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  1. Insider log in works fine in Edge for me but doesnt work in Firefox, and no i am not invited (yet). Hope this helps.
  2. Great News KavindaJD, thanx for the input and cant wait!
  3. yes .Net 4.5.1. is the problem. So i will give the older version a try, and thank you stonelance for the quick reply. edit: and yes, 0.7 is working. Thank you!
  4. hello, i am wondering if it is possible to install the tool kit on windows XP? Tried it on my other machine but it always quits istallation. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. lookin good! Have to catch this fish :Applause:
  6. sweeeeeet! And right in time for easter(to gether some eggs)haha...
  7. the same here, still waiting for an update. And on my computer with an ATI card ithas got no textures inside :(On my laptop it is running great though. Pitty, cause I love this plane!
  8. ok, and why do I have this problem with my ATI card and different drivers in FSX only? Well, not the latest driver for my "old" rig, since I hate to change drivers all the time when they work perfectly otherwise. :) But still....Rodger
  9. talking about it, I'm just wondering what RTH stands for? :) cheers,Rodger
  10. "Some screenies look nice but others not so nice."Just like real life, isn't it?B.t.w. looks like a great addon :)-Rodger
  11. "Only thing that does not come back to me, is where NAV gets it's info from... When in NAV mode, the plane follows the flightplan, right...? But how does it know the flightplan...? I am missing something here. I mean, I don't have to enter stuff into a FMC here..."You have to tune in a VOR frequency in the NAV1 radio panel and thenactivate the NAV switch on the AP to fly to the VOR. It doesn't followa flightplan though.Hope this helps,Rodger
  12. glad we finally have 2 "other" sims now. :-hah :-waveFrom an old time FLY! user.Rodger
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