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  1. Christopher Low

    Diamond DA62 coming soon from Sean Moloney (ex RealAir)

    I am not sure why anyone would doubt the integrity of someone who was 50% of one of the most respected payware aircraft developers in the flight simulation industry.
  2. Christopher Low

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    Yeah, but as Alan says.....if you continue to pull the joystick back when you are getting repeated stall warnings.......all bets are off.
  3. Christopher Low

    Quality Wings 787 vs PMDG 747-400 (800)

    ....assuming that you limit yourself to real world routes with the correct aircraft types
  4. Christopher Low

    FlyInside Flight Simulator...

    An unfortunate acronym
  5. Christopher Low

    Poll: Your civilian simulator of choice and the future

    It certainly wasn't Flight Unlimited 2 or 3, as they both had better terrain graphics than any other flight simulator at the time. However, the "Outer Terrain" in Flight Unlimited 3 was useless. I restricted myself to the two high resolution scenery regions (Seattle and San Francisco), and used the "mirroring" option to avoid any hard edges with rubbish generic scenery On a side note, it may be of interest to note that I concentrated exclusively on the FU2 San Francisco scenery region for my final two years with Flight Unlimited 3. The terrain graphics were (ironically) better than those in the FU3 Seattle region, and I ended up adding a huge number of scenery packages for that region (considerably more than I added in the Seattle region), including an electricity pylon network with substations (built using real world power grid charts). Many of the models for these packages were built by my good friend Jon Point. There are times when I miss the good old days
  6. Christopher Low

    TrueEarth GB South

    ....until the P3D and AFS2 versions are released.
  7. Christopher Low

    Isle of Wight

    I assume that you are running TrueEarth South at low density autogen settings? I would have expected to see those urban areas look a lot more "built up" for a product like this.
  8. Christopher Low

    Poll: Your civilian simulator of choice and the future

    I remember a time (1999 to 2008) when I used Flight Unlimited 3 (and the Flight Unlimited 2 San Francisco scenery) exclusively because Microsoft Flight Simulator was rubbish. In fact, it was garbage the day FS5 was released, and it remained garbage for the next 15 years.
  9. Christopher Low

    Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 shows off a cinematic trailer

    I did not even know about Squadron 42 until Devon started this thread!
  10. Christopher Low

    Getting rid of AI on taxiway

    I just ignore the go around message, and land whether ATC likes it or not. This is one of the reasons why you wouldn't want me in online airspace
  11. Christopher Low

    Getting rid of AI on taxiway

    Turn crash detection off. The default ATC is intelligent enough to avoid most "encounters" if the AFD file has been built properly, and the player uses a bit of observation and common sense on the taxiway. In other words, listen to the ATC instructions that are being given to the AI pilots, and try to identify where those planes are located. I have discovered that problems tend to arise when the developer fails to think about how the default ATC works when building AFD files. For example, a taxiway that branches off a main taxiway will sometimes have two curved yellow lines turning into it (one from each side). Now, building the AI taxiway to match this sounds cool, but the ATC engine will see this as an alternative path to the main taxiway (ie, it will think that the main taxiway has two separate paths). The end result is that it will fail to stop a confrontation at locations like this. Much better to have a "straight in" connection to the secondary taxiway, so that the ATC engine can "see" that there will be a problem, and stop one of the AI planes further back, in a location where you (or another AI plane) will be able to avoid it. A less visually attractive solution, but a much better one for realistic behaviour.
  12. Christopher Low

    Inspector needed?

    For the does 4x SSAA in P3D v4 compare to 4x SGSS AA using Nvidia Inspector? Nothing else comes close to the latter for me in P3D v3.4.
  13. Christopher Low

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    This thread is making me hungry for the FSL A320, but I do not yet have P3D v4 installed, and I do not have the finances at the moment to fork out £100 for another high fidelity aircraft. I still want it though!
  14. Christopher Low

    FlyInside FlightSimulator

    I mean no disrespect to the developer here, but.....even if you are a VR enthusiast....what does this simulator offer that can't already be provided by P3D, X-Plane 11, or Aerofly FS2? Why would a flight simulator with graphics that have been described here as "FS9 quality" be of any value in 2018?
  15. I doubt that there will be any discounts. ORBx have acquired the assets of Earth Simulations. That isn't the same as saying "Earth Simulations have risen from the ashes, and are trading again".