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  1. Christopher Low

    Duxfod Scenery

    So the IWM version works fine in P3D v4?
  2. I would add misaligned runway markings and lighting to that list. I absolutely hate runway centreline (or other) markings that do not line up properly with each other. It drives me crazy.
  3. Christopher Low

    Flight sim on my pc

    We also need to know the screen resolution, and number of monitors that you intend to use. Since you recently used a laptop, I am guessing that you will be using a single monitor.
  4. Christopher Low

    Default night lighting

    Is there a way to disable the default terrain night lighting? I only use photoscenery, but the default lighting still "bleeds through" in places, and it looks rubbish.
  5. Christopher Low

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Maybe it's more a case of users "jumping the gun" without thinking about it first. Anyway, I know that you do your best to inform and educate
  6. Christopher Low

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I understand the NDA during beta testing. However, would it not be a good idea for one or more beta testers to report major incompatibilities on AVSIM (for example) as soon as the latest version is released? I never see this happen. It always seems to be a case of users "discovering" that an addon is incompatible, and generally when they have already upgraded.
  7. Christopher Low

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I remain puzzled why incompatibility with certain addons is never mentioned when a new version of P3D is released. I don't expect Lockheed Martin to do this, but surely beta testers could have indicated that (for example) the FSL A320-X is currently incompatible with v4.4? It would save a few headaches for some users.
  8. Christopher Low

    Just Flight Vulcan released

    I am sure that Chock will be along shortly with a detailed review
  9. Christopher Low

    Prepar3D V4.4 Add-on Compatibility List

    ....or do the sensible thing, and carry on using P3D v4.3 until compatibility has been restored
  10. Christopher Low

    Photo Scenery in v4.4

    What exactly does this option do to photoscenery textures?
  11. Christopher Low

    1080TI SLI Settings

    I see so many comments that Nvidia Inspector is no longer required for P3D, even though SGSS AA is much better than standard SSAA for minimising texture shimmering in P3D v3.4......and it sounds like this is still true in P3D v4.
  12. Christopher Low

    FSElite Exclusive: P3D v4.4 Releasing November 28th

    No, that honour goes to the PMDG forum with the "737NGX windscreen geometry" and "split scimitar request" threads.
  13. Christopher Low

    FSElite Exclusive: P3D v4.4 Releasing November 28th

    My flights are so short that I never have to worry about VAS issues these days......even something like UK2000 EGKK Gatwick Xtreme to FlyTampa EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol.
  14. Christopher Low

    FSElite Exclusive: P3D v4.4 Releasing November 28th

    To all of you guys that have uninstalled v4.3 in preparation for a possible v4.4 release today......I will be thinking of you when I am flying tonight in v3.4
  15. Christopher Low

    FSElite Exclusive: P3D v4.4 Releasing November 28th

    That suggests to me that v5 is going to introduce more significant changes to the core product. Perhaps even more significant than the upgrade to 64bit.