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  1. I am surprised. I thought that IniBuilds would have corrected that very poor rendition of the Heathrow entrance (including the very strange raised bridge deck, and that just plain weird bridge in front of the Emirates A380) in one of the updates that they have released.
  2. The big problem with this is that MS Flight Simulator 5.1 was rubbish even back in 1995, so super smooth framerates would be pointless
  3. He is convinced that domestic cats are the greatest thing since the dawn of history, and he is correct
  4. I decided not to bother with v5, so this surprising release is irrelevant to me.
  5. I have tested this with P3Dv4.5HF2, and I get similar stutters in certain areas whether Scenery Complexity and Autogen Density are high or low. I think something else is at work. Something that is much more difficult to pin down.
  6. Performance improvements does not necessarily mean an increase in framerates. It could mean more consistent performance with fewer stutters, and in my experience with P3D, that is far more important than framerate boosts.
  7. I reckon that if we never have supersonic commercial flights ever again, it will be because we are having hypersonic flights instead. When has human endeavour ever stood still?
  8. This is a bit of a shock. I am still convinced that P3Dv6 is in development, but it makes me wonder what improvements are being worked on for that version. I think there is a fair chance now that Lockheed Martin will reveal some details about v6 at FSExpo, but whether it will interest anyone outside the few remaining members of the P3D brotherhood remains to be seen
  9. I get the feeling that v2 may have been rushed out after the UK2000 version of the airport was announced.
  10. Like I keep saying, airport scenery products are based on a "snapshot in time". I get the feeling that a large number of end users expect developers to provide updates when changes are made, but I see no reason why they should be obliged to do so for free. Maybe that would be the case if a new set of bins have been added outside the main terminal entrance, but completely new terminal piers with multiple jetways/internal modelling/ground textures? New runways with associated taxiways/signs/ground textures? Free of charge??
  11. To be fair, you did say yourself that it was quite some time before you took manual control of the flight engineer's tasks, Ray
  12. Whilst my options are extremely limited (since I only fly around the UK and Netherlands), the most impressive airport package that I have installed is the original version of FlyTampa EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol. Quite how such a massively detailed airport runs so well on my very modest PC with 150+ detailed custom AI planes on the ground and in the air (and with ORBx TrueEarth Netherlands at maximum detail levels surrounding it) is a mystery that will probably never be solved
  13. I am not convinced that FSLabs are doing this solely for the purpose of making huge amounts of money from it. I suspect that they also have a passion for this particular aircraft, and a dedication to make it the best that it can possibly be. Frankly, I admire that in an age where making lots of money seems to be the only consideration for a lot of people.
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