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  1. I'm in exactly the same situation, except I also have the Thrustmaster Airbus TQ in addition to the Bravo. Sadly, I can't commit to a third throttle and my finances can't stretch to it, having invested in new photographic gear. I would also miss the extra switch, Autopilot, gear and flap controls. But I too have no reason to doubt the quality will be right up there as with the yoke.🙂
  2. Absolutely. The pedant in me wanted to point out that the word "Mandatory" was wrong in the thread title - nobody is forced to use any add-on to use MSFS, which would be the definition of 'mandatory'. 🙂 But there are certainly a number of good recommendations here to enhance the sim.👍
  3. No need to select "insert image", just paste. One less stage needed.🙂
  4. Translated just in case Chris doesn't read German and is seeing your post in German instead of English, as I am.🙂
  5. If you mean it is floating above the default terrain, I had that too. I switched off Photogrammetry, restarted the sim and reloaded a Rome flight. Problem solved. I then re-enabled photogrammetry and all was still fine (other than the other issues people are having). But at least the Vittoriano was grounded again. It's a stunning building to visit in real life but I share the locals' displeasure that ancient buildings were destroyed to give it a home.
  6. Likewise: Before and afters. Unfortunately, I have been getting the dreaded low bandwidth errors! And why model the Pantheon without the fountain in front of it? It's just a photogrammetry spike. Also, as much as there are too many landmarks for them to model them all, why are we subjected to an awful photogrammetry Colosseum and Castel Sant'Angelo?
  7. Thanks @sanh, I needed a good laugh!😁 Seriously though, you're entitled to your opinion, but don't expect the majority of people to agree with you. Whatever any of our complaints, one thing it's hard to argue with is that MSFS is a sim that is constantly developing, even if there are some backward steps along the way.
  8. Let's plant a 🌲 I'm sure everyone's glad they can now download the Captain Sim 130 from the Marketplace.😉
  9. Depends if it sounds "cool".😉
  10. "they settled on Discord because the word had something to do with talking, sounded cool, was easily pronounceable, memorable, and had an available domain name." So, like a number of us implied, they goofed!🙄 Though I suppose it is memorable due to the irony.
  11. A point not lost on me, but I think most people's issues with the likes of Discord is the lack of user-friendliness, particularly to the newcomer or casual user. Forums like AVSIM are usually fairly easy to navigate (even if the search function here rarely works very well!). Plus, there are a great many computer users who are resistant to change - good grief, Usenet still exists after more than 40 years!😁
  12. Funny, I said the same on page 2 of this very thread... It seems the way with much of social media these days that navigating it is less than straightforward or logical. I don't use Twitter or Instagram but sometimes I'm pointed to a comment on one of those, but it has often sunk so far down the list of items that I often never find it! Even Facebook, which used to be almost entirely chronologically ordered has a habit of mixing things up. I just don't have time for searching for something I may ultimately find I wasn't interested in.🙄
  13. Perhaps an eventual evolution of the sim will be a passenger mode where you can spawn as a passenger outside the terminal, walk inside (either 3rd person or maybe even VR), check in, queue for an hour at security (strip search not included!!!), sit, bored stiff, at an overpriced cafe, cursing the slow internet and then endure the 2 hour delay to your flight before finally boarding and being able to ask to change seats because the kids next to you are screaming their heads off! At the other end, you an stand, twiddling your thumbs, as you wait to see if your luggage actually got to join you on the flight...😁
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