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  1. Not the case for RXP. RXP runs perfectly fine and smooth with the Windows 2004 upgrade despite a laggy standalone trainer. Flight 1 GTN products however shows the same laggy behavior as standalone trainers.
  2. Hi, Do you have any weather program like Active Sky running?
  3. Hi Folks, Have you noticed that clouds move VERY fast under P3Dv5 HF1? Attached video shows cruising at FL 410 at about 500 kt ground speed. It is noticeable that the clouds are moving in the same direction as the aircraft but at a speed significantly higher than the aircraft. Weather engine is Active Sky for P3Dv5 Version 7448. Wind reading from the aircraft (QW787) shows 231 deg / 7 kt, so there should not be a meteorological reason for such fast moving clouds. While I understand EA is in beta, is anyone else seeing such phenomena, or is LM aware of such issue? Thank you, ZC
  4. After setting ReducedRate to false, the GTN is noticeably smoother compared to before. This observation supports the hypothesis
  5. FlySimWare Falcon 50 and Learjet 35A. This is under [GTN_750_1] section for both aircraft.
  6. Hi folks, Just bought the RXP GTN 750 for P3D. I noticed that some aircraft developers have the follwing line in RealityXP.GTN.ini. The RXP manual does not seem to provide documentation for this setting. Can someone chime in for what this setting does and what is the default value? ReduceRate = true BTW I can confirm the latest RXP GTN works great with Trainer 6.62.3 under Windows 10 Version 2004 for both P3D and X-Plane, even though the stand-alone GTN trainer lags quite a bit. Great work RXP! Thanks, Zicheng Cai
  7. The spoiler behavior is detailed in the Maddog FAQ. For older models like the vanilla MD-82 you can only arm spoilers in landing configuration. https://www.flythemaddog.com/forum/index.php?/topic/11998-cant-arm-spoilers-anymore/
  8. How much demand are there for such design though. With a huge upfront investment doubt any manufacturer would be profitable doing that.
  9. Can you share a picture of your cooling setup?
  10. With that big of a cooler the noise will be like sitting next to a diesel engine or something
  11. With a GTX 1080Ti I am leaving it checked. I am running v5 with 4K screen resolution, 2K textures, 2x SSAA. The GPU is tapped almost at 100% so I won't put more load onto it.
  12. iniBuilds offers repaint making services. https://store.inibuilds.com/collections/services/products/inibuilds-realistic-livery-request
  13. RXP GTN users see similar issues as well. Check the RXP forum section
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