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  1. Here I have always had a locked framerate without Vsync / TB with good results icw FFTF Dynamic. Since I switched to SLI locked gives me a stutter every 1.5 seconds. Now Uimited + Vsync + monitors at 25 hertz give me the best result without stutters. And icw FFTF Dynamic.
  2. You can eliminate the impact by : - using BM Nightboost - LOD radius to minimum - AG a notch lower - Cloud Draw Distance Low - Max Visibility is 60 nm
  3. GSalden

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    Understanding that this is not a UTL thread seems very difficult ...
  4. GSalden

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    Guys, this is a thread about Traffic Global. Be free to start your own UTL topic ..
  5. Black Marble and Night Environment are the best what you can get. You can configure them to your liking for your most realistic Nightlighting . It can be set for all systems , from low end to high end.
  6. GSalden

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    TG Early Acces has very nice models with spinning wheels and turbines. Livery textures 2048. Very easy on the system. Nightlighting looks good and realistic light effects. Sounds are from Turbine Sound Studio’s. Very professional GUI with multiple tabs and many features. Offciarse Spotty in 2 variations is also present 😎
  7. GSalden

    P3D 4.3 - 2nd Test required

    My cpu is a 14 core processor and till today I did not use an AM fir P3D, only for the addons to spread them over the less loaded cores. Like you with a batchfile. Two weeks ago I installed a second 1080Ti and while the franerate went up by 25-50%, depending on the situation, I had a “every 1.5 second stutter” and the Sim was less smooth. SteveW helped me and I now use an AM where I use the 8 strongest cores for p3d and the 6 remaining cores for the addons. Each addon is able to use 2 different cores. The Sim is performing very smooth..
  8. GSalden

    P3Dv4.3 : my observations

    Hi Rob, This behaviour only shows when coming from any European country and landing at FT Amsterdam Schiphol + True Earth Netherlands + AI. Just tried a landing coming from Germany. Going from east and flying west over the IJssellake and then turning teft towards 18C. In front of my Schiphol ( 6 runway ) and at the left the complete city of Amsterdam plus its harbours and small towns in the neighbourhood. And around me AI aircraft taking off and landing. That is the moment the framerate starts to get lower. After landing the lower franerate remains. but a scenery refresh brings back up the framerate. No issues when starting at Schiphol and landing anywhere in Europe. Then my starting franerate is over 30...
  9. GSalden

    P3Dv4.3 : my observations

    After Steve W guided me on setting up things better ( amount of cores / which of the 14 cores and in what order / the exact AM ) : Now when landing at Amsterdam Schiphol I still have a lower framerate ( 18-20 ) but higher than before ( 13 )... Also a scenery refresh before landing ( p3d menu ) gives back the high franerate.
  10. I did not watch the vids as I do not suffer from blurries or dissappearing AG and I use a low FFTF. Don’t worry I won’t try to help you again ....
  11. It all depends on the power of your pc and the AG radius/density settings.
  12. GSalden

    Just Flights Global Traffic

    TH has its own improved Afcad files for default airports and reads the Afcad files that come with addon airports. You surely did not delete all addon Afcad files. First un-reinstall TG and see If that solves it.
  13. You can set the FFTF value to your own system. Eg 0.01 on the ground and 0.4 at 2000 ft and above. Then your will have a longer terrain loading time whn flying low, but at the cost of max fps. However, you probably would be away from that heavy airport with AI traffic anyway, so the framerate would op up.
  14. The higher the value the more time for terrain loading . However, less time for achieving high fps... Max ? Probably 0.99 , but then your framerate is at the lowest point.
  15. GSalden

    P3Dv4.3 : my observations

    Just did a 1 hout test with framerate locked at 24, no vsync, no TB. After 50 min the framerate dropped below the 24 an dafter 1 hour it was 19.5-20 fps... HardwareInfo64 has monitored lost of variables. It is very difficult te read this spreadsheet , so I need an expert here ( thank you ) Here it is : AI test.CSV