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  1. I get a change in the weather and updated Baro pressure readings within 20 seconds of plopped down upon any airport. I got that with .06 as well, so no degraded performance of any kind, at least on my system.
  2. No performance hit, with it set on Maximum for each setting quadrant. No loss of FPS, but....where's the popcorn? Am I missing something? I don't really see much diff between .06 and .07, and yes...they did warn us about that...that the 'infrastructure' is now in place for the new clouds coming later... visually better (that hits me upside the head) right now, but certainly no worse. I'm still very happy with xEnviro as a whole.
  3. Ok Tony...the shots are done. I hope you enjoy! Mitch
  4. These series of shots is straight ortho PL, no overlay, then the second series of shots will be with Tony's Poland-Pro overlay: No overlay, straight sat capture: Warsaw, Poland: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, Tony's Poland Pro overlay files added to the base ortho: Warsaw, Poland: Note: I lost not one FPS in having Tony's Poland-Pro running over the base ortho. Still 28-30 FPS locked So, Tony's Poland Pro is rather FPS friendly Thanks for viewing :) Mitch'er
  5. Hi Tony...actually you were typing this, I was sending out W2XP_Europe and my European Libraries to my Desktop, for when I took off, on the first flight, I had the four tiles at the top...and got only the virgin, actual sat captures. They were superb in detail....buildings, infrastructure, that had depth-of-mind-of-the-eye (my word set) that I wanted to see that with no overlay. So...that is what I am waiting for right now....for my kick-outs to make it to the transfer on my Desktop. I want to capture the actual ortho for everybody to view and judge, then I will overlay as with your suggestion, etc. Thanks for your interest. oh took me more than two hours per tile!!!!!! Very slow seek and composition for PL! My first 3 minute test flight...had my eye, saying to the mind....glad you did it! LOLOLOLOL Will post shortly.... POST EDIT: Tony...btw...even with all my European overlay on my second run...when I brought the 4 tiles down to where my other Ortho4XP reside in my Custom Scenery.cfg file...I still was running at an amazing 28-33 FPS! I am so impressed with XP11, running on my longer-in-the-tooth CPU (i7-975 Extreme)!!!! I guess the EVGA GTX1070 FTW doesn't hurt POST EDIT 2: "Ok Tony, am downloading your Poland Pro as I type this...and will have that in a series for you to see, ASAP. Thanks again, for ALL the great work you have so GENEROUSLY offered to the community. Very much appreciated by myself, and all!" Cheers, Mitch'er
  6. First flight...WOW! Took a three minute take-off and climb out of EPWA to test the efficacy of my generation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Will post a series of shots around the city shortly....will be in the Screenshot Forum, soon... The tiles were generated via "PL": National geographical institute of Poland Whereby I can usually generate a tile on my system resources at about 20-25 minutes per tile on data-source 'average', but ...... by using PL as the data source, it took over 2 hours per tile! Was it worth the time to generate....absolutely in my opinion. Very happy with the visual results, and generated at: zl17/19/2. Screenshots, as soon as I can take off, and start snapping them.... Cheers, Mitch
  7. XP11

    Thanks, I feel Ortho4XP is the one must-have companion software for XP11. I think the two of them together, is the one-two knock out graphic punch, into the first round..... It's about as near to real-world flying as I have been felt to feel within a flight sim. Right now, I creating 4 tiles around Warsaw, Poland using PL as the source. Looking forward to flying those four later on tonight! Generating at zl17/19/2.
  8. FSX-SE

    I had the boxed for years...and after I ran FSX:SE with all the exact same add-on was night and day in better performance, constant 30 FPS....totally like a new rebuild of the sim. Apples to Apples.
  9. FSX-SE

    I'm running 1/2 rate no problem. Smooth as silk at 30 FPS.
  10. Thank you for the communication is read by not only visible users, that post....but a lot that only like to sit in the bush, and :)
  11. I suggest that a Mod changes the title of this thread to the color RED, and in BOLD. Then people having issues or questions would have their attention drawn to it.
  12. XP11

    Thank's JAT. Michigan has many wonderful places, and it's too bad, that still quite a few people, have the old 70's and 80's Detroit inner city 'tag' that is assigned in their minds, to the whole state. Michigan can hold its own against anything on the East Coast, or West Coast for that matter!!! Once you are 60 miles north, or west of inner-city Detroit, proper.....Michigan becomes green, green, and green....:) Urban sprawl gives way to sleepy turn-of-the-century, main-street towns (where quite a few made for tv and movies are shot!), etc. Some of the places that I love to travel to, is Massachusetts, Maine, and in Canada, is Nova Scotia. Why do I bring theses states and a province up? Well...if you go to the area of Traverse City, Michigan, it is a mirror copy of what you will find along the seaboard. Quaint sleepy bays and harbors, same look and feel to the city and town-scape, same 'feel' to the shopping, dining, etc. Traverse City is one of our favorite places to vacation at, as well as camp, by car or motorcycle. Lake Michigan on its east coastline, has very deep water-swells, that can cause waves to climb to 5 or 6 feet (or more) on windy or pre-storm days. I use to surf around Maibu, and Zuma Beach, Californina as a teenager, and still have my surfboard from those days. You should see the smiles I garner, when I (just like a kid...) take to those Lake Michigan waves and surf for whatever ride they afford. Big bonus to surfing in marine critters that can see you as on the dining menu. I've already been bitten/attacked once at 13 years of age at Santa this is a huge bonus for me. Musky and Sturgeon only prefer other game fish, baby ducks, baby geese, any size of sea-gull,and the occasional small dog (yep...unfortunately...)! Cheers, Anyway...
  13. XP11

    Sorry to read of your troubles in this, John. I suggest there is great and communal help at the .org Forums for this program. I suggest you post your exact script problem(s) and the dev himself, Oscar, will and can assist you, if he is available, as well as others much more knowledgeable than myself.
  14. XP11

    Nope, we didn't get in there, the weekend was quite busy. Took in Traverse City on the way back...did the bars and bistros! Had a blast...the Tunnel of Trees were just turning color... BTW, Leggs Inn had some good room rates last weekend....$129.00 and this time of a fair price! :) Tons of fellow riders....:)))) "Oh...and my wife is Polish....a blue-eyed, blonde beauty....and between her, and my mother-in-law...I get great authentic Polish delicacies, all the time! :))))" Like the Cajun's, the only thing true Polish cuisine doesn't use of the the squeal! Those are my own generated Ortho4XP tiles.
  15. If you own a motorcycle, you really want to tour the Tunnel of Trees, starting in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Just came back from it last week...toured with three other couples. Had a blast! Great touring, great dining, beautiful sandy beaches, as can be seen here....etc and etc....great place for a weekend getaway, Michiganders! XP11 Ortho really captures the real town, and's a few having just taken off from KMGN, Hope you enjoy the view! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------