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  1. I wish him all the best life has to take (wink-wink-nudge-nudge) is that he just looked at his latest lottery ticket...checked the numbers...and now, his interests lay elsewhere! 🙂 Hey, Andras...I hope my little joke actually holds some truth!!! 🙂 Thank you for all your time and contributions to the hobby. I see your work, each and every time I take one 'up there'.... "Over 'n out"....and cheers!
  2. my sims: XP11.21, P3D 4.2, FSX-SE, AF FS2, FS9.9999999 and all their myriads of add-ons, are all 'caught up'. Each sim, has it's unique charm...and so, as stated, all get flown. 🙂 Cheers, Ses
  3. Look at what Enviro 1.6 is dishing up for cloud cover density...and still banging away at 30 FPS! Has been that way since leaving Atlanta!
  4. No abnormalities as in the last two sets...this one is pretty solid, and simply spectacular performance as you can see across all my 4 shots. Enviro 1.6 is running live and updating in the background, and no stutters with that as well. I'm not going to even sneeze around this combo, ....won't take a chance of disturbing something, LOL! Mitch
  5. I downloaded the latest driver suite, with no 'clean content' so all my settings wouldn't be lost. I had with the last set, about 25-30 FPS up and down, but with this latest set, on the same route, and with the same cloud density, I am pretty much staying at 29-30 FPS (locked at 30). Great clearness, no stutter, and now sitting pretty much at a constant locked 30 FPS across the board. All in all, with XP11.21 and this latest drivers set, the best performance ever! I'm running XP:21 at pretty much max settings, over Ortho4XP with all features on, and Enviro 1.6. Very happy all around! FPS counter is at the lower left...just left click 2 times to bring the grabs to full size. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Well stated! I have every and all from the major players. I fly all of them regularly. Why does ANYBODY have to 'choose'?!? I never got that...when posts came up with that question.
  7. Ok...will look for all that. Thanks. This version is the best XP running I have ever used. I am again...AMAZED at all I can throw 3rP at this version...and it just goes on, la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa, la la! 30 FPS mostly everywhere. Again...amazing performance, on my quite old now, system.
  8. No...actually. I only see this box, when I'm dumping to the DT. I even drop XP to the bar...and there was no box behind it. I haven't clicked 'yes' to anything, but XP runs and ends as usual.
  9. Interesting! It is a rectangular box that as soon as I start to drop to the quickly see it...and if you even vanishes. I think that it is part of the new coding...that perhaps must be 'legally' displayed, but that Laminar, really doesn't want you to 'read' or to dwell upon. If so...they would have coded a required enough amount of time, for a delay, before it self-cancels...and you have a clean desktop. The next time you are about to drop out of ready, and really focus on the mid section of your monitor screen. You 'might' catch it then...and the first two words I could gather, was; European Law...and then blah, blah text...but I could not read glance fast enough to get past to the smaller font of the text body. If anybody...can get a screen shot of what this actually is....that would be interesting.
  10. Me too...over the past two seems everybody, even North American services and providers are sending their own privacy compliance and 'this is what we collect through cookies' statements.
  11. Thanks...but does it stay up on the screen on yours, to actually read what the text box has in it?!?!?
  12. It isn't actually just appears and disappears so fast, you can't even read fact, it was almost subliminal that I could catch European law...and so on at all!!! I have never seen this before, ever. It happens only when I end my XP session and wish to drop to the desktop. It is the last thing that XP posts to the screen, but like I said...useless to try to read anything the text box message contains.
  13. I updated to 11:21, and now, every time I shut down...there is this box with text...that flashes off, so fast that I can't even read it...but I says something about European Law.... Does anybody know what this closing box of text is?!?!?!?
  14. As the above poster...ReShade3.3.2. exits clean when XP11.20 shuts down.