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  1. A Very Wet Scandinavian...Oops, I meant SAS. Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  2. Thanks, Cactus & John for your comments! Darryl
  3. SP2472

    Last days of Spring

    Great images you have there earthdog!
  4. Photo-Scenery, USA...Farms & Mountains Some new pictures from the reformatted & redone computer. Scenes from Maryland, Sacramento CA, Wenatchee WA and Aspen CO areas... Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  5. SP2472

    Two atmospheres.

    Both are good!
  6. SP2472

    747-8 Dusk arrival to ESSA

    Very moody...nice presentation!
  7. SP2472

    Winter's Coming

    Thanks for the commentary! ☺️
  8. Winter's Coming...at least in Stockholm! Thanks for viewing
  9. SP2472

    It's Washington but not DC

    Thanks, John for the lone comment!
  10. Great work filou, the TrueEarth scenery is looking great!
  11. It's Washington state but not DC...A little better, a little bigger... Warning: A big post of twenty screen-shots! Oh yes, these are real and not renders! Thanks for viewing.....
  12. It Got Even Better...Colorado, a little Tomato Shade and a few adjustments. Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  13. SP2472

    And I did make it to LAX...

    Looks great Ryan but XPX is too brown/tan for my taste.
  14. Thanks for the comments...yes it's MegaSceneryEarth High-Res Cities Chicago, didn't need the complete state.
  15. It Got Even Better...Illinois, a little Tomato Shade and a few adjustments. Thanks for viewing, Darryl