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  1. TonyWob EGCB + Freeware released at Orbx

    So, where's the screen shots already! :) Waiting to peek at a few...
  2. While the 'look' is nice, too many bugs, like what is mentioned here...despite disabling Head Shake. I have gone back to 1.06. That seems to have the least visual anomalies.... Post Edit: I have been running 1.06 for over an hour...and am just giving my opinion that this is the most stable, non aritfact version so far. Something indeed happened between 1.06 to 1.09. Shifting and stumbling haze layer that intersperses itself in the cloud bases, stuff like that. No such thing happening in 1.06 In looks pretty darn good. Good cloud coverage, and type depicted. For now, I'm going to run with this.
  3. X-Enviro 1.08 released

    Have fun..XP 11.20b5 rocks!
  4. X-Enviro 1.08 released

    Honestly, they both will work for you. xEnviro adds more 'English' and polish to certain features...adds more effects, but Xplane's weather generator is truly 3rdP quality now right outta the box. No MS-based in-house will give you visuals such as Xplane's internal weather generator. If you are happy with what you see coming from your purchase of Xplane...then truly there is no 'pressure' to go 3rd P. Only if you want added features and visuals... If so..I highly recommend now, xEnviro 1.08 I have gotten rid of any of my haze and fog lua. restrictions. xEnviro 1.08 now gives you the horizon graphics that you see in my shots over Alabama weather a few minutes ago. Before this current version, you'd barley see three miles from the plane...and always looked like a foggy, hazy, rain-filled atmosphere. Clearly now, you see real-world haze and pollution scatter effect...where's it supposed to be. It was clear out of the airport..and then as I climbed to around 3,500 agl...scatter and haze started to set up, just as you'd expect from the seat of any commercial flight... Quite happy, now.
  5. X-Enviro 1.08 released

    1.08 looks great! I can finally get rid of both my Haze.lua and FogBeGone.lua. This is 1.08 climbing today out of Alabama, to FL280 in real weather. Finally...a true to life, looking the horizon. Enjoying 1.08 so far...and all the pictures captured at around 16,000 feet. i
  6. beta 5 is out

    It seems to be, less 'sticky' to initially start moving, and in the turns at taxi. Also, great FPS. Pretty much stays at the top of what my system can give for most scenery demands.
  7. That was funny...truly was. My wife certainly wouldn't think so...she is always wanting to drag me into a clothes Frankly, I'm genuinely surprised that this thread is still being added to. Obviously good, bad, or indifferent, the title topic attracts curiosity, if best. Still, my reason for it, was only a narrow band of Sat and Real life imagery being displayed within any one given sim graphic engine. I still say, that XP's for this, in my eyes, is totally superior, in that regard. So..for myself...TrueEarth by Orbx, will be purchased for when released to XP. Cheers, my friend! Mitch
  8. You're such a self-proclaimed donation-hero. Grow up...nobody else feels the need to call out any other forum member as to how he or she involves themselves here, and on what level. Your continuing to wish to do so, is only for self promotion. Nothing else. Nothing. If anything else...please...grow up.
  9. Well, my intention, was never to rouse a tempest...!!! Just to, just state my feelings and impression of the impact, that the new Orbx TrueEarth tech, will impart. Of course, there will be many that won't agree with me. Then again, there can be just as many, ....that do. Not everybody posts on forums...many just visit and read. Ses
  10. "Ok...hand's up...I give up..."....:( 2,521 views...jeez....
  11. Kevin, there is a true learning curve at first. And..besides Orbx...there is an almost overwhelming amount of freeware, payware, and donationware for the platform. I still run P3D 4.1, still run FSX:SE, but for this new TrueEarth tech, it will be XP11.x that it is purchased for. You might end up thinking the same thing, or perhaps not...but only by buying and running it...will you see for yourself, where the Orbx TrueEarth scenery is going to end up, on your system. Have fun, it's all about fun and learning. Cheers,
  12. Oh Christ, get a life, Henry....a personality trait, that needs desperately to get the 'last jab in'?... feel better? Good...glad we could help you out.
  13. Again, I will state, this thread was ONLY about one graphic's engine rendering of the Orbx TrueEarth, over another. This post clearly is not claiming all over the other, feature for feature, sim wide. Folks, let's cut bait. The thread was interesting, in the comments garnered, but best to move on... P3D is great XP is great. They're all great..... Cheers, Office closed....;)
  14. Conjecture, is placing an idea, personal thought, or leaning, out into the market square. It then invites personal viewpoints. If someone is not interested in the subject header of the post, they certainly don't have to pull the thread up. For some, the topic does interest them, and they delve deeper.. That's how I feel an open forum works. Am I wrong in this thinking? Cheers