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  1. Thanks for the kind words everyone... Darryl
  2. Excellent Cirrus post Ryan, great paint btw. Darryl
  3. Interesting shot, was it photoshopped? Darryl
  4. You defiantly make X look good... Darryl
  5. Good Catch...never thought of the "J's" that way.
  6. Rex Accuseason Advanced not available thru Orbx Direct yet. Darryl
  7. Wish it were so...so many false rumors. No pics or video's shown yet. Darryl
  8. The End of My Vacation...not bad since Rome is a nice place to live. Hopefully, you enjoyed these images, your commentary is always appreciated...Darryl
  9. Interesting imagery but forty screenshots, the limit is twenty...suggest dividing into part I & part II... Darryl
  10. Ryan always delivers good aviation content, stunning flight once again. Darryl
  11. Excellent presentation Mr.PM, didn't know you owned the PMDG B737-900. Darryl
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