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  1. Most likely it's the UPLINK. Take a read at this thread .
  2. How do you know anything about the quality of Aerosoft A330 before it is even released, while the preview screen shots look pretty good?
  3. Does your steam version contain the new livery? I know my Just Flight version does.
  4. Do you mean default airports or addon ones?
  5. In case you ask, if you bought the addon from It is clearly the HD version.
  6. I think this should work for the HD version, which should be the one you own.
  7. The 737 Immersion package might be what you are looking for.
  8. Because the installer you got from the online store is already up to date at this point.
  9. Still, inhibiting hardware throttle input, as suggested above, will solve your problem.
  10. You can inhibit hardware throttle input when A/T is engaged through FMS->Menu->PMDG Options->Simulation What you've just seen is your hardware throttle forcing a high power output causing an overspeed situation. It's like in a real 747 the pilot is overiding the autothrottle by using his/her hand to hold the throttle quadrant in a high power position.
  11. P3dV4

    But N508AE is an Envoy plane, not a PSA though.
  12. No, the EMT was not installed.
  13. Same. Some issue with the latest OC update.