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  1. GSalden

    Massive FPS drop with autogen

    Your system is not capable of running smooth with your too high settings. Simple as that. You are using very performance using addons, so you have to lower your settings. Lock your FPS to 20 , set your LOD radius 1 notch lower, water off. No Vsync, no TB. Monitors at 60 hrtz. Your system needs breathing air..
  2. Michael, Paris Ile de France is the complete city of Paris with hundreds of thousends of buildings and trees. TE Netherlands , Amsterdam region , is very light on the system compared to that.. Plus you have all Paris’ airports installed.. Very nice for helicopter flying..... France VFR gives you 2 ways to control the amount of objects : - Scenery Complexity ( mostly the inner city ) - Autogen sliders Start with SC set to sparse ( yes sparse ) and AG trees at sparse and AG buildings at normal. Try this . If your system can handle this try with 1 slider after the other. You can also try with LOD 1 notch lower, no cloud shadows, water off and DL off. Also Vsync + TB off and FPS locked at 20 ( monitors at 60 hrtz ) will help. Smooth 20 FPS looks better than 30 FPS with stutters/blurries.. Use Dynamic FFTF . regards, Gerard
  3. GSalden

    P3D V4 - Can't get rid of microstuttering

    Limit fps to 20 , Vsync + TB off , monitors at 60 hrtz
  4. With a good PTA preset where almost every entry has been tweaked for a reality look it will look fantastic . Here a screenshot of my free All Months preset set ( for each monthh a preset )
  5. GSalden

    P3D V4 - Can't get rid of microstuttering

    With an Affinity Mask . Use the search function and you will find a lot on how to set it up. Or just search for Steve Waite as he is the AM expert around.
  6. GSalden

    Error on exit

    You can try : - reinstall default shaders - uninstall PTA - clean your registry - un - reinstall P3D Client - restart your windows - reinstall PTA Try again
  7. I have to say that I agree on this with Adam. Matt is a very nice guy and I hope he is doing well. It would be nice if we were getting an answer regarding the future. Gerard
  8. My new preset set will be released this weekend.
  9. GSalden

    P3d v4.3

    Simbol , you are man inside now ... Can you ask about improvements regarding multi monitor views and performance ? Or improvement of rendering photo real scenery ? Have fun 😀 regards, Gerard
  10. @Krazyk : nice beginning of dawn I am working on the colors of the clouds icw the color of the sun. The rest is my custom PTA All Months set.
  11. Working on V13. P3Dv4.x has the shaders working slightly different and several Expressions I made working are not like they should. So I checked them all and modified where necessary. Also the dawn/dusk I remade , so it will look better. If you purchase Atmosphere URP and use their Sky Textures with my new preset ( to be released next weekend ) with an improved Sun, then you can even have it look like this : In large : Months v13.jpg
  12. The brightness of the stars is much lower than in reality. It also depends on where you are in the world. Therefore multiple magnitudes so you can set it to your preference.
  13. Yes, I am using Night Environment with my photo real scenery and Black Marble for all LC scenery.