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  1. Great News KavindaJD, thanx for the input and cant wait!
  2. rodger

    Flight tweaks?

  3. rodger

    Flight Toolkit 1.1.22

    yes i agree and like to thank too. much appreciated! :smile:
  4. rodger

    Flight Toolkit 1.1.12

    wonderful and thank you also for all you are doin to keep FLIGHT alive :smile:
  5. rodger

    WAKE UP!

    confirmed what AlbacoreTunaMan said and thank you too :smile:
  6. rodger

    Snow Weather Themes

    works like a charm ^_^ brilliant stuff. Thanks very much!
  7. rodger

    What an AWESOME New Years gift

    wow thats a nice appetizer :smile: thanks for sharing
  8. you can get it here
  9. rodger

    Flight Toolkit 1.0.26

    thank you and working perfectly :smile:
  10. same here. everythings back again and working fine!
  11. rodger

    St Maarten?

    i really would love to see IRELAND someday. Dreaming..... :wink:
  12. rodger

    Back! and Happy!

    glad to see you back, Luis :smile:
  13. that's right. i think i had that problem with the 1.0.18 version and the moment i switched to the FTK everything was fine.
  14. im using and haven't experienced any performance problems. :smile:
  15. rodger

    Reflections & Shadows

    very nice video. I love the sun flickering thru the trees :smile: