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  1. I was warned by AVSIM admins NOT to do support on these forums. I was also told if I post a link to my forums on here, I would be facing a 1 week ban for "poaching".
  2. The guys behind the Islander are top notch guys and definitely have talent and tons of drive and dedication.
  3. They announced the closure of the project about 2 years ago.
  4. Nah. Late May...latest. 😉 (This statement may or may not be true.)
  5. Instead of going to a forum where the TBM is NOT sold and not affiliated with, perhaps do a little bit more research and go to the official support forums and you may find the answers there to any complaints. That is ONE complaint from someone who has some kind of avionics equipment that is not properly configured to run with the TBM. There is nothing wrong with the screens when run without certain scripts. Avionics panels DO work with the TBM. But because of the complexity of the code and systems, as I said, they need to be configured correctly with the appropriate key and button assignments. Everything was fine until you decided to call me a "pompous a**". I legitimately asked you for links. I'm certainly not going to go scouring the internet to find specific complaints that you obviously know about. As for your second link, that isn't the TBM I worked on. That's the TBM 850 made by Carenado. I have no issue with you stating that there are issues with an add on. ANY add on. But if you're prepared to criticise them, be prepared to provide links to these issues.
  6. He's just trying to justify his need for FS2020 in an X-Plane forum. I normally let people do that, but when they do it at the expense of specific add ons, they need to be called out.
  7. I understand that already. I asked you for links. I haven't seen anyone complain about it at the org. If anything, I've seen people compliment it. I might also add that we had the co owner of Foreflight (Jason Miller) scrutinise the flight model while we were making it, as we made the TBM after his specific aircraft. So if you could show me specific links where people were complaining, I would appreciate it. Also, please show me links that are current. As in, within the last 6 months. We put an update out in that time that addressed a few issues.
  8. They are? That's news to me. Would you be so kind as to provide links to these complaints so I can address them?
  9. Austin is not interested in "beating" FS2020 as far as release ETA's go. And as far as communication to the customers are concerned: https://developer.x-plane.com/blog/
  10. As far as I'm aware, this is how it works on the real thing.
  11. The point of the private beta is to eliminate the vast majority of the bugs.
  12. There's nothing really new to tell. Work continues. Bugs are being found and dealt with.
  13. We're not permitted to disclose any updates as per the NDA. But I can tell you they are making great progress and jumping on any bugs as soon as they are reported.
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