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  1. If a company uses default systems in the ac and says so on their website than there is no scam. It is being honest. Where they don’t shine it their communication with their customers. Denying certain issues and blaming customers for incorrect use, and at the end they acknowledge the issues….
  2. Try with Objects LOD at a lower setting too. Especially at larger airports with many objects you will get better performance…
  3. Here I succeeded too in modifying the EXE. Thank you guys for your help. Does anyone know if I can use a copy of the modified EXE on my Left view pc too so I do not have to modify that one too ?
  4. Only the south of the Netherlands is above sea level. Luckily we have the best dikes you can have. 😎
  5. After following this thread for a while I also want to see what it brings. But I need some help : The encrypte EXE has been made and copied in the official Content folder after renaming the default EXE. Can I delete the Tempstate folder with the Dunp folder in it. Or just the Dump folder ? Another thing : when searching for 0.00065 or 0.00066 HxD cannot find those values … Not a valid floating number ? Only if I replace the . by a , the app finds values. In The Netherlands we use a , where in the US they use a . instead. Could that be my issue ? So some advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. Ask at the PSXTraffic forum : https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/819-psxseecontraffic-for-fsx-p3d-msfs/
  7. I want to hear about improvements regarding multi monitor support.
  8. PSXTraffic runs outside of MSFS and the app itself uses almost no cpu resources. Once I tested FsTraffic (after purchase) to find that gave me lower fps than PSXTraffic. Here I use PSXT with AIG ac (first choice) and FsTraffic ac (second choice). AIG use real ac registration codes and FsTraffic does not.
  9. Take a look at PSXTraffic + RealTraffic. That is what I use on both of my MSFS pc’s. Real traffic and sync’d … I use AIG ac + FsTraffic ac as ac packages. https://lekseecon.nl
  10. Using 2x Store version here. Every tweak at the P3D forum was just a couple of minutes. But to get the best out of i it we ended up with multiple tweaks. We were all glad to leave the tweaking behind when switching to MSFS….
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