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  1. I actually had my Cessna 172 Float bucking like a bronco, BEFORE I installed FSRealistic v2.0.5 and Frank, never did change the camera movement within the app. So, with the default FS REAL v2.0.5 settings, I am getting a truly wonderful real-life head movement visual experience when turbulence is encountered. I just got v2.0.6 and installed before coming onto this thread. So, later I will give that a whirl (with still default settings as placed upon my 172 Float...and see if there are any changes for even the better or worse then what I found entirely acceptable with default v2.0.5.
  2. Right....I deleted that post...and yes, still on General Release SU 10. Sorry for that confusion. Yes, running with SU 10
  3. It is FS Realistic, Michael. The latest will be a hotfix turned out within 48 hours...to v2.0.6
  4. David...not FSR....but FS Realistic...v 2.0.5, just released. THAT is the program also running along side Google Maps. There is a hotfix for v2.0.5 to v2.0.6. that will released within 48 hours. Just got notification.
  5. CPU: i7-980 Extreme 4 core GPU FTW 1070 (non Ti) Total System Memory: 12 GB (max allowed for my Dell Motherboard) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The performance of Update 10, and the latest nVidia (just released) has been nothing but ***stupendous***! Adding in all the fixes and enhancement to FSR2.0.5 (just released) has given me the absolute BEST animation and a totally believable real world (head movement and aural effects) in all my 45 years at this hobby. I am beyond the words; thrilled and satisfied! Installing FSR2.0.5 brought the entire 'flight experience' to actually at the total in-cabin real life environment and believability. With the DX12 in-sim BETA in place, and the latest nVidia Driver Suite, (didn't even get this beyond belief animation fluidity with the prior latest) I am having the best flight simulation experience EVER, even taking into account any of my three installed flight sim's. On my above mentioned system, I am getting with all settings at Ultra, and both LODS set to 200, a never go below 29 FPS, and peaks into 33 FPS. Any stutter event, even of a micro nature has vanished. This is even with Real Time weather in heavy cloud and rain. I truly realize that I will never again fire up my XP11 franchise now...not with always running over Google 1 maps.....and that I can truly now walk away from my Orbx and other software collections, the reams of GB's of Ortho4XP tiles...and not have any regrets. It will now be deleted to reclaim hundreds of GB's of system storage. MSFS Update 10, using even DX 12 in BETA, and only one program, (I have others, ..but the most noted to bring home the most authentic sense of real world flight having both Alternative maps, and FSR2.0.5 is the most believable sense of being in a real plane (I fly only G.A. with my preference the Cessna 172 Float) to have ever come up on my computer screen. Folks, I am BEYOND the word, happy and sim contented. MSFS Update 10 is is giving me simply stupendous performance, with an older GPU not costing multi thousands of dollars. At 29/33 FPS, the sim is now visually indistinguishable from real world animation. In my opinion. I am the one sitting in front of my computer monitor. For that, my personal opinion is all that matters in front of me.
  6. The load bar usually hangs about near the middle load mark. A always-works simple trick to get it to move forward right, is to merely press the WINDOWS key, to bring up the bottom menus and once more to hide them. This will get MSFS to focus once more on the loading in .....
  7. With DX11, on my 1070, I had micro stutter in animation. With using DX12 that is gone.
  8. Of course, my card does not engage DLSS, so for myself...off is the sweet note.
  9. Being that is new...I'm not sure, but only after I turned Sharpening off, did I get back great and visually appealing graphics.
  10. In the POST PROCESS section. There is one there for SHARPENING that you would set to 0. There is ALSO, another one in the POST PROCESS section father down below for those that run VR. If you do, I guess you'd want to set that one to 0 as well.
  11. It seems it resets with every and any update. That is the first I check, out of dropping to Desktop after an update.
  12. With any setting. You simply will get better and 'smoother' graphics visuals.
  13. Tip: Set SHARPENING in the USER.opt to 0....(off) and you will get much better graphics with a lot of user's hatch and rough graphics cleaned up. It was turned to on, when everybody updated.
  14. Very smooth animation at 30 FPS, and my GTX 1070 card is using 1.54 GB's more of its memory than when running DX11. I've had no artifacts, and all is running very, very well. The main 'take away' for running my MSFS/System using DX12 and the new nVidia GameReady driver is the best animation smoothness than ever than when running under DX11 since purchase.
  15. Check that you don't have the 'anchor' engaged. That was the same for XP11 as well....
  16. Hi Scott, for you, you have a 'deeper' interest going on here. The bowels and mechanics of the genre. That alone is a 'hobby' all by itself. From what I read, is it challenges your grey matter, and that is a rush all of its own. Enjoy, creating, and using. Ses
  17. Great read, and thanks! A Challenger, huh? Great bike...was looking at that....but my final choice was the Yamaha Star Venture TC. I also had/has my eye on the Pursuit. I really like what they did for the rear suspension. I have family (come from) in the Phoenix AZ area, as well as the Valley in Southern California. Either next Spring/early Summer, we are hoping to put together a three bike friendship ride down to Phoenix, over to San Diego, up the coast (Route 1) to the L.A. area, then up to Oregon to visit my wife's family...and over through Montana, and eastward, until we hit Detroit and the Ambassador Bridge. Then onto home and a hot shower...lol. BTW, for your Challenger, I suggest you try REDLINE (premium synthetic) 20W50...as I have found by experience, that to be the best premium synthetic oil (and viscosity over 10W40) I have ever put in my Star Venture TC, which has an air/oil cooled 113 c.u. V-Twin. Engine runs cool, and tranny shifts are like butter...highly recommend you give it a try. You should see a night and day difference even between any other premium like Amzoil for instance. I swapped out of 20W50 Amzoil, and saw the bettering running with REDLINE, right away, in the first few miles and shifts. Back to flight simming...enjoy your motorcycle off-season snow bound, flights! 🙂 Ses
  18. Hi Mike...not actually closing doors and shipping out! I intend to still fire up one of the three when the fancy flairs...but just that I am not any longer, a 'focused' user of the flight sim genre. It will be with all the other things that I will now expand to take up my recreational time. See ya around! 🙂 Happy flights.
  19. Mark, my poor wife would be rolling her eyes...but thanks for the idea. Another facet of the hobby. 🙂
  20. Absolutely....I forgot to mention that he wants to run the outside lane. Thanks for that tip! We always do the counterclockwise for sure! At the 'south end of Nova Scotia, we always stop in Digsby, for some fresh, still wiggling Scallops! We eat at one of the family shacks on the pier....and seriously, the Scallops are still dripping salt water as they place a dozen in front of you, and of course...with BEER! 🙂 Ses
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