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  1. Hi Dylan unfortunately no nothing to add just yet. Things are slowly picking here up so hopefully won't be too long now. I'll update when I have some news.
  2. All they are saying is that it is coming to game pass. Don’t read any more into it than that! I'm not trying to pick a fight either! All games on game pass can also be bought. Until they say you cannot buy it outright then it is just like any other Microsoft game.
  3. The original release video and numerous other official posts, interviews and videos. Just google it and do your own research. Also the fact that every game on game pass can be bought. Ms even said you do not need a subscription. This topic rears up every week or two. It’s been debunked so many times.
  4. I’d say about 50/50 of dumping on it and others saying it is the second coming. however what was posted was not a fact. You can buy it outright or get it through game pass.
  5. Then why are you casting doubt on the fact that you can buy it outright? If you want to buy it and not subscribe to game pass then you can.
  6. Just because it will be on game pass like we always knew it would be, does not mean you won’t be able to buy it outright. Every game on game pass can be bought outright. It’s almost like people are purposely ignoring the facts so that they can dump on a yet to be released title.
  7. Hi, no there are no pictures because it doesnt exist yet. It is designed but it has not been cast and tested/finalised so it is not in a state to start showing off. It is a future product that will come out after the base yoke. Obviously this will involve investment up front for tooling etc so this is something we will only progress once the yoke is released. Yes a Fulcrum airliner yoke is something we definitely want!
  8. Hi Bill That remains to be seen. Hopefully yes but the hold up has always been other local manufacturers. Remember, the guidance is you can go to work if you have to. It will be up to each supplier as to if they reopen. We are waiting on our UK made circuit board so as soon as they are back in work and finish them we will be ready to go. I know the boards were made and were awaiting components but we will have to wait and see as it is not up to me! The speed they get here will be based on their backlog and also any courier backlog and availability. As always, I will post as soon as I have something to actually say. Chris
  9. Tested and replied via the ticket system including log file. Chris
  10. Raised a ticket as I have the issue with heliports. Chris
  11. It is still early access, if we weren't in lockdown you could try the current version at the NWFSG meet. This review gives a good overview of its current state. I'm fed up of waiting on fixes and it cost a lot. https://www.thresholdx.net/review/colcon I'm hoping this AH one will be good enough until FSL get their act together. Stay safe, Chris
  12. Careful, that link also shows everyone here your real email address. You might not be bothered but I thought I better highlight it.
  13. Hi Martin, nothing to say just yet. UK is still on lockdown and suppliers are still affected. Each week we get a bit closer though. Still waiting on the electronics although I know production of the boards has started. Still, they are running much slower than normal but at least they are local.
  14. Excellent news! Thank you very much, I’ll wait with anticipation. 🙂 Chris
  15. I get this too and was scratching my head. I wonder what is different between previous versions and v5?
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