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  1. NZGS/Gisborne is one of my favorites from Orbx...and now I know why you visit it, virtually, here, so often...🙂.... The greenery looks outstanding in these shots...!
  2. Cannot go wrong, here, with these perennial favorites for the 737...lovely pictures...!!
  3. Beautiful pictures.... brings back memories of flights out of Midway...when Southwest planes were only the -700s, the -800s had not arrived yet, as I recall ....
  4. Now we're talking....🙂....lovely series...including pictures of the roll-out...!!
  5. This livery screams out loud...for sure...🙂.... Your RV14, Ryan, flies over very nice scenery here too.... having just returned from far-off Spain...🙂....
  6. Like Gate-to-Gate complete flights.... beautiful and rich set...!!
  7. A most remarkable livery, indeed...!!
  8. pmplayer, johnb, Alaska, and evaamo: Thank you...!! Cheers...!
  9. For W28 (airport) scenery, Orbx begins the description as, "Sequim Valley is a small airfield on the northern Olympic Peninsula...in the foothills of the spectacular Olympic Mountains...and is considered to be a pilot's dream...." Now, surely, some of us...would remember that PNW was Orbx's very first (debut) regional scenery for North America...It was around 2010/2011, I believe...hard to imagine but a decade has already (and seemingly quickly) passed since then...Of course, Orbx has steadily added many small (custom) airports and airfields to the PNW region over the years. Here's a little gem that I've had for quite some time, but never got to explore in much detail... My 20 screenshots, below, about Sequim Valley, capture the moods from all hours of my (virtual) day, Dawn/Day/Dusk, at and around W28 Airport. The beautiful town of Sequim, located in the Olympic Peninsula, appx. 65 miles west of Seattle, is set out near the Strait of Jun de Fuca with the rugged and impressive Olympic mountains seen as backdrop (see e.g., shots #14/#15). Mount Olympus, at ~8,000 ft, (see the last but one shot, with dusk sunlight glistening on its snow-capped peak), is the tallest and most prominent peak in the Olympic Mountains. The picturesque body of water, called Juan de Fuca Strait, (see the last shot and note, below) is the adjoining Salish Sea's primary outlet channel to the Pacific Ocean. The international boundary between Canada and the United States runs down the center of this Strait. This whole area is famous for the breathtaking cliffs of the Olympic Mountains and the immaculate beaches of the Strait (see screenshots below, while, I, too, am trying to go back in memory, from many years ago, of that (insufficient) half-day, I'd got to spend around there, during one of my two visits to Seattle, this one, I recall, was right after a visit to the Boeing factory, on the same day...). Anyway, during this post, I realized that the best way to appreciate the spectacular beauty of this region is from the air...So, I've shown a sample of (aerial) screenshots taken during daylight and twilight, to justify my conclusion...hope you will agree... I was reading a bit, "...For hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities, or simply sitting back and relaxing, and letting your care and worries fade away..., Sequim Valley indeed seems like an ideal getaway...", (I personally prefer the latter modes...🙂...). Today, I spent a whole day there from dawn to dusk...virtually...From my visit, I've also included several screenshots of sightings around the airport itself. BTW, in my pictures, do note one (close-up) screenshot of a (singular) orange-hued Butterfly, that I noticed fluttering around me, you may also notice it just above (my) camper van...🙂...It kept re-appearing near me exactly every 90 secs or so...in a repetitive pattern, and, of course, Nature does not operate that way...🙂...still, this AI butterfly impressed me a bit...and added to my experience... Sequim Valley (W28) Airport (Rwy 9/27; see one image with "27" marking visible) has a 3,500 ft. asphalt Rwy. In my previous post, from half-way across the world, about the mountains of Spain, I'd shown a few pictures of my Brasilia 120 lifting off, and here, in this post, bit nearer to home, I also show a couple of screenshots of my favorite B120, lifting off from W28 Rwy 09, eastward (i.e. inland), with glimpses of the blue waters of the Strait, visible, on the port side...from my Captain's window (see also close-up [VC] MAP shot of my (inbuilt) GTN 750, custom-added into this a/c flightdeck...)...In the final image, I leave you with a glorious (and golden) impression of the beautiful Juan de Fuca Strait, in which shot, you can spot the Mount Olympus on the left (U.S. / Washington) side, the landmass of Canada / British Columbia on the right side across the Strait, and the vast (North) Pacific further out on all other sides...! (BTW, my featured airline, OceanAir, indeed operated a fleet of Brasilias, and was, not surprisingly, a Brazilian airline, which would later become part of Avianca Brazil. For livery, I've chosen this striking red color of the Brasilia...if you wish, you may search for "Embraer-120 Brasilia PT-SLC images" and view a few (RW) images of this nice a/c...) Thanks for viewing and for your interest in this collection of pictures...!! My day in the Sequim Valley is done, here...!
  10. +1 Yes, your alter ego is certainly not too far....it will come soon....🙂... (after all, for myself, I've been (gladly) flying the 787-9/10, almost as much as the 787-8...🙂...)... Agree wholeheartedly...And you, maybe, need to take him out for dinner...sometime...because he does not take cash....🙂....
  11. Wonderful image, filou...like the subtle circles and halos in this ray of light...!!
  12. I know this one does not exactly match your name...🙂...still, the first delivery must be tremendously exciting...have fun...! [Glad you hearkened to the calling (or was it yelling...🙂...) of the lumberjack...]
  13. [So, a love triangle in the making...🙂...] Marvelous series of pictures.... (hadn't seen, here, that Japanese airline in a long while) ...
  14. A big fan of all the tartan liveries....so, this is a fresh new pattern...looks great...!! [BTW, aren't those the famous bridges across the Firth of Forth, in the background...? I especially like the color of the Forth Bridge...]
  15. Your very first tryst with this MSFS 737...probably...and SAS goes well with it...!
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