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    CPU 13700KF @stock, RTX3090 Suprim X, 32GB RAM @3600MHz, WIN 11 Home, P3Dv5.3HF2, MSFS2020, 4K 40“ Monitor @30Hz
  1. In the tips section I did a quick tutorial (maybe more than1 year ago) on how to copy certain files of the CD to a usb stick. Then it works without any CD in your drive. Only the usb stick must be present in any port instead. Hope it works for you... Edit: actually it is 3 years ago...
  2. I'm also one of the few here who are not so convinced as most others. My 32" curved Monitor with 1440p is not bad at all. But I cannot see any advantages from being curved. Maybe it has something to do with wearing glasses while sitting in front of it. So, no special peripheral vision improvement for me...
  3. Hi Dave, no worries whatsoever. For me it looks like you are in some kind of approach mode. Your navigation display (ND) reads RNAV17L. That is probably the problem. Maybe there is a speed constraint of 220kts programmed at the navigation point your MCDU is navigating/calculating to. As others suggested: Switch on flight director bars and check the direct to waypoint in your MCDU for any speed constraints. If so, insert just another waypoint without restrictions in speed and your are good to go. Have fun exploring this beast 🙂 Cheers Martin
  4. Hi Bruce, I'm away from my PC right now. But I'm quite sure you can de-select GPU in the EFB somewhere and then save this condition as your default ready state. I had it like that automatically from the beginning. Cheers Martin EDIT: Just saw a tutorial thread for the fenix efb just a few threads below: EFB > Fenix Icon (first icon on the left side) > Ground Services (lower navigation list) > GPU (on/off slider)
  5. My best guess in your situation is, checking nvidia control panel: programs/ MSFS2020, check if "prefer maximum performance" option is active. Otherwise your graphics card might be clocking down for power saving reasons. I had that once with same symptoms as you have. Good luck
  6. Thank you for this outstanding and comprehensive summary of performance tweaks!
  7. Obviously 4K is not the only criteria for choosing AA settings. I suspect different pixel densities are playing a major role besides just different tastes. E.g. I have a 40“ monitor with 4k resolution. For me 4x MSAA is not acceptable due to bad shimmering of all fine lines as fences or taxi/apron markings. On a 27“ monitor pixel density is much higher than mine and I suspect shimmering is way less prominent. Your taste may vary 😉
  8. Had the same setup with a 1080ti and a 4k monitor just until a few months ago. Works well up to 2x SSAA even under demanding conditions. I just recommend limiting your 4k monitor to 30Hz and within P3D unlimited FPS. Cheers Martin
  9. On the A330 the pilots also set the take off pitchtrim manually with the trimwheel. However there would be a warning (maybe when pressing take off config test switch, can‘t remember exactly) if the trim wheel setting and the trim value on the MCDU PERF page differ too much (as far as I can remember this is on the enhanced A330 only, not on the classic versions, could be also part of a flight warning system FWS modification). However you are right, on the A320 the PERF page value is merely a reminder.
  10. Had the very same issue. Solved it by restarting my PC. Took me two attempts but then every thing worked as advertised. Cheers Martin
  11. Same for me. I own the german boxed version and switched to english soon after installation (despite being native german speaker). To the OP, maybe you can even switch to english already during installation. If you need to know I can try to find it out for you.... Cheeres Martin
  12. It' simply to reduce interference with stock ai ships, which will be enroute in higher numbers with higher settings. BTW the recommended setting is 10% with this new beta version. Cheers Martin
  13. Hi Mark, it's a new download and deletion of the previous version in the community folder is required. Despite the beta in the version name it's working perfect on my side and most others. Cheers Martin
  14. Thanks Dillon for your hint! I got an 'F' on my first test run with the 2.4GHz WLAN and now I got a 'C' after switching to 5GHz. Still working on the QoS stuff...
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