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  1. I know what your mean, I'm still jonesing hard for a good twin.
  2. The San-Juan Islands look very nice. Good work by the other user also. Thanks for the Tips.
  3. I really enjoyed the ORBX PNW sceneries. They are missing out on a lot of my money in MSFS. Hopefully they will focus on that area eventually.
  4. I am hungry for a good twin like the Aerostar 600 but I will gladly take a Comanche 250. .😍
  5. Item #7 is a MSFS bug. I have had this occur with other planes before.
  6. Toe brakes work but pedals are not animated for brakes.
  7. A couple of weeks ago I deleted a couple of aircraft in the Content Manager and for some unknown sequence of events the sim thought they were still installed and would not give me the download prompt. I discovered if you go to the "MSFS\Official\OneStore" directory and delete the corresponding aircraft directory the sim will then allow you to download the aircraft.
  8. Happy days! I believe it is supposed to be in the next sim update.
  9. From KSDF it just a short hop to KIND, KCVG, KSTL, KORD, KOSU, KCMH, KBNA, KMEM, KCLT, KATL and more.
  10. KSDF is perfect for me because I live in Louisville, Ky and am very glad to see it modeled. And yes, KSDF is actually a big deal in cargo shipping. It is the second busiest in cargo traffic in the USA, and the fourth busiest in the world. Looks like i'll be busy flying a lot of UPS cargo flights and also flying in a few business jets to and from the Kentucky Derby.
  11. I have always owned FSUIPC and WIDEFS for previous sims, but I have no intention of spending money needlessly. Currently I have no need for FSUIPC with MSFS but that may change in the future.
  12. I have a 3440x1440 120hz ultra wide on my desk. Images are very sharp and I am extremely satisfied with it,
  13. I'm 73 and I love the complexities of Flight Simming. I've been a big computer nerd ever since I got my first computer which I had to first assemble myself (Sinclair ZX81). It's always a challenge to learn any new software, especially when there are many bugs to squash, but I enjoy the journey.
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