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  1. Fine shots bro ! cheers 😉
  2. "The professional Team" did still not update after V.3.0.24 the 2d pop up panel so it does work from the outsideview of the plane - thats for me sutch a shame, i thinking of buying nothing anymore from this company !! In my opinion, that's just the very last thing and that of such a team, although it would be possible, Aerosoft did it well too. I'm so disappointed with PMDG, I just don't have the words for something like that ! They not my frends anymore.. cheers 😒
  3. What Grafikcard u using - 3090 ? But i think around 14GB is somehow the highest load.. cheers 😉
  4. No, i don`t even have a 3080 yet, ( but would go on this if i have to ) i use an ( relative old ) MSI 2080 super 8GB and it still works fine with settings not at ultra at all. But you simply not need all at ultra.. By the way my TLOD is at 160 and my OLOD is at 140 and that is OK for me. But yes i am on 3 4K monitors and this work very well, i am docking the 2D pop up panels on a second monitor and allways have LNM on the third monitor and if i allways set my mouse on the MSFS screen based parts, this also are the docking 2D pop ups, i have no probs with my frames/smoothnes and so yes it is working fine for me ! cheers 😉
  5. Fine shots, yeah that raining always looks awesome within MSFS 👍 cheers 😉
  6. Fine pics bro ! EGGD seems a nice Airport - fine look inside.. cheers 😉
  7. A 3090 card is not realy supported because from any game or whatsover, never seeing more than 13 to 14 gig VRAM can be loaded. So this is a waste of money IMO.. If you using a 3080 with 12 gig you on the best boat ( you dont need to set everything to ultra ) but shure it works fine for 4k. So a card that would give you 14 gig would be the best choice but as far as i know there is none. Maybe the upcoming 40XX cards but they need ( what i read about ) a lot Power ( up to 600 Watt ). This is getting stupid i would say.. cheers 😉
  8. It is, just made with love from the Dev Team and it flies wonderfully and landing and take-off work in the same way.. cheers 😉
  9. I find this weather/cloud engine realy good, and if it cost a lot of recources and smoothnes it would be better to stay with that we have as the other way around.. cheers 😉
  10. PMDG said August, September if all goes well, but not realy shure about.. cheers 😉
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