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  1. No, he stated : ”At the end of the day, airport coloring is a good thing because each airport will look different even if they share the same textures. ”
  2. This is also not an “I only fly circles over an airport and look down” simulator 🥳
  3. If you can change settings now without the need of having to reload the sim than it should be possible. When showing the FPS you also see the Main thread load, GPU load, etc. Based on that automatically changing settings to maintain a smooth experience would be very welcome.... i can imagine that the 2 LOD sliders are the first that have an impact. When on the ground and flying low ( up to 2500 ft ) you don’t need a LOD like when flying higher. When flying higher the airport and traffic are out of sight so higher LOD settings are possible. Lower resolution clouds when on the ground than when flying with the clouds around you. And there are more sliders that have their influence.
  4. For P3D there is FTFF Optimizer. I remember for Fs2000 there was a tool that changed certain settings so the targeted framerate could be maintained. I had it and it was payware. Can’t remember the name though...
  5. After having had great help to find the file which contains the Options I am now looking for the file with the Traffic settings. I have made a batchfile which can load 2 Options file : VFR and IFR. Now I want to be able to include different settings for AC traffic and Car traffic depending on VFR or IFR. I have searched but did not find the file with the Traffic settings. Anyone know ? Thanks in advance.
  6. By disableing the Prosim WASM file I was able to not overload Simconnect anymore. Before I always got Trim errors —> CTD’s caused by Simconnect not reacting anymore. The downside is that I do not have external lights on my ac and probably no moving parts . But I like to fly between late dawn and early dusk and only look out the cockpit.
  7. With 2x 43” 4K as one wide front view in NVSURROUND I need a zoom of 0.65 to compensate a little for the fisheye effect.It is like a zoom of 1.30 on 1 monitor. Therefore I need both LOD settings at 180 and I have buildings/trees textures at Medium. Clouds at high as with ultra I see to many black shadow dots (because of the zoom). In total MSFS is running very well.
  8. Since I removed the Prosim WASM file I can fly to where I want without issues or CTD’s. Scenery and weather looks good. Performance is very good. Rocksolid here ... Only waiting for a NVSURROUND fisheye fix like P3D has.
  9. Made 2 different config files : IFR and VFR (sightseeing) Before launching MSFS I can choose if I want to fly different from last time. Thanks everyone 👍
  10. Here I have the Store version. In AppData there is either the Local or Roaming folder. Both have a Microsoft folder but in none of them Microsoft Flight Simulator... But I found it in AppData\Local\Packages\MS Flightsimulator.......\LocalCache
  11. If the Options tab has its own file then it could be found. With a batchfile multiple files could be switched before starting MSFS.
  12. Is it possible to use multiple settings config files ? So when flying to larger airports with large cities nearby you could use lower Lod settings and lower car traffic settings . And when flying to smaller airports with smaller towns nearby you could use higher settings. Thanks.
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