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  1. I prefer my bug splats to be invisible, so the colour is irrelevant.
  2. Christopher Low

    Why Is The FSLA319 Such A Job To Fly?

    You will still have loaded a default aircraft first (unless you are saying that the FSL A319 is your assigned default aircraft). Which one appears in the scenario window when you load P3D?
  3. Christopher Low

    Problems with JS41 migrated to P3Dv3

    Neal, You have a licence to use the FSX version of the Jetstream 41 in FSX. You do not have a licence to use the FSX version in P3D. That being the case, you are very unlikely to receive technical support for this from the PMDG guys!
  4. Christopher Low

    Coming Soon! - Flight Sim 2018

    Only 50 days to go
  5. Christopher Low

    Why Is The FSLA319 Such A Job To Fly?

    I don't know if this is relevant or not, but I remember having one or two problems (I think it was with the Quality Wings 146) when using the F22 as the default aircraft. I solved that by switching to the Beechcraft Baron B58 as the default plane when P3D loads.
  6. I would argue that whether there is a connection between this incident and flight sims or not is totally irrelevant. Idiots can kill people with cars. Does this mean that we should ban everyone from driving cars? For the record, I am not able to read the article. Every single link takes me to the "subscribe or login" page.
  7. Christopher Low

    Why Is The FSLA319 Such A Job To Fly?

    I do not have the FSL Airbus jets, but for the V2 speed for the PMDG 737-600 NGX with no passengers or cargo, and two thirds fuel load is 122 knots. Are you flying a loaded A319, Rick? If so, then that figure iof 112 knots for V2 seems way too low.
  8. Christopher Low

    Limiting Framerate kills framerate - why?

    I wouldn't mind a logical processor in my PC. In other words.....a processor that does the logical thing at all times so that I don't have to worry about all of this BS
  9. Christopher Low

    Limiting Framerate kills framerate - why?

    So what is the solution, Steve? Framerates vary quite a bit depending on where you are in the sim world, so Unlimited will never reliably match the monitor refresh frequency at all times. If I decide to limit the framerate to (for example) 25 on my PC, framerates in very dense scenery areas (and I don't do sparse or medium settings) will drop significantly lower than they would be when using Unlimited. That is not a great solution when framerates in some areas are already struggling to get past 15-20.
  10. Christopher Low

    (start) learning the 744 or 777 before 748

    I had no idea that stuff like this could be changed for individual models. I assume that these options are selectable via the FMS?
  11. Christopher Low

    Just Flights Global Traffic

    Do you by any chance have specific traffic files for LEPA and LFMN from another source?
  12. Christopher Low

    who stole the plane

    So, did this guy just roll the plane out to the runway and take off, without any conversation with ATC? I assume that is the case, since alarm bells would have been ringing if he had requested clearance to depart.
  13. Christopher Low

    (start) learning the 744 or 777 before 748

    Sorry to wake up a sleeping thread, but......if you want to prepare for the arrival of the 747-8 by flying the 747-400, I would suggest flying the ER or ERF. I was surprised to discover that the VC has a few subtle differences when compared to the "standard" 747-400..... An iFSD gauge Digital style settings on the MCP More responsive FMS Not exactly Earth shattering news, but I thought that I would mention it
  14. Christopher Low

    Turbine Duke engine out in mid flight

    If he has not changed the setting in the Turbine Duke config utility, there will be a VERY LOW chance of a random engine failure (even if everything is done "by the book").
  15. Christopher Low

    who stole the plane

    To be honest, I think we should be more concerned about making sure that airliners cannot be taken for unauthorised joy rides than whether or not the "pilot" had learned how to fly one on a PC.