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  1. Was just about to post.. Unfortunately you will be looking at another month or 6 weeks because there is a massive shortage of electronic components. This is slowing down production and we are far behind where we should have been. We wanted to be out of pre order and have them on the shelf by this time. Sorry guys, it is so frustrating.
  2. Hi both, let me try and find where you are and then I can advise. Regards Chris
  3. Awesome! Thanks for helping out! 😄
  4. The way UPS have been lately it might be quicker to drive oop North and find me in t'mill. As a northerner I take a perverse pleasure in saying I'm off down t'mill or I'm working in t'mill (workshop is in an old Lancashire cotton mill). Don't worry, yours is on track.
  5. Just put this into google images "clouds dumping rain" and you will see plenty that look like portions of that video, so msfs isn't that far fetched. I will say that the opening shot in that video is ridiculous though and the rainbows are bonkers, I've never seen msfs look quite as bad as that opening scene is it really untouched or enhanced in editing? Xplane has improved a lot over time and in general is ok with active sky. My main problem is the lighting always seems a bit grey. I dont ever seem to get really bright white fluffy clouds that you get on sunny days. The view of them from below is a bit muted.
  6. Butter! 🙂 Thanks for the vid, and the nice comments.
  7. Thanks! Having read through the fsuipc7 manual it doesn't matter which way you do it if you just want basic controls although it does say the fsuipc method is more direct. I tried both ways and in either, if I use a linear setting then I do not get 1:1 movement between yokes. This is clearly an MSFS issue with controllers having a hidden curve that you have to compensate for by setting the plus and minus curves on roll to 50. Elevator seems fine though.
  8. I have no preference as either is fine. For the time being I am using the standard calibration in P3d, Xplane and MSFS but that is mostly for conveniece. When I get back to some serious simming I suspect I will revert to FSUIPC where possible. The key thing for me is making sure the on screen yoke matches the physical yoke. To do this in p3d or xplane means no deadzone and full sensitivity and fully linear. In MSFS this is a bit different as there seems to be some sort of acceleration on the axes. If you leave it full linear then they do not match in movement and I adjusted it until they match 1:1. I have not got FSUIPC for MSFS yet so cannot comment on that but will grab a copy and do some testing. Chris
  9. OK here's a weird one. I now have it working but it took a lot of messing around and trouble shooting. I had multiple monitors connected although I was only using xplane on one of them. In fact I even tested disconnecting them in windows. Each time though the settings page or label settings would not show. It was only when I removed the cables from the computer and restarted xplane were the settings visible and allowed me to activate. It is now working fine but I cannot adjust the settings while I have more than 1 screen plugged in. Chris
  10. Thanks for the info. Yes I have 13.2GB in aircraft but 198MB in the plug in folder
  11. I can't. Not only does it not auto ask which it should, the settings are unavailable even though the menu is there in the plug in menu.
  12. Just bought and installed this in a vanilla xplane with only the true earth UK and the just flight warrior and arrow. No other plug ins yet. When I load a flight I don't get the activation pop up and cannot open the settings page either although I can open the radar which obviously is blank. Tried reinstalling but no difference. Any ideas? I raised a ticket yesterday but it's weekend so I don't expect a response for a bit.
  13. Wow, what a write up! Thanks for the kind words Jon! Glad you are enjoying it, it makes it worthwhile when people appreciate the design features we put into it. Chris
  14. Thanks for the kind comments @danwood, glad you are enjoying it. To everyone else facing a hold up, I can only apologise. It seems shipping anything around the world is being delayed these days. As ever, if you have any problems with it then get in touch through enquiries@fulcrumsim.com. Chris
  15. 🙂 Always good to hear people appreciating the design and how it pays off, glad you are enjoying the yoke!
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