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  1. Wizard-Bob

    Congratulations SpaceX !!

    I am very excited about this, and like others have said, I got goose bumps when the 2 boosters landed side by side. Reality straight out of a sci-fi movie for sure. At my age (59) I never imagined I would ever see such a thing! One curious observation. In the Starman / Tesla pictures and video, why don't we see stars in the background? Thanks for any insight! -WB PS to greggerm - thanks for sharing that video!!!
  2. As a casual, yet avid, simmer, I am truly enjoying the direction and progress of FSW. Thanks, DTG!
  3. Wizard-Bob

    Update 14 (v1.3.21412.0) Now Live

    Thanks so much, Cryss and DTG Team!
  4. Wizard-Bob

    Community Update 7 "Cold & Dark" (v1.2.18937) Now Live

    Awesome! Thanks, DTG, for keeping up the exciting pace of updates!
  5. Wizard-Bob

    Well, I quite like it...

    I also agree. My first few hours with FSW were void of any major issues. I do believe this sim has a lot of potential.
  6. Wizard-Bob

    Just 2 days away from the Historic Day !

    Very much looking forward to this!
  7. Wizard-Bob

    FSW Free for Flight School Users

    Wow, that is terrific. Thanks, DTG!
  8. Wizard-Bob

    Announcement To All Flight School Owners

    Awesome. Thanks much !!!
  9. Wizard-Bob

    Meet the dazzling flying machines of the future

    Thanks, HiFlyer! Very interesting to watch
  10. Wizard-Bob

    What PC games do you play?

    Late 50's here. In order of time spent (most to least): World of Warcraft (playing since beta in 2004) Civ VI (playing Civ since the first in 1991) Cities: Skylines Endless Legend Candy Crush (rofl!) EDIT: typos
  11. Wizard-Bob

    Flight Toolkit 1.1.28

    Thanks for your ongoing support, Steve!
  12. Wizard-Bob

    DTG Flight School available on STEAM

    Like many others, I have spent $15 on far less. Pre-ordered, and hopeful!
  13. Wizard-Bob

    Oh My God! ORBX and DTG Making Meigs Field!

    Two thumbs up!
  14. Wizard-Bob

    Air distance / Ground distance

    Awesome thread, all. Thanks for the great info!