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  1. 737 NG Auto-rudder

    The PMDG product page for the 737 NGX indicates that it is not compatible with P3D v2.x.....
  2. Train Sim World: NEC New York

    I understand th\at it takes time to build simulated versions of real world routes in detail. The problem is that DTG will probably move on to other regions of the world for subsequent expansion packs (and quite rightly so, since other users want different train routes than I do), and the GWR package will never be extended.
  3. Train Sim World: NEC New York

    Indeed. Train Sim World GWR would have interested me if it had included the entire length of track from London Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads, plus several side extensions to places like Oxford. When I realised that it only included track from London to Reading, I lost interest.
  4. "RETARD" alert after landing the 737 NGX

    I wonder if he still uses the "Retard" callout.....
  5. ORBX Photoreal UK/IRELAND This year.

    I don't care about seasonal variation. Summer textures are good enough for me.
  6. Advice needed on several P3D tools/utilities

    I always used to install FSUIPC in FSX and P3D, but to be honest I never really knew if I needed it or not. I just did it because others stated that it was required. However, I have since reinstalled P3D v3.4 from scratch, and I decided not to install FSUIPC to see if it caused any issues. I am currently only flying the PMDG 737 NGX, 747-400 and 777F.....and they all seem to work just fine without having FSUIPC installed. I am aware that the Quality Wings BAe 146 package automatically installs FSUIPC, so I assume that particular aircraft needs it for some reason.... FSUIPC has always been a bit of a mystery to me, but it appears that I do not need it at the moment. It's worth pointing out here that I have used a CH Flightstick Pro USB joystick to control every aircraft that I have ever flown in P3D.
  7. List of POIs in ORBx FTX England and Wales

    ....because the only response that I received on the ORBx forum was that the prodict includes a Google Earth KMZ file, but that would require purchasing the product first. There must be plenty of ORBx users around here who could help me with this information??
  8. CH Flightstick Pro USB Joystick

    Two weeks later, and the throttle wheel is still nice and smooth. Very happy that I opened it up, and did absolutely nothing!
  9. List of POIs in ORBx FTX England and Wales

    Is this information not available unless a customer purchases an FTX region? I would like to know what VFR landmarks are included before I make a purchasing decision
  10. Default land textures over water

    Yes, I followed Elaine Dixon's full uninstall instructions that are posted on the Lockheed Martin P3D forum.
  11. Default land textures over water

    Well now.......your suggestion appears to be working! I confess that I did not have any confidence in it at all, since I did not have this problem with Mesh and Texture Resolution sliders all the way to the right prior to installing France VFR Basse Normandie. Very strange. However, if this promising development proves to be permanent, then I owe you a great deal more than a beer!
  12. Default land textures over water

    I am suffering from exactly the same problem after a reinstall of P3D v3.4.
  13. Default land textures over water

    I had made a mess of the World Scenery folder (one scenery folder within another scenery folder)! The rest of Earth has now been recovered, but I will have to check later if my original problem still exists or not.
  14. Default land textures over water

  15. Default land textures over water

    I have taken Mike's advice. Reinstallation of P3D and addons is currently in progress. Stand by for an update