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  1. This is gonna get PURCHASED! 🙂 Fingers are tapping on the keyboard....!
  2. Here's a suggestion, and works every time to animate the load in bar once more...if you pause for over a minute, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and bring up the Task Manager Window. Do nothing inside it. Merely bring up Window and then use the top X to close it. Your advance bar will reanimate and fully load out. I do this all the time, call up the TMW, and then close the window. I think that W10/11 is hanging...but causing a loss of focus on MSFS, causes whatever it is, to get past the lock up/freeze occurrence in MSFS.
  3. Duh know..., but...as I said...for whatever reason, calling up the Task Manager, and then merely using the top right X box to close the window, caused MSFS to get past the load bar freeze already 4 times that I tried it. It could be a W10/11 call...that gets hanged in the coding....and for some reason, causing W10/11 to focus on the Task Manger, breaks the lock/loop? Who knows...
  4. I have had this too....at some angles if you are far enough from the ship traffic, the wakes are not trailing 180 degrees out from behind the stern...when I fly an off-set parallel flight path.
  5. I have GAIST Beta installed, and--->I have discovered a work-around simply by accident. Captain, if you find your load bar freezes at around 40 percent, do the key presses to get to the Task Master, and then close that window...don't end anything...and when you close that window, the Load Bar will continue its advance. I found this out that as MSFS was frozen at 40 percent (I waiting five minutes to be sure...) I then wanted to end MSFS using the Task Master. But wanting to give MSFS one more chance to progress, I didn't end it...merely top right x'ed the Task Master Window closed, and saw the load bar become animated again. Well..with the next freeze up...I didn't wait one minute...I opened up the Task Master Window...waited five seconds, closed the window...and again, MSFS's load bar animated to put me at the welcome screen. So try that...why that works, I have no idea, other than perhaps it is a Windows 'hang' and by calling up the Task Master, and then merely closing the window...it 'jars' Widows 10/11 to respond...and load out the program. Is this true...have no idea...but I have done this now four times, when the MSFS load bar stalls at 40 percent load in , and each time I close the Window without doing anything more but calling it up...and then closing it...the MSFS load bar continues to full load.
  6. Thanks Hendrik...yes...those shots were off of Toronto's Skyline...and also, have found this happening (as you point out) when flying down the St Lawrence River... So, as you say, with the Great Lakes (will be) taken out of the GAIST Beta, which I am also running, the surface wake of those cargo-submarines will be gone. Good to read. Thank you, and will ask further support questions, where you suggest. Thanks once more for an awesome gift to the Community. 100 times that thanks!
  7. The only figure for FPS that I have always tried to get and maintain, is 30 FPS. With that figure, I have great control of the aircraft, from lift off, to 'kissing the numbers'. I have also noticed that indeed, if you can get (Gawd bless you, if you can!), 40/50/60 sustained (for the most part) FPS, where I see that...my friend can...is that you see a more life-like visual effect of air currents/wind acting upon the aircraft at cruise, and also upon Approach. Other than that...if you can keep/get 30 FPS, in any sim...(my 64 cents...) you are good to go. But...having typed that...yes...there is a (small benefit factor) to visuals, such as I have given an example...the visual effect of loft, upon the wing(s), with higher sustained FPS over 30 as a baseline to compare.
  8. I do have PG on...and only deleted those 7 suggested cities...and have (for my particular system spec's) now premium FPS generation, and that is with enjoying the visuals of PG as 'on' and enabled. Delete those 7 suggested cities, and you'll most likely FPS 'wham-bam' as well, LOL! Ses
  9. Paul...not only got back all my lost ground-taxi-approach near touchdown...but even got another 2 FPS that I have NEVER had, ..could never sustain over 30 fps...but now...on the ground at 29-30/32...and in the air (on average) at 32 (max!) How in the WORLD, can someone even start to think or figure out that this FPS tanking could be Photogram Cities for goodness sakes? Some pretty savvy people are running around the flight sim world...that's for sure! Yep, this 'solution' is killer...:) Thumb's up...and a happy holler 'n hoot! By the way, all this FPS improvement with not one option changed with my normal MSFS usage preferences, ONLY, deleting those 7 Photo-Gram cities, only that. After doing so...I dumped to the Desktop and then re-ran MSFS so just to be sure, that anything from those cities was purged from Memory, on my next MSFS run.... Ses
  10. I had the latest update...and still had tanked ground taxi and final approach (near touch down), but this morning with deleting those seven Photogram cities...wham bam...back to not only my pre-SU9 ground/near-touch down FPS, but even am now getting two more FPS, to 32 FPS, which at running MSFS at Ultra (plus), (with my system metrics) is full max FPS output...so nothing holding back my FPS, since deleting those cities from the sim....!
  11. Wow! Deleting those 7 photogram cities more than did the trick with my tanked ground running FPS. I got back not only my normal 27-30 FPS, but now in most places am running at 32 FPS...the highest I have ever had on my system at ground taxi, and final approach. Thanks...whatever the Main Thread conflicts is going on with these photo cities...deleting them, has given me back all my pre-SU9 ground and approach FPS performance. Paul...try this...and your results should be the same as mine... This suggestion---->WORKS!
  12. I can certainly try that...and will. Thanks' Odourboy. I still want to leave my Terrain LOD at 200...so will try this first!
  13. "Noted, sir..." Enjoy the flights..., and we'll hope Hendrik can attend to this visual cluster-F....lol.
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