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  1. Thankfully, I have not seen anything else like that to date. I know it sounds a bit ridiculous to say that I will not use a nearby airport because of it, but stuff like this makes me feel really uncomfortable. It totally destroys immersion (just like default scenery did in P3D), so I prefer to avoid these blurry texture areas like the plague. In short, blurry low resolution textures of any kind have no place in a next generation flight simulator.
  2. I was surprised at the penalty decision, but then I was also surprised when Germany were awarded a penalty for hand ball against Denmark.
  3. I guess that rules out flying to Brest Bretagne airport again in the simulator. Just like with default scenery in P3D, there is no way that I am flying anywhere near a blurred mess like that.
  4. Wow, that is a bit poor. Blurry textures like that in the simulator are totally unacceptable as far as I am concerned. It is the first time that I have seen anything like that, and it sticks out like a sore thumb. Not impressed EDIT: It is interesting to note that the area next to the harbour at the right hand side of my screenshot is also massively blurred in the Bing Maps images online, and yet it is rendered at high resolution in MSFS.
  5. I noticed that incorrectly scaled "place holder" as soon as you pointed it out.....and now I can see what you mean about the lack of a gap between the PFD and ND. I would indeed consider both of those to be graphical anomalies that probably should be corrected. I think that the gap could easily be overlooked during beta testing with so much other stuff to check out, but the "place holder" error is a bit more obvious (assuming that this is exactly the same size in every 777, which I am guessing it should be).
  6. Can anyone explain to me what on Earth is going on in this screenshot? I was conducting a quick circuit of LFRB Brest Bretagne airport in France, and during my initial turn to the south after departing runway 25L, I noticed that a couple of small sections of the terrain had really low resolution textures draped over them. So I restarted the scenario, slewed across to the same area, got the drone out, and took this hideous screenshot This is a small section of the coastline a short distance southwest of the airport. Can anyone confirm if this area looks the same on your PC? https://www.mediafire.com/view/ou3iukky7op3kg6/Screenshot_%28411%29.jpg/file
  7. Where am I looking for this legendary gap in the photos?
  8. Do not be pessimistic. Spain are not unbeatable.
  9. The real picture does not have a clock to the left of the captain's PFD. FAKE.
  10. Like a few others have mentioned, it takes a fraction of the time to return to the main menu when compared to loading the simulator, so I always exit through the main menu.
  11. Makes up for that Frank Lampard goal that was disallowed in the World Cup. Anyway, they played well enough to win. Now they just have to hold their nerve against Spain.
  12. It is more the over abundance of trees in locations where they should not be that irritates me the most. It is certainly not a disaster, but when I see masses of trees scattered across what should be bald rocky outcrops and islands, it does affect the immersion to a certain extent.
  13. What about removal of trees where they should not be located? There is no mention of this in the product description.
  14. Is there a mod that reduces the size of the trees and also removes them from locations where they should not be?
  15. Maybe if PMDG did not have to waste time removing all of the knives from their collective back, they may actually have a chance to release updates more quickly?
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