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    9900K @5GHz, GTX1080Ti, 32GB RAM @3200MHz, WIN 10, P3Dv4.5 HF2
  1. Hi Isaac, looking at your settings I'd highly recommend lowering your autogen building setting to medium. It is a real performance killer together with side effects like autogen popping. Would love to hear how it helps...
  2. Hi, I used to train formation flying with the old FSX Version. Donˋt know how good the P3Dv4 Version is. Maybe this link is interesting for you. Cheers, Martin
  3. Hi Andreas, I can recommend the iSpring App for iPads together with an ECAM Training Software ( can't remember the exact name) of Easyjet. It's free and for real world pilots. If you have trouble finding it, I will give you more details. Cheers Martin Edit: search for iSpring play and Read ECAM
  4. For me the AS A330 feels not sluggish at all. The professional real world Simulators are more sluggish under certain failure conditions.
  5. Hi Folks, I find this thread very interesting and since I'm am a real world A320 and A330 (MFF) Pilot I hope my experience can shed some light on this question: First of all I'm using AS A330 Version with an old Saitek ST290 pro Joystick and Saitek rudder pedals. Next important thing: I use the recommended AS Control axis settings of Vol.1 Page 37 (Sensitivity for aileron + elevator 64 and nullzone for both 36) I did some traffic Patterns in P3Dv4.5 HF2 with a take off and landing gross weight of 163tons (MT) and tried to compare the handling with the A330 real world Simulator I've been in last week for my license renewal. So trying to compare apples with apples here 😉 In the above mentioned scenario the AS A330 handling is fairly good for it's NOT being a study level add-on. The responsivness to aileron and Elevator inputs is pretty accurate and fairly close to the real world aircraft behaviour. What I miss is a certain "lag of inertia" as already mentioned by other users. The difference in weight between a A320 and A330 for landing in real world is often more than 100tons (A320 typical Landing weight 60tons compared to more than 160tons for a typical A330 Landing weight) This difference is even more pronounced under high take off weight conditions with an A330. Fly-by-wire logic is always a key factor for handling characteristics. A certain amount of Joystick Input generates different roll or pitch rates (degrees per second) depending on Speed, Flare mode, wind Gusts, etc. But even multi million dollar Level D Simulators struggle at times to replicate the real world aircraft behaviour. Even the Level D Simulators often show a "over pronounced" sluggishness in my opinion. To come to a conclusion: Playing around with different FSUIPC profiles is a good idea. Maybe AS will further finetune handling characteristics since it is still a pre-release Version. However I think our expectations might not be realistic considering the price segment we are talking about compared to FSLabs.
  6. Hi Tony, I‘m a happy user of the combo you are referring to: ASP4 + REX TD&SC. As always it is very difficult to predict if it is satisfying your standards and taste. But for the mentioned sales price it is surley a no brainer in my opinion.
  7. Hi Folks, at least active sky has a new beta out now. I'm quite confident that this patch covers P3Dv4.5 HF1 compatibilty. So, stay tuned...
  8. Hi Paul, just to throw in same thoughts: Check if it happens also when SODE, any Weather addon and any AI Traffic Function is de-activated.... Aditionally FSUIPC is known to cause hick-ups as well, however I do not have the payware version, just search in the Forums for it. Martin
  9. Hi Michael, I upgraded my CPU from a 4790k to a 9900k. At the same time is switched from Win7 to Win10 and from P3Dv4.3 to v4.4. So there are some more factors that might contribute to the outcome other than the CPU change. With the old 4790k I had to choose between blurries + smooth and microstutters + sharp textures. Always looking for the best compromise. Now I‘m totally happy with my new 9900k OC @5GHz (HT=OFF) together with 32GB RAM @ 3200MHz. Since I use a 4K Monitor, 30Hz Refresh is vital to avoid any stutter issues for me (P3D setting: vsync on + triple buffer on). Even with the FSLabs A320 and demanding Airports my system runs smooth with sharp textures almost any time. Some areas like LAX etc. generate single hickups on very rare occasions. MSI Afterburner shows core zero around 75% in use on average, the other seven cores are evenly active from anything between 20% up to 90%. That‘s with Active sky, TrackIR and UTL (40% Airline, 30% GA). So I hope this helps to make a sound decision! Regards Martin
  10. Hi, Had this once with my 4K Monitor. Solution was to set "maximum performance" in the NVIDIA driver panel ( instead of "optimised performance"). Merry Christmas, Martin
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