonI agree, the moving map access from inside FS was the key highlight for FSNav, and a must for any new planner. It would be great if a new planner could be accessible both without FSX running and from inside FSX when it is running.Ron
  9. I appreciate and will take all the tips I can get.:-) Unfortunately on my Vista system with a Q6600 and an 8800GTX it made absolutely no FPS difference with all the Vista visual goodies on or off.Ron
  10. remilton

    Positive thread & TIPS for Dx10/SP2

    I have installed Acceleration and my frame rates I am happy to report have increased by around 30% even with bloom and water 2.I am still having jaggies on cockpit shadows and some flashing runway textures. Are these common problems that are yet to be fixed in a video driver update, or have I got something wrong in my setup?Ron
  11. I take the silence to indicate that this was totally unexpected and perhaps they are currently stumped.
  12. remilton

    Not much hair left - help!

    EventViewer is indeed a great tool. I just recovered from a problem with BitDefender anti-virus program. I was getting random 'stopped working' errors loading programs along with other unrelated problems. EventViewer pointed to a .dll used by BitDefender so I removed it and all my problems vanised; Voil
  13. remilton

    Engine heat shimmer effect

    >I'm amazed this feature is not built into FSX. Anybody know>why not?I heard it was the usual... Too big a hit on frame rate.Ron
  14. Hi Geofa,Canada looks great, I download it as soon as I saw it was available. I can hardly wait for UTX Alaska, then "Misty"!Not to go too far off topic, but from your comment about Acceleration/sp2 I take it that it is not necessary to start with a clean install when adding the new MS addon/sp?Ron
  15. remilton

    F/A-18 landing gear wrong in Acceleration

    It's a small point, but it looks more like the gear is in the unloaded pre-touchdown position.Ron