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  1. Wow...never thought I would see this on Avsim...never. Ok...I've seen/read enough..
  2. Not the ships A.I. v2 package. I have Larry's package and out beyond the island, in the channel the v2 A.I. ships are happily populating it...
  3. It certainly is...and the Dev suggested a setting no greater than 12 percent of the slide. That 12 percent figure will give you 100 percent of the A.I. in the package, but will filter out any default ferry autogen. Anything over 12 percent will trigger default ferries and whatever else.
  4. You might want to reconsider that, if you like Larry's fabulous water based harbor sceneries and the wonderful addition to PNW via his Ferry scenery and autogen. That has not been ported, and I get the feeling, that it might not be for some time. Just something to consider...and one more thing. I have LatinVFR's Key West 3rdP, and it in no way renders properly using v5, than when viewed using v4.5 I imagine that there are many other 3rdP's that are not 100 percent compatible. That alone, is why my v4.5 is fully intact.
  5. Right...I have no experience with it...and as Rob suggested...M.S. should make a clear, published official, public statement on how exactly the procurement of their flight sim will be had by...in STONE. Right...let M.S. put all speculation to rest. Not yet, though...just statements on interviews...that has no official backing of any kind...but a viewpoint to date of interview. My thoughts....
  6. It wasn't random, or made up...but a posting in the P3D forum of passing on, what I have READ, gleaned from another's thread. I never stated that I had personally accessed that information. Believe what you will though. I thought in the P3D forum...as a reference to the uptake of P3D v5...that this could influence an uptake. I did not expect this to appear in this forum. That was not my doing...or my request. Thanks.
  7. ...I ask you to remember that I said that I did NOT start this topic in this forum. It was a reference to MSFS2020 made in the P3D Forum. It was a Moderator that transferred this thread to this forum. Please allow for that...
  8. ..and you are here..totally ignoring...yep... My ignoring list is empty, as I respect anybody's opinions...even if they are 180 degrees deflected to mine. I would never publicly state that I was dismissing and dissing and disrespecting some one else. That is so shallow... Sorry...
  9. Funny, no voice in my ear when I type threads, respond in conversations...that I am tagged with 'prone' to hyperbole. That's like saying that my opinions, merit being dismissed, but yours, for example, should weight impact? As you say, lol, C'mon Snglecoil...yours is only one of many comments. Mine is only one of many comments. Our comments reflect what is on our minds...surely mine is as valid in a forum as yours, label tagging aside. Cheers! BTW, your points are considered. I don't think anybody in this thread has pitchforks ready to stab the hay..(M.S.)...but more, to the fact, that a printed communication available to all, should be published, (hopefully in due time) and about signing up...yeah...that might be a good avenue, as I have never to date done so. Valid consideration. 🙂
  10. That's a valid opinion. Everybody's else of course is as well, but...as you say...how many of us, don't have a $9.99 (plus monthly sales tax and 'fees'). for other streaming entertainment content. I'll totally accept that, and personally feel, that with the multi-millions of development costs as well as the on-going cost to M.S., to host the massive data base in real time...like I said in an earlier message, no eye-brows were raised when I read from another's thread that prompted me to post on Avsim. What will raise an eyebrow (but with delight!) will be if M.S. does allow a ONE TIME fee/cost, and then you, 'on their CLOUD dime', fly the MSFS202(x) skies... That will be a delightful development if that is the case...and Rob does make a very impactful addition to this thread...in that he invited whom he was in PM contact with to publicly post exactly that...hard worded...no misunderstanding from then there on...that you WILL be able to make a choice of a subscription based (with perceived benefits for choosing that), or a one time purchase cost to run the sim, and access their supporting cloud net work. To date...as he pointed out...(most likely monitoring all the other available avenues that we don't have, but him...) that M.S. based contact has NOT DONE SO. Why not? That is what I ask myself...as Rob is asking himself. Why not? If that is what M.S. is intending to do...then--->speak/publish that fact...to those eagerly waiting on this new sim. To date? The sound of only crickets... That..does have both my eyebrows heading north.... Ses
  11. Jose, I read that with each Beta...they are also make more sensitive the 'pass, or no pass' on scenery content and load in...with more defined 'litmus tests'. So, the Squawk Guard boxes will come out at cha,... 😉 even more with running B9
  12. It is running sweet on my 8GB 1070. You're going to see higher FPS and smoother animation, right out of the gate...B9 seems a very stable Beta.
  13. "See Quas, it was 'bad' grass...probably the airstrip (CYSE) got too stoned with code from v5,...lololololol! You sobered it up, by un-selecting the box, LOL!" Happy flights...
  14. So WarpD, you support Forum Content Censorship? Locking a thread is just that. What's wrong with people discussing ANY topic, as long as it doesn't contravene respect and/or personal attack? A topic should not be recommended to be LOCKED, merely because it vexes the one suggesting it be. Others, might enjoy the interaction.
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