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  1. hmmmmm......the same issue here in Germany..... :-)
  2. Hi, Please check your P3D version. There was a bug regarding this issue. I just updated the client and my clouds were back.... it also seen with the soft clouds from REX... after updating the clouds with this software the clouds were completely disappeared....
  3. Hello, I have some difficulties with the yoke movement in the VC with my FFB FlightIllusion Hardware (FFB yoke). With the NGX there are no issues at all, all animations are seen. This hardware is controlled via FSUIPC with an extra software from FlightIllusion. Furthermore it is more important to know that this yoke is NOT seen in the system as an HID (Human interface device) in the device configuration of my PC). As said, this device is 100 % working with the ngx. So I studiet the manuals from the 777 bit I cannot see any hints why I do not see the animation of the yoke in the cockpit. The incredible thing is: If I am starting the aircraft and I am in the air, I can control the aircraft, but I cannot see the movemnt of the yoke. Also if am turning arounf (AP on). In the NGX the yoke is following the autopilot and I am guess this must be the same for the 777 or I am wrong ? I tested the 777 also with the HOTAS warthog system amd I have no issues here. The yoke is moving so I guess there must be somethig to set inside the PMDG 777 or I have here an software issue... I hope you can help me out here. Cheers Pascal-Antoin Ducardus
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