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  1. I was assuming it was to crese all a380 airlines its perfect for them all the rest of the airlines say nope
  2. Is your aviti virus off also r u running as admin?
  3. Is the APP AND LOC buttons on?
  4. The 737 max i know it
  5. I have asn and sf3d
  6. That price is unbelievably affordable lol
  7. Ok thx bro again really appreciate it:)
  8. Solid purple
  9. Thank you for doing this for me man
  10. No thx
  11. Agreed i always do autoland in 777 its awsome
  12. XP11

    Captain sim 737 200 right?
  13. Can someone please do a pmdg 777 all purple plz
  14. RTW2018

    I love to join