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  1. Since FSExpo in the USA is scheduled for September 24-26, I remain sceptical that Cosford will happen this year (at least at the usual time of early October).
  2. Congratulations, SpaceX! Now you just need to fix the dodgy cameras....
  3. There is a "canyon" near my home that has a stream running through it. I reckon it must be a good 50 feet deep in places, and maybe 100 feet wide. It has a few trees on both sides. I just thought everyone would like to know.
  4. He does not sink down. The ship accelerates away behind him.
  5. I did say that I was only halfway through Season 5 of The Expanse..... Battlestar Galactica was great for the first two seasons, but it got a bit too "religious mysticism" for me after they left New Caprica. I prefer my science fiction to be more "nuts and bolts" Has Star Trek Discovery been cancelled after the fourth season? I have seen it to around three quarters of the way through Season 2 (I generally watched a few episodes when visiting my brother and his family in Scotland, but I have not been able to get there since November 2019). I was disappointed with Season 1 (and I agree that the Spore Drive was a ridiculous idea), but it improved considerably in Season 2. I do not like the new Klingon style though. The Walking Dead definitely needs to end now, as it has rather lost its way. Too much "community" stuff for my liking, with the "walkers" almost relegated to background scenery that are nothing more than a mild annoyance. Another point that I would like to make is that Michonne rather lost her "mystery" when she partnered up with Rick. I preferred her character as the "bad a.s.s loner".
  6. Maybe I am just getting old, but I have a problem with "simple" these days. If I do not care about the characters, then I am done.
  7. Halfway through Season 5 of The Expanse, and it is light years beyond anything that The Mandalorian has delivered. Fantastic stuff
  8. The picture above looks a bit like Batman is half buried in the Martian soil? Other than that, I agree with Sue.
  9. For those XP users who desperately want to fly a detailed 146 with FMC, and are not bothered about waiting a bit longer for a custom unit?
  10. Submitting a post seems to have suffered a glitch this morning Can a moderator please remove these two pointless ones?
  11. The shape feels all wrong, and I end up pressing buttons on the side by accident.
  12. Modern mobile phones are amazing information devices, but they are terrible phones. I still haven't worked out how to hold mine when taking a call.
  13. If we do not at least try to get back to normal when the vaccination programme has effectively been completed, then we will stay in this twilight zone of an existence forever. Whether that day comes in time for the Cosford Flightsim Show in October is not entirely certain.
  14. taxiway network that makes no sense at all - I have never had a problem with it taxiway pavement that go nowhere - maybe old taxiways that have been closed?? longest runway has no parallel taxiway, back taxi? (but surrounded by farmland) - 23L is used for take offs only. There is another perfectly good runway (23R) for landings, should you decide that you want to approach from that side. pax loading gates in the middle of the ramp (how do they get there?) - some access is via jetways, and some is via air stairs a round-about - really! - Europe has less of a right angle fetish than the USA random grass island in the middle of the major ramp - even pilots like to go for a nice walk across a meadow every now and again ramps in the middle of grass islands - I confess. This one was designed to confuse Americans
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