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  1. Thanks, Luis, for taking the time to reply. On my laptop, the Intel Control Panel only manages the UHD Adapter. I am still searching for a way to control refresh rate on the nVidia Adapter. nVidia Control Panel has options for 3D Settings and program overrides, but no options for the display (notebook panel) as it assumes that is controlled by Windows / Intel.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Not sure what specs I can offer other than 17", 300 Hz, 3msec panel.
  3. Greetings. I recently purchased an MSI GE75 Raider Gaming Laptop, i7-10875H, 32 GB, Nvidia RTX2070 Super (Mobile), 17" 300 Hz panel , SSD. Very happy with it. Question: How can I choose a refresh rate other than 60 or 300 (those are the only 2 options presented in Display Settings -> Advanced Display Settings -> Refresh Rate drop down). I notice the Advanced Display Settings is "connected to Intel UHD Graphics" with no way to change that to the dedicated card. Finally, if there is a way to do this in Nvidia Control Panel, my old eyes have not found it 🙂 I would like to experiment with other values, i.e. 30, 60, 75, 100, 150, 300 refresh rates. Thanks for any direction!
  4. Can take a long time on a HDD. Mine was done in 20-ish minutes on a decent SSD.
  5. You might try https://store.steampowered.com/join/
  6. I have the same issue with Lesson #2. Guess we have to skip that one and go on to the others.
  7. Thanks again for all the replies. I appreciate it! I have now downloaded and can run both FSX:SE (Ultra settings) and MSFS (High-End settings). Both are running very well. CPU and GPU temps are staying in the 75 - 82 Celsius range during flight. I think that is reasonable. So far, I am a very happy camper!
  8. I upgraded to 20H2 yesterday and have had no issues with FSX:SE
  9. Thanks for your experience. I will be running in 1080p so should be good to go 🙂
  10. Thanks for the feedback! I am encouraged that either sim may provide some FUN, so I may just go ahead and install both and try it out. I'll report back with any significant findings. Happy simming!
  11. Hi all. I am buying a new laptop so I can scratch my "away from home but still want to fly" itch. Getting an MSI GE75 Raider with Core i7-10875H, RTX 2070 Super [Mobile], 32 GB DDR4 3200MHz Ram, 1 TB NVMe SSD. Panel is a 17.3" 300 Hz 3ms display. I already own FSX:SE. Curious if suggestions would be to install and enjoy that, or go ahead and try MSFS2020. While on the road, I will be most interested in "Low and Slow" GA flying, so graphics presentation and performance will be important. Thanks in advance for any insight!
  12. I am very excited about this, and like others have said, I got goose bumps when the 2 boosters landed side by side. Reality straight out of a sci-fi movie for sure. At my age (59) I never imagined I would ever see such a thing! One curious observation. In the Starman / Tesla pictures and video, why don't we see stars in the background? Thanks for any insight! -WB PS to greggerm - thanks for sharing that video!!!
  13. As a casual, yet avid, simmer, I am truly enjoying the direction and progress of FSW. Thanks, DTG!
  14. Awesome! Thanks, DTG, for keeping up the exciting pace of updates!
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