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  1. Yes, that is what I mean. As I only fly in Europe I have other continents still uninstalled. Only GOTY is installed extra…
  2. Can we reinstall WU’s that we had uninstalled because of the framerate drop issue several weeks ago. Or was that fixed by the SU Hotfix ?
  3. FYI : he cannot upload modified or new airports anymore because of the sanctions (he is Russian)
  4. Working like a charm again. @Knich : you could try reinstalling your last working version again and then update to 31.9.1
  5. Asobo now hiring pop-up programmers ? And you guys always thought that the Q&A shows the real important guys behind MSFS ? Ever heard of face swapp ? Those guys you think you are seeing are in fact … .Austin Myers , Rob McCarthy and Mathijs Kok…. 🥳
  6. Same issue here. I am sure that Nico will have fixed this in the next release. Back to the former version in the meantime…
  7. Thanks for the great comparison shots 👍
  8. Ray, it is all straight forward in MSFS. Very simple. At startup for the first time it checks your cpu / gpu / memory and sets all sliders for you as a start. Like with P3D you choose Airport , Runway , Aircraft and you go Start flightsimming.
  9. Here also 4K and looking at the clouds I also can’t tell the difference. But on the ground looking at the tarmac and buildings I can see that they look less sharp and more soft. So I leave them both on.
  10. Hi Ed, if those updates don’t break multiple things than indeed less would be better Regards, Gerard
  11. Also many people drive too fast on the highway…That doesn’t mean that their opinion is the only opinion… My opinion is that P3D still is better in support for cockpitbuilders (more support for hardware and multi monitor support + NVSURROUND fisheye fix ) but because of the more realistic PR scenery I prefer MSFS…
  12. If an update doesn’t work out completely like it should and no Hotfix is being released then another updated after 1-2 months would be better than after 3-4 months … Just my 2 cents ….
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