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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1454975616?t=00h17m43s
  2. Hello everyone, I have have a problem with the new addon scenery Berlin Tegel from Gaya. I purchased it today on the marketplace in fs2020 and tried it after downloading it. I recognized that a few Buildings are sunken in the ground and that the bridge on taxiway PW/PE isn't usable because of a buggy scenery so i reinstalled it several times but i can't fix it does someone has the same problem or a solution for this problem? My Theory is that this whole scenery is to high in the world some buildings standing on the original ground an som are standing on the new raised ground cousing these bugs. Greeting from Berlin B.B
  3. Would love to see a proper plane spotting add-on for MFS. What I mean is complete with true to life ambient airport noises reflecting various airports from small GA strips to super busy international airports. Complete with realistic and unique sounds for all the different types of aircrafts, airport vehicles, wind noises, rain, ocean, birds depending where the airport is located. I've been dreaming of an addon like this since the beginning. With MFS looking so beautiful I would love to use the drone camera to just watch planes depart and land. The sound would add a whole level of immersion to this if it can be done right. Realistic AI package with very high quality sound effects. I can't wait for the day to come where I can hear the low frequency rumble of a boeing 777 with it's beastly GE-90 115's spooling off and then taking off into the distance and what you're left with is a very deep intense rumble that can vibrate the walls in your room if you have a decent subwoofer setup. That would be complete eargasm right there. I love the sound and feel of powerful jet engines. It's music to my ears. I can sleep to that noise. Only thing that would be missing from an add-on like this would be the smell of jet fuel.
  4. Hi Folks Anyone still interested in flying Cargo Jobs ? If so you might like to have a play with...... 'Cargo Series' - Career-progression based 'Jobs', enabling the use of larger aircraft and payloads, in Flight. 'Cargo Series' jobs are based on MGS Flight's default 'Light Cargo' job, (as-released). All modifications and additional code being restricted to the limitations/capabilities of MGS Flight's mission engine/framework, and their existing, as-released, dialog's content. ______________________________________________________________________________________ What this public beta contains - A career-progression of aircraft-category weight-size jobs, (4 off). The next beta will include additional variants of each aircraft-category job. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Why - MGS Flight's default missions & jobs - - Mainly use statically scripted code, (see example below). - Are coded specifically for limited aircraft types. - Are suitable only for limited aircraft weight-sizes, (Very-Light). - Cargoes are limited to 453 kg, (1,000 lbs). - Don't discourage inappropriate behaviours. - Have no career progression, (as released). Example - The majority of scripts only test against static values. e.g. Destination runway is short, (tests against 609m). Takes no account of aircraft-type, payload, weather, etc. MGS Flight's default 'Light Cargo' job - Is actually only suitable for 'Very-Light' category sized aircraft. 'Cargo Series' jobs - - Mainly use dynamically scripted code, (data from aircraft type being flown). - Are suitable for all available aircraft types, (extensible). - Are suitable for any aircraft weight-size, (subject to MTOW). - Cargo weights are appropriate to aircraft weight-size. - Discourage inappropriate behaviours, (penalties). - Offer a career progression. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Credits - - Microsoft Game Studios - For FLIGHT. - Steve Heijster, (StoneLance) - For his 'Flight Tool Kit', unflagging enthusiasm, and diligence. Much appreciated. Many thanks to Steve, without whose tools and assistance this would not have been possible. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Download - From FS-Shipyards.com - MS FLIGHT - ADDON - ACTIVITIES - JOBS - Cargo Series Have Fun ! ATB Paul
  5. The first payware add-on for FSW is available now: FS-Flightcontrol gives you control over every aspect of your flight and includes a moving map too, visit the homepage here: https://www.fs-flightcontrol.com/en/ FS-Flightcontrol also works with FSX, FSX:SE, X-Plane and that submarine simulator I mean P3D, so it's got to be great value... You can select which sim you want to use it with on launch, it then loads the scenery.cfg for that sim on first run: Then specify your start location and any other factors you require: There's a free 14-day trial, it's a 58mb download which took about 20 seconds on my PC, give it a try!
  6. Hello all. I have been eyeing the Saitek Multi Panel recently to help finish up my sim pit. I have advanced aircraft such as A2A 172, Aerosoft Twin Otter, Flight1 King Air, RealAir Duke V2, Majestic Dash 8 and will get some PMDG products in the future. My question is, how well does the autopilot features of this panel work with these type of aircraft? I realize PMDG and other larger aircraft will have differences seeing as how the panel autopilot is designed around a very simple general aviation aircraft. If I were to be flying the King Air or Dash could I set an altitude, vertical speed and heading and it would all work correctly? Is this just a waste of money if flying these type of aircraft? I feel that it would work just fine with the A2A 172, but I'm not positive. I read somewhere that someone had to use LINDA to get it to work with more complex aircraft and I think that is beyond my comfort zone with FSX. Any help or hearing of any experiences would be a huge help. Thank you.
  7. I have an issue with the default A321 cockpit. Whenever I download an Airbus addon which already has the default a321 cockpit installed, the 'roll bar' of the flight director never works. The 'pitch bar' always works fine but the roll bar is never active in any mode. Anybody know of any fixes for this?
  8. Having had a gamepad with only vibration effects, I found that fsx doesnt allow you to set the force feedback levels. The driver that came along with the gamepad also didnt support any level setting. This was unplayable as it kept vibrating at max rate all the time. I have created a somconnect addon that creates the vibration effect based on the following : (developed for Airbus A321 , should also do well with Boeing's ) {Not sure fsx looks into these states for ff calculation } 1. Indicated airspeed 2. Engine rpm 3. Acceleration around 3 axes 4. GroundSpeed ( if on ground ) Other factors with vibration 1. Flaps increment decrement ( step wise ) 2. Spoiler toggle ( fully extended/fully retracted ) 3. Landing gear up/down 4. Stalling 5. Overspeed 6. Landing force Those who only have vibration effects in their gamepads, do try it out.. How to install ? 1. As usual with all addons, download the dll to a path and if on Vista or above and modify dll.xml at C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\ as follows: {For XP, this file is in a different folder, need to figure it out.} Add the following section towards the end of the dll.xml just before </SimBase.Document> <Launch.Addon> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>True</ManualLoad> <Name>ForceEffects.dll</Name> <Path>D:\Path\ForceEffects.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> 2. This will ask permission to load the dll when you start fsx. Click 'ok' or 'yes' wherever needed. 3. Also, remember to DISABLE forcefeedback from fsx settings and do not connect more than one ff enabled controllers while trying this out. Dll information on AVSIM Library: UploadID: 317632 Name: ForceEffects Size: 8 kb MD5 sum: aa5cf40064a859269c6a8f2142bb97f8
  9. I do not want to open a long discussion on what ATC is better. Each has its pros and cons. But one thing that is still unsurpassed in ATC default FS2004/FSX, in my opinion, is the quality of the voices and the realism. Now, since it is going to be released P3D 2.0, and then the ATC source code is available for LM developers, do you think could be finally developed a good default ATC with SID / STARs and AIRAC upgradeable, and with a voice quality equal or superior to that which we know? I can not fly always online, rather are less the times I can do it, so I think it is essential to have a complete ATC environment, with a good and realistic sound quality. That could handle properly AI traffic on ground, enroute and during approach and final phase of flight, could save the situation, could handle SID and STARs and is aligned with AIRAC. Yes, you'll think, that's allready exist, but the quality of audio? None ATC addons I know have the same audio realism of FS2004/FSX default or not? A rock solid default ATC saves you from having to run third-party programs that often block or otherwise crash your sim or causes various problems. What do you think about?
  10. Hi! A couple of months ago when i was about to take a flight with the C337 from Carenado i noticed that my FPS dropped dramatically if i looked down in the VC, and it only happened if i was taxiing over some crossing taxilines. It also happens if i am on the runway with a addon scenery as ground texture. The problem with taxiways occurs in addon sceneries and in default. What i have tried Rebuilt fsx.cfg Checked that FSX is running as admin Taken the settings down Restored default REX config Disabled ENB Series Used a default scenery.cfg New driver from Nvidia. Rolled back after that. Using 267.60. That's the one that followed with my Gainward GTX570 "Goes like hell" Could a possibility have been to restore a default terrain.cfg? I am running NickN's 8xSQ Nvidia Inspector settings. My computer should be able to run that. Any inputs? Here is an example of a taxiway crossing http://www.blade-edge.com/misc/taxi%20pathing.jpg Where the two lines meet, my FPS would have been at 15.
  11. Hello fellow AvSimmers, I've looked far and wide, and apparently I'm missing something. For all the FSX add-ons representing the various Van's RVs, I have yet to find a single attempt at any of the Sonex variants. Without starting a debate about which homebuilt is better, is there a Sonex add-on available, and if so, where could I find it? Alternatively, are there any "confirmed rumors" that a developer has something in the works? FWIW, I set up a website that, among other things, includes reviews of flight sim add-ons, and because I like the story of the real Sonex line so much, I thought I could do a great write-up on whatever FSX version is (or could be soon) available. Thanks! Jon K. JKessin80@aol.com
  12. Flight is based on downloadable packs (DLCs) of aircraft, missions and scenery packages, released by MGS. So their (MS) business model is based on people buying this stuff, to make their $$$.But all previous versions of MSFS (and others like X-plane) have been attractive, because there are thousands of add-ons available. MS even released SDKs to encourage add-ons to be made.That is arguably what keeps interest in FS for such long periods of time after they are released. Just look at the Avsim front page to see that developers are still churning out content for FSX many years after release. MS knows this and to make its new sim totally closed would be shooting themselves in the foot.It seems to me that the fact that Flight has been released with very little content is an open invitation for 3rd party developers to create content for it. My question is: How will MS allow these developers to proceed, without creating unwanted competition for themselves?There are a couple of ways MS could proceed:Worst case: MS keeps the sim locked down and allows content to be distributed through the MS App Store (an integrated feature of Windows 8). This would require the approval by theirs truly for each and every add-on - be it free, or payware. This seems Draconion and would require a lot of resources on their part. It would also stymie the otherwise flourishing interest in many addons that previous FS versions have created around themselves.Best case: MS just allows Flight to be totally open. But as mentioned, this could would impact on their business model of selling DLC (remember the base product is free). There is no default terain, aircraft, or ATC to develop a custom layer on top of. So add-on makers are given a clean skeleton to build the meat of the sim on. This method would also result in quality control issues that may have caused headaches with previous versions add-ons.Most likely: MS releases SDKs and developer tools to create add-ons. Some of these tools may require payment, depending what level of add-on you are developing. E.g They release an aircraft making tool. It's free if you want to make freeware, but you can pay for a 'Pro' version. Garmin do similar for map making tools (granted: the difference with Garmin is that they make $$$ from selling the hardware).This kind of thing not only lets the keen kids design their own plane - it also lets proffesional devlopers make great add-ons. The plus for MS is that it keeps quality control over the final product and they still get $$$ from 3rd party add-ons.This new sim - as it stands- is at the 'game' end of the simming spectrum. Regardless of how MS choose to approve add-ons, there seems to be technically much scope for any level of add-on to be developed.The direction that MS chooses to proceed will determine if there is any financial scope for very hard-core addons to be developed. I really don't think anyone is going to be dissapointed though.
  13. Hello, I would like to ask the community to see if there's any experienced programmers who specializes in Microsoft's Visual Studio. There was a 32-bit add-on for FSX and P3D v3 called PDF Kneeboard and it's such a must have tool for those who fly IFR/tubeliners. With the recent release of the 64-bit P3D v4, this add-on no longer works. It's basically a dll file. The source code is readily open and available for anyone who wishes to modify or add to it. So I was wondering if there's anyone here who may be interested in making this work with P3D v4. The source files are located here: https://github.com/nmeier/fscode/tree/master/pdfkneeboard Since I know nothing about programming, this is no task for me. I've already contacted the author and asked for permission to do so and he said it would be no problem, since he has no time to continue with this anymore, he's making it open source to anyone who wishes to do so. I'm not sure what it would take to make this 64bit compatible. Do you need to rewrite the code or just modify some parts, or simply just recompile it using a 64bit compiler?
  14. hey guys do u know any alaska or canada freeware mesh?? found one but i dont know how to manually add the bgl file manually to add it in fs9
  15. New fsx and p3d2 weather addon FSX Weather 3.5 http://fsw.acefly.com.ua/ Program FSX Weather is designed to control meteorological data in the game Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Iincludes technology xHead . The program allows to analyze real-time weather information, simulation of air flow and additional weather atmosphere. The program has the opportunity to obtain filtered meteorological data in decrypted form. FSX Weather allows you to download weather with servers providing METAR, analyzes it for text errors and complements it with additional weather extensions that are present in Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Not compatible with some aircraft PMDG. Requires FSX SP2 FSX xHead FSX xHead designed to control the internal chamber in Microsoft Flight Simulator X . The program allows to simulate the inertia of the virtual view as the user moves the camera through the three axes ( X , Y , Z ), store up to five different camera positions. The program simulates the visual and sound effects, arising from the landing gear, flaps, spoilers and spoilers. Management of the program to some extent duplicate control cameras, taken in FSX default. Screens: http://fsw.acefly.com.ua/gallery
  16. Hey Everyone, I just wanted to personally Invite every one of you to check out my Youtube channel, i have some great new video showing off the brand new, Fs Dreamteam Vancouver airport along with gsx and some nice tunes along the way, I think you will like it more to come!! and have an awsome day simming:) Blair E http://www.youtube.com/user/Beetitan/featured
  17. I got FSX several months ago but due lack of time and out of money, I cannot continue to play and "invest money" into it. Now I've just bought a new SSD to install my win7 into it and put the 250GB totally for FS9 and FSX. I have only installed Fs9 first and then FSX. Adding addons into Fs9. I currently have no addons for FSX. Since I don't know where to start with. Searching Word Not Allowed and Nick's guide for FSX tweak. Hope it helps. In Fs9, I installed FSGlobal2010 first, and then Ultimate Terrain for USA and Europe ( I fly mainly in USA). How about in FSX, which scenery addons should I install for start ? Mainly USA. Thanks all! Ah,BTW, if I'm correct my FSGlobal2010 also can install for FSX. So does FSX need it? Or are there any better one for mesh?
  18. Hello Flight Friends,good News for all Pilots! Beech Baron 58 Aircraft Addon now available,converted from FS Tester about Toolkit. Special Thanks for his much work and all other Guy`s who helped him. For install you need the Toolkit first,here are the Links: Toolkit 1.1.28: http://flighttoolkit.com/?p=81 Beech Baron 58 Instructions: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/beech-baron-58-for-microsoft-flight-rc1.438115/ Beech Baron 58 Addon: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnlX-fSOb3OagW7FkG6GoOLYHO8d Have Fun,best regards,Steff
  19. I have recently installed the Quality Wings 757 onto my laptop, and it is registered and seems to work fine except for the FMC. The FMC seems to be having a problem displaying certain text. The IDENT Page shows everything correctly as well as my up to date AIRAC Cycle of 1509. However when I proceed to the next page, the REF Airport section is blank and does not let me type anything on that page. The SID's and STAR's also don't appear. But if I click randomly on the SID/STAR Page, they do appear on the RTE, so its like the text is there but invisible. I am wondering if this could be a problem with a certain gauge file that is missing, but really can't seem to find the problem! Any help is appreciated. I am running Windows 10. Thank you! Regards, Chris P.S. If you are interested in seeing what the FMC looks like, reply asking for a picture. Thanks!
  20. Pro ATC/X was one of my favourite add-ons for P3D and FSX. I loved the flexibility and the really good SID/STAR integration and the 'request direct to' features. Not to mention the amazing community support that continues long after things went quiet on the development front. I know that the developer was unwell and had to step back from working on the app. Does anyone know if Pro ATC/X will make a comeback for MSFS 2020? Do you think that the in-built ATC in MSFS will ever be improved beyond its current functionality? Cheers, Dave.
  21. https://www.facebook.com/Flytampaairports/posts/5647875521907712 They're estimating this weekend at the earliest.
  22. Hi all, I've just published my review of Pyreegue Dev Co's EGPH. Hope you find it an informative and diverting use of 15 minutes of your time! 🙂 Cheers, Filbert
  23. Afternoon all, My video review of Impulse Simulations' Adelaide is now up. I meant to mention this in the video but forgot when I did my voiceover - the ILS frequencies are not auto-tuned at this airport. Cheers, Filbert
  24. Hi! Ok, so i previously made a thread about this problem as i thought the problem only occured with Carenados products. But i figured it wasnt.. I bought the following addons for my P3D: - Carenado B200 KING AIR - Carenado PC12 - Carenado B1900D - Wilco TBM850 - MILVIZ B350i So my problem is.. Every time i start with one of these aircrafts, the engine runs for about 30 seconds, but the displays inside the aircraft looks like they are in the start-up phaze. But the aircraft start rolling during those 30 seconds. Then i put parking brake on. Then when i try to start the engine(s) again, the aircraft will start rolling again, up till around 20 knots. And it also sounds like the engine is going full power. This cant be normal right? It takes away all the realism with the aircraft acting like this. So what i've tried so far is: *Reinstalling the aircrafts. *Reinstalling Windows and P3D I dont have any joysticks connected, or joystick drivers installed. (i had the same problem even with that installed) My speccs are: Windows 7 64-bit Processor: AMD FX™-8350 Eight-Core Processor (8 CPUs), ~4.0GHz Memory: 8192MB RAM DirectX Version: DirectX 11 Card name: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series (4 GB) Can someone out there please help me? You might have a solution that i could try? I feel like i wasted so much money and time on this if i cant get this to work :(
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