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  1. Lovely set…(Gift Cards for such…being always nice…🙂…)… FSW Lear 35 is a wonderful plane, love the cockpit… A classic up-the-coast trip, all the airport shots look great including the (free) FlightBeam SFO…🙂… (Have driven the California coastal Highway 1, once, in the reverse direction, from San Francisco to Los Angeles…)
  2. Beautiful and diverse…🙂…Very nice set… Flightbeam KSFO looks great too, and, of course, I am always a fan of those University themed liveries…this here is a striking one, in my favorite color…🙂…
  3. pmplayer: Appreciated the note and you’re welcome…🙂…!
  4. John, pmplayer, Will, and UrgentSiesta: Thank you all for the comments and responses…!!
  5. Wonderful tour of this beautiful region, Ryan....in this lovely and capable Cub... Hidable (and capable of being nudged a bit to left or right...) front passenger, for a better view, is a nice feature ...🙂 ... Yes, PNW can be often murky and rainy.... glad the weather remained supportive. Been twice to the Boeing Factory in Everett that you've cited in your tour... Indeed, it was raining around those mountains, as I recall... Thanks for sharing this post and these picturesque images...!
  6. Hi Will: Appreciated the comment... (You must be getting ready for that 777, eh...I meant already ready with lots of practice on the 738...🙂...)
  7. [This is a topic close to my heart, and additionally, I also wished to fly this likeable Cessna Twin for a second time here (if you wish, please see my previous post of this same a/c climbing away from San Jose (KSJC) airport, with a thankful correction from a member...🙂...In my defense, lately all kinds of issues have impacted my SIM activities and my attention to details, and I don't mean RL issues...🙂...). First, my Xbox/MSFS has been more problematic than normal e.g., error loading start-up screens and loss of (Garmin/GTN) avionics displays in the cockpit. On top of it, the Avsim server issues (of past week) complicated any posting activities. Now, with Avsim issues already resolved, I had a very good flight today on this (special) topic that has been long on my mind. So, here we go...] It's well known that Steinbeck's (most significant) work that immortalized central California, centered around a small geographical region, the so-called "Steinbeck Country", about 100 miles down the California coastline from Monterey Bay to Morro Bay, and about 50 miles across to the Gabilan Mountain Range. At the heart of the "Steinbeck Country", the source of his inspiration, lie the Salinas Valley and the Salinas River that flows through it, the focus of my flights today. For the first flight (see shot #s 1-10 and the Garmin Map in shot #4), I start off from San Jose (KSJC), a place frequently mentioned in his novels, then fly south to the city of Salinas, Steinbeck's birthplace, and then west to the coastal city of Monterey (KMRY), the location of some of his most significant works of fiction. For the 2nd flight (see Garmin Map in shot #11), I fly to the Gabilan Mountains, and then south along the Salinas Valley, via the town of Soledad (shot #18) of "Mice and Men" to King City (KKIC). King City is the plot location for "Red Pony" which I've been coincidentally re-reading lately. Regarding the naming of the Pony, there is a reference there to the Gabilan Mountains (shot #s 13-16), located on the eastern side of the Salinas Valley..."I think I'll call him Gabilan Mountains..."..."It's a pretty long name. Why don't you just call him Gabilan...?". So, I thought, my trip, here, would not be complete without visiting the Gabilan Mountain Range...🙂...and its highest summit, Fremont Peak (shot #15), which is mentioned in "Travels with Charley" (Charley was Steinbeck's pet poodle). We know that Nobel Prize for literature, unlike e.g., the Booker or the Pulitzer, is not given for a single work of fiction, but for a whole body of work. Nonetheless, there is always one novel that stands out as the cream of the crop that gets a special mention e.g., for Albert Camus, it might be "The Stranger" (translated for me...🙂...), for V.S. Naipaul, it might be "A House for Mr. Biswas", and for Rabindranath Tagore, it might be "Gitanjali" (also translated) etc. And for Steinbeck, it was "The Grapes of Wrath"...the plot of which was partly set in the valley down from the same Gabilan Mountains of "Red Pony". After today's (virtual) exploration, I surely got to know and appreciate the Steinbeck Country lot better than ever before, along with its natural beauty, and the story of struggles and emotions of people that was infused into it, in a bygone era. From my unique (aerial) vantage point, as I flew over these valleys, mountains, rivers, and cities, while watching the sunset and the moving shadows on these mountains, there was a unique satisfaction...of places I've only read and wondered about through the magical depictions of Steinbeck....🙂... My concluding few pictures, below, are from the heart of the Salinas Valley, as my Cessna is flying down this valley and the Salinas River (shot #19), with the Sun setting behind the Gabilan Mountains and the silver Moon shining over the wing of my Cessna (last shot #20) ...🙂.. Thanks for viewing ...!
  8. One shot is enough, pmplayer...🙂...Beautiful picture of the iconic bird...in the misty glow... Climbing away to the top of Stratosphere...🙂...
  9. Another fan of Braniff...🙂....Thank you and glad you liked these images... Yes, certainly all the Jellybean Colors of Braniff would be most welcome on the 707...and MSFS's (knowledgeable) repainters are waiting ... Cheers...!
  10. Thank you for chiming in…Cheers...! ... 🙂... the ever-attentive viewer and reader around here...John ....Yes, you're absolutely right...slip-of-tongue...I mean...slip-of-words ...🙂 ...I meant KSJC (San Jose) near about Steinbeck’s Salinas Valley...NOT San Diego...! Thank you for the correction. I was able to post this one after two unsuccessful "Timeout Errors" from the Forum...due to the Server issues around here ... Glad, all (including the avatars) looks normal now... Hi Neil: Glad you liked these images. I forget if this livery came default with FSW's original package or from one add-on set of repaints I've also purchased for it...The Reg. ID is N641CP.
  11. This airliner fan, here, with an alter ego named after the Boeing 787-8...🙂..., has been always a great fan of twin props too (pistons and turbos) since the earliest times of my involvement in the hobby. This is, of course, within my limited (virtual) knowledge and familiarity with such a/c... unlike a few of our esteemed Twin GA experts, aficionados, and RW pilots around here...🙂... Frankly, I am bit of a greater fan of the Piper Twins...But this Cessna built C414A rendition by Flysimware seemed irresistible... (I have owned many Flysimware a/c in my past SIMs and been always impressed by their attention to details and realism of SIM a/c... including both prop and jet types...distinctly and especially recall flying their Falcon 50 and Learjet 35 to my heart's content...🙂...) ... So, please find this collection of pictures with a C414A of my lift-off and departure segment of a (test) flight today from San Diego (KSJC) to Los Angeles (KLAX). Somewhere within just these (limited) 300 miles of space, most of John Steinbeck's stories were based on...🙂...of life and events in one-time California, that was enough to get him his Nobel Prize... (if you wish, please also see my previous post for a bit of background). Anyway, this Cessna Chancellor felt like a wonderful plane to experience in MSFS...in fact modelled in the SIM, for our pleasure and enjoyment, after a RW C414A version (see the "RAM" and "AW" markings in the images, under the Pilot windows) ...owned by Flysimware's own tech pilot and consultant. Reportedly, just collecting the images, measurements, and sounds from the real bird took 2 years... I am barely scratching the surface with this a/c for now, but hope to fly and learn...lot more... In my concluding scenes, just after gears up, I've activated the [Dir-To], for test and fun...🙂...straight to the FAF of KLAX ILS Rwy 07L...and the a/c is faithfully and instantly banking hard over the Pacific Ocean, to southward heading from its initial westward takeoff from San Diego's Rwy 30L... So, if you were seated on those luxurious seats, you might feel a bit stronger pull of the force...🙂...Oh well... Hope you enjoy these images from my flight today. Thanks for viewing...!
  12. We know there are multiple A320s (ceos and neos; freeware and payware) available in MSFS these days. And myself, not being a puritan simmer nor an aspiring Airbus pilot...🙂...these are all viewed as one (nearly indistinguishable) lump in my eyes. However, I was indeed a puritan simmer at one point, decades ago. I vividly recall flying the PMDG and iFly 737NGs, 3 times a week, like clockwork, for nearly a year or more, with all the bells and whistles (such as enhanced scenery, FS2Crew, on-line ATC, rigid fuel calculations, identical RW routes etc...). I do recall on FS2Crew, pressing that Flight Attendant button meant for requesting a "Cup of Coffee"...while being fully absorbed in my (hectic) pilot duties in the virtual flightdeck of the 737. Unfortunately, no Coffee ever appeared...🙂...neither did any Flight Attendant, nor even my better-half...🙂...and, in fact, once, such a request had elicited a reply like something as follows, "That is not a real 737, and you're not a real pilot...So, go get your own Coffee..."...🙂...My make-believe world of aviator-hood had suffered a reality check...🙂...Oh well...I'm still at it... Anyway, I'm lately warming up to this MSFS/iniBuilds A320neo V2. It has a better overall feel about it than the original MSFS/Asobo A320. And it's not just the EFB. I am able to use the EFB for performance calculations etc. but have to use the MCDU/ATSU Menu to upload the SimBrief FlightPlan data (since still getting some error while uploading directly from SimBrief into the EFB, will continue to examine that issue...not a deal-breaker for me). Most importantly, this iniBuilds A320neo V2 came free with MSFS Update, so, I cannot ask for more than that... Colorful (and trail-blazing) Braniff Airways has been a favorite of mine since my earliest days in the hobby. The airline had taken roots in 1927, when the founder Paul Braniff (also the sole pilot) flew a group of business executives and investors around on fishing, hunting, and business trips in a six-seater Stinson Detroiter out of Oklahoma. Braniff Airways, during the 50+ years of its existence, went on to operate almost all types of a/c, starting from the vintage Ryans and Stinsons, through the legendary 727s/707s, all the way to the supersonic Concorde. Though the 10 Concordes that it operated were all leased from Air France and British Airways, they were indeed flown by Braniff crews, with Braniff Reg. numbers, mostly subsonically within the domestic U.S. sectors. How could Braniff be not part of the most exotic commercial aircraft travel of the time...🙂...? Braniff had also made deposits with Boeing for two B2707 SST (Supersonic Transport) a/c, a program that would be eventually cancelled. Clearly, the airline was determined to be on the cutting edge of air transport. The catchy company slogan was, "The End of the Plain Plane", and their advertisements proclaimed (justifiably so), "We have blue planes, orange planes, yellow planes...You can fly with us seven times and never fly in the same color twice...". Now, without worrying about the complex statistical rules of conditional probability...🙂..., there is some truth to this claim. Braniff had a total repertoire of 15 "Jellybean" colors (actually 16, Lavender was short-lived). So, simply put and without taking the claim to heart, with a choice of 15 colors, you would need to fly with Braniff roughly 7 times, to run into the same-colored a/c twice. So, I was looking today into an add-on set of "Nostalgia" liveries for this A320neo that I'd purchased several weeks ago, on Xbox/Marketplace, when I'd seen this A320neo V2 the first time. In that livery collection, I caught a Blue Jellybean A320neo repaint. We should note that Braniff ceased all air operations in 1982. Even the original A320 (aka the ceo) would not take to the sky until 5 years later in 1987, and this A320neo would not appear (another 27 years later than the ceo) until 2014. So, this here is of course an entirely fictitious livery (nonetheless, I wish to thank the unknown repainter who contributed this Braniff color to the set of liveries; surely, that (Braniff enthusiast) repainter would jump on the chance to repaint Braniff colors on (RW) 727s/707s/DC8s etc. when these iconic a/c become available in MSFS...). In my images of the A320neo below, the registration (N1804) you see, is indeed a RW (Braniff) number, that once belonged to a (Medium Blue) Braniff DC-8-62. During that aircraft's lifespan of 35 years, I find (on record) only one blemish for it...a runway excursion at (old) Quito airport, in its very first year of service, where improper braking action, forced it into a ditch, causing substantial damage, but it was repaired and bounced back to service as if new. This original DC-8 was once plying the high skies above the Pacific Ocean, between Dallas-Fort Worth and South American cities, just as my A320neo did today, wearing the same uniform and carrying the same ID. That's why this A320 felt dear to me today...🙂..., because it made me think of Braniff's (multi-colored) Douglas DC-8s, and in particular about the life-story of that N1804 DC-8-62(F), a (hardworking) a/c that that had served faithfully as a passenger aircraft for over 22 years, and then (untired) as a converted freighter for another 13 years. It would eventually end its life in 2003, salvaged and broken up into pieces and dissolved into history...until we might fly it here again in MSFS, hopefully someday soon... Please find this collection of images of this A320neo on a flight of my choice, from Lima (SPJC) in Peru to Dallas-Fort Worth (KDFW), both these cities been "Hubs" of Braniff during its heydays. The (SimBrief) flight distance is 3,400 miles, while my A320neo (quite up to the challenge) has a range of 3,900 miles...so, I'm covered. I wished to visit the majestic Andes, before heading back to the homeland, so, please also see a set of pictures (shot #s 4-8) of these Andes Mountains, which are in close proximity of Lima, on the (eastern) inland side of the continent (Lima is the coastal (capital) city overlooking the vast Pacific) ... In mid-flight today, while my a/c was paused and suspended over the Pacific, and I was off and away for some life-sustaining grocery activities...🙂..., MSFS/Xbox opted to close my "Game" saying curtly that some syncing of data is required for my better "gaming" experience, and hence the current session will be terminated...No arguments...Oh well... Still, I've included, below, a few pictures of my touchdown into KDFW, from an independent flight.... Thanks for viewing...! Happy flying...!
  13. Hi Mike: Welcome here… Your image does not appear directly for me for some reason, but only as a clickable hyperlink… Are you having your images hosted by an external server, as per the posting rules and instructions…? Cheers…!
  14. Lovely shots, Andy. The terrain landscape and greenery here, with your Map Replacement, look quite vibrant and beautiful ...reminds me now of my (past) virtual escapades in the Land's End area ...🙂...
  15. Very nice summary and roundup of this Helicopter... (I see why the name may be confused with that HC-130 variant...🙂...) I know you like Helis...still recall some of your XP Heli posts around here...🙂... Yes, with an Autopilot this can be a real keeper...especially with that Analog Gauges panel option...you also mentioned .... Thanks for posting...!
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