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  1. Your vid looks very good and smooth. Well done. If you were turning at 400knots very quickly in an F18 you might spot the difference with 60 fps but you then you probaly wouldn't notic it either you would have to react and watch the instruments at that speed, instead of sightseeing.. - - - - And I don't care about comparing film projectors with flightsim displays, as we only use displays wihtout shutters, so all these remarkes have nothing to do with flightsimming...
  2. Tuned all 3D lights and setup my shaders for night too. Erasmus Bridge - Rotterdam
  3. What were you expecting ? The update from today fixes only the disappearing shadows that some reported. The sun still needs to be worked in. Or, in the mean time try my version ... That is a looking a lot better than this ....
  4. Divides the used textures in 2 = 4x less sizs Quote : There is a very distinct difference between the transparent shadow and the opaque shadow. To begin the transparent shadow by definition lets light pass through the object. This allows for the contour of the object to be revealed. With the shadow producing a contour, the resulting image has a texture and becomes touchable. The opaque shadows stop al light from passing through. Blocking all light, the shadow creates an outline rather than a contour.
  5. You are looking at 25 FPS + 25 hertz. That doesn’t change when looking at the vids on higher frequency display... Otherwise I would put those displays on the ground , put a camera in front of them and stream them on 144+ hertz displays ... 😆
  6. In my case you are incorrect ; when connecting only 1x 4K display no issues. It simply is too much for the graphics card driving 2x 4K in 60 hertz. And 30 FPS is also not painful ; all my vids have been recorded at 25 hertz and no one has ever noticed it. Even all the people regurlarly coming to watch my setup have never mentioned it. It simply is your opinion that it has to be 59/60 or more... Also morphing ground textures I only see occasionally and I have set mesh to 5m. Using FTX 2018 and flying over the Alps. It is al about balance between your hardware and software. Nothing more... No magic tricks. And I have never had CTD’s or OOMs..
  7. You claim that the software is to blaim while there are others that have a smooth sim. Reading what you wrote it seems that your stutters might come from running a too high monitor frequency icw your settings. If I run my 2x 4K setup at 30 hertz it runs very well, but if I run it at 60 hertz my screens turn pink and the scenery is terrible to look at. Running a graphics card at 60 hertz or 30 hertz makes a big difference in load ( and breathing space in general ).
  8. 2 pc’s : server 2x 4K ( = 8x 2K...) left view client 1x 4K ( = 4x 2K... ) No CTD’s no OOMs.. V5 : Another thing you can try : - 30 hertz / Unlimited ( I use 25 hertz ! ) - FTFF Dynamic (payware) : AGL mode : 0-5000 0.01 - 0.33
  9. So why do I not suffer from these issues If the software is the problem then everyone would experience it. A few months ago I helped a good friend of mine setting up P3Dv4 as he also claimed to have pauses and stutters. I did nothing special just set everything up as my did for 2 pc’s. And he is a happy Fs pilot without any issues up to today... Bottomline : How you setup your hardware and how you configure all your software is what matters here...
  10. Try AA with 8x MSAA or 2x SSAA AF at 8x LOD radius at High and if no stutters at Ultra ( so not maxed out ) Clouds resolution at 256 or 512 If you are running 3 projectors from 1 pc it is always heavy on the system. But P3Dv4.5 can run very smooth with little to no small stutters..
  11. Clouds are ASCA Bloom 256x256 EnvTex for Sky
  12. P3D.cfg : OPAQUE_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE=2048 —> 1024TRANSLUCENT_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE=512 —> 256 Asca clouds 256 EnvTex Sky ( no integration )
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