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  1. I do read all these posts even if I don’t reply. Honestly I appreciate them as I don’t feel I or fulcrum deserve them. By the way, throttles are well on the way to being ready. Chris
  2. Hi, can you contact me via support@fulcrumsim.com There are some simple checks we can do with you and it is possibly an easy fix. Chris
  3. Thanks for the continued support guys. The re-soldering is on the sensor boards. They are a mass produced part and in general they ok, but in early batches we found failures due to poor soldering. Since then I reflow all the sensor connectors and individually test them all. It saves time in the long run and ensures they won’t fail once in use. They are the same sensors used in the yoke so are proven. Chris
  4. I have just checked and I can see your order in the system. I see that you originally checked out as a guest, or it is showing as guest checkout anyway. I have assigned this order to your user account so you should see it now. Let me know if you can't. Chris
  5. Hi Bob I understand your frustration, it is totally warranted, you aren't the only one. For clarity, the site is up and all user accounts are available. I will not be taking any orders yet. Throttles will be made and sent with the remainder becoming available through the site. Proceeds from these sales obviously then go towards funding the next batch etc etc. Chris
  6. This isn't an easy post to write even though I am excited about being able to share some good news with you. It is actually really intimidating to publicly post things when you have faced public criticism and abuse after messing up as badly as I did with Fulcrum. Initially I just wanted to hide away from everything. As most people who are reading this section of the forum know, Fulcrum Simulator Controls ran into difficulty and ceased trading. They should also know that all customers at that time were written to explaining the situation. In that email I went through some of the reasons why the company went down and left us all out of work and left some customers with outstanding orders. One of the complaints I have seen here is that I am a crook and ran the company into the ground knowing it was going down. This is simply not true. At the time that orders were being taken, we were expecting a start up company assistance loan from the Government to help with costs etc that we had faced and to allow us to jump to higher production throughput. At the time this was applied for things were going well. 6 months later we were still waiting for this. I did close new orders and issued some refunds that were placed at the end. I did not take peoples money and run. However, I know that many people were angry and felt cheated or scammed. During all this there were things outside of the company to deal with and that were of a personal nature and made life very difficult, including facing the criticism here. No excuses for that but sometimes life is what it is and things don’t always go as you wanted. Now, as stated in the email to customers, I aim to stand by outstanding orders, even though Fulcrum was a limited company, and I could walk away from it. It would not be right to do anything else as I am a longstanding member of the flight sim community and not just a faceless company in China. I also don’t want to walk away because I believe in my designs, my principles in delivering what I promised and the tens of thousands of pounds of my own money I started the company with. That investment in product design, development and knowledge allows me to start production and deliver the same quality and future products. The way this will work is this. I am currently working another job to pay my wages. I will not be taking wagers from Fulcrum until it is built back up. Throttles are being produced first. This is because there are some parts already available to me. Orders have been placed for the remaining parts. Over the coming weeks throttles will be assembled and once ready, customers who ordered a throttle and were not able to claim a refund will have their orders fulfilled and remaining throttles will be available for purchase via the website. This is not an ideal approach and involves even more long waits. I understand the frustration in that but there is no alternative. I do not have a large cash pool I can issue refunds from, All I have is the ability to work and build up what is needed to start producing again. Also there will no longer be any pre-orders. Orders will only be taken when stock is on the shelf ready to go. If we are out of stock then it will show out of stock. Any other way just leads to too much risk. I am sure lots of companies thought otherwise until it all goes wrong! For clarity, all profits from sales will be going back into buying more parts to produce more products. This means that customers who lost out will get their order eventually and there will be off the shelf Fulcrum products for new customers. I will not be taking a wage from Fulcrum until this point is reached and everything owed is repaid. I hope this shows that I am trying to do the right thing and Fulcrum will be run in a customer focused way. There will be changes to the forum to clean up a lot of ‘where are you?’ threads. User to user support threads may get edited and moved around to make it less of a mess. I will not be deleting any threads – even those that make me feel bad. I will move them into an archive folder, but I do not wish to delete history. Thanks again for the hundreds of messages and emails of support, it is quite honestly staggering to me. Chris
  7. Hi, if it was today, you would be at the back of the queue so after the 4-5 weeks catch up. We have always aimed to be off the shelf but never quite managed it!
  8. Hi all, and especially to our customers and backers. I am very sorry for the current state of communications and production. I also understand that there are some very frustrated customers and rightly so. I feel like all we have managed to do is miss deadlines and annoy customers. It is no secret around here that we are been seriously late with shipments, this has been for various reasons. Firstly, let me assure you that Fulcrum are still trading and producing. I know there have been questions about our status and even that we might be a scam. I can assure you that we are not a scam! We are still producing the best flight controllers available and we will meet all our orders without fail. Production We have had production issues that have delayed this massively, I had to let a staff member go and have not replaced them, we have had supplier issues and various other things that are internal. I have been back on the tools making parts and assembling and communication has lapsed because all email communication, forum posts, supplier liaison and the rest of the company duties is up to me. So all I can do is say sorry for that. I appreciate the extreme patience that has been shown to us, without which the company would not have survived so thank you sincerely. So, orders. I am aiming to have all orders of yokes caught up within around 4-5 weeks, so that is all the really old orders up to the more recent ones. I have heard that the lead time of metalwork that we are missing is 3-4 weeks. We have yoke handles and all the wiring and internals here and assembled into sub sections so once we get parts we can start to ship. Throttles Throttles are in the same boat I'm afraid. Metalwork is the hold up and it is from the same production line. These will start shipping when the case metalwork arrives. Email I am going to email our customers with this update too. This brings me on to email issues. For some reason our website email changed to have an extra www inserted into it. This should have been fixed now and enquiries@fulcrumsim.com seems to be working. We have had some requests for refunds, and I completely understand peoples reluctance to support a company not delivering on time, rest assured that your orders are safe as we have paid for the stock and have most of it on the shelves. I know the past few months have damaged the reputation that I have tried to build for Fulcrum, thank you deeply for the support shown and the patience. We will definitely get there! Chris
  9. Hi John, can you explain where it is sticking? Also contact us via email directly enquiries@fulcrumsim.com if you want.
  10. Hi Roeland, Apologies, you should have an email from us now. Chris
  11. Sorry Ron, and all who have put their faith in Fulcrum. I will try and get up update very soon as I have been chasing a date from our metalworkers for the throttle chassis.
  12. Hi to both, it is a poor show from us at the moment. We are struggling with a backlog and the wait is longer. I will ask for the website to be updated and you are right, it is a but undetermined which is not a good place to be in. I fully understand that people are unsatisfied with this. We are trying to improve and hopefully very soon I can get some concrete dates in place. Chris
  13. We can offer custom shaft lengths depending on the panel requirements. The shaft is quite long already but there are options for more and also bushing and mounts if the panel; needs a very long shaft/
  14. I agree, sorry this is a poor showing. While we are not entirely a one man band we are small and I am down a member of staff too. We are shipping and trying to catch up. Again, sorry for the very long delays. Chris
  15. Hi all, just a quick note to say I have just read your posts and I will give an update later today. Chris
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