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  1. HughesMDflyer4

    TFDi PACX (Passenger and Crew Experience)

    The voice in our demo is that of a flight attendant.
  2. HughesMDflyer4

    Interesting statement from TFDI....

    Alright, since I get the feeling you don't believe us: Source: The issue is not with the displays blacking out per se, but rather with scenery textures showing on virtual cockpit surfaces. You'll find it can be grass, trees, ocean, and more showing up. When the displays appear black, it's because a texture with little content (ex. a black self illumination texture with no lights on it) is being displayed. This has been a long time issue and we've been pushing for it to get fixed, but it takes time to get issues through to the Lockheed Martin team.
  3. HughesMDflyer4

    Interesting statement from TFDI....

    As we've said multiple times, our aircraft is not the only one with these issues. We've brought these up to the Prepar3D team a number of times and are waiting on a patch.
  4. HughesMDflyer4


    Both of these aspects are correct. Take a look at videos online. Airplanes are much faster than cars, hence the wipers must travel significantly faster to have much of an effect. The audio is taken from the real wipers, so the animations are synced to the same speed as the real wipers.
  5. That was a show discount. It was a gift for those that made the effort to attend the show and support us by visiting our booth. We feel that the 717 is still in its prime time and is priced accordingly with what we feel it is worth. Other companies sell products for over double the cost of ours.
  6. The intensity of the rain in the simulator affects the density of rain you see on the windshield. The "Gray and Rainy" weather theme has lighter rain by default, which many are using in videos.
  7. Hi Simeon, thank you for the kind words! We're in the process of talking with developers to come up with licensing/distribution methods, so feel free to reach out! We'd love to see TrueGlass in the Dash 8. We had been focusing on developing the technology and getting it ready to show up until today. There'd be no interest if the tech wasn't there. :)
  8. To add to what Josh said, we've developed this technology from scratch, actually back in early 2016. We tested and developed it in FSX, however it couldn't handle it efficiently. Newer technologies in P3D v4 allow us to do it very efficiently, with minimal to no performance impact. It's entirely separate from the v4 native rain effects. LM did indeed add their own effects in v4.0, but we found them to be a bit lacking. 4.1 is only adding that effect to more default aircraft (a common misconception that has been floating around in community discussions). TrueGlass is more than just rain - it includes icing and fog effects as well, and windshield wipers have a purpose now. TrueGlass is also version independent, in that you can use it in 4.0 and up.
  9. HughesMDflyer4

    RealLight by TFDi Design

    This was fixed some time ago, however there's a tradeoff for the old lighting system, and it is that the textures rendered more blotchy than before. It is for that reason that we created the RealLight system to render textures much clearer.
  10. HughesMDflyer4

    RealLight by TFDi Design

    They are static. RealLight still uses textures like before, but is rendered using newer technology. We had hoped to be able to use dynamic lights in Prepar3D v4 in the cockpit. However, their brightness cannot be controlled by code and they cast no shadows. RealLight has variable dimming just as the cockpit lighting from the original release had, however it is much clearer now. The preview video in the first post on this thread shows both variable flood lights going from off to full bright. You can also likely find some videos by others on YouTube.
  11. HughesMDflyer4

    RealLight by TFDi Design

    Huh? FSL Spotlights is the only lighting addon that simmers can buy and use in all products. Ours is a technology for other developers to license and use, and functions entirely differently. I'm sort of confused as to what the issue is that you guys are talking about. Are you saying that because you would only use these lights on the ground, we shouldn't have them at all and it's unrealistic for them to exist? Just a reminder, we did recreate a real aircraft - we didn't make up fictional lights. There has also been backlighting since release in December. Not sure what exactly you're referring to?
  12. HughesMDflyer4

    Extract MSFlight aircrafts to FSW?

    I was wondering about this, too. All of the aircraft from Flight (with cockpits, anyway) would be great to have in FSW.
  13. HughesMDflyer4

    Are there any DTG FSW Banners available ?

    If it helps, 500x125 is the max size of signature images here.
  14. HughesMDflyer4

    VERY Bad Reviews so far on Steam

    Satellite imagery is only a part of the puzzle. You're not going to achieve a GTA V-like world with that alone. GTA doesn't actually use satellite imagery. Much of the actual detail is done with re-usable low resolution textures combined with detail textures laid over - similar to how landclasses are done in MSFS and Flight. There's more than one way to get authentic looking world scenery - it does not require imagery or the much outdated landclass concept. A significant amount of the world's buildings are mapped out through various sources. While you may not get GTA-quality scenery from this, with the right building models, you could get something much more believable than even P3D and X-Plane (heck, I believe there are already addon developers utilizing this data in XP). This combined with efficient LOD-ing, mip-mapping, and memory management could yield a much nicer set of world scenery than what we have today. DCS is a great example of this. Many of the commonly mentioned performance killing features don't need to be as demanding as they are (boats and other AI might as well just be some extra buildings if they are LOD'd properly). GTA V might not have as high of a draw distance as our simulators, but there are a TON of extremely high detail objects and textures in a very small radius. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying an entire world like GTA V is possible. There are way too many hand-placed and hand-crafted details in that world for any automated system to come any where close. However, there's definitely still room for improvement, regardless of the platform (P3D, XP, FSW).
  15. HughesMDflyer4

    Wish DTS would have got the FLIGHT code instead of FSX

    What stops them from just updating the rendering engine to use the new DirectX version just like Microsoft did for FSX? With Flight as modular as it was, it would have been an even easier task, if I had to take a guess. To my knowledge, these systems were in the code for Flight, just disabled as they needed to be reworked for the new engine. Time could have been spent improving these systems instead of reworking the entire core.