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  1. hmmmmm......the same issue here in Germany..... :-)
  2. Hi, Please check your P3D version. There was a bug regarding this issue. I just updated the client and my clouds were back.... it also seen with the soft clouds from REX... after updating the clouds with this software the clouds were completely disappeared....
  3. Hello, I am oming up to you about the possibility to use the COM 2 Radio channel with the NGX. It is possible ? I´ve tried to the set the clearance frequency or similar to the COM2 Radio but nothing happens so far. Do I have to set the audio selection panel in a Special Position ? I don´t understand so far the issue why the COM2 does not function. Has anyone any hints and tips to get this channel running ? Many Thanks ! Cheers Pascal
  4. Hello, I have some difficulties with the yoke movement in the VC with my FFB FlightIllusion Hardware (FFB yoke). With the NGX there are no issues at all, all animations are seen. This hardware is controlled via FSUIPC with an extra software from FlightIllusion. Furthermore it is more important to know that this yoke is NOT seen in the system as an HID (Human interface device) in the device configuration of my PC). As said, this device is 100 % working with the ngx. So I studiet the manuals from the 777 bit I cannot see any hints why I do not see the animation of the yoke in the cockpit. The incredible thing is: If I am starting the aircraft and I am in the air, I can control the aircraft, but I cannot see the movemnt of the yoke. Also if am turning arounf (AP on). In the NGX the yoke is following the autopilot and I am guess this must be the same for the 777 or I am wrong ? I tested the 777 also with the HOTAS warthog system amd I have no issues here. The yoke is moving so I guess there must be somethig to set inside the PMDG 777 or I have here an software issue... I hope you can help me out here. Cheers Pascal-Antoin Ducardus
  5. ...the first fsx modelled aircraft was sucessfully transformed or transported into this new simulation world. http://forum.sibwings.com/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=1050 http://www.outerra.com/forum/index.php?topic=927.0 I guess if PMDG will also forwarding thier thoughts into a new simulation platform then they should also take care of OUTERRA. The details are so incredible that I think that this platform will be also the basis for other further simulations (....from space to the ants-simulator...;-)) Cheers Pascal
  6. Hi PMDG,I saw on some youtube videos from the munich fs convention that Robert Randazzo shows a plastic modell from the ngx. iIt is possible to order these and what are the prices ?I searched also the online store but I cannot find them.ThanksPascal
  7. Hey,super, YES indeed this was the thread,thx !!!Pascal
  8. Hi Guys,I saw some weeks ago a very intersting discussing about the succesfull merge of the CS weather radar gauge into the NGX 737 panel.I tried the search function but I was not succesful.Can anybody provide me this link ?ThanksPascal
  9. Hi Guys,thank you very much for all your thoughts on my "laptop project".Finally I´ve made my decsision: I WILL BUY THIS LAPTOP with the Intel® Core™ i7-2960XM overclocked processor and Turbo Boost (8 MB Cache)The only question I have (and many thanks to "wingsoffire" :() is the type of video card.He wrote following:"FSX is a CPU bound 32 bit application which means that can only ever handle 4GB of memory even if you stuff your laptop to the gunnels with RAM. Critically, any Video RAM you have is incluided within this. limit. The net result of this is the more video RAM you have the less VAS is availkable for FSX and you are heading into Blue screen of death territory. Many people are shocked to find out that despite having spend huge sums of money on systems with top of the range graphic cards, FSX runs like a dog with three legs and CTDs every two seconds. The culprit is often a card with huige amounts of vido memory - A BIG card with BIG memory is good for a BIG ego and possiblely SKYRIM but it will be lousy for FSX. There is a tweak youi can put in the config file to limit the vido ram used in VAS but its a faff and I am not convinced it works.2"Then I started an internet search I found many entries for the OOM, VAS and video memory.Because I am not a programmer or developer I will explain to you what I have understood and maybe you can correct me:1.) FSX is a 32bit software2.) FSX will have (and also other 32 bit processes) in a 32bit OS enviroment of windows 4 GB of VAS (virtual adress space)3.) VAS is NOT physical memory4.) in a 32bit enviroment the process will loose 2 GB from the 4 GB VAS, because Windows takes them. The result is that the process will just 2 GB left.5.) in a 64 bit enviroment the process will still have his 4 GB VAS and windows doesen´t take any VAS anymore --> the process (FSX) will have 4GB VAS and has more room for working. That´s why we should all install FSX on a 64 bit machine with Windows 7 64bit.6.) While FSX is running the VAS will be reduced in it´s size by FSX in two different ways: a.) FSX is looking for the video card and it´s video memory: if a card e.g. has 2 GB of VRAM DDR5, than FSX is reserving 2 GB of his 4 GB VAS and will reducing himselfs to a VAS to 2 GB left. b.) all 3rd party addons like airports, Radar contact and so on will reduce the VAS for FSX.7.) Because of the effect of the video memory the video card should not exceet VRAM of 1,5 GB DDR5.8.) BUT: the effect of the video memory can be influenced by a command from ******* Altuve:[DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580.0]Mode=1920x1080x32VideoMemoryOverride=1073741824This command will reserve just 1 GB of a video memory instead of 2 GB or 3 GB VRAM if the card has this VRAM.Than it is not important how much VRAM a video card has.So these are the points WHAT I THINK I HAVE HOPEFULLY RIGHT UNDERSTOOD. Please correct the above points If I am wrong.What I have NOT understand is following:The m18x Alienware is a SLI System. My old desktop system was a SLI with 2 GTX 8800 from NVIDIA and of course it has no effect on the FSX but for other things like COD etc.What I know is, that it is possible to turn of the SLI within the NVIDIA control center and then I will use in my system just 1 video card for the applications and processes:I wll decide to return back to NVIDIA from Radeon (my current laptop system has a ATI Radeon 5870 1 GB DDR5 VRAM), because NVIDIA can handle the features of AA much more better that ATI. ATI has strong problems with the AA, also when it is not controlled by FSX himself.My first question is now: If it is possible to turn of the video card in a SLI system with each of 2 GB VRAM and I am applying the VideoMemoryOverride=1073741824 command that I must be fine, right ? FSX will have 3 GB left for himself to work in the VAS.To understand this theory of OOM, VAS and video memory I tried to provoke the OOM effect on my laptop (2. Screenshot (Test 2 with VideoMemoryOverride=3221225472) (WIN 7 64 bit, ATI Radeon 5870 1 GB DDR5 VRAM).Therefore I added following command in my fsx.cfg:[DISPLAY.Device.ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5800 Series.0]Mode=1920x1200x32VideoMemoryOverride=3221225472I was not able to provoke the OOM effect!!! WHY !?!?!!?!?(maybe because i do not use many addons, just photoscenery and some airports with MyTrafficX) and I have everytime 2 GB left on my VAS.... !?!!??I attached the results with the attachements.I used the VMMAP tool to monitor the VAS. But maybe I read the tresult not correctly and maybe you can help me also in this case:What I can calculate is the used and the left VAS (?) space ?I use 2 GB and I have still 2 GB left ? :Hypnotized:This ia what I don´t understand from the VideoMemoryOverride=3221225472 command. I expected that FSX has just 1 GB VAS free to work and not the full 4GB....My second question I have: Will the video memory in a SLI system calculated together ? I mean If I have 2 video cards with each of 2 GB VRAM will this total 4 GB VRAM for VAS ? !?!!?Please help me to understand this.Thank you so much for your help!!!! :Peace:CheersPascal
  10. Hi,I have a really important question to you all about the VRAM of the graphic card:The more VRAM on my graphic card I have the more trouble I will get with FSX !!?!?!!?And what kind of fix is therefore necessary or available ?CheersPascal
  11. Hi Mitch,This is indeed very interesting.What kind of CPU do you have in your m14x and what kind of graphic card , memory etc ?Thanks Pascal
  12. Hi ,Thank you vey much for call your comments above. Well i have an outsite job and I am traveling a lot. Therefore I need a DTR (Desktop Replacment) Laptop. The price for this setup is of course very hugh but I would also invest a little bit in the future.As I can see from the AOA Videos the smoothness of the flightsim is unbeliveable and I would like to have the same system.I have currently have the Asus G73 with the i7 720 QM, ATI 5780 with 1 GB DDR5 RAM and 8 GB of RAM.Honestly I have a good performance at all but if I am trying to land on huge Airports like the DX9 airports from aerosoft e.g. EHAM the performance goes completly down to5-10 fps.These are my intensions why I need a very powerfull Laptop. also from my point of view and reading a lot of hardware testings, it is always the situationt thatn a laptop or gaming laptop you must use more money to get the same performance as a compareable desktop system ... and therefore I am looking for a dtr or gaming laptop.I found my currently Laptop with help of notebookcheck.com. Here are 2 testings with the ati or nvidia cards.They are recommending this laptop from alienwarealso from the haptic and the quality.It is not easy to find the correct system....Cheers Pascal
  13. Hi Folks,I am coming up to you because I am seriously to buy a new laptop.The laptop I am interested in is the ALIENWARE m18x. First of all I would like to know if somebody has such a system while runningFSX with the NGX on it. If so please send me infos about its performance .If I am buying this laptop then I would like to choose the Intel Core i7 2920XM 2.5 GHz @ 4.2 GHz.This is currently the most powerful cpu and my hope is now that this cpu will now run FSX and the NGX as smooth as possible. what do you think about this ? has anybody some experiences with this CPU ?My question is also what kind of graphic card I should use. NVIDIA or ATI ?Now I have an ATI card and it seems that NVIDIA is obviously more stronger and powerful for the AA as ATI cards. On the other hands ATI has the option for the mini display ports....I mean this is very useful if you want to connect multiple displays without any drop of frames per second for my understanding.With NVIDIA cards you have just the option with the matrox triple head to go and this module will create more loss for fps, Maybe someone can correct me if I am wrong.Also the maximum of RAM should be 8 GB. Please let me know your thougts on this and maybe you can give me support in my decissionn making.cheersPascal
  14. Hi Guys,thank you very much for your help. Indeed it was the METAR information and the weather setting from the actual weather parameters.I tried to load the actual weather in EDDH and then I reset the weather again within the FSX to a very fairly weather. The result was that I got the original light intensity back ;-) I didn´t know this feature that the lights will be changing their intensity with different weather conditions.Again, thank you to all with your hint and tips.Best regardsPascal
  15. Hi Guys,maybe someone can evaluate this issue and can give me a workaround with this issue.If I am starting a night flight with the ngx WITH ASE (Active Sky Evolution) , then I have this light intensity as attached.WITHOUT ASE then I have the right and original light intensity....Did someone of you saw this also while using ASE ?Best regardsPascal-Antoin Ducardus
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