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  1. It is quite simple I think. They will simply deny access when the alpha or beta software tries to connect to the MS servers.
  2. I want my used planes to look used and my new planes to look factory fresh. Can't we have both? Same model, different skins.
  3. So many places in the world I long to fly to and explore. A lot of beautiful scenery is located in third world and undeveloped areas. I'm hoping MS does a better job of covering these areas and their airports with the new sim.
  4. My bad, I didn't read the entire thread. I got no dog in that fight, I think everyone should use what they want, was just making a cost comparison not flaming. ☮✈
  5. SADP - El Palomar in Buenos Aires, Argentina Just because.
  6. So many Flight sims and Racing sims support TrackIR, it seems fairly certain MSFS will support it too. TrackIR has been around a long time and is magnitudes less expensive than setting up a VR system, so I expect it's user base to be much larger than VR.
  7. I would think TrackIR is almost a given since FSX and so many other games support it. It is likely much easier to implement than VR and the installed user base is probably much larger due to it being around for a long time and the significantly more affordable price point.
  8. It may take a while, but I expect that many popular FSX addons that are currently actively supported will be updated for MSFS.
  9. The glacier shot does look gorgeous and I can't wait to do glacier landings.
  10. Looks like wide angle lens distortion to me.
  11. I would like to see an improved/faster interface for entering radio freq's or heading changes etc. Perhaps a mouse click and drag on knobs, or mouse click and enter a value via keyboard.
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