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  1. GSalden

    What's the deal with ORBX vector?

    Very well written !
  2. GSalden

    End It All

    In the past IOBIT Game Booster was the best. Now it has been improved : I did not try it yet ...
  3. GSalden

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    That is what I use : 2x 1080Ti If I sell them I need to add € 300 for 1 2080 Ti to see almost the same performance.
  4. For € 550 I sell them seperately. I prefer € 1000 together.
  5. AA, resolution, clouds,, waterrefelctiins and shadows are the settings that tax the gpu .... The more of then the bigger the difference in fps between different cards.
  6. Here I have a 2/3 real size cockpit and therefore multiple monitors in a curve : 40” seperate - 32” + 32” NVSurround
  7. That I didn’t know. Here I am using 3x 1920x1080. Than you should indeed go for the 2080.
  8. I totally agree with you 1080 Ti performance = 2080 performance
  9. Here I have 2 Gigabyte 1080 Ti Gaming OC cards for 1000 euro’s together for sale.
  10. GSalden

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    It is only of use if you use lots of shadows enabled icw high AA settings . But that makes the Sim look much more realistic ....
  11. GSalden

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    See Rob's Medium, High and Very High Settings for testing. I am sure with High and certainly with Very High Settings you will see a (big) difference between your 980Ti and 2080Ti card. You just need to up the settings that tax the graphics card...
  12. @Rob : check your Vegetation Receive shadows. Otherwise clouds/terrain shadows will show their shadows on buildings and sim objects ( eg : addon airports ) and not on trees/forest... It really has surprised me that almost everyone is only focusing on shadows in the VC and not having clouds/terrains shadows enabled...
  13. On my triple view system I have seem my C drive ( SSD 600 ) maxing out many times when flying in detailed scenery . And P3Dv4.3 was installed on drive D ( also SSD 600 )...
  14. GSalden

    Vsync without triple buffering and fps

    It adds a little more smootness at the cost of a little framerate. But If you system cannot run the Vsync framerate it will cause extra jittering.