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  1. Let me know if you need help with any photo collection! I live about 30-40 minutes away!
  2. Interviewed with Asobo for a position a little while ago, jokingly asked to be added to alpha list during the final parts of the interview, they told me they would try, still didn't get in. FeelsBadMan Kidding aside, am about to go on a three week vacation, so it ends up working out. Will wait for Alpha 2 😁
  3. Honestly dude, you're the one telling people to go to rookie forums because they have differing opinions to you. Not to mention, @HughesMDflyer4 has probably worked on many payware addon's you probably use, so I think he has a valid understanding of what makes or breaks a product in this industry. Acting elitest isn't helping your point of view. Regardless, it's important to remember who this project is going to cater to. I don't think MS would bring FS2020 to Xbox unless they intended for the largest buying group would be casual gamers looking into exploring flight simulation. Funny enough, the people who probably enjoy Airforceproud95 are likely going to be the largest buying group for this sim. Not us, the hardcore enthusiast. We will, however, keep it on life support if MS allows modding and decides to abandon the IP for another 13 years. I'm all for sloped runways, would be cool, but the lack of them isn't going to send this project into oblivion imo. If any of the "revolutionary" features don't convince you to buy it, then I suppose that you can enjoy XP11 and P3D for years to come.
  4. Here is my two cents. I have loved flight sim since I was a 5-year-old, I've been playing with them. When I took my position up at my first FS software developer, it was a dream first job. I was in love with the fact that I was able to turn a hobby into a job, rather than flipping burgers. I started work as a Support Technician and worked into my position as a community manager over the course of a year. It was awesome, but around a month or two after the first release I was a part of, I wanted nothing to do with the Flight Sim for a good three months outside of work. But after that, I realized that I was just tired of loading up the same product, doing the same test flight, finding bugs, and reporting them. I found that I rather enjoyed trying out some of the new stuff or even offering my assistance with testing unreleased products much more. So outside of work, I'd boot up a plane fresh from a developer and take it for hops around vatsim and then log off for the night. I wouldn't get to do this as often as I would've liked, but I tried to do a flight every two weeks or so. Lately, I've been non-stop flying when I get a chance. I recently got some new panels from PropWash and have fallen in love with them. I love twisting dials and turning knobs, so I was getting a kick out of this. So, the short answer is yes. However, during crunch time, I'm sure I can speak for quite a few of us, we do get burned out for a few months. I am happy to report that as of now, I do two to three flights a week! 😁
  5. I get where you are coming from, all I can say is; when we do release the technical update and creative update, do check it out. I've been meaning to check out X-Plane, hopefully, the switch was an easy one. Still trying to get used to the whole platform, hard to dedicate time to learning it 😅
  6. I'm sorry you're disappointed with SkyForce, we're working on revamping the weather engine and much of SkyForce to provide a higher fidelity engine overall. Don't know if it's any consolation, but wanted to make sure you knew we're working on addressing many of the issues that you guys have pointed out.
  7. Can you send us the Preset that caused the issue
  8. Unfortunately, EF is not compatible with MSFS 3.0 🤭
  9. Edge case scenarios happen, we did test. All we ask is for your patience, we are eager for you to get to play with it soon.
  10. An issue with Tomatoshade, we are researching why this is happening. Just set it back to default and it should be normal again. We are researching a fix.
  11. Contact our support team and we'll see if we can get the discount honored.
  12. DM me your email and SF order number and I'll check
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