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  1. The problem here is the particular part (connector) choice. There are RJ-45 connectors that have a metal screening bracket/ cover around the plastic body which should be soldered to the oversized "ground" pads on the PCB. These connectors are virtually indestructible, while a tad more expensive...
  2. I'm running WAMA ver. 1.19b06 (installed from WhereAreMyAircraft_Install_P3D_V44.exe) with Prepar3dv4.5. While parking an aircraft works fine I cannot make the "Static objects" function work at all. Both creating a new scene and selecting the objects work OK, but none of the objects are visible in the sim. I've tried all kinds of items from the SimObjects folder to no avail. Any thoughts?
  3. Hi Jetlag; you are welcome. Exactly. AS5600's "raw" angle is 360 degrees and then during the calibration it's adjusted to the actual travel angle, no matter what the position of the magnet is. So you don't need to make any magnet position adjustment.
  4. So far I was not able to find any info on the forces required to get the handle to the extremes of pitch and roll. Any chance to measure that? As an example- on my Fulcrum yoke I have 6 KG in max pitch and 4 KG in roll.
  5. Never heard about the Kosmosima twist module updates (maybe I've missed the news...). Mine is one year old and it's plastic for sure.
  6. I am using it with a Gladiator Pro (the mechanics is identical to the Gunfighter, except for the lack of the dampers). Works fine.
  7. Both premium and standard versions are plastic (as opposed to, say, MCG grip).
  8. The connector itself is USB Type B (or simply USB-B), so look for "USB-B angled". The search provides a huge number of cable choices...
  9. As already mentioned in a different thread- the Yoko has the pitch axis travel of 144 mm which is 30% less than the Fulcrum has. For the same length of travel the guys at VirtualFly would have to use some kind of front bearing, creating an additional friction point; so it's not an apple-to apple comparison. Besides, the Yoko's roll maximum deflection to each side is 60 degrees as opposed to 90 degrees that the Fulcrum offers; so they can't be compared 1:1.
  10. I'd say, it depends. HERE is my 737 rig (including the Fulcrum with a third-party 737 handle) and the same place after all the sim stuff was put away (which takes 10 minutes). Of course you'll need more storage space...
  11. Hi Chris, Maybe it's too early to ask but I was wondering what kind of button array the new 737 handle is planned to have? Just an example- the 737 handle I'm using is symmetrical (except for the trimmer/ hat switches): two 2-way rocker switches (left & right) in place of PTT rocker, two buttons in place of AP Disconnect, and the trimmer/ hat can be swapped quite easily, allowing for the Captain or FO versions. This might be an additional selling point as quite many of our fellow simmers are using the throttle control units like TM Warthog that are aimed at the left-hand operation, so the trimmer and AP Disconnect should be accessible by the right thumb. OK, the extra buttons are not 100% authentic, but IMHO there is no need for a precise replica...
  12. Coming back to the original topic- HERE is the cast plastic Boeing737 replica handle on my Fulcrum. The mounting collar was 3D-printed, a 5-pin contact insert from the regular DIN plug was used for connecting the electronics to the shaft and a spare shift register board for connecting the buttons was taken from one of my projects. I didn't want to cannibalize the stock handle, otherwise the PCB and the connector (maybe also the collar) would've been taken from it. BUT: 1) you'll need to be absolutely sure about what you are doing and b) I would expect a serious impact on the warranty😀.
  13. The important thing is what you mean by "manage". As mentioned by MarkDH, Leo Bodnar card can take the INPUTS from the switches and potentiometers in the throttle unit so that they are translated into the sim- so this is a manual throttle operation. If you need the card also to drive the motors/ servos so that they reflect the operation of autothrottle in the sim, you'll need the outputs, and this is what Leo Bodnar's card cannot provide.
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