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  1. Still nothing firm yet but we are currently getting quotes and discussing production techniques with a few aluminium foundries at the moment. We are launching our throttle kickstarter very soon but the yoke work is still continuing. Chris
  2. While it has not been tested it with pilot2atc specifically I see no reason why not. Our yoke is a standard joystick device so if pilot2atc allows you to press a joystick button to assign ptt then there is no reason that I can see why this would not work. Chris
  3. Hi Wolfgang can you email us and I will get you a tracking number. Enquiries@fulcrumsim.com
  4. Hi all, I’m concerned that you are not getting notified when it ships. I will raise this with our web developer tomorrow morning. Our website is supposed to integrate with ups and you should be sent a tracking number. It seems like that isn’t happening. Chris
  5. Hi, no it is not inappropriate, customers and prospective customers have a right to know these things. We are just snowed under and I feel bad that they aren't leaving the door as quickly as they should.
  6. Hi Marc please contact us via enquiries@fulcrumsim.com. If calibration does not resolve it then we will pick it up for you. Chris
  7. Hi all, While I don't oppose this in our forum as to do so smacks of censorship, I do ask that if anyone has concerns over extended delays to keep in mind that we are facing supply chain issues that are out of our control. We have been on the cusp of 3-4 week delivery for what seems like forever and things just keep getting dragged out by one thing after another. We are now rushing to catch up to that point now that we have all parts back in stock. One other thing is that we are about to launch our Throttle Kickstarter alongside our yoke line. By using Kickstarter rather than trying to fund the production transition ourselves will give us the ability to manufacture in larger volumes and will also have a knock on improvement to our yoke production line. Thanks. Chris
  8. The teaser was just that, something to show the concept of what we have. Yes it will have detents and different tops.
  9. We are still hoping that metal is viable and will know more in about a week. Standard hand premium versions are being considered too. Don’t worry we are looking at all options!
  10. The yoke design can hold the weight, it’s probably more cost driven but we won’t know until we get the pricing.
  11. Hi, yes you are right it has not been our main focus, however we are working towards getting our kickstarter for our throttle up and running and along side this been working on the 737 handle. I am currently getting quotes from UK based foundries for casting the aluminium. We are also considering them to be made from resin. In either case they would be high quality and finished in the same paint as our current yoke.
  12. Emails don't take up too much time, feel free to use the enquiries email. The problem at the moment is still supply chain issues. We now have stocks of circuit boards and sensors but are waiting on our packaging. Apparently there is a cardboard supply issue and also polystyrene problems! If it is not one thing it is something else, we will get there though! Chris
  13. Sorry for the delay in responding, we are trying to improve our response times though. I will know more in a few days but we are trying to increase output. Chris
  14. Hi Tim I responded to your email we got today, things are running ok now. Also not sure about the website but it seems ok from here. Chris
  15. Hi all, Sorry for the radio silence, there aren't that many of us and it is down to me to deal with social media etc as well as having to make the big decisions. 😬 We have just received a big batch of bearing rails that are not up to standard, they are too stiff in movement which goes against the whole purpose of this yoke. We are currently looking at a way forward without too much delay because we need to keep producing. I will give another update once we solve this problem. Unfortunately nobody else seems to work over the weekend so I'm not sure I will get an answer soon! This is extra annoying because the rest of the stuff is piling up and looks great. Chris
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