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  1. For me MSFS2020 is getting better, changed sceneries often yesterday with no CTD's (that is where they usually occurred). Who knows, maybe DX12 will make MSFS2020 more efficient...and eventually Ai traffic will work properly (no more European A320's at US Airports, etc). Darryl
  2. Looks great, how does it blend with the Asobo handcrafted airport? Darryl
  3. An American A321...for an old FSX rehash, looks great. Thanks for viewing & commenting, Darryl
  4. Nordic time a week early, thank you Asobo! Now about that XBox DirectX 12 rumor...;-) Darryl
  5. Bah Humbug, a third or fourth tier developer developing the E170/E175...how about a first tier aircraft since this type is really common. It seems Aerosoft alway does the CRJ when this aircraft is rapidly fading away. I like to see the the complete family E170, E175, E190 & E195 developed along with the Airbus A220-100/300. Darryl
  6. A Little Washington DC Cloudy Brightness...If there is any! Thanks for viewing & commenting, Darryl
  7. Curious on the quality of the MSFS2020 Munich by Simwings, does it use sharp textures or is it marginal in resolution/quality? Thanks for suggestions or comments, Darryl
  8. The Vancouver Airport was done by FSimStudios, excellent work & price. Available through Orbx. Darryl
  9. Twilight cool... Darryl
  10. Vancouver...A Great MSFS 2020 Airport Thanks for viewing & commenting, Darryl
  11. Thanks everyone for the comments... Darryl
  12. Looks great but a wi too big for Burbank...remember a Southwest B737 almost went thru the fence. :-) Darryl
  13. Peachy....at least by Japanese standards. This pictorial covers a taxi tour of Narita. Drzewiecki Design did a good job on this Narita Airport especially with the static aircraft since there no quality Ai for MSFS2020. Thanks for viewing & commenting, Darryl
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