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  1. Excellent news! There'll be dancing in the streets of Edinburgh in a few days time.🕺 Sorry for the large number of images (please don't quote this post in your replies!), but this work just has to be celebrated. That final image is just the tram information point - a dummy tram (the real tram is behind it). Amazing level of detail as we've come to expect.👌
  2. My first question would be... Have you tried with other aircraft?
  3. I guess what you're saying is, it's complex. 🤭 For the record, the time taken to return to main menu is a fraction of the startup time, so I feel in no hurry to wait.
  4. Further to ATRguy's answer, definition and explanation : Minimum Equipment List
  5. Something seems to have gone a little haywire here: Those are some giant leaves!😶
  6. Well Rocky, it seems like it could be a Good Day For You at last! 🤭
  7. Also, the MSFS logbook won't be updated with any flights made when Dev Mode is active (not an issue if the logbook is unimportant to you of course).
  8. You may need to define what you mean by that, but it's just as useful for keeping things organised and for 'housekeeping' such as finding duplicate add-ons or easy disabling of some or all add-ons when troubleshooting regardless of how large your drive(s) may be.
  9. Including user avatars not displaying once again. Fingers crossed it's a short-lived issue. 🤞
  10. Maybe it's an experimental setting Asobo are trying, and it's actually saying "Good data, you!" so you know you won't get a low bandwidth error message.😄 The mystery continues... Good day to you.
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