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  1. tutmeister

    Heathrow drone flier caught ?

    Nah, that will be some random trying out his new toy drone or more likely, his kids Christmas present on Christmas Eve. Toy drones are available from every corner shop from a few quid and the public generally have no cue how to fly them, let alone atc rules. In fact ive heard two stories this year where a dad has tried his kids new toy and lost it.... The chances are that’s a bloke without a clue flying in his local field without looking into things and probably wasn’t that close or dangerous to anyone.
  2. No solution, I asked a2a about this. The solution is to fly with the canopy open!
  3. Just wanted to point out that ppi is irrelevant. It is pixels per degree that matter as that is what matters when it comes to the eye resolving power. Chris
  4. I put the keyboard on top of the yoke box. Obviously this only works if you don't have panels in the way.
  5. tutmeister

    Uh oh. I just joined the P3D club. ;)

    So out of interest, what has all the above done to your frame rates compared to your first install experience?
  6. Hi Jon There are two options for mounting the yoke. The first is a fairly standard desk clamp like you see on other yokes or steering wheels. The other is to use the m8 threaded inserts on the bottom of it. You will be able to drill your desk or stand and bolt it to it. I can’t guarantee the positioning of them will match all flight sim stands as honestly I haven’t worried about that bit yet. That is something I can very easily tweak in the drawings before we start producing the final version. It is something that will be taken into account and I will look at common stands and try and accommodate them. zoran, I agree! No decent force feedback stick. I ended up converting a sidewinder ffb2 into a floor mounted stick as there is nothing out there. Chris
  7. Justflight also sell direct
  8. Yes definitly worth grabbing. Based around that amazing recording this adds an extra depth to it. I've always loved listening to it and this just finishes it off. I love the engineer sat at the back cutting. Small details but so good. The ground run too, it really shows the struggle under full load and full tanks to get off. Fantastic stuff! Chris
  9. Thanks for the review and write up both of you. Are you able to compare to crosswinds?
  10. tutmeister

    Holy smokes!

    Tried it last night and its pretty good, from GA height it is very convincing. Flew from Lands end and did a tour around west Cornwall. Great to pick out roads you grew up on. Two things stood out. Roads are far too wide through all the small towns and villages, is there a way to reduce the width? St Michael's mount is a shocker! 😉 Please consider an update, it is truly an icon of west Cornwall and deserves a custom model. I did notice the lower resolution and grainyness that John Venema talked about but I can live with it. Very happy with it, great work. Chris
  11. I’ve linked to a video on our Facebook page from a young promising youtuber who was at flightsim2018 and has put together a great set of interviews with developers at the show. We have an interview which starts at 30:25 into the video. It is worth a watch as he covers a good number of devs including dead stick and orbx. https://www.facebook.com/274213679880741/posts/277666256202150/ Here is the video in case you don’t use Facebook. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfr8CT5xGRc&feature Chris
  12. Hi Oemlegoem Thanks for the ars link. Great review. I'm now cautious and wishing id tried them at cosford. I'm wary of the sprung scissor mechanism as they are notorious for causing centre detents (see saitek yoke). In fact I've yet to see that type not have a centre detent. I was about to buy them until I read that review but for that kind of money I need to be sure they will be better than my crosswinds. Chris
  13. tutmeister

    Entire F-35 Stealth Fighter Jet Fleet Grounded

    Being British and from near to Liverpool i’m a big fan of Corvettes and the whole escort force involved in the battle of the Atlantic. The Flower Class Corvette was the cheap way to bulk out the number of destroyers involved in escorting the convoys. However, numbers were not the reason U-boats were defeated and they certainly did not easily beat them. So many times during the war, especially in the earlier days, invention and high tech allowed us to defeat greater numbers with more capable vehicles. The use of Sonar, Radar, improved longer range patrol aircraft, aircraft with surface radar and most importantly the cracking of German enigmas codes with the use of computers allowed us to know where wolf packs were targeting. Excellent use of more capable early warning radar with integrated fighter control allowed the Battle of Britain to be won or the advanced breakthrough in ground scanning radar and radio navigation systems along with air navigation computers allowed Bomber Command to start to navigate accurately at night and time raids to the minute rather than the earlier more vague bombing of areas. High tech advances in computerised bomb sights allowed pin point precision that took out key infrastructure rather than the older less accurate bombsightes that again only allowed a rough area to be targeted. The use of these along with high tech munitions that were developed allowed strikes against supposedly impervious U-boat pens. All these were very high tech top secret inventions that gave us an edge. High numbers of low tech generally do not fare well when facing cutting edge tech that they do not have an answer to although can be dangerous when you do not have a clear tech advantage with a reasonable number or assets. Chris
  14. I've had my eye in these for a while. Unfortunately by the time I got to have a look round at Cosford everyone was packing up which is a shame as orbx had a few sets on their stand. I had a look and they are huge and seem very substantial, unfortunately I didn't get to touch then let alone fly them. Chris
  15. Hi Martin, I don’t yet know as I have not approached anyone yet. Firstly I need to get it available through our web shop. I absolutely will be providing a shipping option to the USA though. I have put another few updates on the Facebook page including a video to address the observation Jose made, this shows the movement mapping 1 to 1 with the sim controls without lag in xplane and prepar3d and also the difference in reponse of different aircraft. Chris