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  1. As a matter of fact, I have a very good idea. I go back to FS5. And every iteration until FSX. Along with purchases from Flight 1, simmarket, aerosoft and all the different developers. You might want to go back and read his post again. It looks like you read just the last part. Apart from that, I really don't care. I can't be bothered wasting my time with petty arguments about a flight sim.
  2. The OP stating that X-Plane looks worse than FS9 with add ons? yeah. My bad. Definitely a legit post. You don't think he could have just asked how to enhance X-Plane without the pointless, exaggerated, negative and untrue comparison? Do you have any common sense? (You don't have to answer that. I know what you're going to say.)
  3. His post history looks to be ALL MSFS related. I'm smelling a troll trying to bait.
  4. Just move the X-Plane folder to whichever partition you want. X-Plane doesn't write to the registry on a Windows PC. You can move it anywhere you want without any issues.
  5. With the sim running, go to the plugin drop down menu, and select plugin admin. Click on, I think it's the second tab. That will give you a pie chart and some performance numbers underneath. Post an image of that.
  6. Gizmo, the scripting language, lies dormant in the plugins folder unless you're running an add on that uses Gizmo's code. The CRJ uses C/C++. If you're running X-Plane, and NOT running the Islander, GIzmo will not be running. Do you, by any chance, have Skymaxx? On top of Jan said about the DRM, here is a video detailing activations.
  7. Are you sure no Gizmo related add ons are running? Also, if the update is big enough, Gizmo will see the Windows update as a new operating system or machine. So you need to de-authorise the previous OS, and authorise the new one.
  8. What @peroni said. From what I understand, other developers need to follow suit and implement the same thing to their add ons.
  9. It's exactly the same steps, except where it would say ON or OFF on a Mac (in the images I posted), it will say LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, or AUTO on a Windows PC. Select LOW
  10. Honestly thought you were on a Mac. In that case, set your visual effects for librain to low.
  11. That, I'm not sure about. I just checked, and the last bunch of commits range from 5 months ago to 2 months ago. My coding knowledge is quite limited, but afaik, everything should be there for other devs to use. If Saso needs to do more work on it, ie. compiling, then it's unlikely it'll happen until after the CL650 is finished.
  12. librain was updated to work under Vulkan and Metal. The images I posted were on a Mac using Metal, due to DJJose also running X-Plane on a Mac. The settings are different on Windows. On Windows, the librain settings need to be set to "low". For the time being, they won't work on any other setting. This is a Windows issue that needs to be worked on by Saso so he can make it fully compatible. As for librain working on other add ons, that's up to the developers of those add ons. All the tools and the code is provided on the github repository.
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