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  1. Sure...the bugs you have to swat at...but I try to work around them, and between them. I feel that I have a good mixture of High/Ultra, with a couple of .cfg tweaks thrown in...and as you see in my examples, I'm getting good and real-world believable forestry, building asset cover, and absolutely no pops 'out there' The scenery just flows into the LOD. So...I guess, bath time is fun once more...until the dreaded...YOU MUST INSTALL THIS PATCH...notification comes up....then I'll shake my 'medicine' beads...and start chanting as it downloads...that's about all you can do...LOL! I don't hate this this sim at all...just have been frustrated at the patches, and the outcomes after them. With the above depictions, now gleaned today, ...am happy to click on the starter....and go grab a coffee and such.... while the computer grinds to the Welcome Screen....😉
  2. A few days past my vent, and blood pressure back to doctor subscribed, I spent about three hours this morning, with a mandate to make the 'baby' as close to how it looked at 'birth'...and through so many cause/effect permutations of the in-sim GENERAL GRAPHICS Menu, I upped and upped, I down'ed, and down'ed...I did combinations of both slide and click directions...and to what I found out...was the baby ring to rule them all...and that is...adjust all your in-game/your system settings...to the bottom line of keeping your GPU millisecond reading to 30 Milliseconds or less. On the FPS in-game meter...keep the action/process thread bar to solid yellow, or green/yellow. You don't want to see any red spikes in the yellow operation band...and if you do that...and with your personal settings as I finally have carved out...you can get back pretty good (DESPITE the borks of patches we've all seen), to a pretty good VFR visual optic once more. Also...keeping your GPU thread speed draw to 30 milliseconds or less, and you won't see popping, on High to Ultra settings at LOD 200 (in sim). Here's this morning test visuals and the FPS window open, so you can compare visuals on my 4 core i7-975 Extreme/1070 8GB system, to the FPS window thread readouts, and the detail of the scene. I am satisfied to run 'baby' until either the next patch improves, or further borks the bathwater...one of two future outcomes... I have 'baby' back to being able to fill the bathtub once more...and play in the suds.... Flying over the centre of mid Michigan, USA.
  3. I guess, the cumulative 'we' havened, by the 'Bay of Fundy' User tide flowing back into this forum....and so...it has lifted their boat to floating once more....(smile).
  4. I never inferred the sky is falling...I stated my frustration at the current state of it. Please don't exaggerate my post. I stated I was done fighting....with MSFS at its current state. I also have stated that I have back-bunkered it...to await a more stable and feature use of...version. Yes...as many know here...when DESERVED...I will 'gush' from the tap of enthusiasm. That is my nature. That has been my AVSIM record to date. From my forum observances, the number of 'blow kisses' to the number of 'blow off steam with critique' has been at least 5 to 1. My version of 'most'...
  5. But Ricardo..it was the poster's VIEW, that they were....in his or her, word...incompetent...for a posted reason. Why does the poster, to be considered an 'acceptable' by some forum members, has to have, his or her post, to be swathed in accolades, and 'thank you so much' kisses to the Dev's. This person's experience with THEIR product...makes him or her...feel that those behind the present state of affairs...and that the poster fulfilled the 'expected of use' contract, by paying the FULL asking MSP of the product....and feels, they, in usage of that product...suggests to them...personally....that those behind the project...have displayed, in the poster's viewpoint...incompetence's to publish an RTM and later patched version that most anybody...novice, or long in the tooth, could be hard-pressed, to call it a viable, full-feature and stable usage of, Flight Simulator. For some...I think...the only acceptable conduct and posting on this forum...must be carefully crafted, to be a blow and kiss, with an offered bouquet to the Dev's and coders behind MSFS. Not I. I will GUSH to make you embarrassed of me....IF.....IF....IF.....it (the product and stable usage...all features, at full throttle), are there to use...even only 97 percent at RTM. Since RTM..that has not been the case...and as I...and mostly everybody else, has seen a total degradation of features, visual optics, and smoke 'n burn to the DeskTop for even trying to put a feature up onto the screen. Not what I ($183.00 CDN) signed up for... But...having spent the money...having waited past the refund window...because I want TO OWN IT!....and fly it....and enjoy it....the only thing I can do...to off-set my frustration with the present state of affairs' concerning MSFS, is to not use it, in its currently crippled state. So...I'm not...have moved back to P3D as my primary and XP11.50 as my diversion secondary. I hope that the next year, will iron things out...but...I will NOT call somebody a troll...a this...a that...because they need to blow off some frustration, to fellow enthusiasts, ...and why? Because...wearing no 'rose' colored glasses, --->the sim (at present) is crippled...and THAT fuels the frustration. They don't need to blow kisses or throw bouquets to the dev's...for what was RTM'ed...and later, evolved to less stable than that, through three post patches. No kisses, accolades, or bouquets are deserved. Now...let the Dev's..(time...) put this right. Blowing kisses in each 'approved' post...doesn't accelerate that endevour. It has been my experience, that posts other than kisses, and back slaps....DO...encourage the manufacturer of said washing machine...car....motorcycle....flight sim...to get 'on it', really fast...and put out the fire. Cheers, Ses
  6. "Hey Robert...it IS...what it IS....I can't change it, You can't change...only Asobo can change the current 'scene'. So...no panties in a knot...except for my one (that I call, mentally healthy...public vent, my 'not happy dance' vent), and now simply will give them time to get the act together. Now..(slapping hands together!!!!) most feel P3D v5.1 is being handed to the Stork for delivery...and I have to ge MY act in gear in sourcing down a 3080 20GB to run both that....and months later...a RTM version (my definition of RTM) of MSFS. MSFS steam pressure WAS one post, vented...and we are back on the gauge, in the 'green safe zone'....lol. Cheers!"
  7. I so agree...had some great OH WOW flights outta MSFS, but...I 'fight' to keep control of the aircraft, and even to keep the Core Sim, (vfr Map multiple actuation) from showing me the DeskTop. So...my solution, is to just let Asobo have another 6 months to 12, to get a handle on it. The 'baby' is being toweled off, and only the bath water has gone down the drain. System Back Burner for now....and all the other sims most simmers have installed, will do the trick...even the two new suggested releases coming within a 3 month (my guess) time frame. Asobo can patch. I'll wait until I can run their world...and fly the planes in it, from taxi to touchdown...and all systems and instruments as well as core features--->combine to get me there...a future tense, event.
  8. Where can I buy that?!?!? That looks like solid tech to me! Wow....;)
  9. Frankly, as a former programmer, I have to wonder at Asobo's code-design skills. A properly-designed application should be compartmentalized enough that revising one section of the code shouldn’t affect other parts of the program but, with MSFS, it seems that fixing one part of the program breaks something completely different. Fixed sluggish performance? Now, the A320 engines shut off. Fix that? Great, but now the LOD is drastically reduced. Is this just totally what we used to call "spaghetti code," where modifying one place changes all sorts of unrelated behavior? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I agree. We use to always create and define the project Oversight, and then start to create a Branch Library of dedicated sub-routines, that the main code thread called upon. I would have assumed that Asobo had done the same, but then, doubts of that crept in, as there were so many bugs introduced into the core with each released 'patch'. Hopeuflly, this will be sorted out of the coming months. I doubt weeks, but look to it finally running as a RTM candidate when ever!
  10. Yep...totally agree, nobody needs to bash and bruise anything, or anybody. Whether you fly this, that, or the barn door....its a totally mute point. I came back, as I feel MSFS is in Alpha stage right now. Done statement. I'll revisit it in about 6 months, to allow for a number of patches and code tweaks/additions by Asobo. Good enough... So...I am excited to read that v5.1 will be coming down the Pike...and that will give me the kick in the pants, to upgrade my GPU to a 3080 20GB, or the new ATI 6900 series. I'm hoping for two major things...the first...no chance to hit the vRAM kick to the Desktop limit, by better vRAM DX12 management, and an out-of-Beta (in the Dev's view!) TrueSky application. I have been flying many P3D v5.x flights with it on...and yesterday, I had some pretty wonderful cloudscapes and atmospherics that I thought I was back in MSFS. So...even more excited thinking of what it will look like out of Beta. That's about it, for me...
  11. Yep...that's about what is only behind my jumping from my EVGA FTW 1070 8GB. It runs well enough, but...I'm always 1 GB away from being kicked to the Desk....so....and with MSFS on my system back burner, I anticipate when that gets ironed out, having 20 or 16 GB's sure won't hurt the stew....
  12. Yes, it's been announced that it will be going into production. Just Google 3080 20 GB and you should get all the info you are asking for. Here's one to start off your due diligence: https://videocardz.com/newz/galaxs-internal-roadmap-confirms-geforce-rtx-3080-20gb-geforce-rtx-3060
  13. A lot of sites, just GOOGLE 3080 20 GB, and you will get lots of hits. https://videocardz.com/newz/galaxs-internal-roadmap-confirms-geforce-rtx-3080-20gb-geforce-rtx-3060
  14. HI Leprechaunlive...it means (R)elease (T)o (M)arket. The original version of any software that was put on for sale to the market.
  15. ...even if someone said as an opinion, someone should be fired for blah blah...still not hate (and I might have even written that, lol!) ..but...as you retracted the word...no problem. Rob, not being dense to your viewpoint. But..(and no sarcasm at all, intended here...NONE!), if these posts --->well, to start off...the topic 'hint' of the post throws you off, why not just pass it by, as your mouse arrow goes down the list? I'm not being a smart ***, here... There's a lot of stuff on Netflix...that I read the Political Correctness Content of...and just pass it by. Same can be done here. People are ticked...forced patches, that are retrograde. I personally would LOVE to be able to download a copy of the RTM...(great FPS, fantastic world rendering!!!!!!!) and just stay with THAT for 6 months...if I could do that, Rob, ..I'd be happier than a you know what, in you know what! But,...I can't...and I can't even STAY with a patched version, for (patch release day) ....---> wanna fly? Better eat this patch...or you don't. People are ticked Rob..,and for many valid reasons to date, since RTM. If someone says...that someone should be shown the door...hey...no problem....they're ticked...and it gets said, and out. And...truly, if there even was a poster that shouted it out on the mountain top..."I HATE this word-not-allowed sim!!!!" Really...how does that affect me, or my usage of it? Really... "Ok...sorry you feel that way...hope it gets better for you at some point in the future..."....move onto next post...as I don't feel the need to take a verbal Chain Saw to 'em. Why people get so twist-knickered about ANYBODY other's post...beat's me? It's just stating a personal opinion of the thread topic., by the O.P. Nothing more...for his or her published opinion isn't shutting down my computer, or defeating the on/off button. I can still fly my copy of the sim, they're ticked off about...all is good! Hope an event happens that puts a smile onto their face...sooner than later...and then I go eat lunch... Cheers! Ses
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